Boe Jangles is a character role-played by bLuE622.

Description Edit

Boe Jangles is a criminal and has connections across the city. He is close friends with Charles Johnson. He also has close ties with Chang Gang but is not a member. He also hangs around the tuner shop and likes customized cars. Boe also works for the White Widow Dispensary.

Criminal Record Edit

Status of Drivers License: 21 points (Suspended)

Warrant Status: N/A

  • Accessory to Attempted First Degree Murder x1
  • Accessory to Attempted First Degree Murder on a Peace Officer x1
  • Assault with Deadly Firearm x3
  • Attempted First Degree Murder on a Peace Officer x1
  • Attempted Jailbreak x1
  • Attempted Second Degree Murder on a Peace Officer x14
  • Brandishing x3
  • Burglary x1
  • Contempt of Court x1
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1] x50
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 2] x5
  • Criminal Possession of a Taser x2
  • Criminal Use of a Firearm x16
  • Disobeying a Peace Officer x2
  • Disturbing the Peace x1
  • Evading x5
  • Failure to Stop x1
  • Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle x1
  • First Degree Robbery x1
  • First Degree Speeding x1
  • Grand Theft Auto x1
  • Illegal Passing x1
  • Illegal Turn x1
  • Impersonating a Peace Officer x1
  • Joyriding x26
  • Kidnapping x12
  • Obstruction of Justice x4
  • Perjury x1
  • Possession of Cocaine x3
  • Possession of Controlled Dangerous x6
  • Possession of Crack x4
  • Possession of Marijuana x1
  • Possession of a Stolen Identification x1
  • Reckless Driving x2
  • Reckless Evading x27
  • Removed Weapons License x1
  • Resisting Arrest x31
  • Robbery x37
  • Tampering With a Vehicle x7
  • Third Degree Speeding x1
  • Trespassing x2
  • Unauthorized Parking x1
  • Unlawful Imprisonment x3
  • Vandalism of Government Property x1
  • Voluntary Manslaughter x2

Gallery Edit

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