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Bodhi Mack is a character role-played by OneTapBingus.

General Information

His name is typically misspelled, with the most common variations including "Body, Bodee, Bodie, Bohdi, and Bodi."

Parent's are Benji Ramos and Ash Ketchup. Here you can see him being listed as one of her sons alongside Carlos Loco, Larry Knox, Javier Diaz. Ash also lists two of her grandsons from Larry.

He has no relation to Sergeant T.J. Mack.

Job Descriptions
Clucking Bell

Bodhi has a job at Cluckin' Bell, Burgershot, UwU Cafe, Rooster's Rest, and is also a Mitch.TV Influencer at the Vanilla Unicorn.

He is also a renowned hacker, having bypassed the security systems of many different establishments such as banks, jewelry stores, and security firms. He has never failed to hack into something.