Bruce Nelvico is a character role-played by bgrafix.

*** = " Work in Progress "

Description[edit | edit source]

He comes from a Mob family known as the Detroit Partnership. His father was known as a "cleaner" working with the family from an early point. Walking in his fathers foot prints Bruce picked up the family business learning tools of the trade from some of the best. ***

Jobs[edit | edit source]

Lifeinvader[edit | edit source]

Moving to Los Santos, to start anew he starts a job at Life Invader as COO and COS. Working his way up to the business chain Bruce was CEO. After some internal company issues Bruce is now an adviser for Life Invader. ***

Sahara International[edit | edit source]

He is now a COO for Sahara International over watching business relations. ***

Pillbox Medical[edit | edit source]

Bruce Nelvico as a community relations front has been helping with the administration at Pillbox Medical Center in doing so has made Brenda Pancake nervous about her job security. All Bruce wants is law and order in the lobby of Pillbox Medical.***

Current Story Line[edit | edit source]

Current story line.***

Relations[edit | edit source]

List of people and how there related to Bruce.***

Past updates[edit | edit source]

Stories up to the current line***

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