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The Bondi Boys Motorcycle Club (BBMC) are a group of individuals that were founded by Irwin Dundee, originally for the sake of performing petty crimes, like joyriding in Lifeguard vehicles. Since then, it has become considerably larger in size than a number of the other, older gangs. Through the hard work of Irwin Dundee, he has established connections and a strong footing in the criminal underworld.

The BBMC colors are Black or Blue Denim.

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The BBMC's primary business focus is the growth, distribution, and sale of weed; with a secondary focus on the collection and sale of firearms to the various criminals throughout the city.

They have a tertiary role, however, with Irwin Dundee having taken to plucking up new criminals to the city, and teaching them the tricks of the weed trade to further his financial gains.

Allies Edit

Through the hard work of Irwin Dundee, The Bondi Boys MC (and by extension, a number of those affiliated with Dundee himself) have formed a mutual partnership with the East Side Ballaz, the Vagos, and The Families. Most of these connections were secured by Dundee saving members of each group from the other gangs throughout the city, as well as from the cops.

The Lost MC Edit

Through working alongside members of the Lost MC, BBMC gained a trusted ally in Rudi Rinsen and Reid Dankleaf. BBMC often works closely with these members of the Lost MC when performing bank heists, among other things.

Korean Mafia Edit

Thanks to a number of business deals with Sun Moon, Dundee was able to ensure the gang had access to information and weapons from the Korean Mafia.

Mersion Family & Mushkin Family Edit

The Bondi Boys MC are also very close to the Mersions and the Mushkins, on account of helping them get on their feet when they first moved to the city. Irwin Dundee and Mia Mersion have especially worked close with each other.

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Chang Gang Edit

The gang are currently at war with Chang Gang, following multiple attacks on members of both groups. Their war, while recent, has dragged a number of other gangs into the conflict. These other gangs were either already were at war with the Chang Gang, or were doing business with them. As a result, that business has been disrupted, as the groups seek to fortify and work together towards a common foe.

Prune Gang Edit

While only a rival gang, Prune Gang are on uncertain terms with the BBMC. This uncertainty came about after a minor conflict in which Eugene and Mel attempted to teach Dundee a lesson, following him saving a member of the Ballaz that Prune Gang were fighting. While they aren't hostile to one another, they certainly have no love for one another.

Black Betty, Inc. Edit

Actions of Irwin Dundee concerning Sonya Summers (beating Sonya for refusing to pay a fee for doing yoga in the gang's area) have led to a conflict with her. As of now, a few shootings have happened between Sonya and her friends with Bondi Boys MC. The shootings included drive-by shootings from both sides, as well as Sonya entering the gang's area near Irwin's house; shooting 3 gang members with an automatic weapon.

While Irwin Dundee and Gomer Colton were close, Irwin had both a stash house and grow house under Gomer's name. However, the war between The Bondi Boys and Chang Gang led Gomer to side with Chang Gang. Gomer ultimately stole the majority of Irwin's criminal possessions, including two AK-47's. This action resulted in a rage-fueled feud between Gomer and The Bondi Boys, and has pulled many other people into the war. The dispute has supposedly ended after The Bondi Boys kidnapped Gomer, and left him to die at sea. Irwin contacted the Leanbois over radio, with the frequency from Gomer's radio. Irwin had a conversation with Tony Corleone, so Gomer's fate would be known to his friends.

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