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Bobby Goodman was a character role-played by ironmonkeytv.

General Description

Bobby Goodman, better known as "Dragon" was a former member of the Lost MC. He was also a former employee of Sahara International.

The Lost MC

He was the former President of the Lost from another county. After arriving in Los Santos, he decided to leave that life.

Sahara & Chicken Factory

Nino Chavez was the owner and CEO of Sahara International.

When Nino purchased the chicken factory in Paleto, he employed Dragon to be the manager. This caused problems among criminals. Dragon claimed Paleto as his home and wanted to be informed when criminals were doing activities in the area.

Events started to escalate resulting in Dragon being shot multiple times. Nino got fed up with the back and forth and demoted him to security, and employed Allen Widemann as the manager.


Dragon died on March 30th, 2020 after he was killed with a hatchet by Lang Buddha. He was targeted for assassination by the Payne Gang including Buddha, Matthew Payne, and Alabaster Slim. His assassination was ordered by Johnny Cassle due to leaking info on Nino.


  • He had a deep voice and frequently said "Boss".
  • He was also known as "Alabama".


Played By: ironmonkeytv
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