Cameron Dupres is a character role-played by AnimatedJF

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Cameron is an Assistant District Attorney employed by the Department of Justice.

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 The People V. Jordan Steele (Criminal Action) Edit

As the ADA, Cameron was a lead prosecutor during the criminal trial of Officer Jordan Steele. He argued that Steele was intoxicated and hit his wife with a motor vehicle. Ultimately, Steele was found guilty of all charges including reckless endangerment and felony hit and run by Judge Buck Stanton

Suspension Edit

Cameron has been suspended as an Assistant District Attorney pending review from a licensed therapist and District Attorney Lawrence Splainer. Cameron has been put into the ICU twice in the past two weeks, once for a possible drug overdose after being kidnapped, and the other for sustaining gun shot wounds to his lung and neck. As such, his mental health is being put into question by DA Splainer. 

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