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Cara Lynn is a character role-played by dustbinflowers.


Cara Lynn is to be found wearing either a pink uniform, or running around the city with her family getting into a little bit of trouble.


Coming from a childhood of sadness, Cara Lynn has learned how to take care of herself through unfortunate circumstances. A nuclear family turned to one: her mother, Lillian, was a singer, and her father, George, worked construction. When her mother passed in a terrible car accident, the lively experience she had began to dwindle. Her father turned in on himself, and into alcohol and Cara began to be the sole runner of the family. She made sure he showered and ate, and even at the age of eight she managed to get by. He took himself out of the world, and it left her at a young age in a lurch.

She went to spend time with her aunt, which was as much of a hard situation as her life before. Cara's aunt spent time with a different man almost every single week, she worked with drugs and cared little of what the young child needed. Cara learned easily what it mean to defend herself, and when she graduated high school, finally, all on her own she moved in with her high school sweetheart. The relationship with Michael soured and eventually he admitted to being unfaithful, while she sat isolated from the world.


UwU Café

After befriending Taylor Briggs, she was convinced to try and get a job at another restaurant - the café.

She was recently given the role of Senior Employee.

Hayes Autos

One of her dream places to work was Hayes, after six months of attempting to get hired, she was finally given a job.

She is currently a full Mechanic at the shop.




  • Cara befriended Taylor on Halloween, and they have been inseparable since.

Timmy Yougman

  • Cara became his aunt during her relationship with Nikita, she kept him as family after they broke up.