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Cardell Jones was a character role-played by Timmy2.

General Description

Cardell Jones, better known as "CJ", was a member of the South Side Ballas. He was known to wear purple clothing and hang around the south side.


In the late hours of July 23rd 2020, CJ was in the midst of a gang war between ESB and members of the Leanbois. During a tense shootout between the two gangs, CJ was taking multiple shot wounds from members of the Leanbois causing him to hide in a bush.

As CJ attempted to get his bearings and tend to his wounds, he was snuck up on and shot down by Denzel Williams. At this point, CJ was still alive but incapacitated on the floor- fighting for his life. Denzel took this opportunity to take CJ's bandana and shot him twice in the head, to finish the job, saying: "Leanbois, suck a dick." as he did so.

Played By: Timmy2
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