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Bryce Charles is a character role-played by oxxide_.


Bryce Charles (born August 3, 1989) is a 31 year old man who was originally born in Australia. Bryce was forced to pack up his old life in Australia & move to Los Santos. He remembers that in Australia he had a wife, someone that he loved and is married too. Bryce did everything for this woman who was named, Eden, and use to constantly refers to her as "The love of his life" . The problem here is, Bryce has forgotten, and doesn't know that, she was actually murdered in cold blood. Bryce actually had a criminal life in Australia that he does not remember. This life led to his wife's murder and in order to protect him, his boss, forced him to go to Los Santos.

Bryce was born and raised in a big city, he graduated high school and continued to study Information Technolgy & Computer Science. In his younger life, he owned a business in Computer Services, helping protect businesses and customers from Cyber Crime. This is what Bryce remembers. This is the knowledge that he has. His whole life knowledge is based around his wife, and of course his business in Computer Services & Cyber Crime..

Bryce occcasionally have "flash backs" which may cause him to freeze, or fall over and cause him alot of Trauma.. These flashbacks consists parts of his old criminal life, and why he isn't in Australia. Bryce has alot of difficulty in dealing with these things, and often drinks to try and forget them, then, of course, somehow, always forgets what he just saw when he wakes up.