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General Information

Burn is a Twitch streamer and Youtube personality. Burn plays a myriad of characters, where most of his characters are either over the top or overreact to every situation. Burn is a well accomplished voiceactor. Burn recently was able to collaborate with admins of NoPixel to bring forth exclusive events involving many residents of Los Santos. He is well known for playing Sheldon B Plankton and Sanic Speedrun, but has many other characters that he switches between.

Events Hosted

Camp Aarpee - A horror filled event where campers were introduced to the camp, which was a custom made island prepared beforehand to resemble Camp Crystal Lake from the Friday the 13th films. Campers were left stunned when the camp counseler turns into horror characters from popular horror movies. Campers were tasked with getting the generators running again with cans of gasoline, and once all generators were running the gate was unlocked to be able to escape. Camp Aarpee had many hooks spread throughout the camp which the killer used to trap and kill campers.

Voice Acting Positions

Tadashi Kikuchi in Sk8 The Infinity - Premiered Jan 10, 2021

Arc in Skeleton Knight in Another World - Premiered Apr 7, 2022

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Known Origins

Burn grew up playing video games with his brothers. After high school, he went on to earn a degree in Film. He has been doing voice acting work since his time in college, including some work at FUNimation. He graduated from college in April 2021 and has been streaming and voice-acting ever since.

Played By: Burn
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