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Brouge Street Kingz (B$K) is a gang formed by Outto-Tune Tyrone after he left the Ballas with Bobby Schmiguel and Aaron Alexander after the betrayal of Mando Thompson.

History of Brouge Street Kingz

The Start of B$K

Before the Brouge Street Kingz were formed Outto-Tune Tyrone was the co-leader of the Ballas with Mando Thompson.The tensions between the two started brewing because of mutiple disagreements between them. OTT and Mando would get into heated arguments more and more often. Things didn't get any better between the two after Benji Ramos and Carlos Loco came down to the Cul-da-Sac frustrated after hangaround Bobby Schmiguel disrespected Carlos, Benji and Carlos claimed it was "on-sight" if they ever saw Bobby again, so Mando decided to shot them both and dump them in the ocean. OTT agreed with Mandos decision and sparked a war with the Vagos.
The Ballas were already in a war with Chang Gang after OTT released "Who-Chang Diss" so being at war with two powerful gangs were rough for The Ballas. All the tension and frustration built up between OTT and Mando led to one big argument where Mando walked out and later decided on the same day to a meet up with Arush Patel Santana where Mando claimed he would kick OTT out the Ballas and kidnap Bobby and hand them to The Vagos. The kidnapping didn't go to plan a shootout occurred where hangaround Aaron Alexander got shot and he told OTT he thought he recognised Mandos voice this led to OTT, Bobby and Aaron to question Mando and things got heated and Mando ended up getting shot by Bobby. After one last argument at Grandma's between OTT and Mando the next day OTT chose to leave the Ballas and buy a house on Brouge Avenue and later formed Brouge Street Kingz.
B$K vs GSF

(Part 1) The VU Membership

OTT was interested in a membership for the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club so he contacted the leader of the Grove Street Families (GSF) Dexx who owned the VU. Dexx and OTT negotiated a price for the membership and agreed to $120,000. After the Deal a dispute came between Bobby Schmiguel and Dexx in the VU. Dexx decided not to give OTT a key to the VU because of that. OTT was pissed but still tried to negotiate with Dexx to get maybe the key or to get half of his money back that he paid for the membership. But Dexx didn't budge and that started the war.

(Part 2) The CI Document

After a while, both sides were mentally exhausted from the war. Both were dissatisfied with how fights were going on. B$K were tired of fighting with a few men every time on the roofs of GSF. Because of this advantage and because they protect their area, GSF On the other hand GSF often complained that B$K never wear their colors when they fight and made fun of them on Twitter with comments like "B$K more like Men in Black". But after many phone calls, tweets, and conversations, Dexx contacted OTT to meet him at VU. Dexx revealed to OTT that they have a malicious document on him that requires priority over the war. This document states that he is a criminal informant providing information about various gangs to the police. Those gangs were NBC and Ballas. Dexx wasn't sure if this document wasn't a fake or not and still told OTT that even if it wasn't real, it would potentially ruin his life and portray him as a rat, so he should be thankful he is even showing him this document. OTT was shocked by this information and confused on who would even create something like that to ruin his life and everything he built. After the meeting OTT contacted the Vagos & NBC to clarify that this document was not real and asked them if they knew who created it. Speedy said than they have already seen the document before the meeting and tried to confirm the authenticity of the document. But it turned out that the document is a forgery. This has been confirmed by the member Vagos and ex-attorney Reggie Might.

(Part 3) Bobby & Double A leaving B$K

B$K vs The Lost MC

to be continued!

B$K Member Roster