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Capped 'Pigeon' Tarranova is a character role-played by CappedRP

General Information

Capped Tarranova, better known by just his last name Tarranova, or his street name 'Pigeon', is a member of Street Team.

He is known to play a big part in the weed game of Los Santos and has provided many people with weed around the city. He is also regarded as being one of the biggest hustlers around the city. He is also known for putting his all into everything he does and helping the people around him.

In recent months Tarranova has been branching out of the weed game and has started to provide weapons throughout the city of Los Santos. He sells all types of weapons from Class 1s to Class 2s, grenades and much more.

Tarranova has since developed a reputation for being one of the most prolific drug and weapons traffickers in Los Santos, supplying all sides during peacetime and wars, delivering weed shipments and war packages via land, air, and sea, often alongside his friend Winston Bolt.


Tarranova is known for his ability to traffic dozens upon dozens of weapons throughout Los Santos within 24 hours. According to Tarranova, he can sell 100 pistols in three days.

As of April 2022, Tarranova's main Class 1 weapons supplier is Randy Bullet, sourced from Aleks and Olga Sazkaljovich. The Chaos is a supplier of Class 2 weapons, explosives, and other miscellaneous items such as handcuffs.

Ivan Ivanov has provided Tarranova with flares to use for his weapons drops.


  • Tarranova goes out of his way to make his deals as cinematic as possible, often using submarines, parachutes, boats, planes, or trucks during his deliveries.
  • He has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on renting planes for his drop-offs.
  • He is roommates with Mercury Frost and Arya Shah.