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Brittany Angel is a character role-played by KylieBitkin.

General Description

Brittany Angel is a Captain for the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office, supervisor of the Personnel and Training Division, owner of PD Tow (Angelic Towing), and head of the Street Racing Unit. Badge #300.

Physical Description

Angel is a 31 -year-old Caucasian female with white hair and blue eyes. Her white hair is nearly always pulled into a ponytail, although she will occasionally put her hair up in a bun or let her hair down. While some assume that her white hair is either dyed or caused by some sort of stressful event, the hair color is actually a result of a genetic deficiency that caused her hair to turn gray and lose color by mid-adolescence.


Angel speaks in a Liberty City accent, her accent has however gotten a little less harsh with the time she spent in Los Santos. She is an overall cheerful and happy person that is mainly just trying to make a difference in the city, however she can sometimes come off as mean or insulting due to her blunt nature and no holds barred attitude, this same attitude makes her one of the most effective and feared law enfforcement officers in the city who is not afraid to do what is necessary to get results and always follows through on her promises.

She aspired to rise through the ranks of the police department in hopes of one day attaining the position of being able to lead shift operations. Outside of rising through the ranks, she has high hopes of one day being in charge of either leading the Training and Recruitments Office or the Traffic Enforcement Division within the police department all of which she has now achieved by becoming a Captain of the BCSO, lead of P&T and lead of the SRU.

Background Information

Angel has two biological sisters, Antigone West is her twin sister, and Claire Everly is their younger sister, all three of the sisters were put up for adoption at a young age with Angel and West being sent away to a separate family from Claire. Angel and West grew up together in the Liberty City, and because the two sisters spent their childhood growing up together, Angel had developed a much closer bond with West than she did with Claire.

Claire was eventually reunited with Angel and West when she was in her teens, but Angel felt like Claire didn't fit in with them at all as she felt that Claire never made a real effort of forming a true sisterly bond with them after their reunion. After a few years, Claire eventually moved away to pursue a career of becoming a police officer in a different city, leaving Angel behind with a feeling of abandonment.

As an adult, Angel joined the Liberty City Police Department where she worked as a police officer in the Algonquin district. While she enjoyed her years working for the LCPD, she eventually decided to move to Los Santos after she heard that Los Santos was not only paying better, it was generally a much quieter city with much lower crime rates.

Angel has now been working as a police officer within the city of Los Santos for a few years, and Los Santos was indeed the true crime-free city that she had always dreamed off, a city where she was able to sit back and enjoy her easy-going, cushy job of patrolling the streets and handing out traffic tickets.

She eventually ended up with a relationship with Kyle Pred, and after they had been dating for a while, Pred decided to quit his job as a homicide detective in Maryland, and move to Los Santos so he could be with Angel. The couple used to live together in Angel's studio apartment, but they now live together on Procopio Drive #8 in Paleto Bay

Angel house.png


Romantic Relationships

Kyle Pred - Boyfriend

See Pred-Angel Relationship for full details on the relationship.

Kyle Pred and Angel met eachother through an online dating site in early August 2020, and after getting to know eachother a little better, they seemingly hit it off as they started officially dating shortly afterwards.

After they had been dating over long-distance for about six months, Pred decided to quit his job in Baltimore so he could be together with Angel in Los Santos, and once he arrived he immediately moved in with Angel into her studio apartment. While they were happy in their relationship, there were some slight frustrations forming during the adjustment period of recently having started living together, but Angel was convinced that Pred would start pulling his weight fairly rapidly.[1]

Angel quickly realized that she had been wrong in her initial judgment as Pred had been nothing but rude and insulting towards her since his transfer, and seemed to only use her for money. Pred's behaviour slowly started to make Angel regret her decision to date Pred in the first place[2], however she has since asked him to treat her a little better, which Pred appears to have been trying as he has been more complimentative and appreciative of her, though not without any issues such as continuing to make somewhat hurtful jokes and comments.

On February 20th, 2021, Pred asked Angel to be more supportive of his ambitions in life, stating that Angel is the only woman for him, and that he would hate to end up resenting her in the future for not supporting him through his rough times. He continued that he didn't want to become the type of person that would end up cheating on Angel with her sister, simply out of pure resentment.[3]

On March 1st, 2021, once Angel got placed in charge of the police union, their relationship started to suffer from it, as Pred felt wrongfully treated by the entirety of the union and had decided to try and cross them at every turn. Whilst Pred made it known to Angel that he didn't want their workplace grievances to affect their relationship, but once Angel started to threaten to break up with Pred due to their conflicts, keeping their work- and personal life separated seemed to be out of the question.

Angel started to feel bitter about Pred making the tremendous amount of work she already had, even more difficult, and Pred started to feel more and more abandoned by Angel as time went by, often stating that he was convinced that Angel hated him and that the only interactions they ever had anymore were Angel telling him to either "Shut up" or "Fuck off". This feeling of neglect has slowly started to push Pred into gravitating towards other women for his emotional desires of kindness and affection, though he still claims to be very much in love with Angel.

On March 22nd, 2021, Angel came close to kicking Pred out of her apartment after she heard about Pred flirting with her sister, Antigone Weston, and was told that Pred might also be in love with her other sister, Claire Everly. Pred tried to talk his way out of it with a number of excuses, but Angel didn't seem interested in any of them. With the help of Judge Elizabeth Devereaux, Pred eventually managed to convince Angel that Antigone was simply making up the rumours because she wanted them to break up, so she could have Pred for herself, turning Angel against Antigone in favour of Pred. After their relationship had seemingly been mended, Angel clarified to Pred that whilst she had been ready to kick him out of her apartment, she never planned on breaking up with him.

They broke up for a day on April 7th, 2021, with hostility between the two starting off during a police meeting, where Angel called Pred dumb-looking, and Pred insulted her back excessively, causing Angel to kick him out of her apartment and tell him to move in with his other love interest.[4] They officially broke up later that day, when Angel got jealous about Pred having a private conversation with another female officer, and accused Pred of replacing her with the other woman, which Pred decided to play into.[5] They got back together the next day, with Pred also apologizing for his behaviour.

Familial Relationships

Biological Family

Antigone Weston - Sister

Antigone Weston is Angel's biological twin sister, they were put up for adoption at a young age, and spent their childhood growing up together in Liberty City. Angel is technically the older sister between the pair, and she will often remind Antigone of that to make sure she won't forget.

Claire Everly - Sister

Claire Everly is Angel's biological younger sister, they were separated through adoption at a young age, spending their childhood apart from eachother. They were eventually reunited in their early teens, but Angel felt like Claire never put forth any effort in trying to fit in as a sister after their reunion.

When Claire suddenly moved away to pursue her own career, Angel felt abandoned by her especially since she claims that Claire never made any effort to stay in contact. They hadn't spoken to eachother ever since Claire moved away, that was until Claire eventually moved to Los Santos to work for the police department.[6]

Working Relationships

Los Santos Police Department

Jack Ripley - Trooper

Angel and Jack Ripley had been working together for a while, however never really got to know eachother until February 6th, 2021, when they decided to go out on patrol together.

Angel seemingly felt comfortable enough around Ripley to talk about her personal life as she talked about some of her homelife difficulties with her boyfriend having recently moved in with her. Ripley was kind enough to hear her out, and assured her that as long as she's happy, which Angel stated she was, it would all work itself out over time.

Angel and Ripley seem to have a very similar style of policing and compliment eachother well whenever they're on patrol together, they aren't too serious and occasionally like to tease eachother in a friendly manner, however Ripley has no issue treating her as his superior whenever required.

"What makes a good police officer is not what they say when people are looking, but what they say when people aren't." - Angel's advise to Ripley.

Domenic Toretti - Assistant Chief of Police

Angel and Domenic Toretti work together under the Personnel and Training Division. They have a distinct work relationship, with Toretti being the clear low-ranking officer, as he easily gets bossed around by Angel. The fact that Toretti rarely questions Angel's decisions or orders makes him easy to work with.

The first time Angel was about to go out on patrol with Toretti, she got pulled aside by Kyle Pred to warn her that Toretti was planning on trying to sleep with her to try and secure a promotion within the police department. When Angel later confronted Toretti about it, and informed him that she was happy with Pred, and nothing between her and Toretti would ever happen, Toretti claimed that Pred had threatened to be unfaithful towards Angel. He then stated that all he cared about was his job, implying that he had no interest in Angel, however Angel was extremely hesitant to believe him.

Throughout their time on patrol together, Toretti kept making sly comments about Angel's relationship with Pred, making up fake rumors about Pred being unfaithful, and generally seeming to try and convince Angel to break up with Pred. Toretti's behaviour only seemed to further convince Angel that Pred was right about Toretti.

On February 25th, 2021, Angel was promoted to Sergeant and Toretti was promoted to Senior Officer of the Personnel and Training Division. Together, they will be leading Academies, doing the recruitment process, leading Field Training Officers (FTOs), and general officer training. Angel said to Toretti, after he initially thought they would be co-heads of the deparatment, he can still have 49% of the responsibility but she'll get all the praise (or shit) for the department because she has a bigger share (51%) and an extra stripe on her shoulders.

Sam Baas - Chief of Police

Angel and Sam Baas are both shift supervisors for the second shift, so they often see and interact with eachother. They seem to be of similar thought on how the shift should be ran, and rarely clash or argue with eachother, which makes for a friendly, and harmonious workplace relationship for the both of them.

Baas has seemingly started to meddle with Angel's personal life, however whether he simply does this out of concern, or if he has some other ulterior motive is unclear. It started the first time Angel mentioned that she had a boyfriend named Kyle Pred, Baas immediately stated that she deserved someone better, based on his name alone, however Angel disagreed as she informed Baas that Pred moved to the city just to be with her and that they make a great couple.

The first time Baas saw Angel and Pred out on patrol together, Baas told them that he had only heard bad things about Pred, which angered Pred and caused him to call Baas an asshole, before Angel and Pred drove off. Baas has seemingly kept up his attempts of trying to get Angel to break up with Pred during their time on patrol together, as Baas seems to be convinced that Pred is bad for her, although Baas did admit to Angel that he actually didn't know anything about Pred since they had only interacted the one time.

Kareem Lyon - Sergeant

Angel and Kareem Lyon don't get too see eachother too often since they usually work on different shifts, however when they do interact they seem quite friendly with one another.

Angel once confided in Kareem that as much as she hates her younger sister, Claire Everly, she was actually pretty decent at her job as a dispatcher. Kareem got curious about the reason for the hatred, so Angel decided to open up to him about their families history and her feelings of abandonment towards Claire.

Kareem has tried convince Angel to set her negative feelings about Claire aside, however Angel stated that it was up to Claire to apologize for what she did, and after Kareem witnessed Claire backtalking Angel first hand, she pointed out that Claire was clearly the problem.[7]

San Andreas State Police

Olivia Copper - Trooper

Angel and Olivia Copper seem to hold a lot of mutual respect towards eachother, and while their relationship has a defined reverence to it, they feel comfortable enough to occasionally treat eachother more like friends than just co-workers. Copper can sometimes come off as combative and confrontational, however Angel knows that she means well and doesn't take any offense to it.

Angel once admitted to another officer that Copper secretly scares her, mainly due to her outward professionalism, and especially when Copper gets into a serious mindset.

Momentous Dates within the PD

Rank Insignia Note Date
Senior Officer
PD Ranking Restructure; Badge #457 February 5th, 2021
Promoted to Sergeant; and appointed as Head of the PTD alongside Senior Officer Domenic Toretti[8] February 25th, 2021
Transferred to the BCSO April 18th, 2021
Promoted to Lieutenant April 19th, 2021
Changed badge number to #300 April 20th, 2021
Promoted to Captain July 16th, 2021
Transferred to the PBSO December 2nd, 2021
Certification Legend Rank Note Date
Field Training Instructor
FTI Cert.png
Sergeant FTI Certified February 25th, 2021
Interceptor Driver
Interceptor Cert.png
Lieutenant Interceptor Certified + Pursuit FTO June 16th, 2021
Street Racing Unit
SRU Cert.png
Captain Appointed as Division Lead in the SRU October 15th, 2021
Jet Cert.png
Captain Jet Certified December 12th, 2021




  • Has her own personal desk in MRPD previously with a picture of an M1A1 Abrams on her desktop[9] now with a picture of Angel and her sister Claire Everly.
  • Keeps a golden dice set belonging to Kyle Pred on her desk.[9]
  • Has a decorative StatTrak™ on her AR in the MRPD armory that displays her call-sign "457".[10]
  • Has a smoking addiction.
  • She had a fear of heights, until Trooper Snow made her complete a series of parachute jumps to cure her of her fear so he could train her to be air certified
  • She is regarded as the best driver in the police and holds the record for every interceptor time trial.
  • Her favourite car is the Corvette C7 and since receiving her interceptor certification she is rarely seen driving anything other than the C7 interceptor which she has claimed as her own with the callsign 300 on the roof.





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