Bobby Smith is a character role-played by ImmortalHD.

Bobby Smith is a Sergeant of the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Badge #309.

Bobby is thirty-five years old and has a thick Southern drawl in his speech pattern. He is of fair complexion, and always wears a silver skull earring on his left ear - in memory of his late sister, Matilda. He has blond hair styled in a side-parted businessman cut and a light goatee. Bobby also often sports his signature beige cowboy hat and green-tinted aviator sunglasses.

Bobby is desired by both male and female, despite them knowing he is married (currently separated) to the Chief of Police, Vladimir Raven. He constantly refers to himself as "heroic" in his police reports, and is well known for his spelling mistakes (and has been told by his superiors to be more careful). Along with his spelling errors, Bobby isn't very knowledgeable with technology, especially computers. This has been demonstrated while attempting to enter DNA information into the computer while working alongside Copper.

Background InformationEdit

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Bobby Smith originally wanted to be a professional football player, but his career dreams were cut short due to an incident during the 4th quarter of his team's championship game. Bobby was about to throw the game-winning touchdown against the Jersey City Jaguars when out of nowhere his running-back ran the reverse play of what they had practiced earlier and stepped on his ankle; injuring Bobby and ending his scholarship goals.

Bobby pursued a career in law enforcement following his twin-sister Matilda's death. At age 15, Matilda was killed in a drive-by shooting gone wrong from a gang in Southern Dallas. Bobby was part of the Texas Police Department for 10 years, investigating and attempting to apprehend the perpetrator. Bobby claims he was the "top officer" in Texas, because of how "good" he was. (This is either an exaggeration of his fame or an accurate representation of how terrible the Texas Police Department is.) Following his failure to find his sister's killers, Bobby moved to Los Santos. He now wears her old skull earring on his left ear in her memory. Bobby wishes to go back to Dallas to investigate Matilda's murder in the future.

Blaine County Sheriff's OfficeEdit

Bobby started out as a struggling Cadet but worked to become the well-respected Sergeant that he is today. He has been noted by Trooper Tony Andrews as a potential candidate to join the esteemed ranks of the San Andreas State Police.

BCSO is famed for crashing their vehicles, and Bobby is no exception. He manages to crash his police cruiser multiple times per shift and will stop at nothing to catch the bad guy (i.e. jumping off a highway bridge to chase Sonya Summers).

Bobby also does not hold back on his paperwork; completing incident reports even for guilty pleas, and regularly reminding other officers to fill in additional paperwork.


Familial Relationships

Vladimir Raven - Husband

Bobby met Vladimir Raven on his first day on the job as a Cadet, back when Raven was the Lieutenant for the Criminal Investigation Division (CID). Bobby took an immediate interest in him when learned that Raven had been engaged to another man. The two of them seemed to lack chemistry in the beginning, as their personalities were quite different back then. During their ride-along, Bobby invited Raven to a baseball game, which Raven immediately shut down. However, by the end of their ride-along, Raven's feelings towards Bobby had changed.
Over time they both expressed interest in having a relationship with each other. They would constantly flirt and make sexual innuendos while on duty. With the help of officers Olivia Copper, Ziggy Buggs, and Emma Dupont, they became an official couple. Raven and Bobby confessed their love for one another during a beach date on the 23rd of May, 2019.
The two were engaged on the 20th of July, 2019. While Bobby was in a ride-along with Olivia Copper; Raven and Kareem Lyon kidnapped Bobby. Under the guise of sacrificing him to a swamp monster, Raven and Kareem transported him to the swamp for Raven to pop the question. With such an amazing proposal, Bobby had no choice but to say yes. Instead of giving Bobby an engagement ring, Raven gifted him a pair of knuckledusters that spells out BCSO, and is engraved with "Bobby x Raven".
Not long after the two were engaged, they were being questioned constantly about when they were going to be married. After having several disagreements on the details of their wedding, and many failed attempts to plan anything for it, they decided to get married on Wednesday, 25th of August 2019 after a scheduled PD meeting. During their wedding, Raven and Bobby officially adopted Griselda "Zelda" Harth as their daughter and took a family picture alongside Olivia Copper and Jackie Snow.
On October 28, 2019, after weeks of trying to buy a home in Vinewood, Raven who was accompanied by Zelda found a way to buy a house. Bobby then decided to go check his new home only after finding out from Lance Malton that his daughter has been smoking and is in a relationship with Siz Fulker. After visiting their new home, Raven found out that Bobby never quit smoking and Bobby found out that Raven knew all along about Zelda's relationship with Siz Fulker. After revealing all their secrets, Raven is somewhat okay with Zelda's relationship while Bobby hates that Zelda and Siz Fulker are together.
After the murder of Michael Dias, the relationship between Bobby and Raven started to slowly change. Dias' death also shifted the relationships within the PD because some officers believed that Denzel Williams, the murderer, should be sentenced to death while other officers believed that life in prison should suffice as punishment. As the court ruling for Denzel Williams wasn't that far from the day Dias got murdered, both Bobby and Raven ended up being busy with the case and didn't have much time to spend with each other. Unbeknownst to each other Raven was writing an impact statement defending Denzel, while Bobby was writing up the report pushing for Denzel's death penalty. Only a day after the court hearing both Raven and Bobby realized that they were on different sides during the court hearing. The realization led to a serious argument where Bobby and Raven didn't settle on good terms. Days later, Raven, Bobby, and Zelda ended up taking a therapy session with Pixie Plum to settle their dispute. However, the situation just kept getting worse and worse to the point where Bobby ended up leaving the therapy facility only after telling his husband that he is taking a break from their relationship. After leaving the office he told Zelda that he has a trailer in Sandy Shores where they can live in for the time being. Although Pixie tried her best to consult with Raven he left the office emotionally broken.

Griselda "Zelda" Harth - Adopted Daughter

After getting hit off her bike during a traffic stop by Bobby's police vehicle, Griselda "Zelda" Harth developed a hatred for him. This hatred for Bobby would eventually grow to the point where she vowed to have him killed.
However, months later after speaking with Bobby over the phone about his wedding, Zelda somehow convinced Bobby to be her father. Later that day, Bobby invited Zelda to the house he planned to buy with Raven. After an incident involving clowns, robbery, and multiple stabbings, the couple decided to adopt Zelda as their daughter, Zelda was officially adopted at Bobby's and Raven's wedding.
On October 28, 2019, Bobby confronted Zelda about her smoking and having a boyfriend and it was later revealed that she and Bobby have been smoking behind Raven's back. It was also revealed that Raven is somewhat okay with Zelda's relationship with Siz Fulker while Bobby doesn't like the fact that she's dating him.


The Los Santos Police Department

Olivia Copper - Best Friend

Olivia Copper is Bobby's best friend, and the two of them are known as the cop duo "Bopper". Copper used to be one of his more predominant FTOs when she was a Trooper for the SASP. Bobby gives her credit for all of his promotions, claiming he only got them because of their friendship. She constantly feared for her safety whenever Bobby was behind the wheel, though she was the one to eventually clear him on pursuits, allowing him to do solo patrol. She was surprised to learn that he was passed off on comms during their ride-along, and had his check removed. She has also accused Bobby of eating paint chips.
Although she is highly critical and teases him often, Copper is perhaps his biggest supporter on the force. She has stated that she believes Bobby to be "too good of a cop" to be in the BCSO and has commented that he should transfer to the LSPD. Bobby has the utmost respect for her leadership and abilities. Copper has commented many times that Bobby should become a Detective, to which he always shuts down by saying its "basic police work". Copper revealed that her ultimate goal is to return to the SASP and to forcefully promote Bobby into the Assistant Chief position.
The duo has also formed a blood pact together, with the purpose being that they are to avenge one another and kill the other's enemies. Copper was also Bobby's "Best Ma'am" at his wedding where she gave an honest speech about their friendship. During one of their patrols, Copper and Bobby rescued a crab that lost a leg. They brought the crab to the Pillbox Medical hospital and performed a surgery on the crab. After successfully replacing the crab's leg with a "medical toothpick", Copper and Bobby gave the crab a new home which was in a fish tank at the Pillbox Medical Center.

Emma Dupont

Although the pair do not get to meet often anymore due to their conflicting work schedule, Bobby and Emma Dupont consider each other to be very close friends. Bobby first met Dupont when she was still a Trooper for the SASP before the PD restructure. Bobby credits Dupont for teaching him much of the skills he utilizes today, as she was one of the two FTOs (the other being Olivia Copper) that he spent most of his cadet phase with. In fact, she was one of the first three FTOs (the other two being Jack Ripley and Vladimir Raven) that he had on his very first day on the job. He also credits her for his vast improvement as a driver, since she would constantly insult his driving during and after their training sessions.
The two would often joke about one another's accent. Dupont claimed that his accent was constantly changing and Bobby claimed that he thought she was there for the bilingual officers, and that he could not understand her. When the PD restructure happened and Dupont was demoted from Trooper to Officer, Bobby came on duty to comfort her and show support, as she was going through a rough time. The two of them finally interacted with each other once more after months on the 2nd of August, 2019. They both seemed very happy to have met again with Bobby stating that "It makes me very happy to see the guys and gals that I don't ever get to see around."

AJ Hunter

Although they don't get to ride along with each other too often due to their schedules, Bobby considers AJ Hunter to be a very good friend. So much so that he decided to make AJ a groomsman for his wedding (which AJ did not end up attending). Although it was surprising considering the fact that AJ had lied to Bobby about an affair that Vladimir Raven was supposedly having with Jackie Snow. Despite this, Bobby is a big supporter of his and thinks highly of AJ's abilities as a police officer. He even went out of his way to question AJ about becoming an FTO, shortly after becoming a member of command because he had seemed unhappy about his position as an Officer. The two had a heart-to-heart, in which Bobby revealed that he felt like an actor pretending to be someone else with his newfound position. Saying that he didn't know what he was doing and suggesting that being a leader is not something that comes easy to him. AJ was surprised by this and said "Are you fucking with me?" and commenting that he didn't "see it" to be true. The two have similar aspirations, as they both wish to someday become Troopers for the SASP.

Thomas Metzger - Rival

After a conversation with Thomas Metzger about how Dias'​ and Bobby's rivalry had fizzled out, Bobby declared Metzger his new "rival". Although reluctant at first, claiming that they were "on the same team", Metzger agreed to be his artificial rival. It's a rivalry in name only, as the two get along quite well and have stated that they like one another. The two set a few rules to their rivalry, such as not leaving the other to die and being courteous and professional. They will sometimes greet each other with a friendly "hello rival" and proceed to have some friendly banter. Bobby claimed that being passed up for Lieutenant of the LSPD was a reason for the rivalry (although he has no desire to join the LSPD). More recently, Bobby commented that he "hates him so much, if he wasn't so hot", implying that he finds Metzger to be attractive and perhaps suggesting that the tension between them is turning into sexual frustration.
"Metzger is the kind of guy that Bobby would hate-fuck." - The Metzger command from ImmortalHD's chat.

Jason Bidwell

Bobby met Jason Bidwell back when he was a Cadet. After having dealt with Twech Chatt (Koil's shitlord character) together for over three hours, the two of them were quickly becoming good friends. So much so that Bobby had to reassure Vladimir Raven that he and Bidwell were not "a thing". However, Bidwell took a leave of absence not long after and hasn't seen Bobby since. Although it is unbeknownst to Bobby, Bidwell claims to be in love with him (though it could just be the jealousy of his and Raven's relationship). Bidwell made a brief return from his leave, in which he learned from Thomas Metzger that Bobby had gotten engaged to Raven. Who he later confronted for taking away "the love of his life" and accused him of manipulating Bobby. He has recently returned from his LOA once more and asked Matt Rhodes if Bobby was still "single" and told him that Bobby "had his heart". He also said "Fuck. I'm going to have to kill him" under his breath when he remembered that Bobby had gotten married to Raven.


The San Andreas State Police

Kael Soze

One of Bobby's more frequent ride-along partners. Kael Soze often pokes fun at him for being part of the "Sheriff's Office". Bobby had picked up a habit of avoiding paperwork thanks to him, however, both their attitudes towards it have since changed. The two of them have often discussed very strange topics, which Soze himself questions why. The topics range from food to sex, to his relationship with Olivia Copper, and to mushrooms growing from the ejaculate. Bobby and Vladimir Raven offered to do a threesome with him, but because Soze has a pea brain, he misinterpreted it as a ploy to get him to do paperwork. Recently, Bobby and Soze had a heart-to-heart, and Bobby realized that Soze's advances towards him and everything that breathes were not because he was desperate, but rather because he believes everyone should be harassed equally.
Bobby considers him to be a very important person in his life. The feeling seems to be mutual, as Soze was jealous after he wasn't given a role for Bobby's wedding (Bobby didn't think he would accept it). He even got the pair a set of engagement rings (which were not available in the city at the time). After AJ Hunter (one of Bobby's groomsmen) forgot to attend Bobby's wedding, Soze was asked to be his last-minute replacement. Soze originally didn't want to change into the groomsmen's colors by stating "Bobby look how fucking great I look right now." However, he changed his mind rather quickly saying "Fine, fine, I'll fucking do it, I'll change for you Bobby, I'll change for you," showing how much Bobby means to him as a friend. Also supported by the fact that once he was made a groomsmen he rented out a limo for Bobby and bought him and Raven a yacht as a wedding gift (which ended up exploding at the reception that same day).


The Blaine County Sheriff's Office

Conan Clarkson

Conan Clarkson and Bobby often ride together whenever they get a chance to. Clarkson will often refer to him simply as "Bob". While Bobby considers Clarkson to be just a friend, Clarkson is possibly attracted to Bobby. When Bobby had invited Clarkson to his wedding, Clarkson claimed that he would object to the wedding and that they were the ones who belonged together. Thankfully, Clarkson did not attend Bobby and Vladimir Raven's wedding. Clarkson has also tried on multiple occasions to convince Bobby to join the Park Rangers. However, Bobby has refused his offer every single time, since transferring to the Park Rangers would essentially be a demotion. Bobby has stated that he has been hearing good things about Clarkson's police work and mentioned that Olivia Copper might consider him to take over as Sergeant of the Blaine County Sheriff's Office when he retires. Clarkson had told Bobby that he stole Raven's wedding ring and intends to give it to Lauren Forcer (proven to be false by Raven). More recently, Bobby had agreed to do a testimonial for Clarkson's Park Ranger website. However, it was put on hold due to an active situation involving Mr. Wang Chang (who Clarkson was waiting on for more testimonials).

Matt Rhodes

Matt Rhodes is Bobby's "protege". Although he has been in the city for a long time, Bobby had never met Rhodes until the police academy. In the feedback report, Bobby wrote about him, Bobby was under the impression that Rhodes had been a lawyer, stating "He was a lawyer, now he's a cop. He's a lawyer cop, he can fight the lawyers at Mission Row". Ever since their first ride-along Bobby has been impressed by Rhodes' abilities as an Officer, and commented that he's done a "damn good job". He passed Rhodes off on booking, making him the first Cadet to receive a checkmark on their modules. Bobby claims that he became a Deputy thanks to all their ride-alongs and knew that he would do "phenomenal" during his final eval.
Bobby has taken quite a liking to Rhodes and will often seek to partner up with him as of recently. He was surprised to learn that Rhodes was in a relationship with Richard Dark and even laughed at the thought of it. They have quickly become good friends and show concern for one another's well being. Rhodes has even threatened Maverick Shaw before Bobby conducted his final eval. Warning him to keep Bobby safe or he was "done". The next day when Rhodes had questioned him how Shaw's final eval went, Bobby had thought he meant his own. Revealing to him that he had never taken one because he was "so good" that he didn't need to. When questioned further on the matter, Bobby claims to have "sucked a lot of dick" to get to where he's at and expects the same from him. Rhodes responded to him with "Understood. I won't fail you".

Michael Dias

Bobby and Michael Dias graduated from the same academy class. Ever since the academy, the two have had a rivalry over who the better police officer is. Dias was the first among the class to be cleared for solo patrol as a cadet, a fact that he took pleasure in mocking Bobby for. However, Bobby was the first in his class to be promoted from a Cadet to full-fledged Deputy. Ever since then, Bobby had always been one step ahead of Dias in terms of rank. However, the rivalry died down as Bobby pulled ahead even more by becoming Sergeant. Bobby had even stated this to Thomas Metzger, his new "rival". Dias had been a bit demoralized, as his dreams to become a detective had not been realized. His relationship with Bobby turned towards being more positive and Bobby became a supporter of his by stating that he thought the effort he put into his work "is being noticed". Despite this statement, Dias never advanced beyond the rank of Deputy before his death.
Although this didn't stop them from bantering every time they saw each other, such as Bobby calling him the "blood bug" instead of the bloodhound. Bobby eventually commented on their friendship, to which Dias replied with "Since when were we friends?". Bobby responded by saying that he and Dias had been friends going back to the PD academy. Dias didn't deny this but instead seemed upset because Bobby didn't visit him when he was in the ICU (Bobby was unaware due to there being no report filed because of a tsunami), revealing that he had visited Bobby when he was there. Bobby and Dias rode along together one last time on November 30th, 2019, before Dias was killed in a shootout involving Denzel Williams. Bobby visited him in the morgue and was visibly distraught, crying over the loss of his friend. Bobby wrote the incident report for Dias' murder and was put in charge of planning his funeral.  

Jerry Perkins

Another one of Bobby's more frequent partners, because Jerry Perkins will always demand it. Perkins will often show disappointment when he can't ride along with Bobby, or jealousy when Bobby had picked another partner. Although Perkins had been around for some time before Bobby became a Cadet, the two of them didn't really begin to hang out until Bobby became a Deputy himself. Bobby often makes fun of Perkins with just about everything he does, from the clothes he wears to his awful driving ability. Over time, their relationship became a friendship, and now Bobby considers Perkins to be one of his closest friends. Perkins has also been asked to be a part of a threesome with Bobby and Raven, (which he will bring up from time to time) but has been dropped since they "spit-roasted" Nicholas Riggs. Perkins was present when Olivia Copper, Vladimir Raven, Jackie Snow, and John Dorian promoted Bobby to Sergeant of the BCSO. Bobby has claimed to be training Perkins and has made remarks to Copper that Perkins is "getting better" and has stated that he "has to find someone to take his spot eventually." Perkins was one of Bobby's groomsmen for his marriage to Raven.


Criminals and Criminal Groups

Julio Thomas

Julio Thomas is one of the many criminals that Bobby has apprehended. Although they aren't explicitly friends, the two run into each other often and have had quite a few conversations. Whenever they do interact with one another Bobby usually greets him as "Mr. Thomas" and tells him that he needs to stop doing crime. The most common way they meet is during a traffic stop, as Bobby and Julio both agree that the latter is a terrible driver. Bobby has even been invited into Julio's house and saw his "beating corner" (a corner in his home where he masturbates). Julio has made a few comments to Bobby that alludes to some involvement with the death of his twin sister Matilda (although his involvement is unclear). The two will often threaten one another. Julio will tell Bobby to watch his back and Bobby will threaten to arrest him and even raid his home (nothing ever comes from either's empty threats). Despite this, Bobby has gone so far as to be a wingman for Julio when he showed interest in Olivia Copper. More recently, Julio had been a groomsmen for Vladimir Raven, Bobby's husband, after he offered him $40,000 to be a part of their wedding.

Mia Mersion

Mia Mersion and Bobby went on a date once, except Bobby didn't understand it was a date and Mia didn't know Bobby was gay. It was really awkward until Bobby admitted to seeing Raven, and then the two hit it off great. They spent the rest of the day buying a truck, and Bobby "trained" Mia as a police cadet. Bobby would often mispronounce her name as "Maya" while the two rode along together (which she would always correct). Mia has since asked Vladimir Raven and Bobby about having a double date with her and her boyfriend at the time (now fiance). Mia and Bobby have not interacted with each other much since, however, Bobby finally met Mia's fiance Rocko Colombo a few months back.

Chang Gang

Despite Bobby having arrested or detained every current member, the Chang Gang seem to like Bobby very much. They can be very accommodating and cooperative when he is around, which in turn makes Bobby be very lenient with them. The Chang Gang thinks of him as a good and fair cop, however, they will sometimes doubt his abilities during chases and shootouts, which Bobby will make them regret from time to time. They are the most common criminal organization that Bobby has to face when he gets on duty, as they are most active during his shift.
  • Mr. Wang Chang has flirted with Bobby in the past and will sometimes blow him kisses before he is sent off to prison. The two are on good terms and like to have conversations when they aren't on opposing sides.
  • Vinny Pistone seems to like Bobby the most out of the Chang Gang. Supported by the fact that he has shown real concern for Bobby when he heard he was in the ICU from Vladimir Raven. He goes out of his way to greet Bobby by yelling "Bobby!" and even says "I love you" before he is sent away.
  • Randy Bullet may act the most hostile during ongoing situations, but by the time he is being processed their arguments usually devolve into friendly banter.
  • Garrett Jobless can be the most cooperative with Bobby during questioning and will plead guilty to all charges in order to help Bobby move things along. He has even stated that Bobby could "join their ranks" if he ever quits being an Officer.
  • Ramee El-Rahman will refer to Bobby as just "Bob" and will say "Bob are you serious right now?" when being questioned and or given his charges. Bobby will sometimes mimic his voice and his catchphrases.
  • Dequarius "Big D" Johnson will often apologize for his crimes or whine and cry when he is apprehended by Bobby. This makes Bobby feel either bad or annoyed and he has even let him walk free at times as a result. While Bobby has interacted with
  • Charles Johnson and Uchiha Jones interact with Bobby the least from the Chang Gang, and they have never shown any real malice or hatred towards him. They usually treat Bobby with the same respect as the other members, and Bobby gives the same respect back.

Siz Fulker

Siz Fulker was dating Bobby's daughter, Zelda, even before Bobby and Raven adopted her, Raven was the first parent to find out they were dating. Raven and Zelda decided to keep it quiet for a while, but told Bobby eventually, as they both knew that he wouldn’t like Zelda’s choice of boyfriend. The first time that Siz was put into ICU was when he was riding a bike, and Bobby “ran” him over in a police car (with Olivia Copper as a passenger), causing him to go into a coma. Bobby asked (and paid) (Hedi Saurus) to “pull the plug”, though she never did. Bobby even took, and kept, a photo of Zelda that fell from Siz's pocket.

Episode List Edit

A Youtube channel by the name of Cruton (MyBathroomIsPurple) has recently been uploading ImmortalHD's past streams. This is a list of all episodes currently uploaded and a brief description for each one. (Some videos may be blocked in your country) (Episode Titles are reflective of the video uploaded) (VOD Links aren't included because they sometimes get removed on Twitch):

# Title Description
0 Police Academy The prologue to Bobby Smith's journey in the Blaine County Sheriff's Office. Bobby along with eight other recruits attend the PD academy. They first learn how to conduct a 10-38 (traffic stop), which is then followed by a felony stop. After every recruit gets a chance to perform these tasks, they move on to a 10-80 (pursuit in progress). Accompanied by Alex Casterman, Bobby learns quickly that the PD cruiser is a lot harder to handle than he had anticipated. After losing the suspects and multiple 10-50s (vehicle accident), the recruits move on to the breaching portion where they learn how to properly breach the convenience store, the jewelry store, and the city vault. Once breaching is complete, the recruits proceed to their final module, combat training. Bobby sticks around after the academy to ask questions and to try out their other vehicles.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 9:05 - 6:05:12

1 Ride Along Bobby Smith begins his second day in the city at the Pink Cage, where he meets Hedi Saurus after sustaining a few injuries. She transports him to Pillbox Medical, where he is introduced to their receptionist, Brenda Pancake. After he is checked in Hedi gives him a ride to Mission Row PD, where he meets Scarlett Winters. While waiting for an FTO, he comes across Judd Lincoln and Nora Dupres. Kareem Lyon signs on duty and takes him on as a ride-along but loses his head shortly after. As he waits for him to return, Bobby has a conversation with Michael Dias. Kareem returns and the two set off again, answering many dispatch calls and testing Bobby's knowledge along the way. During their ride-along, they interact with many individuals such as Ducksworth, Flocko, Snow, and Copper to name a few.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamps: 36:34 - 1:18:28 and 3:51:06 - 7:15:16

2 Cadet Smith Reporting For Duty Bobby officially starts his first day as a cadet with Jack Ripley as his FTO. The two have a busy shift together responding to multiple calls for about two hours before he is passed off to Emma Dupont. During their time together Dupont points out Bobby's terrible driving, finds out that he dislikes bees and even invites him to her home. She also hears the story of his dead sister Matilda. They ride around together for about an hour and a half, after which she introduces him to his next FTO Vladimir Raven. Raven comes across as hostile and a bit more serious than the other FTOs. However, Bobby takes an interest in him after finding out that he had been engaged to another man and is currently single. Bobby invites him to a baseball game but is immediately shot down. They don't see a whole lot of action while on duty but Raven warms up to him towards the end, showing off his short shorts and flexing for him in front of Mission Row PD. They set out once again for a bit but are interrupted by a tsunami.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 17:10 - 5:00:00

3 Ziggy Juice Bobby begins his second day as a cadet, this time with Joey Keys as his FTO. During their ride-along, they apprehend Big D and Mr. Chang, with Keys complimenting him on his reports but criticizing his use of ten-codes. Once their time together was over he rode with Dupont for a few minutes as he waited for another FTO. She also mentioned that Raven had seemed interested in Bobby, stating that he was in. Ziggy Buggs signed on duty and took him on a ride-along. Ziggy quizzes him on his ten-codes and case law knowledge. After a tsunami, Bobby ends up patrolling with Maggie Dean for a bit, who hands him off to Ziggy once more. Ziggy reveals that Raven had shown interest in Bobby, corroborating what Dupont had said earlier. The two would later pull over Otto Delmar, with Ziggy being impressed with how he handled the situation. They ride along together for a few more hours, with Bobby bringing up the story of his dead sister Matilda multiple times, to the annoyance of Ziggy.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 25:16 - 10:28:51

4 Blood For The Blood God Bobby meets Travis Tribble and patrols with him. Bobby learns about the Blood God and finds out what a blood eagle is. The two end up responding to a few burglary calls but their time with one another is cut short when Tribble loses his head. Ziggy then takes over as his FTO. They respond to a power grid disturbance, rescue wildlife, and fill their cruiser with gas multiple times. They try to one-up each other in a back and forth about bees and Ziggy's birthday. This eventually leads to the pair dancing at the Bahama Mamas. During their time together, Bobby tells Ziggy some Texas jokes and gives more information on his backstory, which Bobby has a hard time remembering correctly.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 7:40 - 4:06:19

5 The Interview Bobby starts his shift by changing his appearance after realizing how similar to John Archer he looks. Kareem then signs on duty and FTOs him. He quizzes Bobby on street names and their location in the city, with Bobby failing the quiz spectacularly. Bobby walks him through a hilarious traffic stop scenario that constantly changes. They try to respond to a few calls but have no luck apprehending anyone as their response time is too slow. That is until they help Dias catch Aaron Flocko. Kareem comments that Bobby is doing a fine job but his lack of awareness during situations and his being unacquainted with the city are his biggest obstacles. They end up patrolling together for about three hours.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 6:12:45 - 9:27:23

6 I Work With You Boys Ziggy helps Bobby with his uniform at Mission row. Bobby and Dupont help Angel and Dante perform a felony stop on Buck Colton. They take over the processing for Buck and later Mel so that Bobby could get more practice with booking. Bobby and Dupont spend some time at mission Row chatting with Ziggy before they set out on patrol again. The two assist with a chase after a jewelry store robbery but lose track of the suspects in the metro tunnels. Ziggy takes over as his FTO when Dupont signs off. Bobby pulls over Angel after she cut him off at an intersection. He gets into a long 10-80 (pursuit in progress) with Speedy. With the assistance of Ripley, they manage to detain him. Bobby and Ziggy respond to a shots fired call where they detain multiple people and arrest Ramee and Bogg. Later Joey Keys takes over as Bobby's FTO. The two help secure the hospital after Ripley was gunned down by a gnome with a shotgun. Bobby and Keys ride around for about two hours.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 11:57 - 9:56:51

7 Making Moves Bobby heads out once again with Joey Keys as his FTO. They respond to a call near the tuner shop where they run into Mr. Chang. He tells Bobby the proper procedure when confiscating a suspect's items. Bobby gets ejected out of his vehicle during a 10-80 and is transported to Pillbox Medical by Sarah Ableton, who he ends up helping after she falls on another man's fist. Bobby ends up flirting with the man and gives him his number. They respond to a jewelry store robbery, where they apprehend three suspects and find Owen Svensen gunned down. They return to Pillbox to treat the wounded. Bobby talks with Garrett Jobless, who pries at Bobby's relationship with Vladimir Raven. Bobby transports Tony Corleone (one of the suspects) and Svensen to Mission Row PD. Bobby and Raven interrogate Corleone and send him off to prison. They flirt some more afterward and Raven gifts Bobby a baseball, setting up a potential date.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 2:22:22 - 5:02:16

8 Taking A Statement Bobby starts his shift with Emma Dupont as his FTO. She makes some more comments on his terrible driving as well as his way of speaking. Bobby states that he's always had a hard time understanding her since the PD academy. They respond to a house robbery where they apprehend Iroquois "Snake" Plisken, get shot at by locals, and Bobby shoots Dupont by accident. Once at Mission Row PD, Bobby shows Dupont a number of different hairstyles which include a ponytail and an afro, both of which she shoots down. They head out again responding to multiple robberies and burglaries along the way. They end up taking statements from Snake, Mother, and Mr. Chang regarding a car robbery. They then head to Mission Row PD to find Raven so he can take over as Bobby's FTO. Raven and Bobby complement one another's appearance and make some suggestive comments to each other once Dupont leaves. They start to head out but are interrupted by someone who was being followed by Jacob Harth and Bobby having some technical issues right after.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 2:14:30 - 5:27:49

9 I'm A Gnome Bobby starts his shift accompanied by Emma Dupont once again. They respond to a robbery at the city bank and find individuals wearing gnome masks with a hostage. They clear the bank and take the blood they find to Jackie Snow at the Vinewood PD. They hurry to Mission Row PD after a woman had assaulted Kurt Leonard there. They later arrest Gladys Berry and meet Eugene Zuckerberg, Alabaster Slim, and Outto Tune Tyrone along the way. They help Tony Andrews apprehend a man in a gnome mask claiming to be Buck Colton. They take him to get an ID and discover that it is in fact, Buck. Dupont goes to bed and Bobby gets taken by Colt Shepherd. Bobby and Shepherd deal with Sun Moon and Kevin Shaw at Mission Row PD. The two respond to a kidnapping call from Dr. Choi and arrest Roman Sionis and Jack Knaves as their suspects.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 9:41 - 8:08:50

10 Beach Patrol Bobby waits for an FTO at Mission Row. Frank Williams comes to pick him up. They only ride for about fifteen minutes before Frank's head pops. Bobby heads back to Mission row to wait for anther FTO to sign on. He meets Jenny Hall, however, she does not take him. In the meantime, he watches clips on the computer and checks out the Weasel News website, where he reads the Gnome Manifesto. Jenny later returns to FTO him. They talk about Sherrif Tribble and the gnomes. The get into a pursuit with a motorcycle occupied by Mr. Chang and Big D. Later, Bobby asks her about Raven since they work together in the CID. She mentions that he was trying to impress someone, wondering if that someone is Bobby. She eagerly volunteers to wingman for him. Once their ride-along ends Bobby is taken by Olivia Copper. The two respond to a robbery at the city bank and a power grid disturbance. The two arrest Big D and Mr. Chang, who had fled earlier. They respond to a couple more calls then meet up with Raven. After they talk about an investigation, Copper not wanting to feel like a third wheel hands Bobby off to Raven. The two flirt as they drive to the pier, where they have their first date under the guise of an investigation.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 18:10 - 7:11:32

11 Dealer For The Dealer Bobby sets out with Olivia Copper once more. She asks him how his investigation with Raven went. She was surprised to find out that Bobby had been signed off on his comms. They have an eventful shift together. the two get along well, with Bobby telling her jokes and her getting a kick out of Bobby's mistakes. Bobby gets set on fire at the Pink Cage Motel and is treated at Pillbox for burns. After Bobby makes a couple of mistakes on dispatch, Copper meets with Ziggy Buggs to reprimand him for signing Bobby off on comms. Ziggy tells Bobby to stop fucking up and comments that Bobby's accent keeps on changing. They later chase Sal Rosenberg on foot. They continue their ride-along until the tsunami hit. After the tsunami, Bobby rides around with Ziggy. The two chase after a dump truck occupied by Gertrude Pancakes and Kelly Smith. After processing them they go to the Pink Cage, where they find two stolen vehicles but are interrupted by Sal, who had fled earlier. They then respond to a 10-71 (shots fired) and find a body at the scene.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 2:20:41 - 7:13:17

12 Assisting The Elderly Bobby and Copper start their shift together by going to Burger Shot. Along the way, they talk about condoms, their aspirations, and working out. They respond to a 10-71 (shots fired) but are unable to locate a suspect. They later pull over Edna Moose, whose vehicle was spotted near a robbery. Bobby tells Copper some Arizona jokes and some more of his backstory. The two interrupt a street race from commencing. The two respond to a jewelry store robbery, where one of Bobby's mistakes frustrates another officer. They have a lengthy situation involving Edna and Al Saab in the county. They take a statement from Cheryl Smith, who had been taken hostage earlier. They get into a 10-80 (pursuit in progress), where Bobby gets ejected and taken to Pillbox Medical. Raven visits Bobby at the hospital and the three responded to a 10-14 (medic down). Bobby has a hard time handling a situation involving Cheryl, Mike Skunt, and Mary Livingston. After a tsunami, Raven gifts Bobby a watch and the two talk to Cheryl at Mission Row PD. Raven and Boby then talk about the situation outside of PD and they come across Trish Baggs.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 40:33 - 6:59:07

13 Ready For The Shot Bobby is accompanied by Emma Dupont once again. She makes multiple comments about his accent changing. They end up at the docks after responding to a 10-71 (shots fired) and give Jackie Snow and Kurt Leonard a ride back to Mission Row PD. They respond to another 10-71 and apprehend Dexx Martin, who was near the scene. Dexx requests Murphy Braun, who gets into a heated exchange with Dupont at Mission Row PD during questioning. Once finished with Dexx, Bobby heads out with Colt Shepherd, who informs Bobby that Bovice Wilkinson was broken out of prison. They respond to a call on Forum Drive, where they harass James Carter, who was at the scene. Shepherd gets assaulted by a local and is taken to Pillbox Medical. Bobby was left with to deal with Carter and Dexx at the scene. Bobby and Shepherd then respond to a city bank robbery. Edna Moose arrives and attempts to help them, complicating the situation. They clear the bank, take a statement from the hostage, and head to Mission Row to end their shift together.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 18:07 - 5:03:23

14 Routine Traffic Stop Bobby and Dupont begin their shift by responding to a jewelry store robbery, followed by a 10-80 (pursuit in progress). They get food at the Lucky Plucker with Tribble and Leonard. They get into another 10-80 with a tow truck that was occupied by Reid Dankleaf. Reid crashes and is tased by Bobby and shot by Tribble. After Reid is treated at Pillbox they hear an explosion and investigate. It was caused by a tow truck and motorcycle. They head up to Paleto and discover that the bank had been robbed. Later they perform a 10-38 (traffic stop) on Tanner Box. He was going to be let off with a warning but called Dupont a bitch. He takes off when she threatens to impound his Lamborghini. He crashes his vehicle and is tased by Bobby and beaten with a nightstick by Tribble. They take him to Pillbox to treat his injuries and then to Mission Row for processing.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 9:56 - 4:01:10

15 Wicked Sick Jump Bobby gets made fun of at Mission Row by Dupont, Ripley, and Boba Stone because of his new accent. Dupont and Bobby respond to a restricted area call at the prison. They later arrest Sun Moon after he crashes his vehicle into them while he was in a street race. Once at Mission Row, he requests a bench trial. Judge Coyote Russell lowers his charges due to a lack of evidence. After the court case, Dupont and Ripley talk to Russell about adding a street racing charge. Before going off duty, Dupont tells Bobby that he needs to put more effort into focusing during active situations. Ripley takes over as his FTO and they respond to a call from Jordan Steele at Pillbox Medical. The two talk about Dupont and Raven. They get a restricted area call and pull out Air One. Shortly after arriving on scene Bobby falls out of the helicopter and is taken to Pillbox. He goes to bed due to a lack of FTOs. He wakes up at the Pink Cage Motel and finds Kael Soze and Tony Andrews across the street. The three of them respond to a city bank robbery, where they give Bobby permission to solo-patrol. He later assists them in arresting Grimoire Carolynn Hauttogs III.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamps: 1:24:19 - 5:49:49 and 6:14:53 - 7:26:10

16 Comeuppance Bobby talks to other people in his head at Mission Row PD while waiting for an FTO. Bobby sets out with Colt Shepherd and they respond to a jewelry store robbery. The two assist Owen Svensen after the vehicle takes off but are unable to locate it. They find out the plate had fake plates after they called the owner, who was in prison. They later arrested a man who had brandished a gun in front of the courthouse. It turns out that the suspect had also been caught on camera robbing a few stores earlier. After he is questioned and processed, Shepherd tells Bobby that he will talk with the other FTOs to sign Bobby off on investigations.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 20:11 - 1:59:37

17 Chad And The Sovereign Citizen Bobby and Dupont take a statement from Chad Tanner at Pillbox Medical, after he was attacked with a machete. He later flees on his bicycle after being accused of stealing a vehicle. The 10-80 (pursuit in progress) is interrupted by Mel and Eugene, who were in a car accident. They respond to an accidental shooting and get into a 10-80 with Big D, which is followed by another pursuit. The two arrest Sal Rosenberg after shooting him down at a jewelry store robbery. They respond to a convenience store robbery and have one more pursuit with the suspects before Dupont hands Bobby over to Michael Dunning. The two, along with Svensen arrest Saint Marcus, who later requests a bench trial. After processing Marcus, they clear the jewelry store and head to a city bank robbery. They perform a 10-38 (traffic stop) on Shady Grady, who takes off and is apprehended after a short chase. Once at Mission Row, Grady causes multiple problems, like running around the holding cells and punching his lawyer Nora Dupres.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 14:42 - 7:51:43 (Audio sync issues)

18 Mr. Chang Bobby and Copper partner up once again. They pull over Gomer and Judd. Later, with the assistance of Archer, they talk to Edna Moose, who tried to get involved with their stop. They help Soze and Angel apprehend Mr. Chang, who had a warrant for his arrest. Once Chang is processed Bobby and Copper prepare for a possible prison break due to his affiliates. They help Angel secure the prison after she was attacked by Chang on the inside. They respond to a 10-13 and find Archer who had ejected from his vehicle and had landed in a tree. Later they respond to a jewelry store robbery, where Soze tries to pass off paperwork to Bobby before he sees Copper and takes off. The two go to the Pink Cage after Angel calls in a fight. After interviewing the injured, Bobby and copper take Adrienne West to Mission Row for a meeting with Kevin Shaw. After the meeting Copper signs off and Bobby and Raven respond to a jailbreak. Bobby manages to take someone out during an intense shootout but goes down along with the other officers. He is then transported to Pillbox, where he spends the night.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 29:15 - 4:24:50

19 Wingman Bobby heads down to the sheriff's office in Sandy Shores to help Ripley with a prison transport. After transporting they head back to Sandy Shores so that Ripley can get off duty and to meet with Soze and Andrews. They talk about hilarious ways that Soze can ask Copper out. After their conversation, Bobby heads out with Copper with the main focus of their ride-along being pursuits. They respond to a 911 at the hospital, where they take another statement from Simon Webber. The two join Soze and Andrews in a 10-80 and help secure three suspects. Bobby and Copper later transport Reid Dankleaf to mission Row for them. After a short 10-80, they respond to a city bank robbery and secure Happy D'Klown who was used as a hostage. After clearing the bank they respond to the city power station disturbance. Once clear, the two get into a long 10-80 with a truck that leads them to the top of Mount Chiliad. Impressed with his driving, Copper checks him off on pursuits and clears him for solo patrol. Afterward, they pick up Raven, and he and Bobby have an intimate talk. The two respond to a few more calls before ending their shift.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 1:11:24 - 5:19:19

20 Twech Chatt Bobby starts his first solo patrol by seeing Twech Chatt crash into the Mission Row garage gate. He loses sight of him but comes across him again not long after and is apprehended once more and takes him to Mission Row for processing. He later assists Bidwell with a 10-80, but Bidwell flips his car. The two wait for EMS and then Bobby crashes shortly after, joining Bidwell on his way to the hospital. They are treated at Sandy Shores and check out the sheriff's office. They later arrest Chatt and bring him to Mission Row where he requests a bench trial. After the trial, Bobby and Bidwell transport Chatt to prison and celebrate by dancing before the tsunami. After the tsunami, Bobby spends some time talking to Riggs and flirting with Raven at Mission Row. He later responds to a restricted area call and helps Raven apprehend Yusef Amir. Bobby finds an abandoned vehicle belonging to Erin Cox and checks up on her. He heads down to the Paleto bank with Maggie and Riggs and later rescues them from their burning vehicles after a 10-50 during a chase in the metro tunnels. He helps Kareem transport them to Pillbox and ends his shift.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 22:14 - 7:34:07

21 No More Mr. Nice Guy Bobby starts off by responding to a jewelry store robbery. He gets into a 10-80 with Sal Rosenberg. He then responds to a city bank robbery. Bobby clears the bank and takes statements from the hostages, Kiki Chanel and Edna Moose. During questioning, Bobby discovers that Kiki had a warrant for her arrest. Bobby and Archer have a chat after dealing with Kiki. He later helps Archer secure Boris Petrovich and then performs a traffic stop on Kim Sharpe, who he believes to be intoxicated. He assists Archer and Ziggy with a chase at the Arcadius building. Bobby and Archer respond to a fight at the pink cage. Towards the end of his shift, he responds to a few power plant disturbances.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 17:22 - 4:53:47

22 Streek Kur Bobby begins his shift by responding to a 10-10 (fight in progress) on Grove Street, followed by a jewelry store robbery. He responds to a 10-11 (assault with a deadly) at the Pink Cage and attempts to apprehend Mr. Chang who takes off. He then checks up on Winchester, whose car had fallen into a pool. He finds Steve Smith injured at garage q. Bobby later gets run over by three vehicles during a felony stop. he gets into a couple of 10-80s before coming across Streek Kur. He arrests Kur, transports him to PD, where he calls EMS to retrieve his ID from his rectum and Murphy Braun to represent him. Bobby then responds to a shots fired call at Mirror Park, where he shoots down Reid Dankleaf, who had downed all the other officers. After everyone is treated at Pillbox, Bobby responds to a city bank robbery. After that, he arrests Streek Kur once more. Afterward, Bobby and Raven respond to a power plant disturbance, where they get into an intense shootout. All the officers are treated at Pillbox and debrief at Mission Row. After the debrief, Bobby and Raven talk privately and Bobby kisses him for the first time before signing off duty.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 29:48 - 7:16:26 (Audio sync issues)

23 Work Date Bobby helps Metzger at Pillbox Medical to start. He gets into a 10-80 with an aggressive driver in a blue car. He responds to a 10-71 (shots fired) near Pink Cage and detains James Blunt. Afterward, he goes to help Metzger at Mission Row. He gets hit on by Freya Manning, but she is quickly shut down by Raven, who witnessed her advances on Bobby. They give her and Brenda Pancake and escorted ride to Pillbox. Once there, Bobby and Raven make plans to go to the beach but respond to a jewelry store robbery first. After losing the suspect during a 10-80, Bobby heads down to the gym at the beach to meet up with Raven. The two proceed to have a date, where they confess their love for one another and officially become a couple. Their date is hilariously cut short after realizing there were no other officers to respond to calls. After the tsunami, Bobby's shift gets hectic with jewelry store robbery after jewelry store robbery, a Fleeca bank robbery, and later the arrest of Bow Bundy and David Wonders.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 3:20 - 4:24:43

24 Pushed Over The Edge Bobby responds to a 10-71 at the Pink Cage to start. He then performs a traffic stop on Liam Locksley. He helps Steve Smith and his friend at the Pink Cage. He then responds to four Fleeca bank robberies. He arrests Liam after fleeing from one of the banks. At Mission Row, he calls Nora Dupres to negotiate his charges. Afterward, he responds to a few jewelry store robberies and shots fired calls. Bobby has a standoff with Jordan Steele after a robbery. Steele jumps off a building and ends up in a coma. Then, Bobby, Copper, Angel, Reinhart, and later Soze respond to a power station disturbance, where everyone but Soze gets gun downed. They are treated at Pillbox and Bobby and Angel chat on the way back to Mission Row. Bobby responds to a 10-47 (injured person) on Jamestown Street, where a bunch of trucks explode. He later gives Soze a call and the two end up riding together. They chase after David Wonders, who Bobby drops off the highway bridge by accident. The two ride along together for about an hour.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 21:54 - 6:20:00

25 We Got Him Bobby responds to a shots fired call near the jewelry store. After clearing the scene he rides along with Soze. Bobby and Soze assist AJ Hunter at Mel Rickenbacker's home, where Bobby is gun downed by Yung Dab with an AK47. After Bobby is treated by Dr. Agnes, they respond to a city bank robbery. The two chase after the suspects until they 10-50 and get into a shootout with them on the highway. The suspects are treated at Pillbox and transported to Mission Row. Bobby interrogates and processes Tony Corleone, who was involved. They later respond to a jewelry store robbery where they are ambushed by rooftop shooters and Siz Fulker. Bobby is downed, treated, and then heads to PD to debrief on the previous situation. He discovers that Yung Dab AKA The Gnome was captured and placed in maximum security in Mission Row. He is present to hear Yung Dab confess to his crimes and shares one last conversation with him before transport.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 2:24:09 - 7:39:45 (Audio sync issues)

26 Chief Of Police Bobby is officially a Deputy now, having been promoted during the PD restructure. He helps Riggs clear a convenience store and chat for a bit. He crashes during a 10-80 and is transported to Pillbox Medical by Sarah Ableton, who roasts him along the way. Bobby gives Rodgers a ride and then sets up a speed trap on the highway. Later, he helps Riggs with a house robbery, where they shoot down some locals that drew guns. He finds Shikoto Shidoto downed inside the scene of another house robbery, but lets her go at Mission Row due to a lack of evidence. Bobby and Riggs have some fun with Julio Thomas, who was littering at Mission Row. After the tsunami, Bobby and Soze partner up. They chase after an individual who leads them into the barrio, where they are shot by local Vagos members. Bobby is taken hostage by the suspect, who wasn't cuffed at Pillbox, but is saved by Soze who flanks and shoots him down. They get him an ID, he is identified as Hector Guzman and is processed. They then get into a 10-80 with Grimoire Hauttogs and Boe Jangles, who are arrested and request a bench trial. Bobby and Kareem represent the PD at the trial and process the pair before signing off.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 31:25 - 7:15:16

27 Bystander Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 19:28 - 7:13:58
28 Bob Bobby starts by taking a report at Mission Row PD, then helps AJ with some locals who fired shots. After the tsunami, Bobby responds to a 10-10, where he is met by Eugene and Mel. He performs a funny traffic stop on Alabaster Slim. Then, he helps AJ and Conan Clarkson chase after Eugene. Bobby and Clarkson transport him to Sandy Shores and then Mission Row. He responds to a few convenience store robberies, followed by a jewelry store robbery. Bobby then goes to the gym to relieve some stress. He responds to a restricted area call and then heads to the Paleto bank. Later, Bobby and Clarkson partner up. The two respond to multiple Fleecas. They then respond to a city bank robbery, the chase that follows leads them to a tug boat on the beach. The boat explodes with the suspects on it and they are taken to Pillbox and then PD. After processing, Bobby arrests Sheila Michaels, who offers to show him a good time. Bobby takes a trip to Pillbox after a 10-50. He then finds Curtis Davis III gun downed. He performs a traffic stop on Randy Bullet. He gets into a 10-80 and arrests Shady Grady before signing off.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 22:37 - 1:02:28, 1:14:07 - 9:29:12

29 Police Survey Bobby begins his shift by responding to Reinhart's 10-13 (officer down). Then he patrols the county for a bit. Later, he chases after Kelly Smith and Gladys Berry, who were robbing stores and driving a golf cart. After processing them he goes to patrol the county once again. He responds to a Paleto bank robbery, where he encounters Merlin, a method actor who claims to be on a quest. He heads down the to city and chats with Chips Ahoy, Ableton, and Reinhart. Later, Bobby heads to Mission Row to partner up with Copper. They see some vehicles explode in front of the courthouse. Bobby hotwires Copper's mustang for a joyride while she's away. They respond to a 10-47 (injured person), then go to check out the Paleto bank but are interrupted by a call. They head back up to Paleto, where Copper suggests that bobby gives boring handjobs. Afterward, Bobby tests out a police survey bot and they check out the Vinewood PD. They respond to a few home robberies and check out the smelting factory. The two help Reinhart and Winters chase after Kray-Tor Skullfondler at the dam before signing off.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 22:37 - 9:29:14

30 Julio "Traffic Violation" Thomas Bobby starts off by calling for a tow near the Pink Cage. After, he joins copper and Svensen in a 10-80. He responds to a house robbery and finds Adam Magnussen, who claims to have been stabbed. He performs a traffic stop on Julio Thomas, who he pulls over again not long after. On his way to another call, Bobby crashes and flies across the highway and over EMS. After the tsunami, Bobby partners up with Copper at Mission Row. They pull over Julio and follow him around until he breaks another traffic law. They help Svensen detain a suspect who was selling drugs. They question Cardell Jones at the scene of a fight. Later, Jonathen Shepherd gives them lift a to Mission Row. Copper pulls over Julio again and then Charlie Barker, who admits to stealing a motorcycle. After processing Barker, they describe him as the saddest person they've ever met. They respond to a few house robberies and assist Svensen with detaining Julio. Later, while Bobby is riding a bicycle he found, Copper gets stabbed by a local. They go to Sandy Shores to test drive the PD SUV. Bobby and Svensen hilariously try to one-up one another at the Pink Cage, where Bobby sends Copper flying off a skate ramp before ending his shift.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 33:40 - 5:58:52

31 On The Record Bobby gets into a couple of 10-80s, followed by a jewelry store robbery to start. He finds a man downed on the street and then gets into another 10-80 with the suspects from the previous jewelry store robbery. They crash after a long chase and are arrested. Once at Mission Row, Mary Mushkin, one of the suspects, asks Bobby to "take her" and to "punish her". Afterward, Bobby heads down to Clarkson's court case, where he detains James Carter for fighting Justin Vincent at the courthouse. He checks up on Vincent at Pillbox and then returns to be the bailiff for Judge Coyote. Once the trial ends, Bobby gets a ride to Mission Row from Soze and Andrews. He later responds to a 10-10 (fight in progress) and questions Herbert P at the scene. Then, Bobby attempts to detain a jaywalker but lets him go because he had diarrhea. After, he responds to a 10-47 (injured person), where Soze and Andrews mess with Abdul. He then attempts to locate his stolen police vehicle before having some technical issues.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 14:22 - 5:44:16

32 Just Two Gay Cops Bobby gets back on duty and searches for a vehicle that fled from a burglary. He then responds to a jewelry store robbery and finds Sonya Summers robbing it. Bobby drives her car from the scene and is detained by Soze and Andrews, who leave him in handcuffs until the tsunami passes. He races Sonya back to Mission Row and partners up with Garry Berry. They respond to a 10-10 and see Abdul fighting two locals. Afterward, they chat with Raja and Castor Troy. The two pull over Mary Mushkin but she takes off and loses them quickly. Bobby pushes Garry off of the construction site and they head to a 10-14 (medic down), where they take a statement from Ableton. They stop Fernando Reyes after seeing him jaywalk. They later respond to a call about a woman stealing from EMS at gunpoint. They run after Sonya who matches the description given. Bobby jumps off of a highway bridge in order to detain her. After processing her they respond to a jewelry store robbery. Later, they respond to a store robbery where Bobby receives the hostage, Jordan Walker, and Garry catches the suspect, Abdul. After patrolling for a while they pull over Allen Widemann and check out his Lamborghini. Garry signs off, Bobby tows Sonya's car and responds to a Fleeca bank with Riggs, where they are shot down by Iroquois "Snake" Plisken.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 18:29 - 5:21:42 (This is the continuation to the previous episode)

33 The Yellow Flash Bobby gets into a 10-80 with Siz Fulker but loses him over the mountains. He responds to a Fleeca robbery in front of the Pink Cage and joins the chase that follows. After losing the suspects twice, Bobby responds to another Fleeca bank and gives the hostage, Sasha Simmons, a ride to Pillbox. He responds to a Fleeca up in the county and crashes in the chase. After patrolling for a while he pulls over JeMerrion Bridges, who ran a red light on a bicycle. Bobby responds to a jewelry store robbery and chases the suspects until they drive off the pier. After searching the beach for the suspects, he heads to a 10-71 (shots fired) at Grove Street. Bobby and Soze partner up and give a news reporter an interview. While Soze is away, Bobby runs after a cat. They perform a felony stop on Castor Troy. They get a tow for his car and let him go free, due to a 10-90 (robbery) call. However, they pull him over again after noticing him taking off in his vehicle and arrest him. Bobby heads to two 10-13s (officer down) after processing Troy and helps Soze and Joey Keys secure the scene. Bobby and Soze transport the yellow flash AKA Abdul to Mission Row. They later find a backpack with drugs and are approached by Raja and Mary Mushkin. They get into a 10-80 with Sonya Summers to end.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 1:32 - 3:33:03

34 Bully Abduly Bobby talks with Kurt Leonard and Bidwell at Mission Row. Bobby partner up with Bidwell, who questions his relationship with Raven. They assist Ripley and Leonard, then respond to a convenience store robbery. They chase after Kelly Smith, who took off in a dump truck. Not long after processing Kelly, Bidwell signs off and Bobby partners up with Leonard but quickly hands him off to Reinhart. He pulls over Kelly, who takes off while he was doing some sit-ups. Bobby meets Mia Mersion who was driving a dump truck. Mia asks Bobby out on a date unaware that he is gay and Bobby agrees unaware that he was being hit on. After some back and forth texting, Mia and Bobby go to the beach for some yoga. Later, Bobby goes to a 10-90 at the jewelry store and arrests Luther Johnson, who disputes the possession of stolen watches by presenting receipts. Afterward, Bobby, Reinhart, and Perkins respond to a 10-71 on Jamestown Street. Bobby and Reinhart partner up after the tsunami. They run into Denzel Williams, who exchanges some harsh words with Bobby. They then respond to two gas station burglaries and arrest Abdul. Later, they respond to multiple jewelry store robberies, followed by a Paleto bank robbery. The two help Riggs after a 10-13 and chase after a big rabbit. After patrolling some more, Reinhart gets off duty and Bobby arrests Abdul for stealing an ambulance.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 26:36 - 5:16:20

35 Happy Or Not Bobby is off duty for the first time. He purchases a new outfit and goes to the courthouse to try and get a weapons license. He calls Soze, who gives him permission to borrow a gun from Mission Row. After, he calls Mia Mersion to hangout. They go to the beach for some yoga accompanied by Ellie Dono and Mary Mushkin. Mary and Ellie leave them to their "date". Bobby, oblivious to it being a date, thinks about Raven. They ride a bicycle together and then head to the Bahama Mamas for some drinks. Bobby gets drunk, reveals that he is in a relationship with Raven and they start to hit it off. Afterward, Mia puts on her sheriff's costume and they go to PDM, where Bobby buys a Bison from Al Saab. They go on an unofficial ride-along, where they go to a sex seminar and pull over Happy. After, Bobby heads to Mission Row to sign on duty. He jokes around with Ripley in the evidence locker, much to the annoyance of Copper. Bobby responds to a Fleeca bank robbery and finds Mia, who claims to be working there. He calls her manager on the phone and they have a hilarious exchange. Bobby crashes during a 10-80 with Kelly Smith. He responds to a jewelry store robbery, where he arrests someone dressed as Happy, who attempted to set them on fire.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 23:18 - 7:05:35

36 Confrontation Bobby responds to a 10-10 by Pillbox and later a bomb threat at Mirror Park. He responds to a 10-94, followed by a 10-32, where Ron Otterman, Windsong, Chips and Jordan Steele discharged tasers. He goes to a Fleeca bank robbery, Pulls over Gomer Colton, and responds to Ron's 911, which turns into a jewelry store robbery. Later Bobby hides inside the jewelry store, awaiting a robbery. He receives Jordan who was taken hostage at a Fleeca bank. He joins the 10-80 and falls off a cliff chasing a suspect on foot. After being treated at Pillbox, Bobby rides along with Reinhart. The two attend Jordan and Jean's wedding and later attend Kayden Steele's funeral, where Bobby is hit on by a cameraman. They respond to a 10-71, where Perkins was shot at. Then, they respond to Gladys Berry's 911 call. After the tsunami Bobby patrols solo, running into Perkins multiple times. He chats with people at PDM, gives Chips a jaywalking ticket, and pulls over Norm Yoder. He helps Perkins catch a suspect from a jewelry store robbery, assists AJ Hunter in a chase, and helps Perkins arrest someone on Grove Street. Bobby talks to AJ at Mission Row, who claims that Raven is having an affair with Jackie Snow. Raven Shows up and beats down AJ and then proceeds to cover up the incident.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 33:13 - 5:10:30

37 55 Slots Bobby is off duty once again. He calls Garrett Jobless, in search of Tony Corleone. He checks out the upgrades for his truck and then heads to Mission Row to sign on duty. He responds to a 10-80 and a situation at Pillbox before the tsunami hits. He pulls over Paisley Hartford, who is auditioning for her play. The PD radio is temporarily down so Bobby improvises his own radio noises, the rest of PD and EMS follow suit. He gets into a few more chases, including one with Garrett but lets him go due to scuff. He later assists with a felony stop that turns into a lengthy chase. Bobby gets his weapons license for Judge Labarre at the courthouse. Later, he and Dias partner up, in an attempt to capture Bovice Wilkinson. The number of people in the city grows after another tsunami, causing a lot of scuff and technical issues. Bobby backs up Ziggy and Perkins on a 10-38 and gets into a 10-80 with Mel and Garrett. While fleeing, Mel gets mauled by a murder kitty. Then, Bobby responds to two 10-13s, caused by Perkins and Ziggy exploding at a gas station. Bobby and Copper partner up but he has to take multiple naps to fix some issues. The two release Mel and Eugene, whose scuff made their arresting officer's heads pop. After a hard nap, they pull over Eugene and talk to a bunch of their friends at Mission Row. Bobby partners up with Ziggy, and Perkins joins later. He patrols solo for a little bit and arrests Derek Forde.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 12:37 - 7:44:50 (Multiple breaks in between)

38 Viking Funeral Bobby meets up with Soze on a call and they partner up. They respond to a convenience store robbery with Ripley. The two respond to a call at the Pink Cage, where Bobby takes a statement from Scroty Nugs. Then, they go to the beach for some yoga and find Edna, who was burned. Bobby and Soze respond to a jewelry store robbery and they take primary on a lengthy chase. Later, they respond to a call on Grove Street, where they shoot down some locals and find an injured Ryan Kindle. Soze takes a nap to fix some issues with his eyes. Bobby stages a car accident on his way to a 10-13 to avoid paperwork. He regroups with Soze and they help Raven breach a home in the Vinewood Hills. Raven and Bobby ask Soze if he would like to be spit-roasted by them. Afterward, they breach another home and arrest Pinto Patel, who loses his head during transport. They pull over Erin Cox and Kindle. They respond to a situation at the Yellow Jack, where they transport Windsong to Mission Row. Bobby sees "cop heaven" while chasing after Copper. He helps Raven, Cheryl, and Reinhart shut off the PD intercom system. Bobby takes a hard nap and meets up with Soze again. They get into a 10-80 with Bobby Boolderman. After the tsunami, Bobby and Raven flirt at Mission Row, where everyone is trying to find a fix for their voiceboxes. Before ending his shift, Bobby is taken to the canals by Soze, Copper, and Raven for a Viking funeral.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamps: 19:54 - 4:41:51 and 4:53:57 - 6:30:37

39 Falling Down The Stairs Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp:
40 Spaghetti No Meatballs Bobby and Perkins partner up and respond to a convenience store robbery. Then, they respond to a 10-71, where they find Kelly Smith shot in a parking garage. Bobby and Perkins help Ziggy retrieve his truck from Edna. They pull over Parson Brown and help an injured man near the prison, who claims he was run over by a police Mustang. Later, they talk about Denny's and respond to a 10-71 on Grove Street. They also respond to a 10-32 on Grove, where Perkins gets shot and bleeds out. William Haze, the medic who was transporting Perkins gets gun downed not long after. They take a statement from him at Pillbox Medical. Bobby and Perkins help out with a 10-80, which ends near the prison. Bobby and Metzger take Mr. Chang, one of the suspects, to Sandy Shores for processing. Bobby chats with Ziggy, Copper, Metzger, and Perkins at the sheriff's office for a while before the tsunami hits. He rides along with Perkins and they respond to Ziggy's 10-50. They tow Stevo Strawberry's and find Kathy Greenfield on the street after she was assaulted. They question Pual GreenWay at Pillbox, believing him to be Stevo in a disguise. Later, they find Shier Kahn, who was run over by a car. The two, along with Archer respond to a home burglary. They pull over Alexandr Popov and respond to a jewelry store robbery, where Archer has a trial by combat with Anto the Anarchist. He is taken to Mission Row, where he has another trial with Copper.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 2:07:41 - 8:04:47

41 FTO Bobby, officially certified to be an FTO now, partners up with Clarkson. They immediately respond to a jewelry store robbery but lose the suspect, Kray-Tor, in the chase. Bobby checks out the Park Ranger's website and reads some of his reports. They find Kayden Steele protesting bank robberies inside of a Fleeca. They help a man who was attacked by a dog and later detain Kayden, who was high on cocaine. Bobby overhears a funny conversation between Copper and Clarkson at Mission Row. Bobby, Copper, and Perkins show Clarkson the Park Ranger's Station on Great Ocean Highway. They respond to a 10-47 in front of the city bank and check out the Beaver Bush Park Ranger Station afterward. They go to the Vanilla Unicron, where doctors and EMS are celebrating Reinhart's promotion. Denzel Williams shows up and shoots Tayvadius Livingston III with a shotgun. Perkins and Bobby partner up after processing Denzel. After a tsunami, they help Allen Widemann at Pillbox and assist Ziggy in chasing Hauttogs III. After processing her, Perkins' head pops and Bobby backs up Kareem at a traffic stop. Later, Bobby tries to impound a vehicle and is approached by Judd Lincoln, who sing him his new song. He pulls over Boe Jangles and detains Julio Thomas. Bobby responds to a few home burglaries, where he gets into a shootout with Louis Brandeis II. He calls Kevin Shaw to represent Louis and ends his shift after processing him.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamps: 15:35 - 4:11:53 and 4:47:41 - 7:50:02

42 Jeffrey Lettucecup Bobby and Clarkson team up and respond to a 10-47, followed by a 10-10 at the Pink Cage, where a robot called Shitlord was fighting Mel. Clarkson's head pops and Bobby heads to another fight involving Shitlord. He takes Shitlord and his operator Thatzo Rayvin to Mission Row for reprogramming. Bobby, Copper, and Perkins take Metzger to get his ears pierced. Later, Bobby and Copper chat with Mel and Mia at the comedy club. After a tsunami, the two help transport a few injured people. They respond to a jewelry store robbery and detain a group before another tsunami. Bobby and Copper pull over Donovan King and respond to a 10-71 at Pillbox, where Leeyo Anderson shot his taser. Bobby performs a sobriety test on Karen, talks to Castor Troy, and responds to Ziggy's 10-13 before a headache. Then, Bobby and Copper help Kareem chase after Sonya Summers, where Bobby briefly gets amnesia due to a crash. He is led to believe his name is Jeffrey Lettucecup and that he is dating Garry Berry before being treated at Pillbox. Later, Bobby and Copper go to the Bahama Mamas, where they join a dance party. Afterward, they meet up with Alex Casterman at Mission Row. Bobby runs into his helicopter blades on their way to a call. Bobby then takes out a helicopter of his own and somehow manages to safely land in the canals.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamps: 1:07:22 - 6:40:16 and 6:49:44 - 8:35:14

43 When The Tsunami Never Comes Bobby chats with Copper, Raven, Perkins, and Dorian at Mission Row. He partners up with Perkins and they clear a jewelry store with Raven. All three head to the beach to relieve some stress. Afterward, Bobby goes to Mission Row to meet with Copper. The two partner up and respond to a 10-31, where they question Daniel Ableman at the scene and Copper gets attacked by a dog. Bobby and Copper talk about the upcoming PD interviews and about FTOing on their way to the beach. Later, they respond to a jewelry store being robbed by Hauttogs III and Kray-Tor. They respond to a 10-10 at the beach, where they give Thomas Tarantino a ticket for operating a vehicle that wasn't his. The two respond to multiple Fleeca bank robberies, including one where Dorian has to shave his head as a demand. They help Raven after he was shot and run over during a 10-80. Bobby visits Raven at Pillbox, where they have a funny conversation with Dr. Torah Andrews and Boba Stone. After the tsunami, Bobby and Raven dress up and dance at Mission Row. Riggs shows up and the three change into their beach outfits. Bobby and Raven "spit-roast" Riggs before what they believed was going to be another tsunami. Mari Jones takes them to be treated by Dr. Andrews. After responding to a few calls with Riggs and Metzger, Bobby and Raven partner up. After a head pop, Raven takes Bobby on a helicopter ride and they have a date on top of Mount Gordo.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 8:27 - 5:34:38

44 Broke Cops Bobby, Svensen, and Reinhart talk about the new PD loadout system at Mission Row. He responds to Clarence's 10-13 and later joins a 10-80 involving Sonya Summers. He partners up with Reinhart and then Shepherd. They respond to a 10-50 and get into a 10-80 with Mr. Chang and Ramee. Chang runs over Bobby and Ramee while fleeing. After being treated at Pillbox, Bobby goes 10-7 (out of service) at Mission Row for a while. He partners up with Raven, who impounds him by accident. Afterward, they help a woman check-in at Pillbox and Bobby detains Charlie Barker. On their way to the jewelry store, Raven is T-boned by the suspect from a 10-80. He is taken to Pillbox, along with Reinhart, who was also injured. Later, Bobby and Raven hear automatic gunfire on Grove Street and find Ripley's stolen Mustang at the scene. They help the man who was shot and talk to Griselda Harth and Buck Colton. Then, Raven and Bobby pullover Mr. Chang. The two try to help Dias chase after Ripley's Mustang but Bobby is ejected from his vehicle and taken by EMS. Afterward, Bobby and Raven respond to a few power grid disturbances, clear Paleto bank, and flip their car over. They get to know each other better by playing I spy, 21 questions, and visiting Raven's mom at the cemetery. Raven's dog comes through his mic and he takes Bobby to the CID Safehouse.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamps: 18:09 - 2:26:16 and 2:38:35 - 4:40:21

45 $5000 Bobby and Perkins team up and chase after a vehicle from a 10-71. Thye then get into a 10-80 that ends on the Olympic Freeway, when the suspects jump off the highway bridge. Perkins gets stabbed by a local while pumping gas. They take statements from Paleto bank hostages and respond to Ripley's 10-78. after he was left handcuffed by Castor Troy. They respond to a home burglary and later a 10-71 in the barrio. Thet take statements from Otto Delmar, Francis Scaletta, Matthew Payne, Mike Skunt, and Juan Pablo Escobar who were involved. After a tsunami, Bobby goes to PDM, where multiple people were taken as hostages. Afterward, they join a 10-80 involving Olivia Harvey. They respond to another 10-71, where Kareem confiscates a class 3 weapon, an LMG. They transport the suspects Flippy and Juan Pablo to Mission Row. Bobby and Perkins search the city for Happy D'Klown, who was kidnapped and then woke up at the hospital. Later, the two get into a shootout with two suspects who stole a SWAT SUV. After a tsunami, Bobby and Raven head to the bank, where they mess with Perkins and follow a tow truck driver around.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamps: 39:58 - 2:42:37, 2:49:20 - 5:02:34, and 5:11:23 - 5:26:22

46 Kinky Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp:
47 Good Samaritan/Bad Criminal Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 6:12 - 4:15:51 and 4:25:06 - 8:11:40


A Man Of Many Names Bobby begins his shift by joining a 10-80 and detaining Uchiha Jones. He gets into another 10-80 that ends in a shootout. After securing the scene, he heads to Mission Row to store evidence. He transports the suspects from Pillbox to Mission Row. He leaves Riggs and Shepherd in charge of processing Ricky Robins, which turns into a larger situation. Bobby responds to a city bank robbery, but cannot chase the suspects, being the only officer available. He joins a 10-80 but they lose the suspects in the metro tunnels. He follows Fernando Ortega and Flippy around and helps Copper pull them over after a while. Later, he pulls over Hank Dogstaff and helps people check-in at Pillbox. He assists Copper with a traffic stop on Mr. Chang and chats with Freya and Karen. He responds to a liquor store burglary and a 911 by Jordan Steele at Pillbox. Bobby responds to a 10-47 and helps Soze arrest a suspect. Afterward, he goes to a jewelry store robbery and arrests one of the suspects after the chase. He takes him to the courthouse for an ID, where he tries to flee and Bobby finds his accomplice. After the tsunami, Bobby chats with Soze and Copper. They process the suspects, Siz Fulker and Mike Skunt after waiting a while for a judge. He talks to Copper some more before signing off duty.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 15:03 - 6:48:01

49 Interviews Bobby talks Clarkson, Julio Thomas, and Angel at Mission Row while waiting for Copper. Then, Bobby, Copper, and Soze take Jordan Steele for his PD interview. The interview takes a hilarious turn once Bobby is allowed his own line of questioning. Bobby's scenarios included babies and demogorgons, much to the annoyance of Copper. After Jordan's interview is finished, Clarkson brings in Esteban Ramirez for his. Afterward, Bobby and Copper talk about Denny's and about Soze leading people on. Bobby, Soze, Copper, and Perkins tease Clarkson at Mission Row. Raven stops by to confront Clarkson about his so-called relationship with Bobby. Bobby joins a 10-80 and then takes a hard nap to fix his radio. He partners up with Raven and they search the county for a stolen vehicle. They pull over Mark Whitee and then Jacob DeSanta. Raven ends up at Pillbox after walking into blimp propellers. Bobby helps detain Castor Troy before he has a headache. Bobby and Raven flip their cruiser over while searching for a black Feltzer. Coper picks them up and they stop jaywalkers, respond to a few calls, and go to the Pink Cage before signing off.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 18:17 - 3:19:09 and 3:27:53 - 6:00:46


Facecam Bobby responds to two 10-71s and a Fleeca bank robbery to start. He arrests rusty Johnson in the chase after the Fleeca. After processing him, he finds bullet holes in front of Mission Row. He partners up with Perkins and they respond to a few calls in the county before his head pops. Bobby responds to a few Fleeca bank robberies and crashes his car on the way to another call. Bobby and the EMS who was helping him get run over on the highway. After leaving Pillbox, Bobby and Perkins go to a jewelry store robbery. Later, they stop Bobby Brown, who was at the scene of a 10-10. Bobby heads to Mission Row to talk to Kermit Delaw about Ricky Robins' upcoming court case. Bobby and Perkins pull over Karen and meet up with Metzger, Svensen, and Reinhart. He later arrests Ramee after a 10-80. Afterward, Bobby and Perkins stake out the jewelry store and chase after Kray-Tor but lose him in the mountains. They assist Baas with a traffic stop and detain Axal Myerz. After a head pop, Bobby heads to Pillbox and then the comedy club before the tsunami. Then, Bobby hangs out at Mission Row for a while. Bobby and Perkins respond to a few calls, which include a jewelry store and Fleeca robbery. They pull over Kray-Tor but lose him again. They go to a 10-71 and talk to Lucas Ortiz, who was used as a hostage. He gets into one more 10-80 before ending his shift.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamps: 7:10 - 4:13:41 and 4:22:10 - 6:54:02 (Some Audio Sync Issues)


Ep. 64 Bobby responds to a convenience store, Paleto bank, and city bank robbery to start. Bobby and Copper partner up after helping EMS deal with some locals. They pull over Axal Myerz and go to the Vinewood Bowl to see a kevlar test go wrong. They run into Eddie Marshall and Dias after leaving the bowl. Copper takes Eddie's car for a joyride. Later, they join a 10-80 and Bobby helps Dias apprehend Siz Fulker. They spot another vehicle in the area and arrest another suspect after she jumped out of the car and injured herself. The two secure the scene until EMS arrives. The suspect is treated by Dr. Agnes and taken to Mission Row, where she is identified as Ellie Dono. After processing Ellie, Bobby and Copper talk to Dias about the Plisken case and about the previous situation. They then respond to a jewelry store robbery, where Rodgers is shot by the suspect in the chase that followed. Later, they pull over Allen Widemann and Matthew Payne. Bobby gives Allen a breathalyzer test and Payne tries to bribe Bobby with coupons for Payne Real Estate. Bobby lands his car on the roof of the Pink Cage for a stakeout. Afterward, they pull over Allen and Payne again. Later, they patrol in the PD Mustang, Copper's head pops, and Bobby takes a nap to fix his eyes. Then he responds to a jewelry store robbery, where he arrests Tim Lee.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamps: 23:32 - 3:51:40 and 3:59:00 - 4:19:25


Ep. 65 Bobby finishes processing Tim Lee and responds to a 10-71 near the wind farm. He chats with Archer and goes to Mission Row, where he updates his uniform to include his Senior Deputy chevrons before the tsunami. Bobby responds to a 10-10 and takes a quick nap. Afterward, he watches some clips at Mission Row and meets Alistair Graves, a PD interviewee. Raven shows up and immediately dislikes how similar he and Graves look. Bobby and Raven proceed to have a hilarious interview with him. They talk about being gay, deal with a sasquatch situation over radio, and make jokes about the craziest thing Graves has dealt with, a child shoplifter. After the interview, Bobby takes a report from Jack David, whose ID was stolen and rides with Raven after a headache. They pull over Harmony Willow, whose motorcycle was seen leaving a robbery. She runs away but is tackled by Bobby and Garry Berry. Her head pops shortly after during transport. Bobby and Raven talk about hiring Merryweather Security for their wedding and giving them class 2s. They help Garry Berry respond to a few calls before Bobby signs off after another headache.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamps: 0:00 - 48:48, 55:40 - 2:32:32, and 2:45:27 - 3:17:00 (This is the continuation to the previous episode)


Ep. 66 Bobby heads to the Park Ranger's Station, where he finds Uchiha, Chang, and AJ injured. He partners up with Clarkson and they respond to a 10-31. The suspects, who took off in a motorcycle crash into AJ's cruiser and explode. One of them ends up in ICU and the other, Flippy, is processed. They respond to a jewelry store robbery and arrest Gladys Berry, who was upset that her tires were shot out. After processing Gladys, they join a10-80 and help detain Wayne Biggaz. Later, Edna joins them on a short ride along before responding to a 10-71 on Grove Street. They arrest Saab on scene after coming back positive for GSR but let him go after interrogating him at Mission Row. Clarkson signs off and Bobby partners up with AJ after writing the incident report. They talk about wanting to become troopers and respond to multiple 10-80sbefore AJ signs off. Bobby and Perkins partner up to look for Hedi Saurus, who was kidnapped. They search for about an hour, assisted by Winchester and EMS. Bobby showcases some impressive detective skills, coming close to finding her but they break off after another Paramedic, Bambii Byrd, was kidnapped in a firetruck. Bobby and Perkins find the suspects and chase them throughout the county. The suspects eventually stop to change vehicles and handover Bambii in exchange for free passage. Bobby and Copper partner up to chase them but eventually lose them and later return to Pillbox to take statements.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 14:35 - 6:31:40


Ep. 68 Bobby goes to Pillbox to help Angel transport suspects to Mission Row. He goes to the beach, pulls over a man on a motorcycle, and responds to a 10-31 on Brouge Avenue. He follows a suspicious bus around and is handcuffed by its passengers. He is eventually released by other officers and goes to the city bank, which is being robbed by the suspects from the bus. They transport the people who were apprehended to Pillbox for treatment and questioning. Bobby chats with Mr. Chang, Garrett, and Jordan Steele, who tows his armored van. Afterward, Bobby goes to Mission Row, where he chats with Copper and then responds to a 10-78, where he guns down a suspect that had shot Joey Keys. Bobby, Copper, Saab, and Brenda accidentally handcuff one another. Then, Bobby and Copper partner up and patrol the city. They join a 10-80 and Copper's head pops. Bobby helps Pablo Madrid, who was shot and robbed. He responds to a city bank robbery but loses the suspects due to a headache. After, Bobby goes to the Vanilla Unicorn, where Jordan spotted two individuals run-in with class 2s. Afterward, Bobby responds to a 10-71 on Grove Street, where Jose Martin Perez was shot. He takes a statement from him at Pillbox and arrests him shortly after for attacking Jordan, which led to some awkwardness. He gets into a 10-80 with Siz Fulker, who had kidnapped Dias. After a headache, he rejoins the situation, which turned into a Fleeca bank robbery. He later gives Sonya Summers a ticket and performs a felony stop on Pablo before the tsunami. Bobby and Perkins partner up and arrest Kray-Tor and Johnny Roquette. They help Bobby Schmegal and arrest Abdul before signing off.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamps: 18:50 - 4:23:28 and 4:31:31 - 8:37:52


Ep. 69 Bobby responds to a shootout at the construction site. Afterward, he arrests Tim Cream for piloting a helicopter without a license. Bobby and Perkins take Coop Holiday on a ride-along. They join a 10-80, do a fake drive-by on Chips, and pull over Windsong. They help Clarence with a felony stop and gun down two suspects after they robbed a store. Bobby and Perkins process the suspect after a headache. Bobby responds to a 10-71 and later Clarence's 10-13. Bobby goes to 10-7 for a bit and chases after an armored van with Soze and Perkins. They detain Randy Bullet but he is freed by his accomplices. After a tsunami, Bobby takes Maverick Shaw on a ride-along. They stakeout the jewelry store, question Randy, pull over Summer Mersion, and arrest Diz Fulker. Bobby arrests Happy for shooting his gun near Mission Row. They help escort Sonya Summers' prison bus but are intercepted on Senora Freeway. Bobby drops Shaw off at a nearby gas station and helps chase after Sonya's rescuers. Bobby goes down but he has a headache while being robbed. After returning, he ends the ride along and heads back to the scene, where he partners up with Copper. They meet Jessie Skid and get their tarot cards read but are interrupted by a tsunami. Then, Bobby and Copper ride around off duty and attempt to buy Pokemon cards. Bobby hires Freddie Mercury to trim the Mission Row hedges and finishes his tarot reading. He meets Rocko Colombo, reunites with Emma Dupont, and calms down a stressed Raven before going to bed.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamps: 27:55 - 8:52:52 and 9:00:15 - 10:28:34

56 Ep. 70 Bobby types a report at Mission Row and responds to a Fleeca bank robbery with Perkins. They take a statement from a hostage and respond to another Fleeca robbery. Bobby and Perkins pull over Brocky Potage and make him do a sobriety test. They get into a 10-80 with Siz Fulker and later ride around with Coop Holiday. Mr. Chang and Karen try to pull an insurance scam on them. They help Ripley breach a home and run into Brocky and Tanner again. They respond to a jewelry store robbery and detain Dexx Martin for brandishing his weapon. The three chat with Clarence and Bayo and fool around at the military base before the tsunami. Bobby and Perkins get into a 10-80 and help Bayo arrest a home burglar. They pull over Shier Kahn and Bobby refuses to chase after Kray-Tor. Raven, now the Chief of Police, shows up while they were staking out the jewelry store. Bobby gets high on crack after tasting the powder on Chips' van. After being treated at Pillbox, Bobby interviews Lance Malton at Mission Row with Raven and Kareem. Bobby and Raven respond to a jewelry store before he has a headache. Afterward, he chats with Flocko and responds to a store robbery with Perkins and Raven.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamps: 42:05 - 2:20:45 and 2:25:12 - 6:48:00

57 Ep. 71 Bobby and Perkins wait for Jordan Steele at Mission Row for his ride-along. They respond to a house burglary and find Julio Thomas' vehicle. They help and injured Don Fernbrook and Chris McGrawl. Perkins leaves them to solo patrol, due to a lack of officers and EMS. Bobby chats with a few people at Pillbox before responding to Perkins' 10-13. Bobby stops a man on a quad bike and responds to Winchester's 10-13. He pulls over Jason Purth and talks to Erin Cox at PDM. He chases after Fleeca bank robbers and picks up Coop Holiday for a short ride along. He responds to a jewelry store robbery that turns into a shootout on Brouge Avenue, where Bobby, Adam Hopping, and Mari Jones are held at gunpoint by one of the suspects. Bobby and Adam head towards grandma's house, where they spot the suspects but lose them in a chase. Bobby types up a report and talks with Perkins and Bayo after the tsunami. Coop stops by to tell Bobby that he was kidnapped and shot, but was saved thanks to the vest that Bobby gave him earlier. He takes a statement from Julio and responds to a Fleeca robbery. Later, he takes a statement from Erin regarding Coop's kidnapping. Bobby and Perkins help a man who was stuck in a taxi and help Soze arrest a suspect. They pull over Bobby Schmegal, respond to a home burglary, jewelry store robbery, and help Riggs detain a suspect.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamps: 1:17:16 - 4:29:52 and 5:12:07 - 8:23:57

58 Ep. 72 Bobby heads out with Dias and they join a 10-80 involving the Chang Gang. They respond to a jewelry store robbery but break off after Randy Bullet performs a drive-by on the officers from the previous situation. Bobby processes Randy and responds to a 10-71. They pull over Pinto Patel and help Ripley search fro suspects near Mount Josiah. They respond to Jordan Steele's 911, where he was shot at by Kelly Smith and others. They call Murphy Braun to represent Kelly at Mission Row. After a long conversation about the incident, Kelly is let go. Bobby then responds to a Fleeca bank robbery and secures the four hostages that were used. Bobby joins the pursuit afterward but lets the suspects go after Dias was held at gunpoint. After the tsunami, Bobby talks with Winchester about the previous situation and types up a report. Then, all the officers pull out SWAT and split into teams for the transport of Sonya Summers. The first team is intercepted so Bobby and Raven head to the Los Santos Freeway, where the other officers are in a shootout. Bobby runs from an explosion on the highway caused by a vehicle pile-up. After securing the scene they head back to Mission Row. Bobby stays behind with Metzger to look after Boe Jangles who was arrested on the highway. The plan to transport him falls through and they debrief on the situation once all officers are back at Mission Row.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamps: 15:20 - 4:18:15 and 4:28:33 - 6:53:21

59 Ep. 73 Bobby gives Garry Berry a ride and pulls over Saab. He then partners up with Soze and they give Lauren Forcer a ride-along. they pull over Olivia Harvey and respond to Fleeca bank robbery followed by a city bank robbery. Bobby tases two of the suspects in the chase that followed. He takes one of the suspects, Garrett Jobless to get an ID and helps escort their transport. Afterward, Bobby and Soze take Lance Malton on a ride-along. They do yoga at the beach and clear out a party at an intersection. They get into a 10-80 with Kray-Tor that ends at the Sandy Shores airfield. Bobby and Kray-Tor have a trial by combat which Bobby wins. They pull over Olivia, Chang, and Boe Jangles. Raven backs them up and flirts with Bobby, much to the annoyance of Soze. They arrest Olivia for operating a stolen vehicle and she Bobby become friends along the way. Bobby gives Bennett Stanfield a ticket for speeding. After the tsunami, Bobby and Soze take Jim Gordon on a ride-along. Soze tris to ruin Bobby and Olivia's new friendship. Later, they chat with Nora Dupres, Julio Thomas, and Olivia at the courthouse. They respond to a 10-71, followed by a 10-90 and tase the suspect off of his motorcycle. The suspect, Jarrah Yarran, is processed and Soze and Bobby take out air one to respond to a power plant disturbance.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 21:38 - 6:10:18

60 Ep. 74 Bobby talks with Kermit Delaw at Mission Row. They talk about Ricky Robins' court case that Bobby couldn't attend. Kermit tells Bobby that Raven invited him to their orgy. However, Kermit says he can only perform with an emotional connection, so they became friends. Afterward, Bobby heads out to patrol but runs into technical issues.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 29:39 - 44:42

61 Ep. 75 Bobby, Copper, Reinhart, Keys, and Ripley deal with a rowdy suspect, Louis Brandeis II. Then, Bobby attends Reinhart and Keys' invitation to the CID. Bobby responds to a city bank robbery and chases after the suspects for a while before breaking off to respond to a few 10-13s. Later, Bobby, Raven, Copper, and Perkins chat at Mission Row. Bobby partners up with Copper and responds to a 911 at PDM. They detain and question everyone on the scene and then respond to a gas station robbery, where Bobby calls a timeout and chases after the suspects. They talk with Chips at Pillbox before the tsunami. Bobby and Copper meet with Saab and Brenda regarding an investigation. Copper introduces him to Ander Destolle and they pick up Casy Valentine for a ride-along. They respond to a few 10-71s and help arrest Saint Jospeh. They help Maggie and Riggs arrest a suspect at the barrio. Bobby arrests Julio Thomas after he robbed a Fleeca bank. Copper goes to bed and Bobby continues the ride along with Casey. Bobby was gifted an extra-small condom, chases after jewelry store robbers, and responds to a 10-14. He then goes to a gas station and jewelry store robbery before responding to a 10-71 on Jamestown Street. He also responds to a home burglary, gives Casey some advice, and talks to Judge Labarre before signing off.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamp: 7:05 - 7:34:18 (This is the continuation to the previous episode)

62 Ep. 76 Bobby is a first time instructor at the PD academy. They go over all the modules that he went through as a recruit. After introductions, they head to the city bank to practice negotiations and breaching for about two hours. Then, they go to Legion Square and split into groups. Bobby's group is comprised of Malton, Espinoz, Valentine, and Eldridge. They learn how to perform traffic stops for about an hour. Once finished, they move on to felony stops for another hour. After a small break, they tackle the last module, 10-80s, where Bobby rides with Malton and Valentine. Afterward, Bobby hangs around the test server for some out of character shenanigans with other officers. They get into shootouts, helicopter battles, do motorcycle jumps, and slide down Mount Chiliad with boats.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamps: 6:16 - 8:00:49 and 8:08:00 - 11:37:26

63 Ep. 77 Bobby starts his shift by responding to Reinhart's 10-13 and then partners up with her. They respond to a jewelry store and city bank robbery. They run into Julio Thomas on their way to a home burglary. The two take statements from Judge Coyote and another man, who were shot at in a drive-by. They question Wayne Biggaz, who they believed to be the shooter and respond to a Fleeca bank robbery. Bobby then negotiates with the robbers after they took Perkins hostage. Most of the suspects are arrested in the chase that followed. After processing and report writing, Bobby chats with a few people at Mission Row. Later, Bobby talks Perkins and Svensen at the impound lot. Bobby and Perkins partner up and respond to a jewelry store robbery. After a headache, he runs into Raven, Copper, Snow, and Dorian at Mission Row. Bobby heads to Pillbox, where a motorcycle was setting people on fire. Afterward, Bobby and Perkins respond to a 311 at Paleto, where they investigated a suspicious meeting taking place. They clear the jewelry store after a robbery and head to Vinewood PD to meet with Copper. Copper along with Raven, Snow, and Dorian gave Bobby a hilarious grilling before promoting him to Sergeant of the BCSO. Afterward, they chase Kray-Tor and respond to Ziggy's 10-13 before the tsunami. Bobby adds Sergeant chevrons to his uniform and pulls out the PD SUV for the first time. He takes a statement from Marcus Griffin and transports Hedi and Gomer to the Paleto hospital. Bobby and Perkins go to the prison to talk to Irwin Dundee and later pull over Flippy and arrest Wallace Veloce.

Bobby can be seen from the following timestamps: 17:00 - 4:05:39, 4:10:50 - 5:58:14, and 6:07:57 - 8:46:16

Fun Facts Edit

  • Officer Copper suggests Bobby gives boring handjobs.
  • Very stubborn, will mostly likely pout when offended.
  • He is a power bottom.
  • He has great accuracy with firearms. This is due to the fact that Bobby is secretly a Global Elite in CSGO.
  • As a Cadet, Bobby was one of the officers involved in the arrest of The Gnome, Maximilian "Yung Dab" Thoroughbred.
  • Has yet to lose a Trial by Combat against Kray-Tor Skullfondler.
  • Bobby has shown to be very competent in his detective skills; such as making detailed reports, noting down statements, clues, and possible suspects. This was best seen during the Hedi Saurus kidnapping.
  • He does not want to become a Detective, despite being shown to be good at it, and having it pointed out by his friends and work colleagues. Bobby claims it is not "detective work" since he sees it as basic police work, and finds it boring.
  • Bobby wants to become a Trooper in the future.
  • He used to avoid writing down reports like Trooper Kael Soze but has since changed his ways in order to help the CID with investigations and to avoid liability in court cases.
  • During the PD restructure, Bobby was still a cadet at the time he was promoted to Deputy straight away, meaning he did not do his Final Evaluation unlike the rest of his class from Academy.
  • His favorite color is green.
  • Bobby's bridesmaids for his wedding were Kael Soze, Jerry Perkins, and Olivia Copper was named "Best Ma'am". AJ Hunter was supposed to be one as well but was unable to attend.
  • In his free time, Bobby plays WoW Classic with his daughter Griselda "Zelda" Harth, as a way to bond with her.
  • Bobby has threatened to beat up Jackie Snow in the past because AJ Hunter had told him that Vladimir Raven was cheating on him with Snow.
  • Bobby and Kael Soze's line of questioning is the main factor for why Jordan Steele had to redo his PD interview.
  • He has purchased two vehicles. A Bison and a 66 Fastback, however, he has yet to make payments on them, and rarely uses them.
  • Although everyone refers to him as "Bobby Smith" his legal name shown on his citizen's ID is actually spelled, Bob E. Smith. He claims his full name is Robert Eli Smith.
  • When he first met Vladimir Raven, he stated that he wasn't "picky with the genders", suggesting that he is bisexual. However, he has turned down every woman who's made advances towards him and appears to be oblivious of the fact that they're hitting on him in the first place.
  • Bobby's academy class had nine recruits. Of those recruits, only three are still in the PD. They are Emily Reinhart, Nicholas Riggs, and himself. (Michael Dias was also an active part of this graduating class, before his death on November 30th, 2019.)
  • Although he's not a Detective, Bobby was allowed to be present for Emily Reinhart and Joey Keys invitations to the CID.
  • Bobby claims to have a fear of heights, which he developed after he fell out of a helicopter piloted by Jack Ripley. This phobia has not prevented him from getting into other helicopters though, or even attempting to pilot one himself.
  • Olivia Copper told him that he had one of the worst PD applications she's ever seen. Bobby claims that his mother wrote his application for him.
  • Bobby's father disapproves of his relationship with Vladimir Raven, due to Raven's lack of property holdings in China. This is due to his father's belief that there are vasts mines of gold near the Ho Chi Minh Trail that can be accessed from the Chinese side.
  • Matilda is believed to have been targeted due to the Blue prom dress she was wearing at the time of her dress. According to Bobby, he was told this color was associated with The Latin Kings by the Dallas-based Detective Rock prior to his possible assassination by high-cholesterol food.
  • Bobby's father refuses to get corrective eye surgery because he doesn't believe in science.
  • Bobby warned Raven not to bring up margarine around his father because he thinks it's "cancer butter".
  • According to Bobby, his father lost money after he invested in Snapchat, believing it to be the next Google.
  • Bobby had fifteen different FTOs when he was a Cadet. Jack Ripley, Emma Dupont, Vladimir Raven, Joey Keys, Ziggy Buggs, Maggie Dean, Travis Tribble, Kareem Lyon, Colt Shepherd, Olivia Copper, Frank Williams, Jenny Hall, Kael Soze, Tony Andrews, and Michael Dunning can all be credited for training him.
  • Due to an incident in which he fell out of a moving vehicle, Bobby was forced to dye his hair bright red, as prescribed by EMS Audrey Jones. Jones, Copper, and Raven all proceeded to make fun of him because of it.
  • Bobby had a Scottish Terrier named Buckley, who according to him, his parents gave away to the zoo.
  • As a child, Bobby was a fat kid. (Officially noted in court.)

Quotes Edit

  • "10-50.... Ocean King Baby!"
  • "Yeah, alright."
  • "I'm gay."
  • "Stop doing that."
  • "Don't."
  • "My sister, Matilda, was killed in an accidental drive-by shooting gone wrong in South Dallas."
  • "I don't - I don't hate handjobs..."
  • "Uh, Winner perspective."
  • "Objection! Leading."
  • "Is it true..? Do I really give boring handjobs..?"
  • "That's not fair!"
  • "My boyfriend's a detective."
  • "My fiancé is a detective."
  • "Yea yea yea..."
  • "My fiancé is the Chief of Police."
  • "Is this detective work?"
  • "Stop."
  • "Relax."
  • "That sounds like detective work."
  • "My husband is the Chief of Police."
  • "Truuu."

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