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Brad Bett is a character role-played by FourMilli.

Brad Bett arrived in Los Santos for school using his abandoned fathers money. Brad's father would send him money monthly until he turned 21, once that time ran out, Brad turned to different means to making money.

The first day Brad Bett arrived to Los Santos he left the Alta Street Apartments and walked to Premium Deluxe Motorsports. Brad spoke to Salem, Manager at the time for PDM. There Salem and Otto Delmar devised a scheme, which would later be used as a staple for the scams that is the used car lot for Otto's Autos. Brad was scammed by Salem and Otto, thinking he had bought a vehicle from PDM but was actually a used car and receiving a loan through Diamondhand. Salem and Brad would later connect through Guy Jones and Peanut.

After a short time of living a civilian life-style and falling on hard times to make money, he turned to a life of crime influenced by friends Guy Jones and Peanut. During the birth of the gang, Natural Born Crackheads, he was associated with the gang doing various crime with them. He earned a spot as one of the early members of the gang. After a full year of being established as a gang, he was named OG member of the crew.

Played By: FourMilli
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