Bolingbroke Penitentiary is the state prison located in Los Santos County.

Description Edit

It is governed by the Department of Corrections and the Department of Justice. The prison is located on the Los Santos County side of Route 68, just down the road from Harmony.

The perimeter of the prison is patrolled by the Blaine County Sheriff's Office and sometimes the Los Santos Police Department. There are armed San Andreas State Prison Authority officers standing near the entrances, making sure that no one attempts to break in or out and Department of Corrections officers on the inside monitoring the prisoner's behavior.

Prison Staff Edit

DoC officers greet prisoners at the entrance gate and operate and defend Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Members of the SASP and selected civilians staff the prison and assist prisoners with rehabilitation. Prisoners are allowed to play pool, exercise, and make special prison slushy drinks during their stay.

Controversies Edit

  • Park Ranger Conan Clarkson was given "ass meth" by a Russian inmate, and became addicted. He smuggled the drug out of the prison and tried to give some to Judge Dennis LaBarre. He was advised to get rid of the drug.
  • DoC guard Lauren Forcer and warden Kael Soze beat inmates Ricky Robins and Denzel Williams. They also forced the inmates to fight against each other in the prison yard.
  • Prison staff often uses extreme methods of rehabilitation such as beating inmates and forced inmate combat.
  • On November 29. 2019, inmate Kenneth Ruger was burnt alive during a prison riot while serving his 32 month sentence. Mr. Ruger died while under watch by DoC guards SnowCopperRaven and Forcer.

Prison Breaks Edit

Prison breaks are possible and have been successfully done several times. There is significant risk and the prison break requires teamwork and an experienced group.

Previous Escapees: Edit

Life Inmates: Edit

Some inmates are/were serving life sentences for the crimes they commited:

Fun Facts Edit

  • The prison's shape is that of an octagon.
  • A speaker system is heard commonly around the prison, often insulting the prisoners.
  • There are numerous tags and prison art on display in the prison cafeteria.
  • The penitentiary seems to be inspired by the Victorville Federal Prison in Victorville, California.
  • The exterior of Bolingbroke resembles Texas state penitentiary in Rocksprings, Texas.
  • Chang Gang and Leanbois have the most experience with conducting prison breaks.

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