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Brock Thompson is a character role-played by DarthKraze.

Economy Collapse[]

Things were going well, until they weren’t.

However, Iona and Brock had each other, they were fighters thanks to that, never full optimists, but realists, that took each obstacle in stride.

Iona, same as everyone, same as Brock, sold her bike and offered the funds to the club. Next was their houses in Sandy, then her personal home by the beach off Great Ocean, and Brock’s off the beach of Paleto.

Eventually foreseeing there was no end to the fall and with most of their resources in city entirely dried ; people starting to starve, Iona and Brock turned their attention to Iona’s farm off the island, smuggling in what food they could to aid the club in keeping some amount of physical strength.

Together they agreed to also offer her farm as a makeshift pet sanctuary to anyone looking for a space where their animals would remain cared for, which was the least they could do, seeing as the farm just didn’t have the space for all to live there comfortably without it causing detriment to the farm itself.

They kept this up, they kept each other up, whatever time they had on the island itself given to try and keep up some form of morale, whatever that looked like, however they could.


Brock is the last known member of the Two Hoots tribe of Tongva Valley.

Brock has no memory of his parents or members of his tribe, his earliest memories are of his life on his own surviving off the land in the Tongva Valley. Brock is a natural explorer and at a young age that curiosity got the better of him as he got closer and closer to the mystery of the city.

Watching the people of the city from afar he slowly assimilated, finding old clothes, learning English and eventually found his way to Jamestown in the Southside of Los Santos. He lived off the streets for many years, when things got too bad he would make his way back into the wilderness and go back to his roots.


Many trust and call Brock a friend, but the circle he calls friends himself is small.

His Wife

  • Iona Thompson - They were married a few months before the big economic collapse and have been together for over 5 years. Iona is the love of his life, his second half, his soulmate.

Dates of note: October 1st was when they first began dating, engaged on October 15th and married on the 16th of October.

Close Friends


  • The disappearance of the Two Hoots Tribe members is a mystery.
  • Brock's face tattoo changes color based on extreme events happening in his life.
  • Brock learned a lot of his life values like respect from Hispanic culture living in Jamestown.