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Brett "Lil PP" Maxwell is a character role-played by BoomSlapper.

General Description

Brett Maxwell moved to Los Santos to live out his dream of being a rapper. However he feels he needs to prove to himself that he is worthy of the rapper lifestyle. All of his actions revolve around this goal of becoming a rapper.

Brett is seen with various different outfits inspired by other rappers.




Rick Locke

  • Brett met Rick Locke during his time working under Jordan Steele at the Harmony Garage. They quickly became friends due to their love for drugs and after Rick attempted to murder him by throwing off Chumash. Rick is a mentor to Brett when it comes to kidnapping and murdering. *Rick held Brett captive at Humane Labs and brainwashed him into joining him as a brother in The Smileys.

Velma Dinkerberry

  • Met during Brett's time in Parsons.
  • Velma said is willing to have Brett's child for half a million dollars.

Peggy Piike

  • During a shift as the Lot Drug Dealer, he met Peggy Piike. They became friends after Brett showed her around the city and about rap culture. Peggy showed Brett the art of hunting which resulted in his first kill, which was a deer drowning in a river.

Lavante Lamano

  • Brett met Lavante during a stroll in the southside.
  • Lavante is currently Brett's barber, who he promised not to cheat. He will always go to him every couple of weeks for a hair appointment and for life advice.

Marlo Stanfield

  • Brett Maxwell was hired by Marlo Stanfield to work at the B.J Smith Rec. Center & Park. After working there for a month Marlo told Brett that due to "family problems" he won't be able to operate the Rec. Center. He then told Brett that he can run it.

Giuseppe Amato


Mercury Frost

  • Brett first met Mercury Frost when he called for a tow for a car and she asked for drugs. He also has a memory where he was high off oxy and she promised him a date. She denies it every time. Mercury is one of the only people to try to reel Brett in from his absurd plans.
  • After a incident where Lil PP sacrificed a paranormal investigator to the Devil, she told Brett to never speak to her again.
  • After a few weeks Brett reconciled their relationship and apologized for involving her in his antics.
  • However this kindled relationship failed since Brett was brainwashed into the Smiley's and "Rick Locke" had Brett stab Mercury.



Throughout his time in Los Santos, Brett has been part of various different types of religious groups/cults.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Brett was inducted and baptized by Spencer Smith after meeting him at Burgershot. His duties were to help "anyone and everyone with anything".

This ended when he was exiled by Jackson Cole after Brett stole Garry Roche's friend's taxi after he received a call for help. He felt he was doing the right thing, but did not get the opportunity to explain himself. He was kidnapped and shot in the swamp.


As he moves close to his goal of becoming a rapper, Brett found himself on a path of selling his soul to the devil. He sacrificed several people through various methods. This arc concluded when, with the guide of a paranormal investigator, he conducted a ceremony that resulted in the paranormal ceremony being shot and surrounded by human remains.


Brett was kidnapped by Jane Obama and baptized "in cum". After this ceremony Brett now considers himself as "CUMCIPLE SUPREME" and is on a quest to acquire more followers for "Jesus Christ".


Brett was held in captivity by Rick Locke, where he was tortured and brainwashed into following The Smileys. After being released, he met with his new found family.

Brett's mental state is uncertain and his memory is hazy. Since this process was done by Rick, who is inexperienced with brainwashing, there are signs showing that this was not a perfect brainwashing. Time will tell where this will lead...


  • "Lil PP in the streets, in the sheets, and on the beat when I get my rap career going"
  • "I got my heart broken by a necromancer."