Bobby Russel is a character role-played by Graewan.

Description Edit

Bobby Russel is a Paramedic FTO for the Emergency Medical Services, call-sign Papa-6. Also good friends with LSPD officer Kyle Pred.

Backstory Edit

Bobby Russel is from a family of criminals whom he didn't want to be apart of. He was rejected from his family right after he became 18 and went off for new opportunities away from crime. Bobby was inspired to be an EMS because he wanted to give back to the community and not take away like his family did. He is committed to thought of always doing the best that he can and good things will come from this commitment. With this in mind, he came to Los Santos and applied to be an EMS.

Relationships Edit

  • Bailey Jade - one of Bobby's best friends, went to EMS Academy with her and always try to boycott each other to no avail
  • Katt Vincent - has become closer to her and feels like that entering into a relationship with her is a good idea
  • Amara Harte - former doctor/EMS who was his interviewer and first FTO
  • Mari Jones - EMS mom
  • Daisy Dukakis - a good friend and EMS volunteer whom he enjoys being around
  • Mako Nokt - calls Bobby little brother, and will help him out in any way
  • Hedi Saurus - one of his best friends because of her kindness and EMS knowledge
  • Sam McEntyre - did most of his ride-alongs with her, very good friends because of it
  • Lydia Zephyr - one of best doctors he knows, good friends with her
  • Janus Lee - former EMS who was his first ride-along
  • Susie Carmichael - one of his first friends in the city
  • Khloe Brooks - one of his best friends and preferred EMS partner while on duty

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