Bobby Schmegal is a character roleplayed by TheGhostman.

Backstory Edit

He was born during the live filming of a workout infomercial. He does not know who his parents are as they abandoned him as an infant. He wears the same pair of shorts that he was left in when he was a baby. As a teen, he was attacked by a rabid otter in a zoo. The mammal licked his eyes until Bobby became colorblind and so he now has a vendetta against all otters. He was also smacked in the face with a Ouija board and became possessed by the Prince of Hell, Danny Donavin. Now Bobby roams the city of Los Santos looking for purpose and seeking love.

Events Edit

Chang Gang Edit

Bobby interfered with a Chang Gang kidnapping, which put a target on his back. However, the demon inside him grows stronger each day and Bobby is blacking out and losing control of himself. His first blackout led to an attempted assassination on Chang, but poor Bobby has no memory of it.

Outto-Tune Tyrone Edit

After nearly being murdered by Dundee and his cronies they dumped on him off a pier but Outto-Tune Tyrone came back to save Bobby's life. Bobby is now forever indebted and loyal to OTT but must keep his allegiance to him a secret.

Bobby was asked by OTT to be the inside man in the Bondi Boys MC for him and to feed him information. By the end of this Bobby had formed a more a relationship with OTT and is working underneath him helping him attain pixerium.

3 Day Hold Edit

Bobby was put into a 51-50 (3 day hold) for blacking out and shooting 2 police officers.

About Edit

When someone threatens or harms Bobby, Danny Donavin comes out and protects Bobby from harm.

Bobby asked Alabaster Slim to mentor him in the ways of being a pimp but was turned away. He kept pushing at it until finally Alabaster decided to shoot him with an uzi at the Pink Cage Motel in front of 6 people.

Bobby has a tattoo of two flowers with bees on his back.

Goals Edit

  • Get an internship with a prominent businessman or businesswoman.
  • Find a mentor to replace the void that his parents left when abandoning him.
  • Find a lady love.
  • Get an exorcism to rid himself of the Prince of Hell, Danny Donavin.

Quotes Edit

  • "By the way I'm colorblind."
  • "Yes, Occifer."
  • "I blacked out, I don't know what happened."
  • "You god damn right."
  • "We are Schmegal!"
  • "Bobby Schmegal's wounded!"

Personal Vehicles Edit

Bobby owns a black Taxi and a Scorcher Bicycle.

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