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Broskingle Dan is a character role-played by Jonthebroski.


Broskingle Dan is sort of a planner for the Dan Clan due to the fact he made most of the plans during his reign of terror in Los Santos, such as making a plan to murder a cop.

Chronicles of Dan

8-5-21-August 5th

Broskingle wakes up at the apartments and walks to the nearby parking lot where he he sees a cop being held up in their CVPI by a man in a white mask. The masked man gets in his car and begins pulling away shooting at the officer, Broskingle cheers him on with “Yes Man.” After the shooting and ensuing chase Broskingle approaches a man in a blue car and asks him for a gun, the man tells Broskingle he doesn't have a gun and asks why Broskingle needs it. Broskingle yells that he needs the gun and wants to kill cops. The man in the car tells Broskingle he can give him smoke and drives away with exhaust smoke going in Broskingle’s face. Broskingle yells “You’re on the list!” as the man drives off.

Broskingle wakes back up after his phone is glued to his hand and walks out of the apartments again. He sees a group of people including a police officer and asks them if they have a gun they could give to him. A lady yells at him that no one has a gun for him, the officer says if he had a gun he could give he would, and a random man in a purple jacket has a gun for him. Broskingle asks for it and the man asks if he would like to buy it, offering an Uzi and Diamondback. Even though Broskingle doesn't have any money he tries to negotiate to no avail. Two Blocks show up and ask the purple jacket man why he’s selling guns on their block. They rob the man and take his gun and afterwards the man keeps mouthing off to them so they point a gun at him and hold him up again while Broskingle asks for the gun they robbed off of him. One of the Blocks speaks with Broskingle about how he could get a gun while the other shoots the man in the purple jacket. Broskingle asks the kind Block if he could give Fingle a call and tell him that Broskingle is waiting at the apartments. The Block butchers Broskingle's name several times while calling Fingle but luckily Fingle pulls up in a Stratum excited to see him asking if it’s really JontheBroskingle Dan.

Broskingle tells Fingle that he went to war with the Ballas for them, deducing that the man in the purple jacket, who Broskingle got shot, was a member of the Ballas, and asks if he wants to clap them. Fingle exclaims how that’s good, and Broskingle asks him for a gun and tells him he still has a clean record. Fingle says he should get a gun license and that in the back of the car is his friend’s uncle. The old man in the back of the car introduces himself as James Randal, explaining his day that he’s had. Bucky also gets in the car. James Randal begins calling Fingle “Ricky” and Broskingle sadly says how he really misses Rickingle Dan. Fingle wants to “do something dumb” so Broskingle asks the question everyone had, “Do you have a grenade man?” Sadly no one had a grenade. Fingle decides that if they want chaos James Randal is a mean drunk so Broskingle should buy from alcohol from the local convenience store, Bucky leaves in fear of getting caught up in the chaos, Broskingle gets out of the car and kills a local with one punch, he buys two sandwiches, two bottles of water, a cigar, one wrapped gift, and two first aid kits. He finds no alcohol and gives Fingle the empty gift box. Fingle asks why Broskingle gave him it with him saying that the box is the gift.

A cop car with two people inside pull up to their illegally parked stratum with Broskingle getting out and yelling “Cops suck” and flipping them off. Officer Tyme Reducer instructs Broskingle to get back into the car and Fingle tells her not to speak to his brother that way. “Let’s kill this cop man” they realize they have no guns and Fingle calls Tyme "Claire" and drives away saying sorry, James Randal calls 911 and says that he’s kidnapped with a response of ”how are you calling if you are kidnapped”. They laugh about the circumstances of being mad at someone trying to be saved. Broskingle reminds Fingle that he is the best driver of all the Dans and should switch seats with him. Fingle says to wait, as there are now three CVPIs on them, Broskingle says he will not go down without a fight. James Randal calls 911 once again and tells them that the Dans have a grenade. After getting to Miriam Turner Overpass while still fleeing, James Randal falls out of the car. Broskingle and Fingle decides to tell the police that they no longer have a hostage, with Broskingle using 911 to say “We don’t have a hostage anymore he’s dead.” Broskingle proceeds to ask Fingle for a knife or gun, something he can kill a cop with and expresses that hopefully since they no longer have a hostage the PD will stop chasing them. Broskingle isn't worried since he tells Fingle about how he escaped Alcatraz and how he walked out. And how he escaped Azkaban by killing a Demontor.

Shortly after escaping the PD Fingle gets a call from his son New Jeff, telling Fingle that Pilbus is trying to kill him, Fingle tells New Jeff that he and JontheBroskingle are on the way to save him, Fingle then asks for clarification regarding Broskingle’s name, Broskingle informs Fingle that after escaping Alcatraz and Azkaban he changed his name from JontheBroskingle to Broskingle. Still on the phone with New Jeff, New Jeff abruptly hangs up after sounding like he was being attacked. Fingle crashes into a car near a clothing store and Broskingle notices a person changing inside asking if they should rob the man for a gun. Broskingle and Fingle run in with Broskingle demanding a gun or knife, the man has neither and FIngle picks up a call from Drizingle Dan. Broskingle tells Fingle to please let Drizingle know he needs to meet him at Chumash pier, Fingle tells Drizingle to meet them at Chumash Pier, Broskingle interrupts asking Fingle if he has an AK, Fingle does not, “tell him not yet, that’s one of my perma conditions”

They get back into the stratum with Broskingle taking the driver seat since he is the self proclaimed best driver of the Dan Clan. The duo drive to the Alta Street Apartments to pick up Drizingle, and ask him to pay for car repairs, Drizingle refuses and Broskingle tells him that he owes him two hundred thousand dollars, “Oh Broskingle you silly goose” Drizingle replies dodging the money he owes. Driving into Benny’s and with many people in the way Broskingle shouts “What’s up pussies?” The Dans debate about who should pay and Broskingle has a solution: “let’s jump somebody.” Broskingle approaches a guy and asks if he has money since they are broke, the guy says he’s poor too “I didn’t ask if you’re poor I asked for money man, I'm running for mayor man” Drizingle very meekly says “you’re what? fucking mayor andy over here.” Broskingle and Drizingle approaches a man in a blue car wearing a blue suit and asks for money, the man seems receptive to the idea and asks how much they need Broskingle tells him 327 dollars, the man says he doesn’t have enough, “come on man, please man I didn’t escape Azkaban to get no money man”the man says that he likes the Dans and walks away for a second to get money. Drizingle tells Broskingle that if Broskingle wins mayor that he’d like to be his deputy mayor. While waiting for the man in blue, Fingle receives a call telling him the guy that fell out of the car, James Randal has died. Broskingle proceeds to tweet out “James Randal is a pussy glad I killed him.” The man in blue asks for the keys from Fingle so he can repair the car, while he is fixing the car, Drizingle asks Broskingle how old he is, he tells Drizingle he was born in 3022, Drizingle says 1900. After getting the car back the Dans argue about who should drive, Fingle eventually concedes with Broskingle getting in the driver’s seat. Fingle says that they have to go pick up Buckingle from the apartments when Marlo with Fiona tells Fingle to shut up from their car as it’s being repaired. Broskingle quickly drives into their car and asks who said that, Marlo says it again and Broskingle asks for a gun, Marlo gets in the car and hands Broskingle his first gun of the city.

Driving away from Benny’s a CVPI T-bones the freshly fixed Stratum, Broskingle drives up to the cop and says “fuck you pussy” before speeding off. The CVPI quickly begins chasing Broskingle down power street into innocence boulevard, Fingle asks to see a “Broskingle skip” so he goes on to Carson street to where there is a stake park and halfpipe, using NOS to ramp off the halfpipe, landing perfectly on Alta street. The CVPI also made the same jump, Broskingle manages to evade them by going on the freeway before quickly turning around and sending the vehicle into the canals of Los Santos, landing very smoothly, and with that Fingle admits that Broskingle is the better driver. Broskingle going back on to the streets now tells Fingle that’s why it took so long for them to get him into Alcatraz and Azkaban. Now having escaped from the cops they finally begin making their way to get Buckingle, Drizingle and Broskingle don't remember Buckingle so they ask Fingle who he is “he doesn't’s like Bucky but uhh Fingle Dan.”

They almost hit a Ranger vehicle and Broskingle comments on how “it’s only a ranger” speeding away the ranger gives chase, Broskingle navigates through some tight alleyways but the ranger CVPI mangoes to go around the alleyways to stay on top of them they almost side swipe the park ranger hearing Conan Clarkson on his radio all three in the stratum shout “Rlly dud?” at him before continuing behind MRPD on Little Bighorn Avenue. Broskingle stops the car to ask Clarkson for pistol ammo they are ignored so Broskingle continues on Adam’s apple boulevard, Fingle picks up a call from New Jeff, Broskingle goes on Calais Avenue and quickly on to San Andreas Ave before being pitted by the ranger CVPI now with 1 other officer in tow. Broskingle goes on to Del Perro Freeway before Fingle says how the PD is being pretty aggressive now so Broskingle has to pull out all the stops, Broskingle wants to lure them to the tunnels so he can shoot them, Drizingle doesn't have a gun and Fingle says he doesn't want to die. They drive past the tunnels as Fingle begins to finish the phone call with New Jeff, Broskingle break checks the CVPI behind him before getting pitted and spinning out, he regains control of the stratum before faking out the two CVPIs by looking like he was going off the freeway to then go on opposite traffic up to Olympic Freeway, they go to a point on Olympic Freeway where it overlooks Popular Street and see the CVPI speed down the street looking for them. Fingle and Drizingle comment on how impossible the whole ending was and accept Broskingle as the better driver, “you know what they say: Broskingle Dan does it again” says Broskingle.

Drizingle asks who says that, and Broskingle tells him “Drizingle I’m gonna shoot you with an AK at Chumash Pier one of these days, mark my words” “ha ha good one bro, why do you say that you joker you” Drizingle says very concerned, Fingle comments how it’s funny. “So unoriginal, almost like he does the same thing on all of his characters”-Drizingle Dan. Broskingle and Fingle tell Basem to shut up. “Listen I’m gonna be BCSO fuck you”-Drizingle Dan. After pulling into the local Ammunation Broskingle buys 50 rounds of pistol ammo for 12 dollars. While Broskingle went inside Fingle took over driving so they go to the Alta Street Apartments to pick up Buckingle. Broskingle asks for armor as he loads his pistol, but Fingle says he should have money, “the dementors robbed me man.” Drizingle still needs a gun so they decide to ask everyone at the apartments for a gun. Broskingle appraoches three masked people for a gun and all of them tell him they dont have guns, one of them tells Broskingle that they fight with their fists because they’re pretty strong, Broskingle laughs and walks away. Dingle Fan very “coincidentally” runs into Broskingle outside the apartments, Broskingle says hello to Fyz, and Dingle says hi to Jon, “I totally didn't message you to come here man”-Broskingle. Drizingle, Broskingle and Dingle walk up to a man in a speedo and ask him for a gun, he is unresponsive. A random passerby walks past the trio and so they ask him for a gun, he says he lost his license ages ago and walks away. The cop the Dans had just outran drives past them, presumably searching for them. A masked man walks past Dingle, Drizingle and Broskingle and says “Nah, I’m good Fingles, you have a good one” Broskingle tells him “Don’t to talk to me like that man”, the masked man says he knows they all drink their own piss and cant come back from that, Broskingle tells the others that he’s talking shit, and announces that the Dans drink their piss and are proud of it, the man tries to diffuse by saying you do you and that he has to go. Broskingle pulls his gun and asks him to show him his hands, Broskingle robs him of his gun, cigarettes, first aid and lockpick while Fingle tells him that they cum swap, and the man makes a joke that the piss thing is hard for him to swallow. Broskingle gives Drizingle the gun belonging to the man. As Fingle drives them away from the apartments he comments on how all of them have guns now, Broskingle asks if they should now rob the vault, they all agree. Fingle drives them to the hospital since Buckingle is there, and Drizingle asks if they are banned from the hospital after he and Fingle’s adventures the day previous. They deduce that just Kingle is banned and Broskingle asks if they should rob the hospital to silence in response, as they pick up Buckingle, Scruffy the clown asks if it is a Fingle Taxi since he needs a ride, Fingle has him get in the trunk. Broskingle has an idea, he asks if they could go to the casino so they can rob it. Buckingle needs them to go to digital den and gets in the trunk.

Leaving the hospital Broskingle asks “Fyz what’s your Dan’s name man?” after getting his name Broskingle tells Dingle that he already murdered a guy and that he tweeted that hes glad he’s dead, Scruffy says how he loves the Dan's and that they are such a cute and wholesome family. They need to use an ATM to repair the stratum so they go to the nearby PDM, Broskingle asks the people there for money as Fingle uses the ATM with a fee attached. He refuses to pay the fee as a person approaches, he gives Broskingle and Fingle money so they can pay the fee next time, the guy throws money at the five Dans as they try to be the one catching the money. Broskingle asks the kind man for a gun but he says he isn't the violent type, he then asks if he has armor, joints or crack, unfortunately the man has none of those things, and asked him if maybe he had any heroin, the man says he thinks Alex might have some so Broskingle runs over to the crowd the man was with before and asks who Alex is and if he can have some crack or heroin, but Drizingle cuts him off saying how he knows Broskingle loves cocaine, Broskingle tells him he doesn't, he hates cocaine in fact. And a stranger calls Broskingle over and gives him his second gun, he tells Fingle but he is busy on the phone. Fingle tells the Dans plus Scruffy that Broskingle did in fact kill James Randal, he’s on the phone with a cop right now, Fingle asks if he should turn himself in for the murder and Drizingle asks if anyone knows any lawyers, Broskingle says he knows 5.

They pull back into Benny’s now having the money to repair the car once again and they run into Eugene Zuckerberg, they tell him that they killed a guy accidentally with Eugene saying who cares if it was an accident then, and Broskingle says he meant to push him and he’s glad he’s dead. Broskingle decides he should call the cops and tell them he’s glad James Randal is dead, Scruffy encourages him. Using 911, “I’m glad that pussy is dead.” A police chase goes right past and underneath them as they are over Del Perro Freeway on Power Street. Fingle, still on the phone with a cop, tells Broskingle that there is now an active warrant for him and Broskingle throws his second gun in the glovebox for someone to take. Fingle tells the cop that they are armed and not afraid, Drizingle tells Fingle that there are six of them, Fingle tells the cop they wont do anything since there is a 6 of them, Scruffy offers for him to be dropped off with Buckingle at Dean’s World pier, Fingle tells him to wait. Broskingle once again brings up robbing the casino because if he’s going back, he’s going back. Scruffy again says if they want to rob the casino to drop off two of them, and that he wants to go to the pier, Broskingle asks if it’s Chumash Pier with Drizingle, he then asks for an AK, Scruffy says not Chumash Pier and Drizingle agrees he also doesn't want to go to Chumash Pier. They decide to go to Chumash Pier some other time. While continuing to Dean’s World pier Broskingle wonders how much they could make from robbing the casino Drizingle says at least two. “I can’t wait to have all this money from this casino robbery to buy a bigger gun, the cops won't take me alive but I won't die”-Broskingle, Dingle says that’s the Fingle special just don't die. Broskingle says there are only two ways he dies, killing Drizingle with an AK at Chumash Pier and the Dementors coming back. As they drop Scruffy off, Drizingle says that he will perma Broskingle on the pier instead, “I cant die from that.”

Pulling away from Dean’s World parking lot the Dans conclude that it should be okay for Buckingle to stay since he doesn't do much anyway. Broskingle asks Drizingle if he has a clean record he says he does, and Broskingle proceeds to ask him for his ID, Drizingle is hesitant at first “but who’s ID am I going to use” Broskingle says to trust him and he has a plan, Drizingle is still worried and Broskingle tells him to listen to his OG, Fingle says he’s the OG and Drizingle should give the ID, Broskingle clarifies that since Drizingle was going to be his deputy mayor that makes Broskingle his OG. Drizingle relents and gives the ID to Broskingle, Broskingle now reveals his plan: he gives Drizingle his ID and asks him to refer to himself as Broskingle. Dingle tests Drizingle by asking for Broskingle, Drizingle responds and is instructed by Broskingle to take the ID out of the glovebox, Drizingle doesn't want to take the ID in fear of dying, Broskingle and Fingle tell him to trust and take the ID. They pull into Digital Den for Buckingle and see the masked man they robbed earlier on a bicycle he quickly rides away as Buckingle gets his phone. Broskingle sees the gun from PDM still in the glovebox and asks who doesn’t have a gun, Fingle doesn’t and takes the gun for himself. Broskingle and Fingle try their guns by shooting at Digital Den and the Sweet Relief yoga place and yelling “bipity bap.” Calling each other by the names they have on their new IDs, Broskingle and Drizingle exchange ammo since Drizignle had none. While waiting for Buckingle they say sheesh, and Broskingle wants to steal the ambulance that pulled into the digital den parking lot but no one else responds to the plan. Broskingle quickly has another plan in mind, in order to rob the casino they should steal a helicopter, fly it on top of the casino and go down each floor robbing it, then head back up to the helicopter and fly away. Drizingle asks if anyone knows how to fly to be able to do that, Fingle has his pilot's license so he can. Driving away from mirror park Fingle asks if you need an advanced lockpick to steal a helicopter, and that he has his pilot’s licence not helicopter license. Driving past the casino Broskingle instructs Fingle to turn into the casino parking lot, the Dans decide to rob everyone in the casino and that they’ve committed at this point. Drizingle tries to throw away the Broskingle ID, Broskingle tells him not to throw it away and has his OG tell Drizingle to keep it on him.

They enter the casino and Fingle says it’s the biggest heist they've ever done, they’re in and they’re out. Broskingle says disguises on, and a few of the Dans make their way to the changing room in the casino, Broskingle however, already has his disguise on:Drizingle’s ID. Broskingle approaches the wheel and notices that he could win a Diablo GTR, so he decides to spin first and walks to an ATM, Drizingle says “rlly dud four Dans for this?” Broskingle tells him that there's no one for them to rob anyway so he might as well win the GTR. Broskingle tries to spin but needs a membership so he decides to try and rob one, Drizingle tells him to give him the money and he’ll spin for Broskingle, Broskignle asks if he read the script, Drizingle is supposed to give him money, Drizingle tells Broskingle “It’s called roleplay dumbfuck, it’s organic” Broskingle says “What?” and walks to the counter to buy a membership but doesn’t have money in his bank account to buy it, he asks Drizingle but he gave all his money to Fingle. Two people enter the casino so Broskingle asks them if they have any money in their bank accounts, the two people tell him they are both down bad and can't give money, he tells them all he needs is 250 dollars, and one lady decides to help. Broskingle gives her his phone number to help, the nice lady sends over the money and Broskingle buys a membership card and runs to the wheel.

As Broskingle once again approaches the wheel the Dans and a member of the Ballas are spinning Broskingle says fuck the Ballas, the Balla says that’s fucked up and Drizingle asks if they should put their money together for a turbo spin, Broskingle says that anyone doing turbo spins is a pussy, then approaches the Balla and says that the Ballas are also pussies. The Balla says that they are in fact some pussies. Broskingle goes back to spinning while the Balla member understands, Drizingle puts it best: “It’s like when you try to bully someone but they go along with the joke, so now you’re like what do I even do about this”, Broskingle says he used to bully somebody. Broskingle decides to go play blackjack so he can buy an AK. Calling Drizingle a baby bitch for something he mumbled under his breath, Broskingle approaches a black jack table and there is a man who Broskingle asks if he is rich since he looks like he has money, the man says what's up and that he doesn't have money, they ask him what he does and he says he’s a lawyer, he doesn't make shit. Broskingle sits at the 2000 dollar table and tells him that he’s a murderer, the lawyer says if he needs representation to call him, Broskingle says he will represent himself, the lawyer says he respects it. Drizingle and the lawyer say it would be pretty funny for Broskignle to represent himself, Broskignle tells him that he threw a guy out of the car, the lawyer says hell yeah, and Broskingle tells him he also called the dead guy a pussy, the lawyer says when Broskignle does that type of thing he should yell “Hell Week”. “Alright I’ll do that”-Broskingle, the lawyer says he was kidding if Broskingle does that he’ll get terrorism.

Broskingle doubles on 11 vs 7 and gets a 19, Dealer has 18 through the wheel and blackjack Broskignle has doubled his money to now have 8000 dollars. Broskignle asks what a Turbo Spin even is but no one answers but the lawyer who also doesn’t know, Broskignle pulls 17 into a 2 he stands and the dealer pulls a 20. Drizingle comments how the dealer fucked him, and Broskingle says his goal is to get enough to play the 10k table. Broskingle asks the lawyer if he’s ever killed anyone and the lawyer says he’s thought about it and after a long pause says maybe one day. Broskingle pulls a 12 into a 10 and decides to double, he gets a 20 and the dealer busts with 25. Fingle enters the 2k table area and asks Drizingle and Broskingle for their phone numbers. Broskingle now having enough for the 10k table decides to get up and walk over, Dingle tells him it might be better for him to do two turbo spins instead, he walks to the 10k table regardless with the dealer saying how it’s always good to see a new face. Broskingle sits down and Drizingle enters the area telling Broskingle he hopes he loses so he never gets the AK, Broskingle says he does too. “I really don’t want to perma, the last time I did that the world exploded” Broskingle agrees by saying “Yes man.” Broskingle gets a 10 and the dealer gets a 5, but the dealer takes a second and then Broskingle has 18, Drizingle asks for a 21 for the dealer and he gets it, Broskingle loses his 10k. Broskingle says that’s the Fingle way, he walks back over to the 2k area where Fingle and a man are playing blackjack. Broskingle no balls the man by telling him to pull out all of his winnings from today in cash right in front of him. The man says he cant do that because his phone is stuck to him and he will not take out his money in cash in front of Broskingle. The lawyer is in a conversation with Fingle, seemingly about being the Dan Clan lawyer, he asks Fingle if he is their lawyer can he get a Fingle favor to not be robbed by the Dan Clan. Broskingle sees an opportunity in that Fingle doesn’t reply in time so Broskingle pulls his gun and asks the lawyer to show his hands, the Dans cheer on Broskingle and the lawyer says he was going to donate money to them but he guesses not anymore. Broskingle takes his suitcase, 20k, 10 joints and his gun from the lawyer. Broskingle says it’s time to do some turbo spins and runs to the wheel while saying turbo spin, and Drizingle brings up the gtr and they all comment on the possibility of the gtr.

Broskingle spends 5k for a turbo spin and receives: 4k, he then says how the lawyer just gave him 5(he meant 4) free turbo spins. He is at 19k and says turbo spin then spins again. He wins 3k, now at 17k spins again. He wins 2k now at 14k, he tries to spin again but Buckingle manages to spin before him, he sadly says “damn man” but manages to spin once Buckingle’s is finished. He spends the 5k once again but gets 1k in return bringing him to about 10k. Broskingle decides to head back to the 10k table to try and double his money, he turns the cash back into chips and walks to the table Broskingle tells the lawyer it isn’t his money he just happens to be doing a 10k hand. Drizingle gives Broskingle a massage as he gets blackjack vs the dealer’s 9. Fingle walks up and says that Broskingle is literally Rayman, the lawyer asks for his gun back and Fingle and Drizingle asks what he took, he said everything and they ask if he pocket wiped the lawyer, “no but I thought about it.” Broskingle says his plan, win 100k in chips, withdraw it all in cash and turbo spin all 100k. Broskingle gets an 11 into a 2 and decides to double, he gets 19 and the dealer gets 18, Broskingle now has 45k in total and announces it to the other Dans and the lawyer. The Dans are all in disbelief but Broskingle reminds them what he went to Azkaban for: illegal gambling.

He also tells the other Dans who didn’t hear earlier that Alcatraz couldn’t hold him either, Drizingle says he thinks Broskingle is going to go back to Azkaban. Broskingle says how he really is going to get an AK and die tonight so Drizingle walks away and says that he’ll be right back and that he’s totally not going to call the cops. Broskingle pulls an 12 vs an 11 and hits, he gets 14 vs 11, he hits again as the Fingle and Dingle are heard accosting Drizingle, as they walk back over FIngle tells Drizingle that he is going to get a call soon and he needs to pretend to be Broskingle. Broskignle tells Drizingle he has to go down for this(referring to the murder) Dirizngle responds by saying he is not down for it, so Broskingle tells him he has to be loyal to the family, Drizingle asks why he even has to do it in the first place, “If I go back they find out my real name: Jonthebroskingle and then I’m going back to Azkaban where the dementors are gonna get me man, you need to take this one for me” Broskingle busts with a 26 vs 11. Broskingle has 6 into a 7 Casino Arc TBC

Leaving the casino Broskingle sees an SUV and decides to try and steal it, he begins lockpicking the door, he unlocks it successfully but something seems to be jammed. Standing outside of the car trying in vain to open the door a man in a white diamond casino jacket says hi to Broskingle, Broskingle says “hey man” to the man and the man pulls his pistol with a silencer attached and says coldly “hey man”. Drizingle, Fingle, Buckingle and Dingle all emerge from the casino with a woman and child in tow, the woman asks why Broskingle is touching their car. Drizingle says that Broskingle was just inspecting the lock, Broskingle apologizes, the man says “sure, sure” and Broskingle gives him the lawyer’s briefcase from earlier, he tells the man that it’s a gift. As the man grabs the briefcase and says he appreciates it, Broskingle pulls his gun and says “lets see some hands motherfucker.” The man begins to pull his gun but Broskingle tells him to put it away the man puts it away and puts his hands up as Broskingle gets shot by the woman. The kid begins screaming, running with his hands up, Drizingle shoots at the woman and stands by Broskingle as the man runs away. Drizingle begins going through Broskingle’s pockets attempting to switch out the IDs once again, the man in the white jacket pulls out his gun and begins shooting Drizingle from further down the casino entrance. The woman instructs the child who she calls “Jimmy” to leave on his bike and he flees the scene. The man puts the woman into the car, and Dingle asks the man if he can just take Broskingle while the man struggles to get in his car. Buckingle begins to search Drizingle’s pockets, and Broskingle says to leave Drizingle so he goes in for the 9s.

Dingle with Broskingle, Buckingle with Drizingle and Fingle all meet in the casino parking lot during which Broskingle says he did not account for that. Dingle says hwo they could have just left Drizingle but he and Fingle start laughing as they walk in the parking lot, Drizingle says how he would have gone down for murder, Drizingle says thank you for saving him to Buckingle. They cross a street and Dingle says they need a vehicle, Fingle comments on how they are becoming hard, Fingle gets downed by seemingly nothing and the Dans enter an uncontrollable laughing fit. Fingle tells them it’s not funny then repeats it with profanities. Buckingle now takes Fingle and Drizingle while Broskingle says how they are becoming hard, Dingle asks Fingle how funny his fall looked to him since in his eyes it was very funny, Broskingle asks Fyz to send him a clip of it. Dingle calls Broskingle a dumbass, but Broskignle says how he knows Fyz is always streaming. As the Dans find a taxi, Buckingle begins going through Drizingle’s pockets, but he says he doesn't have a lockpick, Buckingle walks over to Broskingle to run his pockets, but he says he also doesn’t have a lockpick then he corrects himself, he has a broken lockpick. As the Dans begin reflecting on the (as Fingle calls it) LOL moment, Broskingle proposes that they turn in Drizingle as Broskingle and get a reward, Drizingle is increasingly fearful during the plan. “Let’s tell them we caught the treacherous Broskingle who murdered that man earlier and see if they give us some money”-Broskingle, Dingle says that he is down to take the charge, VNDRIZZLE asks them to pause and says “guys no, I’m uncomfortable with this.” Dingle reiterates that he will take the charge if necessary. Dingle also runs through Drizingle’s pockets and finds enough money for him to say “that’s another spin” Drizingle forlornly says “my money.” Buckingle loads Fingle into the taxi, then Broskingle as Broskingle announces his disbelief that Drizingle was holding money from him, then Drizinlge is loaded in as he says it wasn’t that much money.  Fingle jokes that he might not have enough money for the taxi, Buckingle hot wires it and Drizingle says Dingle has his money: 1368 dollars. Buckingle successfully hot wires the car as Dingle gets into the trunk, honking the horn as they begin their drive.

8-16-21-August 16th

Broskingle wakes up at the Alta Street apartments in orderly fashion. He immediately checks his apartment stash and remembers he doesn’t have a phone among other things. “Broskingle!” he exclaims as he exits the deserted apartment complex looking for someone with a phone. In the parking lot he finds a member of the Condemned MC who after a short conversation says he doesn’t have a phone Broskingle can borrow. Broskingle immediately threatens the man who proceeds to show Broskingle that his phone is broken. After clicking the home screen on the evidently functioning phone he says “It works, you lied!” and proceed to call his brother Fingle Dan. Fingle, who is just down the street from the apartments, confirms that he’s on the way for “Hell week” as stated by Broskingle and to come strapped to rob the guy that just loaned Broskingle the phone. After ending the call the Condemned member asks for his phone back and Broskingle instead starts bullying and ridiculing the guy by saying “who wants their phone back?” a couple times. The guy pushes Broskingle back just as Fingle Dan and Dingle Fan pull up to the parking lot. They exchange some more punches until Fingle Dan starts reasoning with the man. They find out the guy is Hank Marston of the Condemned MC. They ask him if he’s friends with the Lost MC. “Fuck the Lost” he reply and more punches are exchanged. Scruffy and Booba pull up just as Hank pulls a crowbar and starts swinging toward Broskingle. Broskingle wants Fingle to run him over just as Hank downs Dingle. Broskingle lands the final punch shortly after and proceeds to steal Hank’s shoes and belongings. On him, Hank had a Beretta M9, the crowbar, a lockpick and some first aid kits. Broskingle quickly shoves Dingle into the trunk of Fingle’s panto and urges Fingle to leave the parking lot. Before leaving, Broskingle exits the panto and shoots Hank with the parting words: “Lost MC sends their regards! Hell week man!” The Dans laugh while driving away from the apartments.

Moments later Broskingle explains to the other Dans that he’s going to make Hell week into Hell year and spread his new political religion Danism. This is also explained to two very enthusiastic EMS at Pillbox Medical Center who do not want to join Danism. After getting patched up at the hospital, Broskingle shows off his new sniper rifle he just found from Hank of the Condemned MC. Fingle tries to call Bjorn and meet up at the comic book store but he doesn’t pick up. Broskingle suggests robbing the store if no one is there and just as they pull up they see an empty store. Dingle, being incredibly agile, manages to break the glass door and make his way inside, followed by Broskingle seconds later. They start grabbing comic books when Dingle notices the cash register at the front desk, suggesting Broskingle to smash it open with the newly acquired crowbar. To their surprise they break it open and loot what’s inside. After a few minutes of breaking out of the store they return to the panto. Fingle Dan calls Bjorn again. This time he answers and Fingle immediately tells him they robbed the comic book store. Fingle also tells Bjorn that they’re waiting for Kringle Dan and Pringle Dan. Broskingle urges Fingle to mention that it’s “Hell year man”. Bjorn says he’s being chased on the interstate so the panto makes its way to upper Pillbox where they immediately get t-boned by Bjorn. Fortunately the sirens move away from the crash and Bjorn gets away. Before hanging up, they learn that Kringle Dan is asleep for another hour. While waiting on Kringle and Pringle they decide to blow up a gas station and steal a helicopter. Broskingle gets sidetracked immediately by a parked black mini-van with red interior which they end up stealing as it’s described as “a hell week vehicle”.


Trained by Ra’s Al Ghul-(the inspiration was from batman begins so if we assume Broskingle got the same training Bruce Wayne had) Broskingle then has been trained to overcome all fears (which could explain the fending off of dementors) and several martial arts including jiu jitsu. He was also likely trained with a sword and how to deal with freezing temperatures.  

Can Kill Dementors with hands-based on the inspiration and behind the scenes talk of Dementors they seem to be physical forms of depression and sadness. As such ways of combating them are linked to happiness in some way or another, theoretically Broskingle’s patronus (which requires the user to think of happy thoughts) could be his fists.

Seen the Abyss 25 times-this either means the 1989 film:The Abyss or some kind of supernatural location, akin to limbo or near death.

Is a Na’vi-about 10 feet tall, blue in color, and with tails, Broskingle seems to not match any of the traits the Na’vi have. Nor does Broskingle seem to have any of the culture or beliefs.

Hop between fiction-as evidenced through his many feats involving fictional characters in comics, movies and other media, it’s safe to assume Broskingle can hop between fictional worlds and NoPixel’s world.

College Education (Cambridge)-It’s unknown what Broskingle went to Cambridge for but we know he at least attended the university.

Time Travel-Broskingle was born in two different years, and has accomplished feats at different years. There is no information about the way he time travels.

Created Deal or no Deal-Broskingle created Deal or No Deal, it’s unclear what aspect he created or if he created the entire show.

Can backflip-”Bring your arms forward and over your head as you leap upwards. Make a backward arc with your arms to help propel yourself backwards as you jump high into the air. As your arms swing up, push through your thighs to leap backwards. Swinging your arms helps give you the momentum to complete the jump.”

Can hook the moon-Broskingle grabbed the moon with a hook, unknown how he got a hook long enough to be able to do it, or what means he used or just his raw strength.

Wrote rights-Unclear which rights he wrote but the circumstances in which he said it could lead to assuming he wrote the Miranda Rights.

Been to 5 million hospitals-There are less than 5 million hospitals in the world, Broskingle has likely visited many hospitals through his many years of time travel.

Dementor abilities- they have the ability to suck a person's soul out through their mouths, and they drain feelings of happiness and joy.

Is bullet proof window-if this is taken literally he is made of bullet proof glass, that technology currently does not exist we only have bullet resistant glass. Therefore he is either made of actual bullet proof glass, or the same glass as bullet resistant, meaning he is not truly bullet proof.

Killed millions-Through the years of time travel Broskingle is responsible for at least a few million deaths based on his conversation with Baneingle.

Pretzels make him stronger- strength is defined as “the quality or state of being physically strong,” if we take pretzels making him stronger literally his physical strength increases with each pretzel. Since he has travelled through time and presumably been around for a long time we can infer he’s eaten a lot of pretzels and it could explain some of the feats he’s discussed (I.E. grabbing the moon with a hook, killing 5 dementors with bare hands.)


  • Broskingle has escaped Alcatraz, Arkham Asylum, and Azkaban.
  • He has killed 5 dementors with his bare hands.
  • In college he was roommates with Bane from Batman.
  • Killed a guy within his first 30 minutes in the city
  • If Broskingle shoots Drizingle Dan with an AK at Chumash Pier, he will die.
  • Driver of the year 1776.
  • Originally from Gotham.
  • Serial killer who claimed 352 victims.
  • Was caught for illegal gambling and sent to Alcatraz Island.
  • Escaped from Alcatraz by walking out.
  • Was caught and sent to Azkaban.
  • At some point killed Batman and was sent to Arkham.
  • Arkham Asylum driver of the year 1902.
  • Trained by Raul's Al Ghul.
  • Was in the Axis powers.
  • Won World War III by working with the Demontors.
  • Thinks The Joker is a pussy.
  • Killed Thanos and the Avengers.
  • Reps purple after killing Thanos, but only wears red and black.
  • Never escaped Alcatraz, Azkaban, and Arkham, was a CI the whole time.
  • CI for the purpose of getting a good enough relationship to kill every cop.
  • Is the dead, like the living dead.
  • Is the Avatar. (like the airbender)
  • Is an avatar (like the blue aliens)
  • Seen the Abyss 25 times.
  • Been to Heaven.
  • Doesn't believe in dying.
  • Pretzels make him stronger.
  • Likes nuts.
  • Says Arbies instead of Arby’s because it shows he’s hard.
  • Went back in time during Logan 2, and killed Logan by putting him in a tree.
  • Called Magneto in high school.
  • Killed Simba.
  • Killed "the people."
  • Founding member of the Talidan.
  • Got his first gun in San Andreas from Marlo Stanfield.
  • Drinks own pee, like all Dans, and proud of it.
  • On his first day in the city robs Danny Doodle.
  • Hates cocaine.
  • Second perma condition is the dementors coming for him.
  • Founder of Danism.
  • Used to bully someone.
  • Killed Kratos the god of war.
  • Took to the skies in WWII
  • Sat on the Iron Throne.
  • Got a garden salad from killing the Avengers.
  • Got a scanning device from killing Thanos.
  • Was in D-Day and really surprised when all the boats showed up.
  • Was in WW5 and learned to backflip during.
  • Is a woman.
  • Is a dementor.
  • Won tour de france.
  • Can stop time.
  • Killed millions.
  • Is the cat.
  • Cousin of Lukingle.
  • Used a left flank strategy at normandy.  
  • Went to drift school.
  • Favorite type of cum is poison.
  • Created deal or no deal.
  • Doesn’t like pink.
  • Is a bullet proof window.
  • Invented the Broskingle with a side of dan sauce escape move.
  • Is a queen.
  • Is a vsco girl.
  • Been to 5 million hospitals.
  • Taught by dementors how to drive.
  • Not luck when it’s Broskingle hitting jumps.
  • Broskingle word: a vow of sorts.
  • Doesnt feel pain.
  • Presumed leader of the Dementors.
  • Presumably wears people.
  • Likes ketamine.
  • Went to Cambridge.
  • Does shots of cum.
  • Name in college was Thanos.
  • Doesn't do rat shit.
  • Beat Speed Racer 1 on 1.
  • Created the rights (assuming miranda rights)
  • Is the pocket.
  • Born without limbs.
  • Invented det cords.
  • When he gets a draco, it stays with him.
  • Had sex with the moon after grabbing it with a hook.
  • Expert at driving without tires.
  • Doesnt get it. Sadge
  • Killed Al Pachino as Scarface.
  • He is the entire senate.
  • Was never there.


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