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Booga Ooga, also known as Booba, is a character role-played by Fiendota.

General Description

Booga Ooga is a Senior Officer for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #450.

Booba was a hairy caveman born during the previous ice age, it is not known exactly how it happened but he ended up getting frozen in a glacier. He was later discovered in modern day Los Santos where he has been forced to acclimate to modern society.

Momentous Dates within the Government

Unified Police Department

Rank Insignia Note Date
Cadet CadetLSPD.png Hired to the LSPD; Badge #550 April 15th, 2022
Temporarily Solo Certified for 72 Hours April 23rd, 2022
Solo Cadet SoloCadetLSPD.png Solo Certified; Badge #651 April 27th, 2022
Officer OfficerLSPD.png Promoted to Officer; Badge #445 June 9th, 2022
Changed Badge Number to #450 June 17th, 2022
FTO Cert.png FTO Certified July 8th, 2022
Senior Officer SeniorOfficerLSPD.png Promoted to Senior Officer July 19th, 2022
SCU Cert.png Appointed as a Probationary Detective in the SCU July 22nd, 2022
Air Cert.png Air Certified July 28th, 2022

Federal Investigation Bureau

Rank Note Date
Security Guard Hired to the FIB November 20th, 2021
Head of Security Promoted to Head of Security December 15th, 2021
Agent Promoted to Agent of the FIB July 20th, 2022

Waking Up

When Booba woke up in modern day Los Santos he found himself in a weird and scary new world filled with mechanical beasts and scary people. Booba, being the friendly caveman that he is started coping with this fear by befriending everyone he could. This proved a bit troublesome when his communication was based solely on caveman grunts, the word "Booga" and the occasional hug. He quickly found refuge in the tunnels outside Apartments which he considered similar enough to the caves he was used to living in. If someone were to explore the tunnels they might be able to find his cave paintings.

Humane Labs

Somehow Humane Labs found out about Booba's existence and managed to capture him. Considering his unique primeval genealogy they ran experiments on him to try to accelerate his evolution, which was at least partially successful. After three weeks in captivity Booba managed to overpower his captors and escaped, now significantly less hairy and with a bigger capacity of learning language.

Fast Food

In modern society people don't have to hunt for their dinner. Booba figured out that he could get food by befriending employees and helping out in restaurants like Burger Shot and Roosters Rest. Since Booba doesn't really value money, and considering the fact that he was not a citizen at the time, he was happy to work in these places for free just to meet people and learn the language. Working with food, making friends and giving hugs are some of Booba's biggest interests and this turned out to be a great way to learn new skills.


While learning how to fit in with modern society, Booba realized that he was in fact not a citizen of Los Santos. With the help of (then) Judge Tidus Schwinghammer he went on a quest to learn the history of the city and what it means to be a citizen. Even though Judge Tidus was not re-elected, Booba managed to get his citizenship with the help of Judge Alan Crane.

Federal Investigation Bureau

Booba's drive to befriend everyone in the city hit a bit of a snag when he first encountered Bench Guy. Bench Guy was a rude and unfriendly person who tricked Booba into running to the top of Mount Chiliad just to get rid of him. However Booba is persistent on his quest to make friends and managed to get a job as a security guard at the FIB to get close to him. After finally getting his Gun License he officially became the Head of Security.

Booba was promoted to Agent by Special Agent in Charge Bench Guy for his role in actively investigating corruption within the LSPD and uncovering ties the IAA may have with certain officials, and IAA as a whole.

IAA Investigation


  • His name is Booga Ooga, but because of an early case of miscommunication with Ash Ketchup he started referring to himself as Booba
  • Is probably the oldest person in Los Santos.
  • Dislikes wearing clothes, but is getting used to it after being forced to wear clothes to work for the FIB.
  • Does not own an apartment, and prior to getting access to Posy Florian's apartment he lived in the tunnels outside Apartments.
  • He does not appreciate the value of money, instead primarily being motivated by hugs and friendship.
  • Was taught how to use a phone by Posy Florian.

Los Santos Police Department

Played By: Fiendota
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