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The Burglary Task Force (BTF) is an official police division within the Unified Police Department, founded by Officers Silas Grimmer and Oscar Fitzpatrick. It is the spiritual successor to the previous Burglary Task Force.

General Description

Founded by Silas Grimmer and Oscar Fitzpatrick, the BTF aims to catch burglars in the act during house robbery calls (10-31A), and are known for 10-13A calls due to their habit of being gunned down.

New Beginnings

The newly founded BTF began as a small unit after the economic collapse of Los Santos but has begun to garner attention and honorary members (Hopefuls) due to the recent spike in activity of house robberies. The noticeable spike was observed and documented by Silas Grimmer and in response the BTF expanded its normal patrol operations to include undercover surveillance as well as new code for more effective policing.

Bleach = Guilty

Alongside their observations in the field as well as information given to Silas by his criminal informants(CI), the BTF has begun looking into bleach obtained by house robbers. The BTF was contacted and noticed for its investigations into bleach by Sergeant Tracy Martell aka "Skull" who has been looking into bleach as it relates to meth production in her investigations.

The Big Bust

After many successful operations conducted with his new and flourishing unit, Silas began approaching Domenic Toretti for his approval and official recognition of the BTF. Silas believed that the BTF was just as important as units like the Street Crimes Unit & High Value Target Unit as it shifted attention toward policing 10-31A calls which had previously been largely ignored in the prior months.

Although initially doubtful about Silas and his new unit, Toretti alongside former OG BTF founder Lance Malton met with Silas to discuss the potential future and legitimacy of the BTF. Toretti gave Silas and his new unit a "proving ground" by demanding a big bust - although the BTF had conducted a successful sting operation for money laundering on its nemesis Puk Deshi, Toretti wanted a potential drug bust.

As fate would have it on September 13, 2021, Silas alongside Willy Glory would catch Anthony Murphy in the act of doing a weed run on the very same day they were given their test by Toretti. Having predicted Murphy's path whilst leaving the area of a 10-37 (Suspicious Activity) call, Silas & Willy would pursue Murphy who eventually led them into an ambush shootout involving Wayne Biggz. With the help of Ernest Kaminski who responded to the call for backup, Silas was able to incapacitate both individuals leading to the discovery of large amounts of weed in Anthony Murphy's vehicle.

Through the guidance and aid of Bob Smith alongside the SCU, both Anthony Murphy and Wayne Biggz were raided leading to the discovery of over 28 kilograms of weed. Given their prior history of distributing felonious amounts of marijuana, both individuals were charged with Drug Trafficking. As a result of their successful bust, the BTF has now expanded into investigating 10-37 calls in Vinewood.

SCU Rivalry

Although having huge involvement and assistance with The Big Bust, the Street Crimes Unit are labeled by Silas as "moochers" for trying to take all the credit. The two units have rising tensions primarily instigated by Silas himself but were on relatively good terms due to a gift given to the SCU by Willy Glory in the form of a minivan.

After the court case in which Wayne Biggz was found 'Not Guilty' of Drug Trafficking, the rivalry between the two units sparked once again. With each unit blaming the other unit for the failure, many vandalisms were made in each respective department's offices. Posters began appearing throughout Mission Row Police Department with false propaganda about each unit - the culprits obviously being both SCU & BTF members alike. Tensions finally came to a head during the PD meeting when insults were thrown against each other regarding the case.

Silas eventually met with SCU alongside other BTF members to discuss the case and both sides were unable to come to an agreement to be friendly with one another. Ultimately, the SCU decided they would neglect to assist with the BTF in their operations and recognized Willy Glory as the rightful leader of the BTF. However, Glory stayed loyal and stated he would never be able to fill Silas's shoes. Silas commonly refers to Bob Smith as "The Big Mooch".

Operation: Girl Scouts

After being officially recognized within the Police Department as an official unit, the BTF conducted a joint-effort sting operation alongside Tracy "Skull" Martell and her newly formed unit WAZP (Wartell And Zome People). To conduct this operation, the BTF dressed as girl scouts attempting to sell non-existent cookies to potential house robbers before revealing their true identities and making an arrest.

Operation: Girl Scouts.

The operation lasted throughout the night and the BTF made many successful arrests in the area of Vinewood. Silas attributed this success to many criminals having their guards dropped when confronted with the promise of girl scout cookies. Word quickly spread about not trusting girl scouts in the area of Vinewood - as a result, plans have been made for future undercover operations involving disguised BTF agents with a different theme.

The Night's Watch

Led by Lord Commander Kyle Pred, the Night's Watch was started with members of the Burglary Task Force originally as a form of punishment. Individuals who "Take the Black" are banished to "The Wall" aka Paleto up North for patrol duties. Operating out of the Fire Station, members of the Night's Watch utilize its tall tower as their base of operations whilst conducting surveillance to possible crimes and threats in Paleto.

The primary objective of the Night's Watch is to bring "law to a lawless land" according to Lord Commander Kyle Pred. Since its formation, many have seen increased police presence in the area of the Andi Jones Farmers Market. Although originally created as a form of punishment, the Night's Watch and its operations may continue regardless of possible future punishments.

Code Names

All members of the BTF, honorary or permanent, are assigned a code name. Code names must be cool and roll off the tongue - if the chosen code name sucks, it will be subject to change by BTF members or the individual will be kicked off the BTF patrol. When members are operating under the BTF's radio channel (9), they must refer to one another by their respective code names as well as use proper BTF code whilst conducting their investigations. Dispatchers are commonly referred to as "The Dealer" or "Dealer" whilst operating under BTF's radio channel.

Similar to many gangs in Los Santos, the BTF has a ranking structure - full members are referred to as Agents. People interested in joining the BTF are referred to as Honorary Members whilst responding to house robberies alongside existing BTF agents. Those that show promise are referred to as Hopefuls. Individuals that show commitment in becoming a full member who are personally noticed for their abilities are known as Potentials. The BTF is invite only according to Silas and official members must be full officers or deputies.

BTF Code

To aid in their mission, the BTF have devised a set of Poker themed code words to refer to burglary related events.

Code Meaning
Pocket aces Suspect has exited a building
(Needs to be stated with bravado or romance)
Three bet Unmarked BTF agent has parked on the street
Call my bet Marked BTF agents should roll in
Full House Suspect is spotted inside a house during a breach
Stack the Deck A BTF member hides inside a suspicious vehicle that is parked outside a 10-31A in case the suspect runs inside the vehicle
Poker Face A suspect is seen in the area of the 10-31A and it is the belief of the BTF agent that they are scouting for the house robber
(Needs to be stated in monotone to not arouse suspicion)
The Nuts Blood found on the door of a 10-31A
Reshove Suspect re-enters the building they just exited
Bluff Individuals in an area of a 10-31A are acting strange or perhaps appear to be dressed undercover (maid, exterminator, etc)
Fold 10-31A is Code 4
Silas slide Make a scene of leaving while other BTF agents remain hidden to bait a potential house robber into leaving the house he is hiding in

BTF Most Wanted List

SASPR Agents

Badge # Name Rank Insignia Role Codename

PBSO Agents

Badge # Name Rank Insignia Role Codename
317 Randy Wrangler Captain CaptainPBSO.png Hopeful Pumper
340 Mina Price Corporal CorporalPBSO.png Potential Mom
370 Crystal Clear Senior Deputy SeniorDeputyPBSO.png Agent Gem/The Wall
397 Kevin Keyte Senior Deputy SeniorDeputyPBSO.png Hopeful Kite
325 Flop Dugong Deputy DeputyPBSO.png Potential Dudu Head
393 Candice DeFitt Deputy DeputyPBSO.png Agent Creampie
399 Amber Gold Deputy DeputyPBSO.png Hopeful Bronze
301 Shiran Quinn Deputy DeputyPBSO.png Hopeful Cadet That One Time/CTOT
326 Louise Campbell Deputy DeputyPBSO.png Hopeful Soup
398 Lewis Collins Deputy DeputyPBSO.png Hopeful Jacket

LSPD Agents

Badge # Name Rank Insignia Role Codename
409 Lance Malton Assistant Chief of Police ACoP.png Special Agent Whoppers
461 Tracy Martell Captain CaptainLSPD.png Associate Skull
406 Emma Dupont Lieutenant LieutenantLSPD.png Hopeful Daddy
431 Max Muller Corporal CorporalLSPD.png Agent Maxipad
492 Demi Black Senior Officer SeniorOfficer.png Agent Hentai
498 Oscar Fitzpatrick Senior Officer SeniorOfficer.png Assistant to the Director OG
418 Aspen Gray Senior Officer SeniorOfficer.png Potential Granny
640 John Riggs Solo Cadet SoloCadetLSPD.png Potential Twigs
645 Ernest Kaminski Solo Cadet SoloCadetLSPD.png Potential The Watchman

SDSO Agents

Badge # Name Rank Insignia Role Codename
941 Domenic Toretti Sheriff SheriffSDSO.png Supervisor Big T
909 Silas Grimmer Senior Deputy SeniorDeputySDSO.png Director The Boat
916 Roy Armstrong Senior Deputy SeniorDeputySDSO.png Agent The Boy
921 Ensley Alton Senior Deputy SeniorDeputySDSO.png Agent Night Owl
901 Jaden Bane Deputy DeputySDSO.png Agent Sticks
910 Manuela Santos Deputy DeputySDSO.png Potential Snake
927 Willy Glory Deputy DeputySDSO.png Agent Gerber Baby
906 Neil McReal Deputy DeputySDSO.png Hopeful Baker's Dozen

BTF Members

Former Members

Name Insignia Badge # Role Note Date
Nicholine Quinn CadetBCSO.png 520 Hopeful Fired due to Inactivity November 1st, 2021
Cleo Shaw SoloCadetSDSO.png 609 Hopeful Fired February 14th, 2022