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Carla Giulietta Borghese-Mancini is a character role-played by APPLESHAMPOO.


Carla Giulietta Borghese-Mancini was born in 1986 in the US to Elisabetta Borghese and Giancarlo Mancini, but moved to Italy at the age of 12 on her own to become a model. There, she developed a drug addiction and drinking problem. She lost her modeling career because of this and got in substantial drug debt with local Rome gangs. One gang member from one of the gangs she owed money to hook her up with a jewelry store robbery, so she'd be able to pay off her debt. She robbed the place but used the money however not to pay her debt but to move back to the US.

She went to Vice City and married a gay conservative politician in exchange for money and as a PR move for him, and thus she managed to get herself back on her feet that way. Her husband had to divorce her because the media found out her sister, Tuesday Delfina Borghese-Mancini was a rapper in Los Santos and that didn't reflect well on his image.

Carla's father Giancarlo Mancini was murdered for having roughed up a rival mob boss' son as he publicly insulted one of his daughters. In a rare, inexplicably brutal move, Carla's mother Elisabetta was killed in a car bomb in response to this altercation outside the family home. This caused immediate escalation of the war in which her father was murdered defending the family honor but eliminating the family's rival entirely. Leaving the family as it stands now and the girls under the protection of their uncle Antonio Tony Mancini.

Don Antonio offered Carla a job at the family restaurant he means to open in the city. She took the opportunity and moved there, not only because of this but to reconnect with her sister Tuesday.

Carla goes to church every Sunday and attempts to manipulate God she can't go to Hell for her sins and deserves to go to Heaven. For this reason, she created a very intimate bond with Los Santos Roman Catholic Church priest and Borghese estranged cousin Father Ekeziel, who also happens to be Famiglia Mancini's consigliere.

Carla is currently part of Famiglia Mancini, a.k.a the Mancini Crime Family.


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