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Bovice Wilkinson is a character role-played by SmokySloth.

General Description

Bovice was sentenced to life in prison for the first-degree murder of a Liberty City Judge and was subsequently remanded into custody at Bolingbroke Penitentiary.

Bovice is the most notorious criminal in the history of Los Santos. He stands at over 7ft tall and lean in stature, intimidating anyone who has the courage to look at him. He is well known for running the penitentiary and being the deciding member of the prison.

"This is '#BoviceWorld, we just live in it."


  • "Once Bovice yard, ALWAYS Bovice yard."
  • "Hello little mans"
  • "Bovice HATES the piggies!"

Fun Facts

  • Bovice is over 7ft tall, making him the tallest person in Los Santos.
  • He is sentenced to life in prison.
  • In Los Santos, he has been in prison for the longest duration.


Played By: SmokySloth
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