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Bri Baker was a character role-played by Kiva.

General Description

Bri was a somewhat goth, laid back intern working under Andi Jones for Dean Watson's construction company.

Unfortunate circumstances

While Andi was submitted to the ICU Bri was tasked to finish up some of her work. She was told to get in contact with the current mayor to assist her with her work. It just so happened that the current mayor was none other than Denzel Williams who had killed her fellow intern Natalie Newman not even an hour prior to their meeting.

Bri had been informed by Andi that Denzel could be "hard to deal with" and was advised to stay on his good side and keep him happy or "he might kill you". Bri took this to heart as Denzel was already acting unhinged when they met so she tried to keep him happy, even going as far as changing her hair color, dressing up like and talking like Andi, only because Denzel asked her to.


Despite doing her best to stay alive during her time with Denzel, her efforts were met with little luck. Bri unfortunately noticed Natalie Newman's phone was still left in Denzel's glovebox which made it clear what might have happened to her only hours prior. Bri was brought to the river by the dam and despite pleading for her life, was stabbed by Denzel before dumping her body by the stream.

Her body was never found and she is therefore classed as missing.

After Death

Despite being deceased, Dean Watson married Bri to Igor Skovacic during October 2021- however, the certificate is signed as July 4th due to that being the last time Bri was officially seen. This was done through a forged document; to prevent Igor from being deported from Los Santos for his lack of green card.

Played By: Kiva
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