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Bree McNab is a character played by Katiebunny94

Back story

Bree was raised by a survivalist and a Nurse who insisted she know how to survive on her own. She spent the majority of her childhood in the woods fishing and hunting and still goes there when she is super stressed. She doesn’t remember much of her childhood until she met the love of her life in high school. Most people didn’t talk to the weird survivalist kid so she often spent her breaks in the woods beside the school writing poetry in a small hand-bound leather book. One day the druggies happened into the woods while she was there. Among them was a girl who darn near made her fall out of the tree. Well to be honest she did fall out of the tree… but she managed to tuck and roll which made it seem like she did it on purpose. Her notebook did hit Rose in the head but that did give her a great opening to talk to her.

Rose was a blonde bombshell with something to prove and Bree was a lost soul who needed someone to believe in. As they spent more and more time together they grew inseparable. Eventually Rose joined the gang she got her drugs from and Bree was just always there, she never joined but she was friends with a lot of the members. In fact, they made her feel like family without pressuring her into joining. They went by the name Silver serpents and as much as Bree spent all her time around them they did a pretty good job about keeping her in the dark about what they did. She barely notice the fact that she was constantly whisked away by someone when business came up.

Bree just seemed to spend her life existing around Rose and not really living, so when the gang went to war she found herself feeling powerless as all of her friends started dying around her. She would often be the first one at the hospital or the first one tasked with IDing a body. She did this to protect her friends from having to see this but it began to leave scars. The gang seemed to keep moving on without them and this caused Bree a lot of stress. When she tried to talk to Rose about this she was met with apathy. Rose told her that they were not her friends just people she hung around with. That in the gang everyone was just a number. This turned into a HUGE fight, Bree at one point asked Rose if she died would she care and was crushed by the answer. Rose informed her that she wouldn’t be that sad as Bree was just the girl she fucked and spent time with. That the gang was what was important to her as it was her only support system. Bree was devastated, since they met Rose was her whole world. She did everything she was asked and more! She knew more about Rose than anyone else in the world and thought Rose felt the same. That they were meant to be. This was the breaking point. Bree got up, grabbed her keys, and wallet and walked out the door. She didn’t even make a plan she just started to walk until she found herself at the bus station. She asked for the quickest ticket out of here and found herself on her way to Los Santos.

Goddess of Stories

Bree McNab is a follower of a Goddess who's name has been lost to time. Initially this Goddess asked only for poems released into the wind in exchange for favours but since being contacted by another God known as RoukRouk her tastes have turned to a different kind of request. The Goddess started by asking for the poems to be written in th blood of Locals on walls and quickly turned to something greater. You see she had been taught by this God how to instill a hunger in those who follow her and as such stoked a fire in Bree. After a dream encounter with her Goddess Bree woke up craving blood and with a demand from her Goddess.

The Goddess wanted to hear the stories of those who had not yet had a chance to tell theirs. If they are worthy she will return them to their body so they can live on and go forth to tell their story. If she doesn't deem them worthy she will carry their souls to the afterlife they deserve. For each soul returned to the world Bree was promised power in a time where she felt at her most powerless.


  1. Tyshawn Prince (Survived)
    • Was a Fugtober (see Carcer World) victim and the first person Bree stabbed. He was taken under the bridge in great ocean highway by the gas station where he twatted and was stabbed. This encounter made Bree feel powerful.
  2. Desmond Potts (Survived)
    • First stab under Bree's new mission and her first time leading a hunt. He was stabbed on the mountain where they met him and given the death tarot card. Bree later saw him doing a Dodo run as such he was deemed worthy and she felt a surge of power when she saw him confirming what her Goddess told her.
  3. Cora Katz (Perma)

A New Chapter

Bree has given up her old life and retired from the serial killer game. She has however promised that should something happen to her new family she will not hesitate to retaliate.

This change has brought about some growing pains for her as she is now committed to staying clean. Without the ability to kill or do crime Bree has turned back to what she knows best... the mountains.

Bree hunts more than anything these days and has made a good chunk of cash doing so. She began an oil empire with her friends and hopes to oneday be so successful ahe doesn't have to touch the pumps just reap the rewards.

She has also begun to process of healing from her past. While she still feels broken inside getting rid of the letter she once wrote to her old family has started the healing process.

An unlikely friend has also arisen in the form of a cop Jeffrey Price. Bree initially wanted to earn his trust and keep him close as an asset but has since found him to be a good friend. Bordering on family. The only problem is that she can't tell him the biggest parts of herself as she needs him to think she is clean.

Hidden No More

Feeling isolated from the gang, Bree began to reach out to friends, mentioning how she never saw them. Her friends slowly began to tell her that she deserved better and should talk to them about it.

In a meeting with the leaders, Bree left with the understanding that 2/3 did not trust her. Which made her question why they would even want her in the first place. Bree had also decided, after being unable to gain Brett Maxwell trusted that she would never put herself in that impossible situation again.