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Brandon Valentino is a Character role-played by TheEazyLife.

General Information

Brandon works for Pegasus Concierge. He can often be identified by his short, white hair and effortless style. He can be spotted around the Diamond Casino, gambling his money away.


The Murder of Rick Szhae

November 2021 - The Murder of Rick Szhae

On November 6th 2021, Rick Szhae found himself on top of a watch tower with his close friend, Brandon Valentino who had summoned him there for a "talk". As Brandon attempted to speak things out with Rick, a small dispute occurred between the two due to the secrets Rick was keeping from Brandon.

The situation continued to escalate when Rick made a threat on Brandon's life, it was clear that no solution was going to be found. As Rick muttered "You know what, Brandon, I will miss you" tensions peaked; both Brandon and Rick pulled a gun on each other at the same time, both intending to kill the other. Unfortunately, Rick was not fast enough and was shot multiple times by Brandon- dying on scene.

As Brandon left Rick's deceased body to bleed out atop the Fire-Watch Tower, he claimed that he knew all along that Rick would try to kill him but today wasn't the day.