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Brav O'Six is a character role-played by Burn.


Brav O'Six is a slightly crazed SAS squad leader who thinks there is KGB and Russian plots behind every door. He is putting together a squad to root out these conspiracies.


-Operation: Going Dark-

On October 31st, 2019, Brav O'Six contacted Deputy Lauren Forcer to help him on a super important mission. Forcer brought with her Deputy Colt Shephard to help them with this operation.

Their objective, to neutralize Freddy Krueger by going into the dream scape.

The three made their way to the lumber yard off of Great Ocean Highway and waited for the right time to infiltrate the area. Machinery was shut off by Brav O'Six with the help of an EMP.

They went in but they couldn't sleep as Krueger had brought with him back up, Jason.

Brav O'Six, Forcer, and Shephard had no other choice but to retreat and abandon the mission as the threat was high risk despite them being able to fire a few shots at Krueger and Jason.

Krueger couldn't be taken down, but the mission is not over. And would be continued on March, the next year.

-The Case of the Missing Pink Fingers-

On December 13th, 2019, Brav O'Six had taken on the task of finding out who had taken his pinkie finger off of him. Along the way, he ended up finding out that he had not been the only one to fall victim to such monstrosity. One of the victims of the same instance of the missing pinky finger was Davey Doherty.

Brav O'Six went to Lauren Forcer to give her a statement on the events that occurred to him. He was taken to Pillbox Medical were Dr. Serge Cross checked up on his injuries and made sure the wound was secure.

-Brav O'Six Goes Missing-

January 2020. After a while of not having heard anything from Brav O'Six, Senior Deputy Lauren Forcer received a phone call from him. That did not do much to help Forcer, but tell her that he as in danger.

All Forcer knew was that Aleksandr Kalashnikov had Brav O'Six in his custody. A man he had been after for some time. And that if Forcer did not help Kalashnikov with a mission she would not hear from Brav O'Six any longer.

Kalashnikov told Forcer that he had tortured Brav O'Six, and had removed some of his fingernails.


  • Commander Brav O'Six has worked alongside Commander Rain Bowsix on missions. [X]

One of which was worked on with Lauren Forcer, Brittany Angel, AJ Hunter, Emily Reinhart, and Olivia Copper.


This character is based on a couple of characters from the 2019 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game.

Played By: Burn
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