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Bondi Boys and Babes by Vylla

The Bondi Boys Motor Club (BBMC) or Bondi Boys & Babes Motor Club is a criminal gang operating out of Vespucci, founded by Irwin Dundee, Barry Benson and Riley Carter (Exiled).

General Description

The BBMC returned under the order of founder and president, Irwin Dundee, with its primary business being robbing banks and running oxy. They have also been known to distribute class 2 weapons and explore other criminal enterprises such as cooking and distribution of meth aswell as weed.

They have operated out of Vespucci ever since they were founded in April of 2021. It was originally intended to be a copy of the BBMC but instead of focusing on bikes it was turned to focus on muscle cars, changing from a motorcycle club to a motor club.

Patched and prospected members are often seen wearing blue or black denim jackets and vests with a few smaller patches and a big Bondi Boys MC patch on the back. The club also dreams of having different variations of the kuttes with rank and title names on the back.


The BBMC claims the area bordering and including Vespucci Beach as their turf, as outlined in the map above. They also typically spend time in the alley located between Melanoma St and Bay City Ave, which is colloquially known as "The Billabong". They consider it their home and regularly conduct meetings in the Billabong and spray paint the club's initials around Vespucci. Since buying two of the houses within The Billabong, they have also started leaving signs warning against trespassers, and regularly scare off intruders, including go so far as to shoot at cops who enter their territory and refuse to leave. The club, especially Pez and Barry, are hoping to stake financial claim to the turf by buying one or more local businesses, including a tattoo shop and bar.

The Billabong by @beccaS 7.png

The Billabong by @beccaS_7

Club Rules

BBMC club rules by coopS

  1. Respect
    Respect is everything. Every person higher than you is to be treated like your boss. You do not backtalk them. Every member high and low are to be saluted upon greeting. Those that are higher than you are there for a reason. Do not question after an agreement has been made by the club. If an agreement cannot be made, the highest ranking available will decide. Respect their decision.
  2. Club Business
    What happens in the club, stays in the club. Do not go to girlfriends or non-members to explain or vent about club business. Keep what's in the club in the club -- including sensitive information and criminal knowledge. Exception: Exception is made for training hangarounds but keep it to a minimum and be cautious. Only tell them what's necessary for the job at hand or for their safety.
    2.1 Know who the club's allies & who is most powerful in the city.
  3. Outside Respect
    Stand up for your patch. If someone is disrespecting the BBMC, put them in their place. The only exception is to be made for someone with a strong relationship with the club, in which case be delicate. Use your brain. Have common sense. Ask about their relationship to BBMC before shooting them. This includes outsiders wearing the club jacket with or without patches.
  4. No Hesitation
    If you see club members are blasting, you pull your gun and you blast too. No running away. No backing down. No retreating. Even if you go down, you go down with your boys & babes and for the club. Do not run to avoid jail time without the other members. Use common sense & communicate. If you have the loot or if you are ordered to, run.
    4.1 On bank jobs, loot always takes precedence.
  5. Never Alone
    Always be with another club member or person. Don't go alone if it can be helped. Always have a person on the lookout and prepared for a fight. Don't let your guard down. Always expect to be jumped. If the club is threatened, at war, or under pressure, do NOT leave people in cuts alone or unguarded for any reason.
  6. Club First
    Club responsibilities come before all else, including spouses. Check with the club before any personal activities. Prioritize club members over anyone and anything else. If you are on a job, try to include other BBMC members if possible.
  7. The 5-Man Rule
    When dividing loot from jobs, always factor in another "person" for the club. You are not required to donate your personal cut to the club but there must always been a cut for the club. Donating your cut is highly appreciated by the club.
    Example: Typical 4-man bank job - Reimburse costs to do the job (laptops/thermite/etc), then dived by 5, every person and the club gets a a portion of the loot.
    7.1 This rule was replaced by Club Dues; money to be given to the club on a weekly basis, as proposed by Stevie and the other prospects to Pez.
  8. Not Guilty
    When caught by the police, never admit guilt. It makes no difference if you plead guilty or working with the cops for a lesser sentence. Police can and will use anything and everything against you to f*ck you. Always plead not guilty.
  9. Know Your Handbook
    Study and know the handbook of standard operating procedures (SOP) by heart. The handbook will contain information of how to manage weapons, what tools do what, what cars are best for tricky situations, Dundee's personal rat getaway routes, how to operate in gang wars, etc, etc.
  10. Protect Turf
    If someone you don't know or don't want on the turf, you deal with them. Give them two verbal warnings before shooting. It doesn't matter who it is, but use common sense (see Rule #3). If after two warnings they don't leave, open fire.

Un-official Rules: Fuck Harmony & know the rules by heart.

Additional rules:

  • No family members in the club. If you are in a relationship within ranks, each person in the partnership suffers punishment for eachothers' mistakes. Rule added after Riley, Malakai, and Freddy left the club, and further enforced after Jesse and Olivia started dating.
  • No loose ends. Added after information was being shared after mercy was given to them.
  • Honesty/No Secrets. Added after Stone was unsuccessful in hacking banks, after telling the club of his abilities.
  • Give Keys/The Road Captain Rule. Whenever you're in a car, make sure you give keys to everyone else with you in case of emergencies.