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Bogg Dann is a character role-played by pokelawls.


Bogg has a fun and friendly personality and is kind to anyone he comes across, although he can be aggressive when antagonized.[1][2] He is usually nervous, often curious and has social anxiety, habitually smoking weed to get through life. He has a slight speech impediment. Bogg likes to ride BMX bikes and post about his adventures on Twatter. He sends selfies to people who give him their phone number and occasionally meditates or acts as a frog. He is an atheist.

Bogg Frog Crop

Bogg is mistaken for a shitter while imitating a frog

Even though Bogg is a great man and has a great life, he struggles with depression and existential pain. His first priority is to make his friends happy. Since his long-time best friend and "brother" Jean Pierre committed suicide, Bogg has become a different man, swearing no friend will die on him again.


His sexuality is somewhat mysterious. In the past he was considered to be a heterosexual man, claiming that he has a wife in Libasol. Nowadays, he is homosexual,[3] telling the story of how his ex-husband turned straight and left him back in Libasol, although he sometimes still questions his sexuality after encountering an attractive woman. He has been known to flirt with many attractive men.

Background and Occupations[]

Bogg Dann is a man from Libasol. Back in Libasol he claimed to do the stocks, though this claim was later admitted to be false in an emotional confession to Dann's best friend, Jean Pierre. In his youth, he participated as a boy scout[4] and his father was killed in a BMX racing accident. Bogg came to Los Santos to make money.[5] After working as a taxi driver, news cameraman, marijuana dealer and janitor, Bogg founded a BMX bike shop. He also makes money with petty crime and by selling loot bags.

BIMX Shop Ad

Twatter advertisement for BD & BD's Bike Shop

BD & BD's Bike Shop[]

After noticing Bogg's prodigious BMX ability, the China-based WICKED company offered to manufacture customizable "BIMX" BMX bikes and ship them to Mr. Spoke Bike Rental, where Bogg and, at his request, BMX Bike God Dequarius Johnson could purchase them for resale. To sell the BIMX bikes, Bogg founded BD & BD's Bike Shop. He co-owns the business with Dequarius and employs some of his friends for assistance.

Bogg's Bike Shop[]

After learning that Big D took all of the money from the company while Bogg was in his apartment, he set to get revenge and fire Big D. After getting his revenge, Bogg made his own bike shop right next to the PDM. TBA

Burger Shot[]

Bogg has been allowed to work at Burger Shot by the manager Kevin Whipaloo. Although officially he is a janitor, his real job there is to sell weed to the customers, making them crave food so they buy more burgers. During the job he usually sat in the corner by the toilets, offering weed to anyone who came close to him. When the restaurant got a new janitor, Bogg has been tasked with teaching him the job. After some time explaining him what janitors do, Bogg realized he doesn't want to be a janitor anymore and quit shortly after training the new janitor on 2.8.2021. Although he left the position, he didn't tell that to the manager Kevin. This allowed him to get the Burger Shot bags he uses for his "Loot Bags" for free, because he's a worker there.

Weed Dealing[]

He aspires to be a successful weed dealer in Los Santos, even making his own strain; the "Bogg Pussy". He's not very good at it, often forgetting to tell his customers that he even sells weed. Bogg is also inconsistent in pricing, known to sell his strain anywhere between $300 to $100 a pop, but later he settled on a price of $80 to $100. Bogg later gave up on being a marijuana dealer, since the number of new dealers blew up and it stopped being profitable.

Bogg's Loot Business[]

Bogg also came up with a new deal, selling "Loot Bags" (Also sometimes called a "Mystery Boxes", "Loot Boxes" or "Mystery Bags"), which consisted of one three-gram marijuana joint, and either one or two mysterious items. These started at $150, but since Bogg is inconsistent in pricing, he upped the price to $170, with the price peaking at $300. Once, he sold one for the unheard-of price of $500. After some time, the price settled at $250. The venture was incredibly profitable and popular. Once he sold around 10 of them in 10 minutes in front of the hospital, making over $2,000 profit. He is a true businessman, always staying true to his word. Once he even gave away his sports car to a winner. After a few days of runaway success, he got bored of the "Loot Bags" and stopped making them.

Criminal activities[]

(To be added...)


Bogg has said a lot of times that he wants to become a racer and a drifter, he started racing on the 27th march 2021, his first racing car, and the one he is currently driving in is a Brioso R/A, with a Sprunk livery and silver/gray and green colors.

He has yet to win any races yet or get in top 5, but he's working hard and joining basically any race he has time to join. (More to be added...)



BMX Racing[]

Taught by his father,[6] Bogg is an incredibly skilled BMX racer and often likes to race people on the street. He also consistently does tricks such as bouncing off of cars, or grinding on objects every time he rides, eliciting a WICKED reaction from the voices in his head. Bogg is currently the fastest and also now the best BMX Rider in town, possibly even surpassing the BMX Bike God Dequarius Johnson. Bogg has mastered a BMX trick allowing him to ride his bike up vertical walls, a skill he plans on putting to use in competition and during police chases. Bogg is currently trying to reach the Pro BMX scene, training everyday to get better at some sick tricks. Despite his skill, the dangerous tricks he attempts often result in hospital visits.

Smooth Talking[]

Whether he knows it or not, Bogg is a great smooth talker, known to trick the police for his own benefit, persuading people to buy his "Loot Bag", or even getting free money from people.

Fist Fighting[]

Bogg has also proven himself to be quite good at hand-to-hand combat. When he got in a fight in front of Burger Shot on February 8., he was able to win even with his opponent fighting dirty, kicking Bogg while he was on the ground. He later explained that he has learned to fight from watching his idol, Montéz King (AKA Mayhem) fight on TV.

The "Fragile" Box[]

Bogg is a known to be a rare wielder of The "Fragile" Box, a cursed artifact that grants the user super human abilities, like being able to move immovable objects, phase through walls, seamlessly travel through space and have extreme durability (See: Clips). The origins of the box are unknown, but he bought it at Mega Mall. He is one of the first individuals to be able to wield and use the box along with Uchiha Jones, although Uchiha cannot use its full power like Bogg can. (See: Major Events - The "Fragile" Box)


Unexpectedly, Bogg can drive pretty well. He said that he has learned to drive back in Libasol, by watching movies on the TV. He also explained that in Libasol there are little to no driving laws, that is why Bogg drives so recklessly. Bogg has also seemed to forget, that he has a driver's license.

Strong Man[]

Bogg has gained the ability to pick up objects many times his weight. He does this by using the power hidden inside of his bmx. He has picked up a bus as a pre-show at the Rooster's Rest. He also picked up an ambulance in front of Pillbox however his powers became too strong for Bogg to handle when the ambulance got welded to his hands. The source of these powers are unknown but could be due to an error in reality.


Bogg casually playing his guitar


Bogg has a SoundCloud and is known for his love for music, sometimes casually playing the guitar and singing about his life to people on the street.


Bogg has gained the ability to use ladders to bounce himself great distances up into the air. Most of the time when he does this he is unable to land safely and must call the EMS. Bogg also likes to show off this ability to others.

Major Events[]

Bogg has gotten in quite a few adventures since he came back to Los Santos on 2.5.2021. This is a list of some major events, that occured.

The Fish Heist[]

(2.7.2021) After a meeting with Sven Snusberg, Arush Patel Santana, and Lang Buddha, they have decided to make money together. Lang proposed they rob man, who has been selling precious fish at the pier. They agreed and Bogg has been chosen to do the act. After showing his robbing skills to the boys by threatening Speedy, they went to a clothes shop to buy disguises. Bogg could only afford a red cap and glasses. Later they arrived at the pier, where they waited. After some time, the fish guy had arrived and Bogg (AKA Bob Dylan, as he has been called that by Lang) robbed him for his baby shark. Sven (AKA 7) took the shark and the heist seemed to be a success, until the fish guy managed to run away on his bike and report them to the police. Not long after, the heist had turn into a police chase. After driving around the city, they drove into the canal near the Maize Bank Arena, where their car was stopped. The boys decided to get out and run towards different directions. Bogg was in a tough spot, being the slowest one. It didn't look good for Bogg, until Sven heroically jumped in front the officer chasing Bogg, allowing Bogg to escape, while he was being detained. Bogg managed to escape and he disguised himself as a construction worker until the police left. Ultimately the robbery was a success even if Lang and Sven got arrested, because they were able to sell the shark later.

The "Fragile" Box Arc[]


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Bogg's Mega Bike Marathon[]


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Hunting Mark White[]

(2.19.2021) During a house robbery, Bogg was caught by the police with a computer in his hands as he was leaving the house. After failing to convince them he was a member of Geek Squad, he told them he was tasked with robbing this house by Mark White. The police then gave him an ultimatum, go to jail or find the notoriously elusive Mark White for them. If Bogg did not find Mark White and record a video of him committing a horrible crime in the next 30 days, he would get life in prison. The police will then be able to use the recording of Mark White to finally be able to put him behind bars.

Bogg Dann was able to acquire evidence of Mark White illegally parking in a handicapped spot. The officer who tasked Bogg with finding this evidence, Matthew Snow, claimed that the video of this heinous crime might be a "good foundation" to finally be able to convict Mark White for his rumored terrorist acts.

Interestingly, even though groups such as The Nut Boys, the Los Santos Police Department and notoriously Leslie Ling have put numerous resources to bring down Mark White, currently Bogg Dann has had the most successful attempt by far.

Strong Man Bogg and The Boggbulance[]

(2.20.2021) After many performances as 'Strong Man Bogg', A freak accident occurred while Bogg was out riding his BMX, when suddenly an ambulance materialized out of thin air, attaching itself to Bogg Dann. Some theories behind this bizarre event, are that he was cursed by the gods for breaking the limits of the human body. Though this event did not occur for long as it began to drain Bogg's energy, forcing him to take a sleep on the side of the street down the road from Pill Box Medical Centre. Soon after a good rest, Bogg awoke to the sight of no ambulance, and a sense of normality.

Bogg's BIMX Prison Breaks[]


The Pepega Rangers[]

Near Death Experiences[]

(2.x.2021) When Bogg, Sven Snusberg and Arush Patel Santana (Speedy) were going to the pier to fish, Speedy fell down from a railing into the water, Bogg was also unlucky and he also fell down. Sven did not fall down anywhere and stayed on the boat, Speedy survived the fall, but Bogg did not, Bogg stayed down in the water for a long time, not dead but nearly unconscious, Speedy found Bogg laying in the water and Speedy then told that to Sven, informing him that Bogg was not dead. Suddenly, a huge wave pushed Bogg from the water to the nearby beach where Sven and Speedy took him to safety.

(2.x.2021) Bogg had another close encounter with death. Taking a stroll on his bike while challenging others to a race, Bogg pulled off one of the sickest maneuvers ever witnessed. He easily cleared an entire crime scene in the middle of an intersection. In mid-air he pulled off a clean 360, catching the attention of everyone below him. A man approached Bogg, praising him. The man went so far as to suggest Bogg take his skills to the X-Games. Excitement fluttered in Bogg's potbelly as he eagerly got back onto his bike, ready to pull off his sickest trick yet. This was his big moment... or so he thought. Bogg biked perpendicular to on-coming traffic causing him to get smoked by a vehicle. He was launched from his beloved bike and skid across the pavement. When Bogg was revived, he claimed his indefinite retirement from "BIMXing". Fearful of his own skills, Bogg now casually rides his bike being more cautious of his natural talent. [1](See: Clips)

(2.9.2021) Bogg and his friend Uchiha Jones were experimenting with the power of The "Fragile" box (See: Skills - The "Fragile" Box) when they decided to show people how powerful the box is. They agreed they do a stunt in front of Burger Shot, in which Bogg will stand in the middle of the street and holding the box and Uchiha will ram into him with a car at full speed. They though that the box will surely stop the car, leaving Bogg unharmed. After finding an SUV and gathering a small audience for the show, they were ready. But the plan quickly backfired as the car slipped under the box, ramming into Bogg at full speed. This has left Bogg almost dead, with his spine broken, but thankfully alive. Not shortly after the ambulance came and they took Bogg to the hospital, where he was treated and recovered. (See: Clips)

(2.10.2021) Bogg and his friend Trey were in a car driving around town, when a different car full of people approached them. Bogg quickly struck up a conversation and offered them his "Loot bags". They were interested in buying some, but they didn't have money on them so they decided to go to the nearest gas station and use the ATM there. On the way there Bogg was able to pass them and get to the Gas station first, but when parking he wasn't looking in front of him and rammed his car right into the gas pump, which resulted in an explosion. This also made their car explode, which launched Bogg away. Unfortunately, his friend Trey got stuck in the burning car, but thankfully he was wearing leather clothes, which partially protected him from the fire. The explosion has left them both almost dead, with severe burns all over their bodies, but both were still alive. People in the other car witnessed this and had decided to run away. Not long after, the ambulance came. Both Bogg and Trey got quick treatment on the spot and then got transported to the hospital, where they received extra treatment and recovered.

Gangs or other groups[]

Bike Gang[]

Bike Gang is a group of individuals that like to ride on bikes and do some tricks. The gang was created by Bogg on 2.11.2021. The gang does not consist of permanent members, it's more of a community. To become part of the Bike Gang you just simply must like to Bike. The gang has hung out only once so far.


Bike Gang (Official)[]

Bike Gang is a gang founded by Bogg Dann with the only goal of riding walls and doing wicked tricks. The gang was founded on 11.28.21.




Bogg is friendly and well known all around the city around the city, having met a lot of people. Despite this, his socially awkward behavior makes it hard for him to make proper friends. After the death of Jean Pierre, he has never been the same, but he has made great friends with the likes of Sven Snusberg, Arush Patel Santana and even Humberto Antonio Donato Pecorino, who considers Bogg to be his best friend. Frequent trips to Pillbox Medical Center have lead him to befriend Doctor Noah Drake and Medical Assistant Dawn Hearte.



Fun Facts[]

  • Bogg wears the placenta blood-stained towel he was dried with after his birth on his shoulder to wipe his tears away when sad. He is willing to kill people to keep the towel safe.
  • Bogg was in a short relationship with Tony Corleone.
  • Bogg sometimes likes to kick doors open.
  • Bogg named his trusted BMX bike Jerry and the bike is able to be locked with a key (like a car).
  • Bogg's secret middle name is Leonidas.
  • Bogg sometimes calls BMX "BIMX".
  • Bogg once threw up an animal carcass.
  • Bogg's weed strain "Bogg Pussy" has been documented to be able to give emotions and empathy to robots.
  • Bogg sometimes records videos for the Internet called "Bogg's vlogs".
  • Bogg is excellent at moonwalking.[7]
  • Bogg has short-term memory loss.[8]
  • Bogg's favorite music band is Brothers.[9]
  • Bogg bangs his head against a wall to intimidate people or when he is angry or stressed.[10]
  • Bogg has incredible strength; he can lift many times his own body weight. For example, he once lifted a bus.
  • Bogg owns three standard BMX bikes.
  • Bogg is slightly addicted to weed.
  • Bogg's husband from Libasol is named Gogo.
  • Bogg still suffers from PTSD at the sight of a cardboard box.
  • Bogg's morning routine includes dancing in the middle of the highway.[11]
  • Bogg's farts are capable of stunting child growth.[12]
  • Bogg has a metal dick.
  • Bogg has been to the hospital more times than anyone in the city.
  • Is in possession of Big D's CG Chain.


  • "Forget about it"
  • "Bogg is the best, fuck the rest"
  • "Buy high, sell low"
  • "B-B-B-Bogg on the beat"
  • "You like music?"[13]
  • "Where is the bathroom?"
  • "Free shower"[14]
  • "Want some weed?"
  • "90.............5"[15]
  • "No :) ..."
  • "Ok..... Bye!"
  • "Y?"
  • "Why you coming fast!?"
  • "What's your story?"[16]
  • "Want to buy some fruits?"
  • "Watch this!"
  • "That's crazy"
  • "Last one"
  • "Yaes"
  • "I fell"
  • "Nice bike!"
  • "Got any wares for sale?"
  • "The hospital is that way!"
  • "Imagine guy on computer"


Theme Music[]

Criminal Record[]

Status of Drivers License: Valid

Warrant Status: N/A

  • Assault x2
  • Attempted Second Degree Murder on a Peace Officer x2
  • Brandishing x2
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1] x4
  • Evading x1
  • Failure to Obey Traffic Control Devices x3
  • First Degree Robbery x1
  • First Degree Speeding x1
  • Hit and Run x1
  • Illegal U-turn x1
  • Joyriding x4
  • Kidnapping x1
  • Non-functional Vehicle x1
  • Possession of Cocaine x1
  • Possession of Controlled Dangerous x1
  • Reckless Evading x3
  • Resisting Arrest x4
  • Resisting Search x1
  • Robbery x1
  • Second Degree Speeding x1
  • Unlawful Imprisonment x1
  • Possession and Redistribution of Drugs x1
  • Public intoxication x1
  • Trespassing into Federal Security Prison x3


Fan Art[]


Played By: pokelawls
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