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Cara Lynn is a character role-played by dustbinflowers.


Cara Lynn is to be found wearing either a suit and heels running around the city with a camera and a notepad, or in casual attire smoking a joint behind a booth at Dean's World.

She has trademark dark blue hair, and a bubbly personality that leads most to befriend her. While a lot of people may see her as naïve, Cara can handle her own and is more intelligent than she puts off. She prefers to stay on everyone's good side, as anything could happen in the city and who knows what she'll need as she finds her place in the crowd.


Coming from a childhood of sadness, Cara Lynn has learned how to take care of herself through unfortunate circumstances. A nuclear family turned to one: her mother, Lillian, was a singer, and her father, George, worked construction. When her mother passed in a terrible car accident, the lively experience she had began to dwindle. Her father turned in on himself, and into alcohol and Cara began to be the sole runner of the family. She made sure he showered and ate, and even at the age of eight she managed to get by. He took himself out of the world, and it left her at a young age in a lurch.

She went to spend time with her aunt, which was as much of a hard situation as her life before. Cara's aunt spent time with a different man almost every single week, she worked with drugs and cared little of what the young child needed. Cara learned easily what it mean to defend herself, and when she graduated high school, finally, all on her own she moved in with her high school sweetheart. The relationship with Michael soured and eventually he admitted to being unfaithful, while she sat isolated from the world.

Moving to Los Santos

Cara moved to Los Santos to start over, finding the bright lights of the city welcoming to the darkness of the home she had found. She met reporters early on her first day in the city, a woman named Anna Swallows and a man named Thomas Anchorage (Normady). From there she met the rest of the people she considers friends, and found a passion for following the news. She is never seen without her radio scanner, and is known as an incredibly loyal person. Cara has traveled around a lot in the city since she first stepped foot in Los Santos, going from selling cow adoptions, to joints, to working as a private investigator. Wherever she goes, she excels, and the people around her benefit from her overly eager personality.

The Green Agricultural Company

Still finding her position in the bustle, Thomas convinced her to grab a job at an upcoming business called the Green Agricultural Company. She found a passion in selling milk and corn, but the real excitement was in wrangling cows and bringing them to popular businesses in the city. She made her way up within only a few days to the title of Senior Deputy Sales Manager, standing right next to the other management of the company, Oscar Green, Fresh Juice, and Yevgeni Ivanov. After the recent hire of Lenny Large, the business began to grow exponentially, with the hopes in the future to open up a ranch. Since then Cara has changed positions, and now instead works as the Human Resources Manager for the company, no longer focusing on sales. She barely visits the booth these days, after having put her focus to other businesses in the city, but the company knows she is only a call away.

Los Santos Private Investigations

Due to her connection with Thomas Anchorage (Normady), Cara was automatically given an intern position at the Los Santos Private Investigations, of which he is the owner. While at first her position wavered due to her rocky relationship with Normady, she has since proved herself as a well-needed member of the team. After the Missing Dundee case, Cara spent her time working towards being hired as an investigator, and after meeting the shadowed co-owner of LSPI (Roman), she was finally given the title. While perhaps she was just a diversity hire, Cara has quickly become the glue holding the firm together through her ability to meld with every member of the group. During down time with LSPI, she asked Richie to remove her from the employment app as her connections in the city started to change; she is always willing to come back, but at the moment it is better if she is not associated with being a PI.

Phil's Death

Phil was a member of LSPI and a friend to both Cara and Charity (Richie's girlfriend and hang around), and his death was a tragedy. It rocked the entire group to the core, and was a catalyst for their ongoing investigations. They were pushed to face reality, and now work harder at being there for each other regardless of interpersonal issues with each other. It is known within the core members of the group (Thomas, Richie, Roman, Hektor, and Cara) who killed him, and the particular details (while some are still unknown of to her) surrounding his death. The details were given to the police for an investigation, but there is no word on whether or not the MRPD is actually working on the case.

Maynard's Death

Maynard was a member of LSPI and a good friend to Cara, their bond was something that could not be ignored. After some cryptic tweets, and some rather harsh words to Cara, he is found dead at the Paleto Farmer's Market. It is then realized, after examining the body, that the person laying there was not, in fact, Gallows himself but instead his twin brother. Cara was determined this meant that Gallows was still out there, biding his time. There had to be a reason as to why he was supposedly "dead". After receiving a bunch of strange anonymous phone calls, messages written in blood on the door to her own home, he is found on the beach behind her house - cold to the touch. As the storm rages on, he is washed out to sea never to be seen from again. But Cara holds a secret.

Smoke on the Water

Cara was hired at Smoke on the Water by Windsong after having a good word put in by her friend Marie. She had always been a fan of the dispensary, and only purchased weed from there before being given the opportunity to be an employee. Her favorite song in the city is indeed the title track for the business, and she has found a place she feels she can relax and have a good time. For once, Cara is in no rush to rise in the ranks, instead enjoying just being a salesperson at the booths whenever she can manage to get away from the bustle that is being a private investigator. While she may not know everyone that works for the dispensary, Cara is known by many and they have become a well-rounded family. After finally getting into a groove working at SOTW during Dean's, she was given a promotion as Shift Manager by Windsong and Happy.

Burger Shot

Cara became a part-time employee at Burger Shot through Shelly after a few weeks of intense volunteering where she felt she would never get a job; she works incredibly hard, and is becoming quick friends with the rest of the employees. She enjoys being able to flip burgers when things are slow or she needs some time away from drama, and while the restaurant is ever changing Cara hopes her position will be stable. About half a week after being hired, Cara was put to full-time by Jeff after she commented on how often she worked. Her goal is to become a well-known face at Burger Shot, and to cement her role in the new family. Cara was put on as Team Leader during the midst of a string of robberies, she is now holding down the fort as best as she can.

Weazel News

After almost giving up on the news, Cara was contacted by Ari after Weazel News returned to the basics. They began collecting those that had worked on reporting in the city, and hiring them for a future newspaper under their name. This was exciting, as Cara had loved running around the city, but the lack of attention from LSBN and a pretty brutal response for reporters by the MRPD caused her to take a step back. She was put on the team as their only editor (currently), and the future looks bright for the business. There are many big things coming their way.

The House

Cara decided to purchase a house after having conflicted feelings about sharing living quarters with Gus; she wanted to have a place to call home, so she found a house up in Paleto (nearby to Gus' own residence) and asked Charity to be her roommate. All seemed well at the time, but there was conflict between Charity and Cara that could not be ignored. After only a few weeks, a fight culminated in Cara kicking Charity out, in return of having less drama in the one place she wanted to call home.

After a series of bloody and cryptic messages were left on her front door, and a reluctance to move in by her girlfriend, Cara asked Reggie Mitts to stay on her couch for a few days. This turned into a welcomed addition to the household, as he is an incredible friend. Reggie takes care of the house while she's at work, and she makes them dinner each night... it's only a bonus she has access to his motorcycle whenever she wants. After Cara and Gus broke up, she asked him to stay at her house for longer than a few days - and he agreed. They argued over her turning her office into a room for him to stay in, but it was only until after he got mauled by a mountain lion that Reggie was given a bed in replacement of what had been Gus' desk. He allows her to use his bikes (and has even changed the plate on one for her), and they have now opened a joint savings account to pay for the house and the myriad of other loans they owe. Life at the house has calmed, and the relief has been welcomed and overwhelming.


Cara began in the city not looking for a relationship, rather wanting to spend time in the city and see all that she could see. She quickly made many friends, allowing people familiar to Los Santos to recognize her as she passes them down the street. Her personality makes it easy for people to trust her, and while she appears as the "girl next door", Cara is finding her path amongst the citizens. She may just start feeling comfortable enough to find a partner, whether temporary or not.



As her time in the city grew, it became clear that a possible spark lit between her and Thomas Anchorage (Normady). Being pushed to different paths, their time in the city together has dulled over the past few times in the city, but the news will always bring them together when they are both around. After he brought her on as an intern for LSPI, their relationship grew rocky. It took many months and a fight that culminated in them feeling terrible for them to reconcile and fix their issues, and now they are finally just friends.


Cara has signed a "Boyfriend Contract" with Günther Klean as a sign of good faith and friendship, the relationship is completely platonic but the contract confuses the rest of the citizens around them whenever they are together. After months of not seeing him, Gunther finds out that Cara is dating Gus and decides that she's cheating on him. They are still technically "boyfriends" by contract, but their relationship has grown rocky.


The two girls befriend each other through a mutual, Rudolph, and become fast friends. While they eventually have veered off to different career paths (Marie is more or less a criminal, while Cara keeps her jobs close to her chest), they are still there for each other when needed. Whether that's a trip to the clothing store, or Cara picking up Marie from prison - they will always have each other's backs.

Romantic Interests


On July 17th, Cara asked Augusta Carlin to officially be her girlfriend after they'd spent over a month dating. They met at Dean World Pier, and after a few select encounters they began to hang out. It was a slow-moving process, with both of them constantly questioning their feelings for each other, and they took in the habit of flirting. From the outside, it was clear that they were together after Gus gave Cara the keys to her house, but to them it was a mystery that lasted the better part of a month and a half. It took a very long time for them to realize that they were, indeed, seeing each other and were rather exclusive. After discovering their feelings for each other things have calmed to a normality, and they spend at least some part of their day in the city together whenever they're around. They are both pretty protective over each other, and are incredibly loyal to being partners.

Things start to slip between Gus and Cara after a few chaotic weeks in the city; they start to see each other less, and when they do - there is something off about them being together. Cara is keeping a lot from her partner, most of it to keep her safe, while Gus is taking her time in focusing on her schoolwork, and in turn it is causing a rift between the two.

On August 28th Gus and Cara broke up, after slipping too far apart for a few weeks.


Cara meets Reggie Mitts by coincidence after Marie tosses him over the pier, resulting in him drowning. They become closer as time goes on, and he in turn gains the role of "Honorary PI" after a day with her and Maynard Gallows. While she may have let their relationship slip to the wayside in the chaos of her life, he continued to pursue a friendship, and after a long day of doing some not-so legal activities, she cemented their friendship by inviting him into her home. He stays on her couch for now, but she has already asked him to stay longer than a few days - pending on how things go with Gus. He is quickly becoming her support system, and she hopes one day she can be his in return.

After a few traumatic events involving Maynard and Gus, the two of them have fallen into a closer relationship. He has cemented himself into her life at home, as well as on the daily. They both care for each other's safety and well being quite a bit, and spend most of their time together pushing on each other's nerves and trying to get a few laughs.

Cara and Reggie fell into a rhythm together, and are now a couple. They live together, share a joint bank account, and generally spend a decent amount of time by each other's side.