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Budtholemew Williams is a character role-played by Calepls

Buddy's road to Los Santos

It’s the 4th quarter, there’s 7:15 minutes left between the Phoenix Suns and the San Antonio Spurs. Devin Booker had been fouled on a three pointer however referee Tony Brothers did not make a call. Williams and Brothers had not had a pleasant history in their relationship. After some chirping from Williams about the supposed foul, he tried to call a time out and talk it through with his team. Brothers was tired of hearing from Williams, so he ignored the call (visibly). Williams was infuriated. He saw brothers wave away his attempt for a time out, and stormed the court, and yelled in his face. When Gregg Popovic approaches the situation to argue Williams should be ejected, Williams tells him off, and twists his nipples, pushes him square in the chest before continuing to yell at brothers. As his players try to pull him away, he breaks free one last time from their grasp, thanking Brothers in an overtly sarcastic manner, before kissing him on his bald head. His players trying to reason with him as he walks away, Williams smashes his coaching clipboard over his knee. He yells at his own players as he leaves the court. Reports later confirming that he was dishing blame to players like Cameron Johnson for their struggles as a team. The Suns organisation fired him within the hour after the game. Their record wasn’t so great, and they believed Williams was past his peak as an NBA coach, and after this, no NBA team was willing to touch him. However, an Australian team was! The Illawarra Hawks. He had generational talent LaMelo Ball on his team, and although he was performing at the most amazing level, the team went without a single win, and Williams was essentially banished from the sport. Beverly left him soon after, and without a single prenuptial agreement, she was able to scam her way to more than her fair share of their combined assets, by a long way. Williams again lost his shit, and in a hasty and brainless moment in the divorce proceedings, he gave most of his assets away. In an attempt to find love again, he used Christian application Plenty of Fish. He found it very quickly! He moved to Los Santos to be with his newly found lover, who saw him even though he had been through much public scrutiny. He liquified the small number of assets he had left and took the clothes on his back to Los Santos. Where he would find no sign of his online love, but a catfish.

NBA players Coach Budtholemew Williams has coached/mentored

  •   Stephen Curry
  •   Klay Thompson
  •   Russel Westbrook
  •   Jeremy Lin
  •   Giannis Antetekounmpo
  •   Taylor Griffin
  •   Jamal Crawford
  •   Lamelo Ball
  •   Lonzo Ball
  •   Brandon Ingram


  • "No autographs, no pictures!"
  • "Don't be a spud! Ride with Bud!"
  • "Well, you know what they say? ... I was asking you what they say."
  • "Hell yeah"
  • "Say the C-word for me one time" (upon meeting an Australian)
  • "I'm a legendary former NBA Coach man!"
  • "Smart" (When Luke suggests a good idea)
  • "I like that"


  • Coach Budtholemew Williams held the honor of NBA Champion as a coach 4 Times
  • Coach Budtholemew Williams Held the honor of Coach Of The Year in the NBA 5 times