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Brad Berkley is a character role-played by curvyelephant.

General Description[]

Brad Berkley is a member of The Frat.

Background Information[]

Brad Berkley is a twenty-year-old male who had freshly dropped out of university, provoking his dad to cut off all of his funds. When he arrived at Los Santos, he was told by an EMS to go to the Taco Shop to find a job and make money. While he was wandering through the city, he met Achmeena Steele, who offered him a position to work as a lot attendant at Garage Q. After a series of events, Achmeena eventually led him to the Taco Shop, where he was hired by Julio Thomas to be an employee.

At the Taco Shop, Brad encountered Alex Marshall and Jackson Caldwell, who questioned him about his personal life. Brad claimed that he didn't want to talk about it but later, while under the influence of marijuana, mentioned that he attended BU. He also stated that his dad is a lawyer and that he likes to borrow his Porsche to drive.


Brad can be described as passive and easy-going. He follows what others tell him and has shown to be quite versatile. When dealt a bad hand, he's not afraid to cause a commotion, like when he once threatened to break a person's legs after they refused to pay the parking fee at Garage Q.

Brad is respectful to most people, except hostages, and he can also get snappy and childish especially during high pressure situations. His other qualities include being flaky, as imputed by Ava Ridge of changing his whole demeanor from a goth to a frat boy, in the span of one summer camp. He also has a short attention span which causes him to lose track of his thoughts frequently.


  • His dad is a lawyer and owns a Porsche.
  • Owns a Cruiser, Rumpo, and Futo.
  • Loves the slidey doors of his Rumpo.
  • Likes to sleep on the top bunk.
  • Prefers dudes with small dicks when watching porn.
  • Totally oblivious to Kaleb Rush's simping.
  • He had a phase where he was a goth that went by B-Rancid and listened to Insane Clown Posse.
  • Likes to suck pizza.
  • Majored in Commonomics, Herbcommonimics, Swerveherbcommonomics, and Hackswerveherbcomminomics
  • Aggro towards hostages.
  • Wears a watch which he stole from his dad.
  • Makeup expert.


  • "But dude you can get like a brick at Home Depot really cheap." - Brad during a conversation about a brick of cocaine.
  • "Bro are you guys strapped? Cause I'm strapped dude." - Brad as he takes out knuckle dusters.
  • "You guys are like, the best family I could have ever asked for dude." - Brad being wholesome to The Frats.
  • "I think it needs to be like, the Cheesy Marinara Succ." - Brad regarding sucking pizza.
  • "We got a stripper on the way to the Taco Shop dude, she said she's gonna start slingin tit dude."
  • "This is so litty titty bro."
  • ''Look I'm sorry, but like, no one's sticking their big toe in my mouth.''


Played By: curvyelephant

Main Characters: Matt RhodesRyan Parker

Additional Characters: Kevin ShawBrad Berkley

Main Characters: Matt RhodesRyan Parker

Additional Characters: Kevin ShawBrad Berkley