Buck Stanton is a character role-played by AfriicanSnowball.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Buck Stanton is a Judge and the former Assistant Chief Justice for the Department of Justice. Known for his stylish clothing and chill attitude, he is well received by the city. He is often located on the courthouse steps overlooking the city. He also enjoys hanging out at the police station speaking to cops.

The People Vs. Jordan Steele[edit | edit source]

Judge Stanton presided over the criminal case of The People vs. Jordan Steele. He found Officer Steele guilty on all counts including reckless endangerment and felony hit and run and initially sentenced him to 10 months in prison. However, after speaking with attorney Kevin McLoughlin and police officers, he agreed to suspend the sentence. Jordan was instead sentenced to driving school with Tessa Lamb, supervised therapy, and ride-alongs with senior officers.

Fun Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Buck has a laid back approachable demeanor
  • Was appointed Assistant Chief Justice by Chief Justice Dennis LaBarre
  • When he isn't dispensing justice, he is down at the Docks getting his drift-game on with Mary Mushkin and a few of the Tuner Shop mechanics. 
  • Was once kidnapped by Vinny Pistone and Ellie Dono, where they forced him to do copious amounts of meth and cocaine and filmed him as a form of blackmail.  

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Mmmm, baby!"
  • "Boah..."
  • "Goddamn..." 
  • "Look Eddie, I got me a white girl!" 

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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