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Carcer World is a conglomeration of cults, mercenaries, killers, and unhinged individuals. It'd do you best to avoid them.

The Concept

As envisioned and orchestrated by Kenneth Jesperson AKA Mr. Smiley, leader of the Smileys, and a resident of Carcer City. The idea of 'Carcer World' was to bring together the various underground groups and people within Los Santos under one umbrella. You have a story you want to tell? Join Carcer World and spread the # to create the allure of something LARGER than simply one individual or individuals. A brand created to subject the city to the idea of an unbreakable message and the idea that even in defeat, the message remains, and the conglomeration lives on. #CarcerWorld.

The Message:


As a means to, in Jesperson's words, "bring a slice of home to Los Santos", the idea was to do just that, spread the chaos and lawlessness of Carcer City to Los Santos. The corruption, the wonton murder in the streets, all things that defined the Hell known as Carcer.

All projects and ideas pushed with that narrative in-mind would have their victim or victims twat out the hashtag to let the city, and the police know that the looming hand of Carcer was always watching and forever present in their lives regardless of the intent behind it. The message is never the same, but the hashtag remains.

The Ideology of "Carcer"

At the bare minimum, it is simply the expression of any and all innate darker impulses pushed to the forefront, and the acceptance of that expression as presented onto the surface world by like-minded people.

It can be presented as a group/banner, but at the end of the day, is more or less an ideology.

-The extension of socially “unacceptable” artistic expression as told by an individual or individuals.

-The idea of complacency in the concept of controlled or ravenous anarchical implementation.

-The embrace of darker desire for those otherwise entrapped within the confines of social acceptance.

-A non-exclusive expression of unacceptable action to achieve individual greater purpose.

The ideology is however, NOT control over one's own destiny or ideation of HOW their darker impulses are presented, the ideology is simply an extension of YOUR independent philosophy.


Projects Under The Banner

FUG or FUGtober/The Legion

A project that was orchestrated by Jocelyn Wade, in which the goal was to resurrect her deceased brother Joshua Wade AKA FUG, who was killed a long time ago. (Back in 2.0)

There would be well over forty victims within the crusade to collect enough blood in order to complete a ritual of which would have allowed the 'Demon' Fug to not only return to the mortal coil, but with the intention of bringing Josh along with it. Josiah Wayne was the intended vessel for his return.

Although Jesperson was a supporter of the project (Because of his long-standing friendship with the 'concept' of FUG), he knew the ambition was a lost cause. But despite he and Jocelyn's "differing" kill styles and a knack for sloppiness, the project was seen through to completion for better or for worse.

During the course of this project many people from the city Cottonmouth, who were former patients at the Dixmor Asylum, made their way to Los Santos to join Jocelyn and Josiah's growing Legion of followers. Most known members were Jerrika Knight, Gwyar Cythraul and Edward Hyde.

The Feeding of RoukRouk


FEAR initiative

Meant to be a sort of expansion of the actions of The Scarecrow project from years earlier (2.0), the baseline concept of the FEAR initiative was just that, to spread fear among certain "chosen" civilians across the city. And doing it in such a way that it triggered specific responses from those who were affected. Kenneth Jesperson feeds off the fear and anguish of those he inflicts pain on, even beyond simply stabbing them. The Initiative truly started when he left two facsimiles of severed heads of Rory Borealis and Steven Hayes of which the latter received the brunt of the initiative’s full force.

Most of the time the initiative would call for the transgressor to call their victim (With a voice changer) and simply build up to the moment that the transgressor and the victim would FINALLY meet in person, so virtually the ENTIRE time the victim would be very much aware that they are a target of The Smileys and or Kenneth himself. The project is meant to be a test of capacity, will, and strength of survival. But also, the ability to remain on your toes for any specific length of time beyond simply a few days. Kenneth works slowly, and what's ironic is that most everyone who receives threats from him STILL make the same mistakes leading to their ultimate attack.

Victims of the initiative have been: Steven Hayes, Rory Borealis, Shirley Lemons, Posy Florian and to a much lesser extent Cassandra Silverton, Alberl Jonie, and Delmon Homme among others. The former three more so because of their connection to Steven Hayes (As a continued presentation of the concept of "spreading fear" like a fire from person to person, often in the same circles).

And each victim having a Smiley carved into their back or other area of the body so a cold reminder would remain.

The concept is ultimately about instilling a certain level of fear and paranoia, so the people of Los Santos will remain on their toes and perhaps learn from the experience and be better for it.

Months earlier, certain echoes of the project were seen when Kenneth called in a bomb threat to Pillbox, or threatening to kill Mayor Andi Jones to force the execution of Finn Harlow to take place, among other little petty to not-so-petty things that cause greater fear.

The Initiative is still ongoing.