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Bodean Tucker was a character role-played by Pons.

General Description

Bodean "Bo" Tucker was a Deputy for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Badge #316.

Tucker was well-known for his accent, and was easily recognized around the city for it.


  • Driving
  • Shooting
  • Cooking
  • Likeable


  • Australian Accents 
  • Blue, Blonde, and Silver colored hair
  • Tig ol' Bitties
  • Locals
  • Fire



Jerry Perkins

Without question, Perkins was Bo's closest friend on the force. When Bo transferred over to the LSPD, Perkins jokingly referred to him as a 'traitor' and the two drifted apart for a small time while Bo went on many ride-alongs with TJ Mack instead. Since Bo transferred back into the BCSO, the pair had been closer than ever.
In a recent kidnapping by Roman "Black Mask" Sionis where Bo was held hostage, Perkins played middle man in communications between the PD and Bo. Tucker begged and pleaded on the radio with Perkins for the PD to back off and he tried his best to relay the information to the rest of PD, but unfortunately his requests were met with resistance. In that moment, Perkins felt completely powerless as his superior officers carried on with the chase despite Bo's pleas. At one point, when Bo was sure he was going to be killed, he called over the radio to Perkins and said "I don't tell you this enough bud, but I love you." Perkins returned the sentiment and told him it was going to be okay and they were going to ride together after that situation was over. The chase ended when other officers pit the truck Mask was driving and negotiated for Bo's safety. He was able to be pulled out of the truck and taken to the hospital, but his trust in the LSPD was lower than ever, feeling like his life wasn't valued by other officers. He was told he had to ride along with someone else for the rest of the night and he refused to ride with anyone but Perkins, the only person on duty he felt he could trust.

Michael Dias

Bo and Dias had mutual respect for one another as police officers, and were often seen bickering over who could take the truck on duty.
Bo was the last person to pay his respects to Dias and has taken his death of very hard.
Ever since Dias died, Bo doesn't see him no more...

Isacc Richardson

BCSO's newest transfer deputy; Bo had taken him under his wing as his personal instructor in driving lessons, and taught him how to take lead in active situations.
Bo took the "big brother" approach to people when they bullied Isacc about his speech impediment, threatening to "beat them up" if they even mentioned it.
Willow read some text messages to Bo from Isaac, where Isaac told her that Bo had been trying to hook up with someone in PD, that he was a snake and other officers agreed. Bo and Isaac weren't seen together for some time.

Lauren Forcer

Bo and Lauren were in the same academy group together. Lauren started out as LSPD and eventually transitioned to BCSO, putting them in the same department, up until Bo switched over to LSPD.
After the death of Michael Dias, Lauren was incredibly upset and lost, being very close to him. Bo was a shoulder for her to cry on and someone for her to talk to. Bo felt very protective of Lauren, often times referring to her as someone he thought of as a little sister.
However, Lauren did have big ol' tiddies and Bo was easily distracted by them. Note: big tiddies are the man's weakness, this can't be held against him.

Kael Soze

Soze adopted Bo as his son, along with Stephen McClane and TJ Mack.

Olivia Copper

Bo often referred to her as "Daddy Copper" and had stated that Copper has adopted him as one of her children. She usually gave Tucker his vitamins so he could have his candies afterwards. Copper was a strong, authoritative figure in Bo's life, so it's no wonder he would fall in line with what she said, in addition to the the fact that she was his superior officer. Copper also had final say in Bo's romantic conquests, and had on multiple occasions said she'd come out of the house with a shotgun, picking bellybutton lint to assert her dominance over anyone who wanted to date her darling precious boy.

TJ Mack

Bo's newest brother on the force. The two bonded very quickly and were seen riding around together most nights on duty. Together, they formed one badass super duo. Along with Stephen McClane they formed the Sons of Soze.


Romantic Relationships

Bo's sexy voice and country charm attracts a lot of female attention. He often has women throwing themselves at him and he is not opposed to take them back to his house and cook for them or let them stay the night if they so please.

Bambii Byrd

Bo and Bambii had an on and off relationship, and has been formally ended.
Recently, after some time out of town, Bambii returned to her job as an EMS where she and Tucker have had many run-ins with each other. Each conversation has been a negative one and it's clear she harbors resentment towards Bo. In a recent conversation, Bambii told Bo that he was the meanest person she knew and that she didn't want to talk to him, because talking to him just made her cry.

Erin Cox

Bo and Erin's friendship began after Erin made some incestuous insults about Bo and his family members due to his redneck background. Bo ignored Erin after multiple attempts by her to try and talk to him and apologize for what she had said prior. After some time, Bo stopped ignoring Erin and slowly started spending time with and opening up to her. Bo rented Erin's house in Paleto Bay for one week for him and his brothers, Scott Ridley and Junior McKenzie . During that week Bo and Erin started sleeping in the same bed with each other and no, Bo is a gentlemen, he didn't have sex with her. After buying his own house in the city, Bo gave Erin keys and they began sleeping together there. Not too long after this, Erin's old companion, Arthur Hammond, returned to the city and Erin left Bo to go back to Arthur. Arthur proposed to her and she said "okay." Bo did not forgive Erin for this.
Recently, after multiple attempts to contact Bo, Erin got back in touch and told him that she was wrong about Arthur and planned to give back the ring. Bo is still very confused with where he and Erin stand. He teeters between being hurt by her actions and still having feelings/being soft for her.
During his on again/off again relationship with Pixie Plum, Bo and Erin got close again for some time. However, Bo ended up going back to Pixie again which hugely pissed Erin off. She's currently a suspect in the kidnapping and torture of Bo.

Wilhelmina Copperpot

Bo and Copperpot have known each other for a while now, since he was in his cadet phase. Copperpot was engaged to Bo's semi-adopted son who is only two years younger than him, Johnny Fahrenheit. Bo had warned him, that Copperpot was trouble and that she was a liar and manipulator and that she had cheated on him many times.
Bo and Copperpot's sexual interaction began with Bo rolling up to a store robbery call at a convenience store, where he came across multiple masked up criminals and hostage. Bo started negotiating with said criminals, pointing out the female in the yellow clothing saying that if he caught her, she would have to go on a date with him. The woman was hesitant and said yes but also commenting that it would be very awkward. Bo was confused but continued on with the negotiation and eventually caught the woman after a car chase. After catching her she revealed her identity to Bo and he then also commented that this situation was very awkward and that he didn't want to cuck his son. Copperpot then replied saying that maybe she was into that. Bo jokingly took Copperpot back to his house and to the front door just to see if she would go all the way, Copperpot told Bo she would have gone all the way with him. Bo then took Copperpot back to MRPD to process her for the crimes she had previously committed. Bo took her to a questioning room in the back of MRPD and told her to "get naked" and he beat the breaks off of her.
Bo did then tell Johnny, that he had sex with Copperpot a few days later. Exclaiming that he only slept with her to prove his point. He took it rather well... after all the crying.

Willow Wolfhart

Bo and Willow have had many interactions when Bo is running in and out of MRPD. 
Willow was told by Johnny, that Bo had slept with his crackhead ex-fiance Wilhelmina Copperpot, and Willow became disinterested in Bo after she was told this. Bo and Willow had a chat in the MRPD kitchen after Willow found out about Bo sleeping with Copperpot. Bo explained the Willow how he was just doing it to look after his 'son' and that he was trying to prove a point to him. He then asked Willow if she was jealous, and she said absolutely not. He then asked her if she wanted to have sex the previous night, she exclaimed that she absolutely did not. Then before leaving to go on duty he asked her if she wanted to take her back to the house before he went on duty, she said yes. Bo and Willow then quietly walked out of MRPD and drove back to the house where they had a good time.
Side Note: Willow definitely could not walk straight afterwards.
Full Scene (Starting at 16:25, Ending at 43:00): [1]
Bo and Willow Getting it On
Bo and Willow casually began to hook up, getting together nearly every night. Often, she would stay at his place as well. Bo developed feelings and asked her to be his girlfriend. Willow said no because she didn't trust him. They kept things casual for some time, until more rumors came forward about Willow hooking up with Pred, McClane, etc. Bo and Willow argued about these rumors and she questioned Bo about his relationship with Pixie, after she stayed the night at his house the night before. It was all a misunderstanding and they kind of patched things up, only for everything to fall apart a few days later, specifically after a conversation Bo had with Chief of Police Vladimir Raven. Bo explained the situation with Willow to Raven, and he concluded that it sounded like she was just using him. After hearing this and also several other people mention her hooking up with other people, Bo and Willow stopped seeing each other. After a couple days bo tries to talk to willow by putting pizza in her car, and awkwardly stares at her to which she just glares. After that Willow goes down in her at DOC job because prisoners attack her. Bo gets super worried and sends her a text saying "please be ok." and speeds to her location. They find Willow with Randy and Bo states that he would kill anyone for her and Randy even asks if he likes her to which he states "it's not his business". After that he gives Randy a ride from jail where Randy tells him that she told them that she likes him but he is with someone else to which Bo states he is not. She then sends him a text to say thank you for saving her and they both meet to talk things out. He tells her about Pixie and that he's only sleeping with her but he doesn't have feelings for her. They then go up a mountain where she finally says she loves him and he is shocked but he also says he loves her. They eventually break up after Willow finds out that he has been talking to Erin and when asked if he still loves Erin, he didn't respond. She told him to take his key and ended their relationship.

Violet Noreguarde

Bo and Violet's friendship began like every other cop and criminal friendship. However after Violet left the Aztecas she was getting shot up multiple times a day and Bo reached out to help her. He took her down to Sandy Shores PD and she explained to him the things that were happening to her and she opened up to him and began crying. Bo consoled Violet and offered her money to leave the city for a better life, she politely declined due to family reasons. Bo and Violet now continue to have their general Crim to Cop interactions in the streets.
One afternoon Bo pulled up to a traffic stop with Scarlett Winters pulling over Violet in the parking lot of the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club. After the traffic stop had ended, Bo started a conversation with Violet and Scarlett, talking to them about his relations with Erin Cox. The Conversation then led to both Scarlett and Violet offering themselves to Bo for sexual interaction.
Bo Getting Offered Sex by Scarlette and Violet
Since then Violet has come to Bo asking him if he wants to get with her and he has declined.

Pixie Plum

Pixie and Bo's relationship started on Christmas Day, when a very sad Pixie told Bo how Dr. Ducksworth had dumped her. Bo was a shoulder for her to cry on, a friend in her time of need. Later that day she called him crying, unable to put on a brave face in front of everyone anymore, and asked him to take her away from the city for a while. He picked her up in his car and they drove around for a while, talking. She opened up to him about her issues with dating, love and loss, as well as her issues with how people perceive her. She feels she always needs to be professional and seldom has anyone to turn to. That night Bo offered her a place in his spare bedroom for her to sleep.
After that initial heartfelt conversation, Bo and Pixie started to kind of dance around each other, flirting a bit here and there when he came around Pillbox on duty. The flirting escalated up to the point where Pixie eventually told Bo she was starting to have feelings for him and didn't want to flirt with other people anymore since she actually cared about his feelings.
Bo and Pixie had started sleeping together and were feeling things out but Bo didn't feel anything for her other than a physical relationship and stated that she was the one who caught feelings. Side note: After the first time the two had sex, Pixie had to be hospitalized. Bo really did "beat them cheeks."
Some time had passed and the relationship between Bo and Pixie had its ups and downs. At one point, Bo was certain Pixie was the woman for him, he told her this and said he needed to talk to Willow to figure things out. Pixie was happy to hear it, but weary nonetheless, and for good reason. After Bo talked to Willow, they ended up patching things up and Bo changed his mind, making his relationship with Willow official. Pixie was deeply hurt and they spent some time apart, even their friendship suffered deeply. A short amount of time went by before Willow and Bo broke up, and he found himself going back to Pixie, claiming that he knew he made a mistake. They made their relationship official.
After Bo was kidnapped by Roman "Black Mask" Sionis he feared for his life, and hers. It was at that point that Bo broke up with Pixie, wanting to keep her away from him when he felt like Mask was going to come back to kill him. They didn't stay apart for long and have since reunited again.

Popular Investigations

Coming Soon.

Momentous Dates within the PD

Rank Insignia Note Date
Accepted into Academy August 10th 2019
Passed Academy; Badge #516 August 14th, 2019
Solo Cadet
Solo Certified; Badge #616 October 4th, 2019
Promoted; Badge #316 October 16th, 2019
Transferred to the LSPD; Badge #421 December 18th, 2019
Suspended for three days. January 18th, 2020
Transferred to the BCSO; Badge #316 February 13th, 2020
Killed in the line of duty. May 19th, 2020


On May 19th, 2020, Bodean Tucker died after complications during cranial surgery after he was karate chopped in the neck by Lana Valentine. The chop had formed an embolism in the brain and he underwent cranial surgery to try and remove the embolism, but did not survive surgery.


  • He used to like the BCSO Truck, but was often seen driving the BCSO Taurus before the transfer.
  • Bo despised biker gangs.
  • Since his mama had passed, frequently he cooked for people because that's what made him feel like he was still close to her.
  • His father faked his own death and he only just recently found out he was still alive. Bo wished that he would have stayed dead.
  • Favorite candy was Reese's Pieces.
  • Bo once took on the role of "Baby Snow" transforming himself to a Jackie Snow look-a-like.[1]


  • "Howdy!"
  • "I don't want my butt exploded!"
  • "I'm gonna beat them cheeks like they owe me money."
  • "Everybody goes away."
  • "It is what it is."
  • "NO, I don't have a 'giner!"
  • "Ever since I moved to this city women is throwin' their coochies at me like it's free samples at the grocery store."
  • "RAIGHT!...LAYFT!" (During police comms.)
  • "Yuh."
  • "Noi."
  • "Butthole"
  • (Even though these quotes are spoken by most southerners, Bodean said them often.)



Played By: Pons
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