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Bobby Schmiguel, also known as "Bobby Beats", is a character role-played by NoElusionz.


Bobby is the owner and host of the Bobby Beats Experience Podcast. He is currently a prospect of The Families.

He left Wu Chang unceremoniously on the 10th of May after getting beat up by Ramee with a sledgehammer.

South-side Events

As a Creampie Creations Artist, Bobby found himself close to the Ballas as Outto-Tune Tyrone was an OG member of the gang at the time. He says that he was only a Balla hang around for two days before him, OTT and others left to create Brouge Street Kingz.

Bobby was a founder & OG member of the Brouge Street Kingz. Towards the end of his time with BSK they entered a war versus The Families. After being apart of BSK for many months, he chose to leave the gang along with fellow OG Aaron Alexander. During the war GSF OG Summer Mersion gained a respect for Bobby, and told him that if he wanted, there was a place for him in GSF.

When Bobby and Scotty Dixon were kidnapped by BSK and taken to the crypt, Outto-Tune Tyrone demanded that Bobby pay $100k to GSF to end the war, as they believe that Bobby was the reason for the war altogether. Bobby initially agreed but after Scotty was shot down he refused.

After approaching Summer Mersion and several other members of The Families, Bobby became a GSF prospect on September 25th 2021.

Notable Moments

  • During one of his stays at Bolingbroke Penitentiary he briefly ran into the cannibal Bane, who dragged him into the showers to eat him. He gave Bobby the choice of which body part he'd prefer to lose, Bobby chose the first inch of his penis. Lennon decided not to eat the piece after they bonded over the intimate experience and is now keeping it frozen in a box.
  • On October 9th 2021 whilst in Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club with Scotty and Lil Cap, long-time friend Oswald Tinkerman took a cyanide pill in front of the group. He was rushed to Pillbox Medical Center where he later died due to medical complications.


Played By: NoElusionz
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