Brittany Angel is a character role-played by kyliebitkin.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Brittany Angel is a Sergeant for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #457. She is also a Captain for the Joint Task Force.

She is widely regarded as one of the best drivers, shooters, and leaders in the PD.

She is one of six officers to hold all five LEO certifications (Air, FTO, Interceptor, K9, and SWAT). The other officers who hold are certifications are Sergeants AJ Hunter and Matt Rhodes, and Troopers Jackie Snow, Kael Soze, and Tony Andrews.

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

Angel is a 29-year-old caucasian female with white hair and blue eyes. Her white hair is nearly always pulled into a ponytail, although she will occasionally put her hair up in a bun or let her hair down. While some assume that her white hair is either dyed or caused by some sort of stressful event, the hair color is actually a result of a genetic deficiency that causes her hair to turn gray and lose color by mid-adolescence.[1]

Angel can usually be seen wearing black squire rimmed glasses, black tinted aviators, or no glasses at all.

Angel has several tattoos on her body, including a tattoo of a robotic arm covering the entirety of her right arm, a tattoo of two fighter planes on her left arm, a tattoo of an angel posing for a mugshot on her back, and a tattoo of a skull on her right ankle.

She is self-described as "having an amazing butt and bobs".

When Tyrone Biggums threw Angel off of a roof, Angel had to have her head shaved. During this period she wore a white wig pulled into a bun.

Angel once went through a phase where she had her hair up in a high bun, to resemble a stereotypical haircut of a librarian. During this phase, she also wore stereotypical librarian glasses.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Angel is known throughout the criminal underground for her highly aggressive approach to most firefights, with her earning her reputation by taking reckless methods that usually surprise enemy combatants.

Angel is highly respected throughout the PD for her ability to lead, be they firefights, investigations, or just in general.

Angel is known throughout the criminal underground for her skill in pursuit driving, with many criminals having to resort to shooting as they are unable to escape by out driving her.

When on routine patrol Angel is often laidback and chill when interacting with fellow officers, but in regards to interactions with the public she can often be abrasive, loud, and rude. She often adapts her personality to fit those she's riding with. Although she may be more laidback then not, she is fully capable of being serious if the scenario requires it.

While processing Angel is usually lenient with those who are honest to her, but if she finds out that she was lied to she will almost always go harder on them.

Angel has a dislike towards homeless people, she calls them "hobolos", demands that they "get a job", and occasionally shoves them off of Mission Row Police Department when she sees them loitering or begging there.

She enjoys playing video games, cooking, most genres of music, and driving expensive vehicles at excessive speeds.

As a result of her sheltered upbringing, Angel often doesn't get pop-culture references that most people would.

Angel originally spoke with a "new york" accent. But, after moving to Los Santos she eventually lost the accent in favor of a more "west coast" one.

Her sexuality is a bit undefined as she has shown attraction and had romantic relations with both men and women.

After Angel was kidnapped and taken to Bovice Wilkinson she has shown signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Stockholm Syndrome. When questioned about their relationship Angel says that Bovice is "actually pretty cool", and that they're friends. Angel even once considered sleeping with Bovice when he asked her for a conjugal visit while in prison, but ultimately decided against it as she did not want to disrupt her relationship with Kyle Pred.[2] After learning that charges might be pressed against her, Angel decided that if she did end up going to prison she would team up with Bovice and run the prison with him.

Angel has admitted that the main reason she joined the LSPD is that it allows her to hurt and murder people legally, and that if she wasn't a police officer she would likely be a serial killer.

As a result of Angel's previous relationships ending either with the other party leaving the city, or faking their death, Angel has shown to be obsessive towards people that any sort of care for her, hence her remaining in a relationship with Kyle Pred even after he cheated on her.

Even though Angel appears to show care towards her adopted children, sister, and boyfriend, she mostly only shows care for them as its what's "expected". Although she does somewhat care about them, it's not to the extent that she shows.

Angel has admitted to multiple people that a certain "bloodlust" trait runs in her family. The trait affects Angel, her sister, and possibly her adopted children.

As a result of repeated negative interactions between Angel and members of the Department of Justice, Angel heavily dislikes the DoJ. She can often be heard talking about how terrible it would be if the Courthouse was blown up or stormed by members of the PD KGB.

Background Information[edit | edit source]

At six years old, Angel and her biological sister, Adrienne West, were forcibly removed from their parents, and placed in a group home for young children. Angel and West briefly talked about a two year time period when they were 6 and were living on a farm, neither Angel nor West have gone in-depth about what happened on the farm but West mentioned having nightmares about it.[3] This was an extremely traumatic event for both sisters, and two years later they were separated and sent to live in different households on opposite ends of the country. Angel was sent to Liberty City, Liberty, USA, where she was raised by her adoptive parents, Jerry and Mary Angel, who are both still alive and well. As a child, she took a strong interest in drawing, but never pursued it due to feeling self-conscious about her abilities.

As an adult, she joined the Liberty City Police Department, and worked with the department for three years in the Algonquin precinct. While on the beat one day, she responded to a call about a woman being sexually assaulted. When she arrived on the scene, she found a homeless man attempting to assault what Angel believed to be his wife. Noticing the man attempting to assault the woman, Angel sneaked up behind him and, despite being able to incapacitate him without killing him, put the barrel of her gun to the back of his head and pulled the trigger, killing him instantly.[4] When she recapped this story to her supervisor, she told them that the man had rushed at her with a weapon and she was forced to shoot him. Angel explained to her sister that the reason she lied about what happened is that she didn't want to lose her position, and because she secretly enjoyed killing the man.

After those three years on the LCPD, she grew tired of being constantly shot at by dangerous criminals, and chasing people through the streets with a low pay rate. Angel heard that Los Santos was paying better, with lower crime rates. Hearing this information, she made the decision to move from Liberty City to Los Santos for something a little less dangerous.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Familial Relationships[edit | edit source]

Biological Family[edit | edit source]

Adrienne West - Sister

Adrienne West is Angel's biological sister. Although they see each other rarely, they appear to be quite close and honest towards each other. When other police officers question West's integrity, Angel nearly always defends her saying that she would never be corrupt.

After being in Los Santos for a while, people started remarking to Angel that she looked strikingly similar to former District Attorney Adrienne West. After meeting with West, they agreed that they looked nearly identical. Believing that it couldn't just be a coincidence, the two agreed to DNA testing at Pillbox Medical Center. After waiting a couple of weeks for the results, the hospital confirmed that West and Angel were sisters, possibly twins. This revelation was a complete surprise to both women, each believing they were only children. The mystery behind why they were separated as children has not yet come to light, as neither has had a chance to confront their respective parents about it.

After West was 51-50'd, Angel went up to Parsons Rehabilitation Center on multiple occasions to talk with West and make sure she was okay.

Adopted Family[edit | edit source]

Emily Reinhart - Adopted Daughter

Emily Reinhart is Angel's adopted daughter. Angel was Reinhart's primary FTO when Reinhart was a cadet.

On Reinhart's 1-year anniversary, Angel, alongside various members of the Department of Corrections and LSPD, sang happy birthday to her in the Mission Row Police Department lobby.[5]

Michael Dias - Adopted Son

Michael Dias is Angel's adopted son. Dias always called Angel "Sarge", even when she wasn't a sergeant.

During Dias' funeral, Angel performed a speech.

"Dias, I miss you. Ever since I met you at your academy I knew you were a really special person. You used to be such a hopeless cadet and you were kind of an idiot and I didn't think you were gonna make it through to be completely honest. But, you turned into a happy-go-lucky officer, or, deputy and I was so incredibly proud of you, and the progress that you made. I know you butted heads with a lot of people, but, I regret not one moment of the time I spent with you. I'm sorry that I wasn't on duty and I failed you. It's terrible that a bright young future can be snuffed out so early and so unnecessarily. And I don't have anything else to say besides I'm sorry. And you'll always be my son. I miss you." - Angel's speech during Dias' funeral.[6]

Domenic Toretti - Adopted Son

Domenic Toretti is Angel's adopted son. When Toretti messes up Angel is nearly always the first person to back him up or call him an idiot. Angel was the first person Toretti did a ride-along with as well as his first FTO.

On May 19th, 2020, Angel responds to a 10-13A call from Toretti and asks over the radio what happened. Olivia Copper and Stephen McClane inform Angel over the radio that Toretti got blown up in a drive-by and is currently incapacitated. After arriving on scene Angel investigates the area and finds casing on the ground that comes back to Olivia Copper. Upon learning of Copper's possible assassination attempt on Toretti, Angel call's over Brian Knight and informs him of what she's learned. After briefly discussing what happened, Angel and Brian head back out on routine patrol.

Brian Knight - Adopted Son

Brian Knight is Angel's adopted son and his first FTO when he first joined the PD.

During his first shift as a cadet, while responding to a call, Angel taught Knight how to remove the safety on his gun leading to him immediately firing the gun in a panic and nearly hitting Angel.

In-Laws[edit | edit source]

Olivia Copper - Daughter-In-Law

Olivia Copper is married to Angel's daughter, Emily Reinhart, and as such is Angel's daughter-in-law. They are good friends and can often be seen patrolling together and getting into mischief.

Los Santos Police Department[edit | edit source]

Kyle Pred

Previously claiming to be "just friends btw" with Officer Kyle Pred, the two now own a house together on Whispymound Drive 6, are "Engaged-to-be-Engaged", and Common Law Married. They also have been forced to attend multiple HR meetings as a result of their relationship.

Before they broke up, their relationship was physically fulfilling with some light underlying commitment and jealousy issues. Pred propositioned several women for paid sex, and Angel went as far as to stab Pred for claiming that another female is attractive.[7]

After their initial breakup, Pred has been completely loyal towards Angel, and Angel has been less physically abusive towards him. Angel has also told Pred that if he were ever to cheat on her again, that they would be over. When both of them are on duty they can often be seen riding together, with Pred flirting with Angel as Angel attempts to maintain some sense of professionalism while doing their jobs. However, Pred will usually tighten his act up if the scenario requires it. Although they're not married nor engaged they sometimes refer to each other as their Fiancé / Fiancée or Husband / Wife. When asked on why they're not married yet, Pred will often reply that even though he considers Angel to be his "everything", he has commitment issues that prevent him from proposing to her.

On September 9th, 2019, Angel was FTO'ing Pred with him repeatedly flirting with Angel the entire time, during this ridealong they got into many scenarios; one being the two of them responding to a 10-13 on the top of Mount Chiliad and after clearing it and getting the downed officer medical, the two of them fell down the mountain causing Pred to confess that he had thought of Angel in the shower while dressing for duty.[8]

"Look, I want you to know something if we don't make it. I thought about you in the shower while I was dressing for duty." - Pred to Angel while falling down a mountain

Angel responded to him saying this by calling him disgusting, in hot kind of way. As they were driving to Sandy Shores Police Department to repair very their vehicle, Pred went more in-depth of his thoughts of Angel while in the shower. He first claimed that he simply thought of Angel because she's a "Bad Bitch" but eventually confessed that it was him wishing that Angel was there with him, but only because she would be able to scrub the parts of his back that he couldn't. After repairing their vehicle they attempt to head back to Los Santos but Angel crashes the car leading to them heading to Pillbox Medical Center. As Angel awaits medical attention Pred holds her injured hand leading to Andrew Ducksworth questioning if they're sleeping together, both Angel and Pred respond with that they're "Just Friends".[9] After getting out the hospital Pred and Angel get back on routine patrol and eventually turn up at the bank to put away their hard-earned wages. As they put away their money Angel remarks that she has $100,000 now and that she could buy a house, which causes Pred to say that they could buy a "Friend House" together; Angel is very open to the idea and the two start brainstorming locations.[10] Before the ridealong is over, Angel invites Pred over to her apartment to watch The Lord of the Rings to which he happily accepts.

On September 16th, 2019, Angel and Pred went house shopping with Rose Edwards. They looked at a house off of Del Perro Freeway alongside the beach, a house along North Rockford Drive, and a house along Whispymound Drive. Before choosing which house they wanted, they decided that they wanted to look at more houses and acquire more money before ultimately making their decision.

Angel and Pred were forced to attend a PD HR meeting on September 21st, 2019 as a result of their "just friends" relationship.[11] During the meeting, Rocko Colombo and Travis Tribble discussed whether or not they could have "booty on duty" and talked to them about the birds and the bees.[12] [13]

"I know the conspiracy theories about getting people pregnant and I know how to stop it. I'm gonna explain it to you in detail, right now. Take a rubber band, twist it at the base of your scrote, about 4 or 5 times so when your eggs can't get through to your vas deferens and down the... you know what's in the you know what in her space door." - Tribble telling Pred and Angel his method on stopping pregnancy.

The HR meeting ended with Angel and Pred both agreeing that if they were ever to be in a relationship with someone, it would be each other, but that they are definitely not in a relationship.

Angel and Pred were forced to attend another PD HR meeting on October 7th, 2019 after Ziggy Buggs and Colombo overheard the two of them talking about Colombo not knowing that they're fucking.[14] During the HR meeting, Pred and Angel were required to roleplay out the two of them processing a suspect while remaining professionally, during the roleplay scenario the two of them knocked out the fake suspect and attempted to have sex on their unconscious body before being stopped by Colombo and Ziggy.[15]

Angel bought their house, "Whispymound Drive 6", from Rose Edwards and Milton Pointdexter on October 10th, 2019. After purchasing their house together Angel and Pred stopped claiming to be "Just Friends" and admitted to being in a relationship.[16]

On November 3rd, 2019, Angel was informed through a third-party (Jacklyn May) that Pred had said that he loved Angel. This was later confirmed when Pred got on duty later that day, and said it again, with Angel saying it to him as well.

Angel and Pred were forced to attend another PD HR meeting on November 29th, 2019 after Pred was caught on camera getting a lapdance in a convenience store.[17] During the HR meeting, Angel stabbed Pred with a hatchet.

On December 1st, 2019, Angel told Pred that they were declared as "Common Law Married" by Judge Dennis LaBarre.[18]

On December 26th, 2019, Angel was given an "Engaged-to-be-Engaged" ring by Pred.[19]

On December 31st, 2019, Angel and Pred were put on the "Ramee Sprinkler Show" where Pred's antics were shown to the public, and Angel. At the end of the show, Angel was asked to choose between Stephen McClane or Pred, she ultimately chose Pred by stabbing McClane in the gut before running out of the theatre.[20]

On January 3rd, 2020, Angel and Pred took a break from their relationship after he attempted to dress her up like Lydia Zephyr.

On February 9th, 2020, Angel and Pred attempted to "patch things up". But, after Pred had sex with Lauren Forcer, and repeatedly flirted with Ekaterina Alekseyevna, Angel gave Pred the knife she used to stab McClane on New Year's Eve to symbolize her "Blooding Him Out".[21] After Jordan Steele was fired, Pred and Angel had a brief talk where he gave her the knife back.[22]

On February 21st, 2020, after the death of Boba Stone, Angel and Pred had a heart-to-heart talk about how he misses her; that she was right that nobody besides her actually cared about him, and that he was sorry for taking advantage of her.[23] While waiting for Jordan Steele to get medical treatment, after he attempted to recover Boba's body from the morgue, Angel and Pred spoke about how both of them are unsure about how to deal with Steele's rapidly declining mental state, and Angel wishing that Pred would come back to the LSPD.[24]

On February 23rd, 2020, during Angel's trial against Wilhelmina Copperpot, Pred apologized to Angel for sleeping with other women while they were on break.[25] After Angel tweeted "Fuck the DoJ", Pred called her to make sure that she was okay, and to tell her that he doesn't want what happened to his brother to happen to her.

On February 26th, 2020, Angel was told by Pred that he had joined the Blaine County Sheriff's Office.[26] When asked why he joined the BCSO, Pred cited the way that the LSPD treated Jordan Steele as the main reason he left, and that the only good thing about the LSPD, to him, was Angel. Angel was initially upset at Pred for transferring, but eventually warmed up to the idea and said that it suited Pred.[27]

On April 7th, 2020, Angel was emailed by Pred asking for a transfer back to the LSPD.

On April 11th, 2020, Angel paid the last payment on their mansion, marking it as officially theirs.

On April 13th, 2020, Angel and Pred were en route to MRPD after assisting Brian Knight in facilitating a return of stolen PD weaponry when Pred told Angel that he has a parachute for her back at their house. After having a quick discussion at MRPD, and assisting Matt Rhodes with a traffic stop, the duo finally made it up to their house and retrieved the parachute. Angel and Pred then headed to Vinewood PD where Angel retrieved a helicopter and flew it to the top of the Payne Tower. After landing, Pred instructed Angel on how to properly equip the parachute and, after making sure that it was put on correctly, got into the driver seat of the helicopter and started flying up. While gaining height Pred asks Angel if she wants to do a tandem jump where both of them would jump out, and Angel would have to catch Pred before opening her parachute. Angel agrees to do it under the condition that they do it over the ocean so their helicopter wouldn't hurt anyone. As they hover over the ocean Pred states again that he is going to be unable to control himself and it's up to Angel to catch him. While they gain more altitude both of them agree not to tell Jackie Snow or any other member of PD Command / High Command. At around 6.5k ft both of them jump out of the helicopter nearly at the same time. While falling both Pred and Angel make small comments over the radio leading to Rhodes to notice their radar blips over the sea and head over there to investigate. Although getting close a few times, Angel sadly never manages to catch Pred and has to pull her parachute in fear of hitting the water. As she pulled her chute she was nearly struck by the falling PD helicopter but managed to avoid it. Angel landed in the water and swam her way back to the beach. As she turned up on the beach Rhodes approached and asked Angel what was going on, Angel responded with that her and Pred were tired and decided to go swimming. Rhodes is skeptical and, as Pred somehow surviving the fall turns up on the beach as well, continues to question what exactly the duo was doing. Eventually, in an effort to hide what they were actually doing, Pred admits to Rhodes that they were actually having sex on duty and that they're sorry. Rhodes then explains to both of them that, since he can't punish a fellow Sergeant and that only the BCSO isn't allowed to have "Booty on Duty", Pred is the only one who's going to get punished for this. Rhodes then gives Pred 5 fake strike points for "Deep dicking 457 on duty", gives them a ride back to Vespucci PD, and all three of them head back on routine patrol.[28]

On April 21st, 2020, Pred and Colombo declared the day "Angel Day" with both of them dressing up as Angel (White Hair and a Slight Tan) and copying some of Angel's mannerisms.

On April 29th, 2020, Angel and Pred had an in-field HR meeting after Angel took back money that Pred had stolen from her earlier. Angel informs Pred that he owes $4,000 in property tax, leading to Pred telling Colombo that Angel's scamming him. Colombo tells them that he always considered their relationship to be nothing more than cheap thrills. Colombo says that Angel only started a relationship with Pred because it made her feel powerful, and Pred only started a relationship with Angel because he enjoyed having someone take care of him. Colombo continues that, because their relationship has gone on for so long, that the thrill is gone and now they're arguing about their mortgage. Pred retorts that the thrill isn't gone at all and that he's so serious about his relationship with Angel that he even stopped cheating on her. Colombo says that they keep trying to revive the relationship by getting each other fake materialistic things such as the "Engaged-to-be-Engaged" ring that Pred gave Angel, but deep down they don't actually care for each other and are only still in a relationship because they don't have anyone else. After Colombo finishes his rant, Angel and Pred both respond aggressively saying that their relationship is one of the longest going relationships in Los Santos. Angel and Pred then state that Colombo's Fiancé (Mia Mersion) left him so who is he to judge them on their relationship. Angel then says that, even though people seem to keep judging their relationship, it's one of the strongest and healthiest relationships in the city. After a couple more minutes of bickering, the three of them realize that they should probably do their jobs, and head back on routine patrol.

Jack Ripley

Jack Ripley was one of the primary officers that trained Angel.

When Ripley was 51-50'd, Angel spoke to Ripley where she said that he was like a father to her.

"I ain't done nothing for you but walk you to the door, you're the one who did everything yourself." - Ripley, upon Angel telling him he's like a father to her.

Stephen McClane

Stephen McClane and Angel are good friends and can regularly be seen patrolling together. McClane often flirts with Angel and attempts to sleep with her but she always shuts him down and maintains that she's in a relationship with Kyle Pred.

McClane and Angel both adopted Brian Knight.

McClane, alongside Rocko Colombo and Angel, formed the "Silver Fox Gang", which is a group within the PD of highly skilled officers who all have white hair, be it dyed or natural.

Blaine County Sheriff's Office[edit | edit source]

Rocko Colombo

Though they may banter back and forth regularly, they actually are great friends. They occasionally joke that they used to be married, but this is untrue. This was clarified to be a joke when Mia Mersion questioned the two of them about their actual relationship. While on duty together, they will often ride together; with Colombo repeatedly dissing Angel's driving capability and Angel calling him a boomer. Both of them are members of the PD KGB.

Colombo has forced Angel to attend multiple PD HR meetings as a result of her relationship with fellow police officer, Kyle Pred.

On April 21st, 2020, Angel assisted Colombo with the quest he gave Kyle Pred to approve his transfer back to the LSPD.

Colombo, alongside Stephen McClane and Angel, formed the "Silver Fox Gang", which is a group within the PD of highly skilled officers who all have white hair, be it dyed or natural.

Lauren Forcer

Angel was originally hostile towards Lauren Forcer after Forcer slept with Kyle Pred, but recently she has become more friendly towards her. While on duty together they enjoy flirting with each other, but whenever Forcer attempts to push it further than just flirting, Angel shuts her down and maintains that she's in a relationship with Pred.

On March 12th, 2020, Angel invited Forcer and Lance Malton over to her mansion to have a pizza party. The exact specifics of what happened during the pizza party remain a mystery.

On March 28th, 2020, following the funeral of Lyonel Winchester, Angel invited Forcer over to her mansion to have another pizza party.

Travis Tribble

Travis Tribble and Angel are in a forever "frenemy" relationship. Despite this, Tribble has shown to care about Angel, in his own special way.

After Angel was kidnapped by Bovice Wilkinson and was worried about possibly being killed, Tribble told her that she's not allowed to die to Bovice because if anyone's gonna kill her, it's gonna be Tribble.

San Andreas State Police[edit | edit source]

Jackie Snow

Jackie Snow and Angel are good friends and they enjoy patrolling together. They are also both members of the PD KGB. Snow attempts to keep Angel out of trouble, and worries about her when she talks about Bovice Wilkinson.

On May 18th, 2020, after Angel, Olivia Copper, Stephen McClane, and TJ Walker kidnapped Ramee El-Rahman and threw him off of a cliff, Snow urged both her and McClane to lawyer up and prepare for the worst as he didn't want to see her in prison.

Other[edit | edit source]

Bovice Wilkinson

Bovice Wilkinson and Angel have a manipulative, emotionally abusive relationship. As a result of Bovice hiring the Chang Gang to kidnap and bring Angel to him, Angel has shown signs of some sort of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Stockholm Syndrome. The two rarely interact but when they do Angel is oddly friendly towards him, despite what he's done to her. Angel even once considered sleeping with Bovice but decided against it as she did not want to cheat on her boyfriend, Kyle Pred. After Angel's kidnapping she initially showed fear towards Bovice, and froze up when he was brought up in conversation. But, after a couple of months, she's moved more into a sort of untreated Stockholm Syndrome relationship, with he claiming that Bovice is one of her friends and that he didn't do anything wrong to her. A few people have picked up on her possibly having Stockholm Syndrome, namely Rocko Colombo, but none have attempted to get her to see a therapist.

Jordan Steele

Before Jordan Steele was a cop, Angel was one of the few cops that routinely responded to his 911 calls.

Angel was one of the FTO's that trained Steele and tested his knowledge of SOPs during his final exam. She always questioned his abilities and warned him about his behavior. Despite her concerns, she often used Jordan to gather intel on gangs. Jordan respected her commitment to the job and often asked her for advice.

Angel reported Steele to Assistant Chief of Police Olivia Copper on the night that Deputy Lauren Forcer tased all the tires on his service vehicle, leading to him hitting her with aforementioned service vehicle.

After Steele was fired their relationship soured, with Steele acting more and more hostile towards her whenever she arrested him.

Lily Harte

During a test drive with Al Saab, Lily Harte was pulled over by Angel for speeding on the highway. Lily offered her phone number, which Angel took. After some flirting over text, and insulting her sister, Amara Harte, they agreed on an airfield date to test out her new car. Lily and Angel hit it off, with mutual innuendos thrown at one another, and the date ended up at Angel’s apartment.

They continued to flirt over text for the next couple of days and agreed to be together exclusively. After their second date, Angel opened up to Lily, saying that she may not come home some days, due to her job. Lily evasively told Angel that she was involved in criminal activities, but would be willing to be an informant, which Angel was reluctant in accepting. Afterwards, Lily turned in all of her criminal possessions to Officer Emily Reinhart, including class 2 weapons, drug, and bank cards, among other paraphernalia; effectively coming clean for Angel.

During a situation where an officer was taken hostage and shot, Lily unintentionally interrupted Angel during a phone call with the terrorist responsible. Angel let it slip that Lily was her girlfriend over the phone to the man, and was terrified she may have put Lily in danger doing so. Angel warned Lily to lay low from now on, as it was likely that she would be targeted as a result of their relationship.

Eventually, Lily stopped coming around the city, and Angel moved on.

Major Events[edit | edit source]

The KGB v Buck Stanton

Chapter One: "The Contract"

On June 9th, 2020, Angel was called down to Mission Row Police Department by Troopers Jackie Snow and Olivia Copper. After arriving at the MRPD carpool, Snow told her that the reason he called her down to MRPD is that the Distract Attorney, Larry Hallow, is going to be pressing charges against a Judge. Angel is immediately intrigued and hurries over to where Hallow and Copper are talking. Hallow tells the three of them to go on the Weazel News website on their phone and directs them towards an article that shows a contract between Judge Buck Stanton where he asks Eugene Zuckerberg and Kiki Chanel to assassinate Bovice Wilkinson for $300,000. Hallow informs the three of them to keep it close to themselves and that the investigation cannot be talked about publicly until he puts a case up against Stanton. Snow asks Hallow if they're only pressing charges against Stanton, and Hallow says that yes, he's only looking to press charges against Stanton as he doesn't believe anyone's acted on the contract. Hallow informs them that he needs one of the officers to interview Bovice and ask him if anyone's attempted to kill him. Copper informs that she saw Bovice a few days ago and that he seemed fine. The conversation briefly diverges to Copper talking about Ander Destolle but gets back on track shortly. Hallow says that he needs to make sure that nobody has attempted to kill Bovice before he thinks about pressing charges and that Benjamin Crane is assisting him with writing up subpoenas for everyone that signed the contract. Angel asks Hallow if they even really need to arrest Stanton and that it would be much easier for them to just to execute him for "treason". Hallow repeats that he needs them to question Bovice, and then he'll take it from there. He also repeats that he needs them to keep this investigation to themselves because accusing a Judge of corruption isn't something to be taken lightly and that he needs to get everything in order before it can become public. Hallow then lets them go and Angel, Copper, and Snow get back out on routine patrol.

Chapter Two: " "


The KGB v Ramee El-Rahman

Chapter One: "A Lover's Quarrel"

On May 18th, 2020, Angel alongside Stephen McClane, Olivia Copper, and Terrance "TJ" Walker kidnapped Ramee El-Rahman outside of the Fleeca Bank on Vespucci Avenue. After kidnapping Ramee, they take him to the lighthouse on Catfish View. While at the lighthouse McClane films a vlog while Copper prepares to run Ramee over with their cruiser. While McClane is filming the vlog Copper accelerates at Ramee and jumps out while the cruiser knocks him off the cliff.[29]

After hitting Ramee with the car, the four of them all run to Sandy Shores where they get intercepted by Vinny Pistone, Charles "Taco" Prince, Bobby Brown, and Ramee who then take McClane hostage and head to Paleto PD to sign him off duty. While driving to Paleto, McClane tries to explain to them that he didn't do anything, that it was all Copper's fault, and that Copper forced him to participate. At Paleto they sign him off duty and force him into a different car where they are found by Angel, Copper, and Walker. While getting chased by the PD they demand McClane put his phone with the vlog on it in the glove box, and he complies. After a minute or so of chasing McClane gets pushed out of the car by Ramee and Angel, Copper, and Walker pick him up. While driving back to PD McClane informs the others that they stole his phone.

Later that day, Ramee is contacted by Larry Hallow, the current acting Distract Attorney, and Larry tells him that he's looking into pressing charges against Angel, McClane, Copper, and Walker but he needs to talk to Ramee and Vinny before moving further.[30]

Chapter Two: "Aftermath"

On May 19th, 2020, Angel and Stephen McClane got called into the Captain's Office by the Undersheriff, Rocko Colombo, and Trooper Jackie Snow to discuss the events that transpired the day before. Colombo begins by asking who exactly knows what happened, and Angel explains to him that the report is literally public on the MTD. Snow says that he doesn't understand why Lauren Forcer put the report on the MDT, that she should've taken it to PD Command / High Command, and that this being public is not good for the PD's image. Colombo and Snow both agree that they need to suppress this info as much as possible. Angel and McClane both initially blame Judge John Bailey, and then say that it was just a lover's quarrel between Olivia Copper and Ramee El-Rahman. They tell Colombo that they were just present for it, but that Copper did everything. McClane explains that he just wanted to make a cool TikTok. Colombo explains that this is the whole KGB Prison Riot situation all over again, and asks for the report number. Angel explains to Colombo that Bailey told them to kidnap Ramee as a result of Ramee kidnapping and executing Bailey. Angel reiterates that this was all Copper's doing and that she personally had no involvement with what happened. Snow asks them what they're gonna do, and asks them if the Distract Attorney knows what happened. Angel and McClane both inform Snow that they've received emails from the Larry Hallow, the current Distract Attorney, wondering if the scenario was as serious as it sounded. McClane explains to Snow that the DA questioned how Ramee had gotten the video evidence, and says that Ramee got it by stealing McClane's phone after kidnapping him. Snow tells them that they need to lawyer up, just in case something happens. Snow says that Angel, McClane, and Copper are the last people the PD needs to be convicted and sent to prison. Angel and McClane both say that, if they do get charged and sent to prison, they'll run it and shank anyone that fucks with them. Colombo says that he's getting heavy prison feelings from this, and this looks like one of those scenarios that get out of control. Colombo asks them how Ramee is, and if he's dead yet. McClane explains to him that Ramee literally kidnapped him, so his injuries couldn't have been that bad. Angel says that even if they do get convicted, who's gonna dare take them to prison. Colombo says that he personally isn't going to punish any of them and that he's forwarded the video to the Chief of Police, Bobby Smith. Kyle Pred then tells Angel that his motto is "I'll just lie" and that she should give it a try. Angel says that she doesn't need to lie because she actually didn't do anything, Copper was the one who ran Ramee over and she just stood around while it happened. Snow says that the Department of Justice doesn't really care if she didn't do anything, and that they'll just throw her in on accessory charges. Angel reiterates that she doesn't care and that Bovice Wilkinson and her will run the prison. Snow says that he doesn't want any of them to get charged or arrested or anything.

"I quit." - Colombo, after learning the exact details of the KGB v Ramee El-Rahman.

Colombo says that if the DA presses charges against them, the PD is gonna leave them out to dry. After a couple more minutes of bickering, Angel, Pred, Colombo, and McClane head back out on routine patrol while Snow goes off-duty. Later that day, while attending a bench trial, Angel and McClane run into Larry Hallow who informs them that it's unlikely that Angel is in any trouble but that McClane might be. After hearing this Angel immediately tells McClane that he's on his own and runs away.

Chapter Three: "Charges"

On May 19th, 2020, Ramee El-Rahman officially filed his civil suit against Angel, Olivia Copper, and Stephen McClane.

On May 22nd, 2020, The Distract Attorneys Office officially filed charges against Olivia Copper and Stephen McClane, but not Brittany Angel or Terrance "TJ" Walker. At the time, Copper was facing Attempted Murder and Kidnapping, while McClane was facing Accessory to Attempted Murder and Kidnapping. Later that day, Copper and McClane both pled guilty to the charges and were sentenced to prison. While in prison McClane was stabbed and administered into the ICU while Copper befriended Bovice Wilkinson.

On May 31st, 2020, McClane emerged from the ICU and returned to active duty.

Chapter Four: "Court"

On June 3rd, 2020, the civil case between Ramee El-Rahman and the LSPD occurred. The defendants were Olivia Copper, Terrance "TJ" Walker, and for a short period of time, Angel. Copper was unable to find a lawyer prior to the case causing Solomon Seerson to step in and defend her. Ramee was represented by Benjamin Crane, and the Judge presiding was Wayne Ardson. The case went on for quite some time and ultimately ended with Ramee being awarded 250,000$ that wouldn't be paid for by the state, but by members of the LSPD. The $250,000 was given to Ramee in the form of "Code Ramee", which was a tab for Ramee or other members of the Chang Gang to use in lieu of paying their fines when arrested. Ultimately, Code Ramee was used up by June 9th, 2020, with Ramee barely getting anything out of it.

Angel Day

On April 21st, 2020, Angel was on routine patrol when she runs into Kyle Pred and Rocko Colombo, who force themselves into her car and begin riding with her. After riding around together and doing very little police work, Pred and Colombo decide that it's "Angel Day", and they dye their hair white and putting it up in a ponytail, get a light tan, and copy some of Angel's mannerisms. Eventually, the rest of the officers on duty (Matt Rhodes, Jackie Snow, Vladimir Raven, and Darrel McCormik) also get on board with Angel Day, with all of them dying their hair white as well. Sadly, Angel Day came to an abrupt end with Colombo and Raven putting Pred on a quest to transfer back to the LSPD and all the other officers going off-duty.

Misfits Investigation

As a result of members of the Vagos and the Leanbois robbing two PD Rifles from Trooper Tony Andrews and planting one of them on Misfits leader Outto-Tune Tyrone, the SPJTF launched an investigation into the Misfits with Angel leading the charge. Under her leadership, the SPJTF raided the Misfits a total of three times but never recovered the second PD Rifle as it was actually hidden in a stash house belonging to Mike Wadum.

One of Angel's tactics during the investigation was to leave unmarked PD vehicles laying around the southside, in an attempt to sow paranoia into them.

Richard Dark 51-50

On November 25th, 2019, Angel, alongside Kyle Pred, Matthew Espinoz, Kira Light, and Lance Malton were forced to 51-50 Richard Dark after he got kidnapped and drugged by Eugene Zuckerberg and Ellie Dono.

Dark was kidnapped by Eugene and Ellie in an attempt to delete a warrant that had been put out for Eugene's arrest. After being let go he was found at Mission Row Police Department wearing a dunce cap and was clearly drugged. When he was found the other officers on duty took a picture of the clothing that he was wearing, took him into the changing room and changed his clothing into something more comfortable, and then took him to Pillbox Medical Center to get the drugs out of his system. While attempting to clear his system, Dark pulled a knife on Light but eventually put it down and was cuffed. After much deliberating, Angel, Pred, Espinoz, and Malton all agreed that Dark needed to be 51-50'd, and sent to Parsons Rehabilitation Center to get the psychological help that he needed.[31]


Chapter One: "Hands in the Walls"

On September 21st, 2019, Angel decided to head to her Integrity Apartment to retrieve a watch that Avon Barksdale gave her. As she exits the apartment 3 masked individuals (Mr. Chang, Vinny Pistone, and Mario Le-Pipe) all wearing black pinstriped suits and demon masks get out a vehicle hold her up, handcuff her, and place her in the back seat of their car. While driving away Emily Reinhart noticed the abandoned PD Taurus outside of Integrity and calls out on radio a possible officer kidnapping. Reinhart, alongside other officers, attempts to follow Angel's tracker while the kidnappers take her to a parking lot off of Magellan Avenue where they have a helicopter piloted by another masked individual (Randy Bullet) waiting for them. One of the masked individuals (Mr. Chang) places her into the helicopter, gets in himself, and tells the pilot to take off while the other two (Vinny Pistone and Mario Le-Pipe) get back into their car and attempt to escape the police. Eventually, Vinny and Mario crash out on North Rockford Drive, are shot by the police and placed into custody. Meanwhile, Randy and Chang take Angel to Paleto and force her to sign off-duty. After forcing her off-duty Chang and Randy place her back into the helicopter, fly to the gas station on the easternmost side of Paleto, and steal a car. After stealing the car they drive to a clothing store off of Great Ocean Highway and force her to change into BoviceWorld apparel (White Top and Orange Pants). After dressing her up in BoviceWorld apparel they drive around for a few minutes while Chang and Randy attempt to contact Vinny and Mario. After deliberating for a couple of minutes of whether they should attempt to trade Angel for their two friends, Chang gets a call from Bovice Wilkinson and agrees to meet with him in 5 minutes. They then drive to an outcropping on the western coast just outside of Fort Zancudo, ping Bovice, and wait for him to arrive. While waiting for Bovice to arrive, Angel attempts to negotiate with her kidnappers to let her go and in return, she would give them PD Carbines, the kidnappers tell her they don't want PD Carbines they just want their friends back. Eventually, Bovice arrives and Chang and Randy go to talk to him leaving Angel alone in the car. After taking with Chang and Randy for a few minutes, Bovice eventually walks over to the car and greets Angel.

"You caught yourself an Angel, congrats." - Angel to Bovice.

Bovice tells Angel that he likes the clothes that Angel's wearing, and asks how they fit her. Bovice askes her if she's heard about the death of Nora Dupres, and says that "Nora Dupres deserved that shit". Meanwhile, Chang and Randy are attempting to negotiate with Kael Soze for the return of their friends. Bovice says that the clothes look good on her, and Angel attempts to compliment what Bovice is wearing but quickly gets shut down. Bovice asks what the criminals call Angel, she responds "The Silver Fox" and Bovice asks for another, she responds with "Big Booty Cop" and Bovice laughs and instructs her to try again, she responds with "Senior Cutie Officer Angle" and Bovice asks her if she's gonna keep on playing stupid and asks her, one final time, what's the name that the criminals call her out on the streets, Angel responds with two aliases, "The Angel of Death" and "Albino Cyborg". Bovice laughs and asks her to repeat the second one, Angel tells him that Grimoire Carolynn Hauttogs made it up and Bovice calls it stupid, Angel agrees with him that it's stupid. He asks her how she got the nickname "Angel of Death" to which she responds that she got it from always being there to assist her fellow officers, Bovice says that doesn't sound right and asks Angel to tell her a story about "Little Piggies trying to resist the power of BoviceWorld". Angel tells him she doesn't know that story and asks if it's recent, Bovice tells her it's an ongoing story and that it's been going on since Bovice was a child and it's about how "they" always resist. Angel asks who "they" are and Bovice points towards her and quietly says, "You". Angel exclaims that that's not true and that she was always nice to Bovice whenever she spoke to him in prison. Bovice asks Angel if he's supposed to feel sympathy for her just because she gave him sandwiches once, Angel says that he should and Bovice tells her that stabbed Kizzy Neveah for not bringing him cigarettes once, so maybe she's right. Bovice laughs and calls her funny. Bovice tells her that she doesn't know what it's like going through what he's been through, he asks her if she's ever been in a hole so long that the darkness starts talking to her, if she's ever been so fucked up on silence and hunger that your mind starts talking back to you, if she's ever been so deprived of everything that's needed to make a human, a human, and if she's ever had something that she loves taken away from her.

"You ever been in a hole so long that the darkness starts talking to you? You ever been so fucked up on silence and hunger that your mind starts talking back, even echos? You ever been so deprived of everything thats necessary for a human to feel human for a long period of time?" You ever have anything you love taken from you, Angel?" - Bovice to Angel.

She says that yes, she has had something that she loves taken away from her, causing Bovice to exclaim that this is good and that he wants to hear the story. Angel tells him that she doesn't want to tell him the story. As Bovice starts to talk he gets interrupted by Chang and Randy asking him if he's got an indoor location for them to go to, as they're worried that a helicopter might spot them. They agree to rendezvous at the airfield in Grapeseed. Chang and Randy ask Angel if they try to trade her for their friends if the PD will just let that happen, Angel says that it depends on who they try to trade with and that Soze will probably try something. Eventually, Angel overhears Soze on their radio talking about that if anything happens to Angel their friends will be going away for a long time, and that murder and maybe even terrorism carries a heavy sentence. Chang tells Soze that they're not gonna hurt Angel and that they just want their boys back. Soze leaves to speak with his other officers about the possible charges for Vinny and Mario. Chang asks Randy what he thinks about the deal, with both of them agreeing that it's a tough choice. Soze comes back on the radio and asks them if they were to trade Vinny and Mario for Angel, how it could work in a way that would ensure no officers would be placed into harm's way. Chang tells Soze that he doesn't want to hurt anyone, and asks Soze how he's supposed to get his boys back without the PD shooting him. Soze tells him that the only way he sees this working is if they do it in a public place. After arguing for a couple of minutes, Soze tells him that he's gonna talk to his officers and that he'll be back in a few minutes. They pull into the Grapeseed hanger and pull off to the side to discuss a more discrete location to move her. Bovice tells Chang and Randy that he has a house in the southside that he could take her too. After talking for a couple of minutes they agree to take her to that house, put a blindfold on her, gag her, put a bag on her head, and put her in the trunk of their car. Eventually, they arrive at the house, take Angel out of the trunk, and sneak her in through the front door. After entering the house, Chang gives her a radio to speak with Soze with and tells her to not say anything about where she is, who she's with, only tell him that she's not been hurt and is okay. They take the bag off her head and tell her the radio number. Angel tells Soze that she's alive and not been hurt. Bovice then takes back the radio, cuffs her again, and takes her into a room with a drain in the floor. Bovice tells Angel that the drain in the floor is for blood so that when he stabs people it's easier to clean up. Bovice asks Angel to tell him a happy story, something that she really holds dear, something that helps her move forward. Angel tells him one of the happiest moments of her life is when Chief of Police, Jack Ripley gave her her sergeant stripes. Bovice tells her that that was a boring story and asks for another story but first, he makes Angel smoke a joint comprised of Oxycontin, Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, and LSD. Angel smokes the joint in its entirety tells Bovice that he's "kinda cool" and that she's seeing things. Bovice then cuffs her again, and takes her back to the bedroom and shows her the hands in the wall. Bovice then puts on the skin of Smokey the Sasquatch and parades it around Angel. Bovice remarks that it's kinda itchy and tells Angel that she's gonna be the lucky one tonight, and remarks about his previous victims not being so lucky. Bovice tells Angel that BoviceWorld is a world where there is no judgment, and that Bovice is only where he is right now because judgment was passed that wasn't right. Bovice asks Angel how she feels about the Department of Justice, Angel immediately responds with "Fuck the DoJ" and calls them useless. Bovice tells him that he's beginning to see a pattern, and that Olivia Copper told him the exact same thing. Bovice then moves towards the mannequin with the sword and tells her that Bovice is gonna change the structure that the DoJ is built on, and makes Angel give him her phone number. Bovice tells Angel that she's gonna do a little work for him and that it's nothing that's gonna jeopardize her job as a police officer. Bovice tells her that for now, she's not gonna do anything, but when Bovice calls for information, she'd better give it to him or next time she's not gonna be kidnapped, she's just gonna be murdered. Bovice tells her to tell Copper that she's in the same situation that she is. Angel asks Bovice to give the radio that was signed by Hubcap Jones back to her, to which Bovice agrees and puts it in her pocket. Before letting her go, Bovice asks Angel what officers executed David Barker. Angel tells him that she doesn't know anything and that she can find out the information. Bovice then places a bag on her head, takes her outside, and places her inside Chang and Randy's car where they drive her to the marina off of Tackle Street, put a radio and phone in a random car, and drive up to the street and let her go. Angel then radios to Soze, pings him her location, and hides in a bush.

Chapter Two: "The Unwanted Raid"

After thirty or so seconds, Kael Soze and Conan Clarkson arrive at her location, pick her up, and drive her back to Mission Row Police Department. While driving back to MRPD Angel informs Soze and Clarkson that she could hear trains and rap music and that she talked to Bovice Wilkinson personally. When they arrive at MRPD, Angel tells Emily Reinhart, Dennis LaBarre, and Matt Rhodes that Bovice made her smoke weed, take oxy, and crack and that she saw the inside of Bovice's house, and tells them that Bovice has hands inside of the walls, and attempts to tell them about Bovice wearing someone's skin but is interrupted by LaBarre saying that he knows that house, and that it belongs to Eugene Zuckerberg. LaBarre tells them that he was allowed into Eugene's house with Ron Otterman and that he saw the hands in the walls, and flashing lights. Angel pleads that they don't go to the house, because if they do Bovice would kill her. While LaBarre continues to explain how he knows about the house Angel blurts out "#BoviceWorld" and immediately apologizes saying that she can't help it and that she's sorry. While Soze discusses raiding Vinny Pistone and Mario Le-Pipe, Angel still high on drugs, admires herself in the locker room mirror, and mumbles #BoviceWorld to herself. Matt Rhodes asks Angel if she's okay, and takes a picture of her outfit. Angel then goes into the MRPD briefing room where Soze, Clarkson, and LaBarre are discussing raiding Eugene's property in an attempt to find Bovice, Angel asks whats going on and Soze tells her to stay here and wait for medical to arrive. Angel briefly has a mental breakdown where she talks to voices in her head and claims that she's just a puppet, that she doesn't really want to kill people, and that she's being forced too. As Angel is walking around MRPD Reinhart informs her that she can't get on duty, and orders Rhodes to lock her in. After getting locked in Angel desperately searches for a way out, but fails to find one. Angel then runs to the door and screams that she doesn't want to be here anymore, and Lauren Forcer unlocks the door letting her out. As she stands in the MRPD lobby Angel exclaims to herself that she's dead and then runs to the MRPD parking lot and gets into her car, and attempts to exit the lot but the gate is locked. She then runs back into MRPD and calls for Forcer at the door, and tells her that she needs to stop them and that they're gonna kill her. Angel then hides in the briefing room claiming that it's BoviceWorld and that he's gonna kill her, Forcer hugs her and tells her that they're not gonna let him kill her. Angel whispers to herself that she's sorry, and that she didn't know that the PD was gonna raid Bovice's house when she told them about it. While in the briefing room Angel overhears Thomas Metzger and Michael Dias talking and asks them for help. Metzger and Dias both say hello to her, and Angel repeats that she needs help. Metzger asks what happened to her and Angel tells him that Bovice got her, that she got locked in here, and that Bovice is coming for her and that he needs to stop him. Angel then tells them that she got kidnapped and got taken to Bovice's house and he made her smoke drugs, then blurts out #BoviceWorld. Metzger asks Angel to stop talking about BoviceWorld and Angel claims that she can't and that she got brainwashed. Metzger asks Angel how Bovice brainwashed her and Angel tells him that he made her smoke drugs, and spoke to her, and showed her a wall full of hands. Angel says that she thinks this is a test and that she's still inside of Bovice's house and asks if she's supposed to kill them. Metzger and Dias tell her that it's not a test and that she's at MRPD and asks her if she's still drugged. Angel tells them that she's still drugged and that he made her smoke a joint with crack, cocaine, weed, and LSD in it. Metzger asks Angel if she wants to talk to a doctor, she responds that she wants them to stop raiding Bovice's house because they're going to kill her if they do. Metzger and Dias both respond that they can't stop the raid and Dias tells that she's Angel and nothing can kill her. Angel tells him that the only reason they didn't kill her is because Bovice wants her to work for him and if she doesn't he's gonna kill her. Dias tells Angel that nobody's gonna kill her because he's not gonna let them. Angel tells him that she got kidnapped in front of five cops who didn't do anything so how can she trust him when he says that he's not gonna let Bovice kill her. Angel then gets a call from Bovice and Angel pleads to him that she tried to stop before he hangs up on her. After getting hung up Angel starts screaming that she's dead and hides in the briefing room. Soze then asks Angel to describe what the hands look like in the house, and Angel tells him that there were two walls of hands and that look like plastic. Soze then tells Angel that she needs to come with him if they want Bovice to be taken down, and if Angel can confirm that it's the same house they can search it. They then take Angel via Air-1 to Covenant Avenue and lead her into the house where she confirms that this is the house she was kept in. Soze then clears the house and searches it for any illegal items, where he finds a large stash of I.Ds including an I.D from Kyle Pred and multiple I.Ds from Bovice. Soze asks Angel if she's good and they leave the house. Angel says that she's not happy about the raid and LaBarre tells her that she's going to be okay and that they had to do it. Angel tells him that they didn't have to do it, that they didn't get anything out of it, and now Bovice wants to kill Angel. Angel tells LeBarre that Bovice is paying groups to kidnap people and that he confessed to stabbing Kizzy Neveah, Olivia Copper, and Nora Dupres. LeBarre tells Angel that the owner of the house is fucked and that they're gonna charged with everything Bovice did. Angel asks LaBarre if he has any crack or cocaine, LeBarre responds with no and asks her to get a hold of herself. Shots are then fired and Angel requests to get the fuck out of there and attempts to hide in a bush. LeBarre asks Angel if she's received any medical treatment and Angel tells him that she didn't and that she's "high as fuck". Reinhart then escorts her over to cover and tells her that she's going to be alright. Reinhart requests that Angel look at her and take deep breaths, Angel complies and then gets taken into a car with Metzger and gets escorted the Pillbox Medical Center.

Chapter Three: "103°"

As Angel gets escorted in by Thomas Metzger and Choi Zhangsun, Metzger informs Choi Zhangsun that Angel was forced to take cocaine, crack, weed, oxy, and LSD. Choi asks Angel if she feels hot right now and Angel responds that she does. Choi places Angel into a bed and attempts to put a blanket on her bud her head pops leaving Angel alone in the hospital. Dennis LaBarre runs in and asks Angel if she's okay and requests that she get back in the bed. Angel complies and LaBarre covers Angel in a warm blanket and tucks her in. Eventually, Torah Andrews arrives and LaBarre informs her of what happened to Angel. Before being treated Angel requests that LeBarre stays. Torah asks Angel if she recalls how much exactly of each drug she took and Angel responds with that he just rolled a joint with all the drugs in it about the size of her thumb. Torah tells Angel that this is going to be very unpleasant, that they're going to have to put a tube in, pump-out her stomach, and put her on a ton of fluids. Torah hooks Angel up to an IV and inserts a tube into her throat. Torah then turns on a machine that will pump through a charcoal mixture that will help clear out Angel's stomach. As the machine works Torah checks Angel's vitals and notes a rapid pulse, fast breathing, and an internal temperature of 103° Fahrenheit. After a minute or so Torah removes the tube from Angel's throat as Choi arrives. Choi put icepacks under Angel's armpits and on her groin in an attempt to cool her down. After a couple of minutes, Angel's temperature starts to normalize and Angel asks where she is, Choi tells her she's at the hospital and that she' going to be fine. Kael Soze walks over and repeats what Choi said, and tells Angel that Kyle Pred was really worried about Angel.[32] After around 5 minutes of everyone in the hospital bullying Choi for her relationship with Uchiha Jones, Choi requests that everyone shut up so that she can focus on giving Angel medical treatment. Choi attaches a new bag of fluids and tells Angel that the only thing they can do is wait and that nobody is going to hurt her again, Angel tells everyone that the next time someone tries to take her hostage she's just gonna die right there. After thinking that they're going to 51-50 her, Angel attempts to flee from the hospital before being stopped at the lower entrance and escorted back into a hospital bed by John Archer. Soze asks Angel to look at him and holds her hand before handcuffing her to the bed with Angel screaming that she doesn't want to get 51-50'd. Choi asks Angel what happened and Angel tells her that she went into her apartment to get a watch that Avon got her, and when she walked outside 4 masked individuals kidnapped her. Choi asks Angel if she recognized any of them and Angel responds that she didn't. The rest of the PD except for Archer go back out on active duty. Angel tells Archer of what happened and that Bovice Wilkinson wants Angel to help him take down the Department of Justice. After a couple of minutes of Archer and Angel talking, Choi walks over and administers some anti-psychotics. Angel attempts to get out of the bed but is still cuffed to the bed and is instructed by Choi to lay back down. Suddenly, shots are fired inside of the hospital after someone attempts to attack Archer leading to Angel attempting to hide underneath her bed. After around five minutes of silence, both Archer and Emily Reinhart were admitted into the hospital after getting hit on the back of the head with a blunt object. Eventually, Lauren Forcer comes into the back and Angel asks what happened to her and requests that she uncuff her, Forcer replies that she can't and that she got jumped outside of the hospital. Angel then receives a text from Arthur Hammond asking if she's okay. Soze then arrives and Angel asks him to uncuff her, Soze tells her that nothing is gonna happen to her and that she's safe. Angel requests that Soze escort her back to her apartment so that she can watch Netflix and head to bed, to which he agrees to and, alongside Matthew Espinoz, and Maverick Shaw, escort Angel to her apartment at Integrity. At her apartment, Angel whispers into the mirror #BoviceWorld before heading to bed.

Chapter Four: "Trauma"

On September 23rd, 2019, Angel was in Vinewood PD when she approached Rocko Colombo and asked him if he had heard what happened to her two nights earlier, and requested that she file an official statement about it with him. Colombo agreed to take her statement and, while they were walking to an official interrogation room, Angel mentioned that she didn't want this to be bigger than it already was and that she's disappointed that the Department of Justice raided Bovice Wilkinson's home when they did. She tells Colombo that Bovice called her telling her she was dead around a minute after his home was raided. Colombo tells Angel that she's not allowed to ride alone at the moment, and tells her to head downstairs before continuing. After entering the interrogation room and getting comfortable, Colombo asks Angel to tell him exactly what happened to her on September 21st, 2019. Angel explains that she was on the way to her apartment to grab a watch that she had gotten from Avon Barksdale when, while she was exiting her apartment, she was grabbed by four masked men waiting for her with Class 2 weaponry pointed at her face. Angel tells him that Emily Reinhart noticed that she was kidnapped and followed them down to the Vespucci Pier where they had a helicopter waiting for them and that Angel was put into the helicopter and doesn't really know what happened to the other officers after that. Angel tells him that she was flown up to Paleto where she had her tracker removed, and then moved to a clothing store off of Great Ocean Highway where she was forced to change into a white top and orange pants, otherwise known as "Bovice World" fashion. And, after getting her changed, she was taken to Bovice. Colombo asks Angel how many suspects took her and what they looked like. Angel tells him that there were four total with two of them being caught and that they were wearing a pinstripe suit with devil masks. Angel tells him that they kept claiming to be affiliated with different groups and that they'd constantly switched accents. Angel tells him that the beach off of Zancudo Military Base was where she was taken to when she talked to Bovice. Angel tells him that she and Bovice talked a lot, and that he questioned her on how she got the "Angel of Death" nickname and appreciated how she also disliked the Department of Justice. Angel then tells Colombo that she was put back into the car and was transported to the Grapeseed Airfield where she was blindfolded, gagged, and handcuffed before being put back into the vehicle and transported to a house on Covenant Avenue belonging to Eugene Zuckerberg. Angel tells him that she didn't initially know where she was, but she heard rap music and what she thought to be a train while in the house. Angel tells him that as soon as she was put into the house she was unmasked, ungagged, and ordered to radio to Kael Soze that she was okay. Angel then tells him that the remaining two that were helping Bovice left leaving her alone in the house with him. Colombo asks Angel to repeat what happened after she radioed to Soze and Angel tells him that the other officers had caught Vinny Pistone and Mario Le-Pipe and that the other two masked individuals wanted to trade her for them. Angel explains that there were human hands in the walls, and a statue holding a sword, and the skin of Smokey the Sasquatch. Colombo asks her to repeat that and asks her who was wearing who's skin. Angel explains to him that Bovice has skinned them and was wearing their skin. Angel then tells him that Bovice took her to his kitchen where he had a torture room with a bone saw on the table, a drain in the floor, and places to handcuff people to the walls. Angel then explains that Bovice made her do a large number of narcotics including Crack Cocaine, Cocaine, LSD, Marijuana, and others. Angel says that she doesn't really remember a lot after that, and briefly remembers Bovice talking to her about the DOJ, and Bovice telling Angel to talk to Olivia Copper and explain that she's in the same boat as her. Angel then tells Colombo that she was blindfolded again and dropped off at the marina where she was picked up by Kael Soze. Angel tells Colombo that she was locked in MRPD, and that the other officers didn't help her get changed or give her medical attention. Angel reiterates to Colombo that she asked the other officers not to raid Bovice, but they still went ahead and did it. Angel tells him that, after around an hour, she was finally taken to Pillbox Medical Center where she was cuffed to a bed and given medical attention. As Angel is crying and saying that she's gonna die because they raided Bovice, Colombo walks around the desk and gives her a hug telling her that she's gonna be fine, that he's gonna be there with her, and that they're gonna catch Bovice. Angel tells him that she sent texted Bovice telling him that it wasn't her fault and that she tried to stop the raid. Colombo tells her that she's never going to go through that again and that he's gonna personally make sure it never happens. Colombo then reads through his notes to Angel to make sure that they're accurate, and Angel tells him that Bovice wants her to tell him which officers executed David Barker. Colombo tells Angel that Bovice doesn't have anything over her. Angel tells him that that's not true and that she was ambushed outside of her apartment by 4 masked individuals with military-level precision and taken hostage. Angel tells him that is was like something out a movie, and that Bovice is more connected than they thought. Colombo asks Angel if she's okay with patrol duty at the moment, leading to Angel telling him that she doesn't have anything else in her life at the moment. Colombo repeats that she's not going to get taken again, that she's gonna be with a ridealong at all times, and that he doesn't expect her to forget or pretend what happened to her didn't happen. But, he needs her to not tell Bovice anything about who executed Barker.

"I'm not expecting you to forget or pretend like everything's fine. But, I understand it's difficult... but I need you NOT to relay any information to Bovice whatsoever. I understand that he's incredibly scary, and that he's incredibly well connected. But if that information comes out, there's gonna be more officers lives that I need to worry about. And right now I can only shoulder so much." - Colombo to Angel.

Angel agrees not to tell Bovice anything and Colombo tells her that he's gonna relay all this information to CID. Colombo repeats to her that she is not to ride alone until they have confirmation that she is no longer a target. Colombo asks Angel if she has anyone in her life that she can talk to about this, and Angel tells him that she doesn't and that, even if she did, nobody would understand her. Colombo tells her that nobody is ever going to understand what she went through without going through it themself, but talking to someone she trusts could help her feel normal again. Angel tells him that the only other person she wants to talk to about this is Copper because she went through the exact same thing. Colombo then asks her if Kyle Pred would be someone she could talk to about this, and Angel responds that they just have sex and, even though it helps take her mind off of things, he doesn't really care about her emotions. Colombo then asks her if she's ready to go, to which Angel says that she is, and the two of them head back on routine patrol.

Chapter Five: "Last Chance"

On September 23rd, 2019, Angel received a call from Bovice Wilkinson. During the call, Bovice told her that her time was up, that she failed, and that she was gonna enter BoviceWorld soon.[33] A couple of hours later, Bovice calls her again, telling her that there's a body in the middle of the cul-de-sac on Grove St. and if she wants to get out of this cleanly, she had to recover the body. Angel attempts to convince the other officers that if they don't go down there and retrieve the body, she's dead. After a lot of bickering, and Angel attempting to run out and do it herself leading to her fellow officers detaining her, they all head down to Grove St. Firstly, two officers in Air-1 attempt to scout out the area of any possible ambush. After scouting the area out, Air-1 deems that there is no ambush, and instructs Angel to get on top of the Mega Mall roof for overwatch. Unbeknownst to the officers, Siz Fulker and Curtis Swoleroid are located on top of the Mega Mall and, as Angel climbs the ladder, Siz notices her and shoots her until she's incapacitated.[34] As shots continue to rain with the other officers going down as well, Matthew Espinoz hides Angel in a bush promising to her that Bovice won't get her.[35] The firefight continues for a few more minutes with all officers getting downed but Angel getting extracted to Pillbox Medical Center by Abdul AlRahim. While receiving medical attention, Angel flatlines leading to the current doctors on duty, Serge Cross and Andrew Ducksworth, agreeing to cauterize her wounds as she's losing too much blood. Eventually they manage to stop the bleeding, but Angel is placed into the ICU.

Chapter Six: "What's Your Happiest Memory?"

On September 24th, 2019, following the shooting that happened the day earlier, Angel awoke from the ICU greeted by Jackie Snow and Emma Dupont. Snow and Dupont inform Angel that she is not to be on duty until a physical evaluation is performed on her by a doctor. Angel begrudgingly agrees to take a physical evaluation, and the trio heads to Pillbox Medical Center to see what doctors are around. As they arrive at Pillbox, they spot Andrew Ducksworth and they head to the upper ward of the hospital to have a more private discussion. Upon reaching the therapist's office, Ducky asks them what he can do for them. Snow explains to him that Angel just came out of the ICU, and before letting her go on duty she needs to do a full evaluation. Angel says that this isn't necessary and that she feels great. Ducky asks Angel a couple of questions regarding her physical health, namely her breathing and heart rate. Angel informs Ducky that her heart is racing, but that's how it's been typical for the last couple of days. After a couple more tests, Ducky clears Angel physically for active duty but advises her to wear a kevlar vest well on duty to prevent further damage. Ducky also extends Angel's prescription for painkillers that Doctor Choi Zhangsun gave her earlier. Ducky then asks if there's anything else he can help with, with Snow pulling him away to have a conversation just between the two of them. In private, Snow tells Ducky that he doesn't think Angel is ready to go on duty and that she's been exhibiting odd behavior while on duty. Ducky agrees with Snow that a mental evaluation would help her and says that Leon Marks would be able to do it. An hour or so later, Snow approaches Ducky again telling him that he's worried that Angel might be suffering from some sort of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and that she asked a fellow officer to give her crack earlier. Snow tells him that he doesn't believe Angel should be on duty, and that Ducky is one of the few doctors that Angel actually talks to. Ducky says that in lieu of an actual therapist he should be able to have a talk with her. Snow explains to Ducky what Bovice Wilkinson did to Angel, namely him possibly brainwashing her and forcing her to take drugs. Ducky then heads up to his office with Snow, where Angel and Dupont are waiting. Snow tells Angel that he's spoken to Ducky about his concerns regarding her mental health, and that Ducky his going to have a therapy session with her. Dupont stays with Angel as Snow heads back on routine patrol. The first thing Angel asks Ducky is if he thinks she's crazy. Ducky says that no, he knows that Angel's been through a lot and needs assistance working through them. Angel explains to Ducky that she can't stop thinking about BoviceWorld, that doesn't know what Bovice did to her but he knows he did something. Angel continues by saying that nobody in the PD listens to her because they think she's crazy. She's been trying to worth through her problems, but nobody is trying to help her. She explains she's frustrated, and that she feels like she's being treated like a criminal. Ducky tells her that Snow and Dupont are trying to help her and that he imagines other officers want nothing more than to see her get back to her usual self. Angel explains to him that it feels like, to her, that nobody really cares. And that everybody just expects her to be without fear, able to take down the bad guy without any thought. Ducky explains to her that it's okay to feel that way and that it's OK to not be OK. Ducky tells her that, at the end of the day, she is still human and that its natural to be scared. While attempting to hide her tears, Angel admits that she's struggled with that issue for a long time. Ducky tells Angel that he's proud of her and that this is the first real step to recovery. Ducky then explains to Angel that this is a long process and that there's no magic wand that he can wave to magically remove the trauma she went through. Angel tells Ducky about a dream she had where Bovice's plans were successful. She tells him that Bovice was sitting on a throne, and Angel was tied in chains next to him. Angel tells Ducky that she's afraid of being used by Bovice to hurt people.

"I think I saw BoviceWorld." - Angel, to Ducky.

Angel continues by saying she doesn't know how to stop Bovice, that nobody is taking her seriously, and that she's afraid of being called insane by her fellow officers. Ducky tells her that this isn't something she can face alone and that there are people around her that care about her that want to see her get better. Angel then tells Ducky that Bovice already got Olivia Copper and Ziggy Buggs, so what's stopping him from getting her. Ducky reassures Angel that they are going to catch Bovice, and that it's only a matter of time. Angel states that Bovice has been on the run for eight months, and they're no closer to catching him now than when he initially escaped. Ducky says that, for the time being, the main focus should be helping Angel with her mental health. And that if they can't get Angel back to being in control of her thoughts, then no amount of effort to take down Bovice is going to succeed. Angel tells Ducky that Bovice is manipulating her into hurting her fellow officers and that she doesn't want to cave in to those demands. Ducky then asks Angel what her happiest memory is. Angel thinks for a minute before saying that most of her memories of really stressful ones, but finally thinks of one.

"I mean, one of my happiest memories was when I unloaded a shotgun into Randy Bullet's back. I know that sounds fucked up, but I really enjoyed that." - Angel, when questioned on her happiest memory.[36]

Angel tells Ducky about a childhood memory that she holds dear to her heart. She tells him that, as a child, she watched COPS. And that her mother didn't approve of her watching the show. But, that she was still supportive and told her that if she enjoyed it, that she'd be supportive of that dream. Angel tells Ducky that she often thinks about this memory when she thinks about her career as a police officer. Ducky says that, while it might be a little cliche, a parent's approval is very powerful. And tells her to think about that memory whenever she thinks she's losing control. Ducky repeats that recovery isn't going to happen overnight, but that he is there for her. Ducky then says that she's clear to head back on duty.

Chapter Seven: "Adrienne"

On October 8th, 2019,

The Death of Curtis Davis the Third

Chapter One: "Curtis"

On August 27th, 2019, Curtis Davis III, Emmanuel Biggs, and Damian Frost attempted to rob The Vault, which is a bank in the middle of Vinewood. While robbing the bank there was a confusion between Curtis and Angel, who was the negotiating officer, on whether or not the hostage was a real hostage. To prove to Angel that the hostage's life was actually in danger, Curtis fired shots within the bank towards the hostage. After hearing the shots fired by Curtis, Angel called for a breach of the bank. Angel alongside Stephen McClane, Rocko Colombo, AJ Hunter, and Thomas Metzger then breached the bank and successfully incapacitated the robbers.[37] Curtis later passed away from his injuries in Pillbox Medical Center.[38] After learning that Curtis passed away, Emmanual Biggs attempted to shoot Angel down in the hospital and, before being shot down himself, shot Angel in the lung.[39]

Chapter Two: "Frost"

On August 28th, 2019, Damian Frost and Emmanuel Biggs took Angel hostage outside of Mission Row Police Department.[40] The officers on scene and Big E attempted to negotiate for free passage and in exchange, they would let Angel go unharmed. Big E agreed to the negotiations and ordered Frost to let Angel go. Frost disagreed with the negotiations and, even though Big E pleaded with him to let her go and get in the car, shot her in the back multiple times before being incapacitated.[41]

"She shot Curtis, man. She shot Curtis..." - Frost, before shooting Angel

Frost later passed away from his injuries.[42]

Momentous Dates within the PD[edit | edit source]

Ranking Note Date
Cadet Hired - Badge #C-57. November

18th, 2018

Officer Promoted - Badge #457.[43] December

30th, 2018

Senior Officer Promoted. April

20th, 2019

Senior Officer Air Certified. May

12th, 2019

Corporal Promoted by the Chief of Police, Jackie Snow; FTO Certified.[44] May

22nd, 2019

Senior Officer 2019 PD Restructure. May

27th, 2019

Senior Officer Became a Flight Instructor.[45] May

30th, 2019

Sergeant Promoted by the Chief of Police, Jack Ripley; Command.[46] May

31st, 2019

Senior Officer Demoted. June

23rd, 2019

Senior Officer SWAT Certified. July

9th, 2019

Senior Officer K9 Certified.[47] September

16th, 2019

Senior Officer Invited into the SPJTF. October

16th, 2019

Sergeant Shift Supervisor; 2019 PD Ranking Restructure.[48] October

20th, 2019

Sergeant Command; 2020 PD Ranking Restructure. January

13th, 2020

Sergeant Appointed as a Captain for the Joint Task Force. February

21st, 2020

Sergeant Interceptor Certified. May

2nd, 2020

Mementos[edit | edit source]

Item Note Status
A PD AR A PD AR with a special stat-tracking module. Broken; stored in her house
An Umbrella Stolen from her by Curtis Swoleroid. Unknown
A Rolex Watch Given to her by Avon Barksdale. In her Integrity Apartment
A Radio A PD issued radio signed by Hubcap Jones. Unknown
A Bouquet of Flowers The first bouquet of flowers she received, given to her by Kyle Pred on September 8th, 2019.[49] Unknown
A Knife A knife that's been used to stabbed Kyle Pred, Stephen McClane, Jordan Steele, and others. Lost
A Log Given to her by Eugene Zuckerberg. In her Integrity Apartment
A Ring Given to her by Kyle Pred on December 26th, 2019, to symbolize them getting "engaged-to-be-engaged". In her Integrity Apartment
A Rose Given to her by Kyle Pred on February 9th, 2020. In her Integrity Apartment
A Tuner Chip Sold to her by Tommy Cruizer.[50] Broken
A Pair of AK47 Earrings Given to her by Olga Sazkaljovich. Unknown
A Bouquet of fake Flowers Given to her by Kyle Pred on May 14th, 2020. On her person

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Nailed It!"
  • ”Waddup Pimp!”
  • "Hellor!"
  • "PRED!!!" - usually said after Kyle Pred does something stupid.
  • "hup."
  • "No, you."
  • "Son of a BITCH!"
  • "Excuse me?"
  • "#BoviceWorld"
  • "TORETTI!!!" - usually said after Domenic Toretti does something stupid.
  • "Maybe I can spin around on that dick later, you know what I'm saying?" - to Kyle Pred.[51]
  • "I suck dick for breakfast." - to Claire Seducer.
  • "He talks about his pullout game, he says it's the best in the business but it's terrible, I always gotta clean up every single time!" - about Kyle Pred.[52]
  • "Have you ever sat on the face of a Los Santos Police Department Sergeant before?"
  • "You have a really soft and sultry, uh, voice, ya know I wish. I wish I could just record it and put it on a subwoofer and sit on that." - to Kyle Pred.[53]
  • "I'm not a zoomer!!"
  • "You can stick your meat in my taco." - to Kyle Pred.[54]
  • "Fuck the DoJ!!"
  • "It's concealed so we can have raunchy sex in the middle of night and our neighbours won't even know." - to Kyle Pred about their backyard.[55]
  • "I gottem!!" - Angel, after getting 'em.
  • "Dispatch, 47 10-41."
  • "I'm going to cover you in meringue and lick it all up." - to Kyle Pred.[56]
  • "... you know what, Rhodes? In the middle of the heat of that intense battle, ya know. I was looking over my steering wheel and I saw this supercar coming towards you guys, and you know what I did? I slammed my foot down on the gas pedal and I accelerated towards it and I rammed my vehicle into the side of it! I was stunned, there was glass shooting all over the cabin of the car, and do you know what I heard faintly in the distance as the car flew away? 'Wow oh my god, really?' It was crazy man!" - to Matt Rhodes, after a shootout.[57]
  • "Bro, please."
  • "Bro!!!"
  • "You're going to stay with me, you hear me? You're going to fucking stay with me! We're going to stay together forever, forever and ever and ever. We're going to get happily married and we're going to have a big family, you can't run away from me, okay? You don't get a choice in the matter!" - to Kyle Pred.[58]
  • "Fuck Francis, that stupid little chicken bucket midget."[59]
  • "I want to get a sausage pizza and I want to cut a hole in it and stick your dick through the box." - to Kyle Pred.[60]
  • "Yo bros I'm fricking moist right now, let's go, bitch!!!"
  • "Yeah we get it, you want to suck his dick but I already got my mouth around that cock, bitch!" - to Hilda Bulking after she hit on Kyle Pred.[61]
  • "Every time I close my legs and pull em-- pull em apart it's like-- it's like goddamn glue!!!" - to Domenic Toretti.[62]
  • "He's an alpha male, you know? He's like the kind of guy where he's like, "come here baby" and then like, he pins you up against the wall because he's just like such a- he just knows what you like, you know what I mean? Like he's just like on that shit, you know what I'm saying?" - about Kyle Pred.[63]
  • "Oh my god, Pred..." - usually said after Kyle Pred says or does something incredibly stupid.
  • "I swear to god I'm going to shove this knife in your fucking dickhole." - to Kyle Pred.[64]
  • "Yeah, I swallow all the time." - to Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana.[65]
  • "Your sidepiece is fucking all sorts of people, you can't even- you can't even get a quality girl!" - to Kyle Pred about Bree Matthews.[66]
  • "bleh."
  • "Pred you're the love of my life, I would never try to kill you." - to Kyle Pred, after pushing him off of a roof.
  • "SEND IT!!!!"
  • "Pull over, you slut."
  • "... so you can-- you can then hang me from the ceiling by hooks and then fuck me." - to Kyle Pred.[67]
  • "Fiona run, you stupid bitch!!!" - to Fiona Stewart.[68]
  • "Have you ever wondered what human tastes like?"
  • "Dude, bro, dude."
  • "Dude."
  • "Tell 'em to suck my fat clit." - to Matthew Espinoz.[69]
  • "What's the tallest building in the world? It's the library because it has the most stories!"[70]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Is the Queen of UWU.
  • Drift Queen.
  • Succs Pizza.[71]
  • Likes Hammers.
  • Dislikes Kneecaps.
  • Was once investigated by High Command for corruption after Dequarius Johnson claimed that she was selling weapons out of the PD evidence locker.
  • CEO of Hostage Killer Records.
  • Has a StatTrak™ Comfort/Emotional Support AR.
  • Criminals call her the "Angel of Death"
  • Once got zapped right between the eyes by Sven Snusberg.[72]
  • Was scolded by a judge in court [73] after shooting Randy Bullet in the back with a shotgun, as he attempted to run away in handcuffs.[74]
  • Often requested to "fuck off" by the weak (specifically during hostage negotiations) due to her skills in driving and aiming.
  • Actively Nailing It.
  • Was once thrown off of a building by Tyrone Biggums.[75]
  • Her K9 Partner's name is Ghost.
  • Owns a 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S that was bought for her to use in street racing investigations.
  • Once sat inside of a bush for 8 hours while staking out a suspected stash house.
  • Has a custom nameplate for her LSPD issued long sleeve uniform.
  • Has a slanderous article written about her by Wilhelmina Copperpot.[76]
  • Had a knife that has stabbed Kyle Pred, Jordan Steele, and Stephen McClane.[77] [78] [7] [79] [20] She has since then lost the knife during a shootout.
  • Can often be seen driving her LSPD issued Ford Taurus without a lightbar.
  • Angel has a tendency to adopt the cadets that she trains.
  • Was once authorized by Kael Soze to dual wield 7.62 rifles.
  • Angel dislikes the Department of Justice.
  • Angel has a large number of lewd quotes said by her on Fenton's electronic collar.
  • Hates her neighbor, Becky Karen.
  • Enjoys using "The Bonesaw" on Kyle Pred.
  • Has been forced to attend (4) PD HR meetings as a result of her relationship with Officer Kyle Pred.
  • Is definitely not planning to overthrow the DoJ.
  • Is definitely not a member of the PD KGB.
  • Was once left in the snow for 30+ minutes after a shootout.
  • Once gave herself strike points for "ramming a stupid cunt".
  • Her call-sign while piloting Air-1 is "Valkyre-1"
  • Once played Call of Duty: Warzone with Kyle Pred and Tony Corleone.
  • Is the legal owner of Kyle Pred.[80]

Highlights[edit | edit source]

Combat Highlights[edit | edit source]

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Misc. Media[edit | edit source]

"Angel of Death" by Bryce Miller.


Angel Of Death - Bryce Miller

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