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"Don't do murder, eat a burger" ― motto.

Burger Shot is a chain of fast-food restaurants specializing in hamburgers. Burger Shot is the food of choice in Los Santos. The company offers many delicious menu items.


The only operating location in the state was on San Andreas Avenue and Prosperity Street and was originally operating since the start of 2.0 under local ownership, but had closed by the fall of 2019. It was remodeled and reopened as apart of the 3.0 phone update on February 7th, 2021 and is now owned by Dean Watson. Kevin Whipaloo was also brought on to serve as the day manager. As the business is a stable (and significant) source of income, citizens flocked to the business looking for work. Another location was later opened inside of Dean World on April 30th, 2021, with the original location on San Andreas Avenue and Prosperity Street receiving another remodel of its interior.

New Ownership

Milkshakes aren't the only things shaking up in Burger Shot! On March 25th, 2022 Shelly Smith officially bought Burger Shot from the corporation Cerberus for $2,500,000.00 dollars. It all started off with the departure Shelly went she went off on a crazy tantrum about not wanting to work for Lang Buddha after Cerberus started digging into how inept Shelly had been as a CEO and how much employees former and present disliked her. It got to the point Shelly had to be admitted into Parsons Rehabilitation Center but didn't help and instead Shelly quit Burger Shot. A couple days go by and Lang is looking at properties on Vinewood and who owns them and finds out the comedy club was owned by Shelly. Lang had the idea to buy out Shelly and put in the C.B.P.D. department there for the Cerberus security. Lang brought the idea to trade Burger Shot for the Comedy Club plus cash. It was agreed that Shelly and friends would pay $2.5 million dollars which was paid off March 25th.


Burger Shot Commercial

Commercial directed by James Marco St. Marco



Popular Menu Items

  • The Bleeder Burger
  • Heart Stopper Burger
  • Torpedo Sandwich
  • Meat Free Burger
  • Money Shot Burger
  • Donuts (marketed as Rimjobs)
  • Apple Pie (marketed as Creampie)
  • Freedom Fries
  • Sandwiches
  • Soda
  • Coffee
  • Milkshakes
  • Wine Milkshakes
  • Fingle Burger with Fingle Sauce
  • Murder Meal Toys

Typical Business

This are examples of what a normal shift at/in a Burger Shot location


There are three Burger Shot locations

  • Vespucci Canals
  • Pleasure Pier, Dean World (Inactive)
  • Hawick Avenue and Meteor Street (Pink Cage Motel) (Inactive)

Notable Events

  • All locations were closed due to a string of heart attacks and lawsuits, but was reopened on February 5th, 2021.
  • Used as a filming location for a scene in Key Bump.
  • Due to the large amount of shootings outside Burger Shot, some theorists believe human meat is 70% of every burger.
  • Burger Shot has recently sponsored the LSPD, some believe to cover up their use of human meat from the dead bodies of recent shootings.
  • Dean decided to restructure Burger Shot, which led to a mass layoff and the promotion of its longtime employees.
  • Has been raided multiple times by ninjas
  • Ken was briefly fired due to being charged with fraud, after losing a court case against X
    • Was rehired due to many employees expressing discontent with the decision, organizing a peaceful protest and some employees quitting.
  • Cece unintentionally killed a bike thief on BS property, and was detained by police for questioning
  • Dean and Cassie eventually decided to reinstate Rob as General Manager, with Shelly taking the role of Asst. to General Manager. Will this be the next golden era for Burger Shot?
  • After the erection of the Shelly statues at each Burger Shot location and proliferation of Shelly toys throughout the city through Collection 1 Murder Meal Toys, Shelly declares herself the Burger Queen and establishes offshoot cult, the International Burger Society.
  • Escalating tensions between Burger Shot and Rooster's Rest results in failed toy heist on the Roosters by Robert, Shelly, Kyle and Jeff, landing them in jail with heavy fines.
  • After a period of close business ties between the Vagos and Burger Shot, Speedy grants Robert access to a Meth lab overseen by the Vagos to brew product with a crew of trusted Burger Shot employees.
  • In June 2021, Dean Watson granted Shelly Smith a 20% ownership stake in Burger Shot, along with a promotion to Chief Operations Officer. Shelly then instated a shake-up of the management team, including the promotion of Ken-sama to Asst. to General Manager and Jeffrey Price to Head Supervisor.
  • In July 2021, tensions rose due to disputes concerning promotions, firings, and Shelly Smith's stance concerning employees who also worked at Rooster's Rest. This essentially split the restaurant into two conflicting factions:
    • The first faction was comprised of those who completely supported Shelly's decisions as a COO, with some of it's main members being Shelly herself, Jeffrey Price, Oki Doki and Ken-Sama.
    • The second faction was made up of employees disgruntled with the management decisions of Shelly and her supporters, and it's main members included Ash Ketchup, Kitty Dream, and Sherry Paie.
  • Relations with the Vagos collapse after the firing of several of their members leads to Carlos Loco terrorizing the establishment on a regular basis. During these occurences, Shelly and Jeff end up going to jail for investigative hold after a traffic stop turns up unlicensed weapons. Jeffrey strikes a deal with Wrangler for their release in exchange for being a CI on the Vagos, but they come clean to the Vagos after some guilt trips. During these talks, the existing security arrangements established with the Vagos is terminated.
  • Police increase scrutiny on Burger Shot due to recent arrests of employees for gun trafficking. Shelly warns employees to watch their behaviour and curb their criminal activities when on premises.
  • Two people end up dead in the restaurant in seperate incidents within a single day shift, including a Health Inspector named Dale Dans who is shot in the backrooms of Burger Shot by Bucky. Shelly lands in jail for tampering with the scene in the first death and the rest of the Burger Shot employees on duty dispose of the body of the Health Inspector.
  • Slightly over a week after, the mother of the dead Health Inspector, Delores Dans, investigates her son's wherabouts around Burger Shot. Shelly kidnaps her and brings her to the crypt to be stabbed due to jealousy over her perceived doting on Moses Glick, but she ends up detained by the police. Delores survives the encounter but is later permanently disposed of by Scruffy at the canals next to the main store location when she continues to pry into the circumstances of her son's disapperance.
  • Shelly demotes, then fires her once closest ally Sherry Paie over perceived "nefarious activities". The furore that Sherry kicks up after accelerates the existing investigation into the death of Delores Dans led by Deputy Lea Nova, bringing the earlier death of the Health Inspector back into the picture, and placing the entire establishment further under the microscope of the PD. The Burger Shot crew splinters into a den of fear, lies and conspiracies along ever shifting factional lines.
  • After a month of antagonism from both parties, Shelly and Sherry reconcile, with peace seeming to be restored to Burger Shot.
  • Following a series of increasingly regular robberies and violent infractions in Burger Shot done by various parties, including the murder of Burger Shot employee Naomi Kent, a few changes were made to the restaurant. These include the placement of bounty posters of the main robbery suspect around the compound, banning Lang Buddha from the premises, and the installation of a panic button which activates the PD alarm call, "10-Shelly".
  • After a long meeting on December 4th, 2021, the management decide to fire employees who worked at other restaurants and close the Dean World pier branch indefinitely.
  • Cerberus executives decided to consolidate their food companies at their first official meeting in order to increase revenues versus emerging rival food businesses. Shelly agrees to work with them, due to the fact that Burger Shot's previous performance has been unsatisfactory. In order to enhance the ties between the two companies, Shelly consents to marry Raymond Romanov, a Rooster's Rest associate. Shelly insists to her coworkers that it is a political move to take down her rival Lang Buddha's business.
  • Shelly fires Scruffy, her general manager and a devoted friend, as well as her ex-fiance Jeff, after learning through Jerry that Scruffy orchestrated a plot against the her and the company, which included her being tossed a grenade by their associate Suckaberg and kidnapping and shooting Oki Doki. The backlash against Shelly was fueled by a mix of dissatisfaction and frustration about Shelly's management decisions as CEO, Cassie's return as COO, Lang Buddha, and the Cerberus takeover itself. Hubcap Jones, Tomathy Steampipe, Pedro Frank, and Garry Roche were among the longtime employees fired for joining Scruffy and Jeff's conspiracy. Shelly then officially announces to the Burger Shot employees that the company will be monitored by its parent company, with Cerberus associates playing a key role in future decisions.
  • On February 4th, 2022, Bob Moss becomes acting CEO of the company after Shelly went to ICU and subsequently admitted herself to Parsons Rehabilitation Center, due to breaking of the company marriage treaty (see the full back story). A few days later, Shelly is released from rehab and returns to her CEO position at Burger Shot. Loyal ex-employees are rehired after their intervention with her at Parsons.
  • Shelly Smith steps down as CEO on February 23rd after learning that Lang would profit from the company. Dean Watson halts the company's operations until Cerberus could come to a consensus on the company's fate. After a couple of days, Cerberus announces at a conference that the two Burger Shot sites are available for lease to Food & Beverage-related businesses.
  • On February 27th, the ex-Burger Shot employees hold a "funeral" to unofficially close the establishment.
  • Weeks later, Leslie Lingberg, an executive from Cerberus, approaches Shelly about their interest in acquiring Split Sides Comedy Club, a business that is owned by Shelly. After some bargaining, Leslie offers Shelly full ownership of Burger Shot, its branding, and main location at Vespucci Canals, with the catch of buying it out for three million all in exchange for her comedy club. Still devoted to the burger, Shelly accepts Leslie's offer and kickstarts a donation fund together with her friends and loyal ex-Burger Shot employees.
  • On March 25th, after a small hiccup of being aggravated at Dean's contract switcheroo and inadvertently getting her lawyer shot by Lang, Shelly Smith officially signs and buys the Burger Shot and main location from Cerberus.

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