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Bruno Brown is a character role-played by Hurnani. Bruno was originally introduced to the city in order to finish the James-Kamea Brown death arc.


Bruno Brown is an everyman character. Bruno can be described as hot headed and impulsive, while also being charming and friendly. His laugh is infectious and those around him easily trust him. When Bruno is not grinding chop or doing weed runs in a dodo truck, he can be found surrounded by his friends and fellow criminals. Bruno is well connected as he is a social person, and it could be said he knows at least 1 person in every gang who could vouch for him. Brown hates snitches and being lied too, especially after learning his father was a snitch and his death was a cover up. Bruno is an experienced shooter as well. He often has his gun on his lap whether or not he expects trouble. The only supposed way to kill Bruno is to shave his sideburns, but there are also other conditions that must be met.

Bruno's First Weeks in the City/Dealings with the Vagos

Bruno Brown flew into Los Santos in order to find his father, James-Kamea Brown, who was already dead due to his execution by the Vagos for snitching. Bruno went around with a letter, addressed to his deceased mother, that had information that could possibly lead to finding JB. After meeting many people like Gary Roach, Olivia Garcia, Lola Reinhart, Mina Rocket, and many Vagos members, Bruno's path led him to the Barrio in order to talk to the then Vice El Jefe: Benji Ramos. Bruno found no answers he was looking for when confronting Benji and the situation made a turn for the worse as he started to talk disrespectfully towards Ramos and his girlfriend, Ash Ketchup. Bruno was robbed but not shot and told to leave the barrio and never show his face around Jamestown. Seeking revenge for the mockery that was made, Bruno drove away to grab his gun from his apartment but was pulled over by a Police Officer before he could go back to the barrio and shoot Benji. By the time he got there, Benji and Ash had left and were not to be found. Bruno let go of the situation but so started the seeds of hate towards the Vagos.

Time passed and Bruno was introduced to Seano Blackthorne (The Chemist) , La Flare Davis, and Tane Mahuta (Kiwi) through Lola Reinhart. As Lola and Flare worked on pushing and supplying guns, Chem, Bruno, and Kiwi started working on finding a middle ground which would let them cook and sell Meth in the South Side of Los Santos. Unfortunately for the group, Chem was disliked and targeted by the Ballas and Vagos who went through great efforts to lie and attempt to ruin his reputation. This did not bode well for the group yet they were able to find business with the Marabunta Grandes who bought their meth and let them sell on Fudge. Things started to look up for the group as Chem was also making his own connections with Raymond Romanav who took a liking to the Chemist and vouched for him despite all the slander that followed Chem's name. Raymond even talked about forming a private lab for cooking in a future Beta Life building that was under construction, but I am not sure if any of that came to fruition.

As things started to look up, Bruno could not keep himself out of conflict with the Vagos. Several times he displayed his disgust and hate towards them. He failed an attempted kidnapping of Pablo Loco and was tortured by the Vagos as well for sending Boris Karishnikov on his first day in the city to the barrio to ask the Vagos for work. Bruno Brown soon declared a 1v9 war in which he would use guerilla warfare and Big Ball Tactics in order to become a thorn in the Vagos side. Bruno would steal fuel tankers, drive them straight into the barrio and detonate them, attempting to blow up the gangsters, cars, houses, and any innocent people that lived in the barrio. This was done out of pure hatred and could have been considered terrorism if he had been caught. Other times Bruno would attempt to snake his way into the barrio and take out any unsuspecting gang members like Arturo Ortiz and Veronica Garcia.

Bruno's Return and Involvement with the BCF

After his 3 month Vacation in Tarkov, Bruno flew back in to Los Santos. Things had changed and the people he knew had changed. The Chemist, Kiwi, and Flare became heavily involved with Raymond Romanav and helped form the R.U.S.T street team. Bruno was invited to be apart of their street team but felt out of place because he had been gone and had not put in any work for them. Bruno told the Chemist he would give it a chance and meet Ray despite his conflicting feelings. This meeting is still yet to happen and may or may not ever come to fruition as Bruno ended up getting involved with the Balbani Crime Family.

When Bruno flew back in, the first person he hit up was La Flare Davis. Flare took Bruno around town and showed him all the new buildings as well as taking him to a quick gun deal where he met Toni Balbani for the first time. He also told Bruno that his relationship with Lola had changed and she had left the city as well. During these conversations, Flare flexed on Bruno every chance he got, and whether intentional or not it left a bad taste in Bruno's mouth. Bruno wanted space and went out on his own. He put a yellow page ad out that only a few people noticed. One of those people was Boris Karishnikov, the now Fixer of the Balbani Crime Family and the same guy Bruno had trolled and told to go the barrio for work which had led to Boris being stabbed. Boris held no ill will to Bruno despite the past and even offered him work as a hitman. He informed BB that there was a hit out on France Gull for $10,000 and introduced him to a man named Vice Roy. (aka Tatsu) The trio went around for a few hours chopping and looking for France and ended up linking up with Tony Balbani once more at Harmony. As everyone was talking, a DOC officer appeared and started taking photos of the BCF and its members. The Family did not like that and ended up chasing down the DOC and smoking them which led to a 13-A call being sent out. Bruno fled with the BCF and after a crazy chase made it out unscathed. Boris unfortunately had to fix the situation though as the mansion they lived at was being raided because of the DOC hit. Vice and Bruno ended up going off on their own and somehow ran into France that knew of her hit and was undercover as American Media star Lindsay Lohan. After identifying her, which honestly took way too long, she was mag dumped and executed by Bruno and Vice at the discretion of Boris.

As time passed on, Bruno decided that solo chopping was boring and that he needed to join a faction in order to grow as a person. He started to think of white collar crime scams and decided to expunge his record and go clean for 14 days in order to open an Non Profit Organization. The goal of this NPO was to gain a tax exemption status and let people donate money to the NPO in order to avoid paying taxes. Bruno worked at the UWU Cat Cafe to pass the time and make money while approaching many criminals about this idea. The only person who believed in this idea was Boris who told Bruno to furthermore flesh out his plan and that he would introduce him to Balbani as they needed a clean man for the family. After learning that taxes were only $750 for everyone in the city, Bruno gave up on the scam and went back to crime. Just as this happened, Bruno also met Ralphie Ralphs who was the adoptive son of Sana Satoru and Toni Balbani at the UWU cafe. Ralphie was known to approach anyone and everyone about selling/buying meth. BB decided to use his past experience with Chem and Kiwi to help Ralphie push meth free of charge because he didn't want to see the young guy get the 9s. Ralphie took a liking to Bruno and told him that he would be well received by the BCF and that he should push for a meeting with Balbani through Boris. Eventually this meeting came to fruition and Bruno was introduced to the crime family. Bruno is soon to be blooded into the family as he has been helping them secure a gun and drug deal with the HOA as well as helping them push meth and perform hits on people like France, Sai Carter, and grinders that rob the Rockford houses they live around.