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Carl Crimes is a character role-played by chairhandler.

Recent Events

  • Carl became a pacifist and quickly learned that it does not work in the city of Los Santos. After being beaten by convicted serial killer Mr. Robert Rodgers, Carl agreed to work with Jordan Steele to fight injustice, he joined Steele Security.
  • Carl is currently in the Dark Web and the Illuminati along with his friends and (ex) girlfriend, Lana Valentine, Thomas Dwayne and Stacey Doyle. Stacey and Lana with Carl had became invested in The Dark Web and was put through a test by TDW and while Lana and Carl passed... unfortunately Stacey didn't. But the three was reunited in the Illuminati with Thomas.
  • Was abducted and tortured by GSF for not paying tax.
  • Confirmed Carl still has all internal organs weeks after blacking out and waking up in Pillbox with a scar following a date with Jenn.
  • Carl now works at PDM contingent on his expungement of his felonious record. He abuses his position to test drive cars and hit on replacements for Lana.
  • Bought a mansion and only furnishes it with weed he grows.
  • Carl was devastated when Gladys showed up to the taco shop and detailed how her houses and cars were repossessed leaving her homeless and addicted to crack and alcohol. Carl showed his loyalty to his friends and vowed to help get her house back. He immediately helped get her an apartment at integrity and upon leaving the court house Gladys sang for the first time in weeks.
  • Carl discovered that Choi and him are cousins.
  • Carl successfully had his record expunged.


  • Claims that a walker appeared at random at the Los Santos Police Department jail.
  • Believes that walkers are going to overtake the city.
  • Will do anything for a tuner chip, plastic, steel and aluminum.
  • Loves chocolate pudding.
  • Three time runner up in the talent show.
  • Carl once threw a brick in the air. What kind of brick? It doesn't matter cause a brick is just a brick!
  • While missing an eye, Carl is still able to use his senses and muscle memory to aim with it.

Played By: chairhandler
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