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Bobby Brown is a character role-played by Greenishmonkey.

General Description

Bobby Brown is a full member of Chang Gang. A beloved member of the gang and roommate of Mr. Kebun, he is also the owner of Bob Mulet Salon and Barbershop. Bobby loves to troll and hustle people and can often be seen selling crack or telling stories/sharing wisdom to anyone willing to listen.


  • Bobby claims to have served in Vietnam, have been an astronaut visiting the moon, and have been on adventures on the Komodo Dragon Island.
  • Bobby claims to live in Guatemala when not in the city.
  • Bobby sometimes calls himself CG's "Shadow Leader".
  • Bobby was once considered CGA (Chang Gang Affiliate) before becoming a full CG member.
  • He loaned out his old car the day he got it to Mr. Chang (Mr. Kebun), who then destroyed it during a shootout with the cops.
  • It is said that Bobby is the one who made "Double R" (Randy Bullet and Ramee El-Rahman) real men. Bobby claims that he taught them "their gangsta", a claim the two do not oppose.
  • His punches and kicks are known to be weaker than everyone else in the city, often taking him much longer to knock someone out. To compensate, he often carries knuckle dusters.
  • Is often berated by his fellow gang members for being one of the most under-prepared and aloof members of the crew during robberies and heists.
  • Bobby claims to have played football in a league as a linebacker, he has even been in the SuperBowl.
  • Bobby had a fetish for stealing dirty cop clothing, wanting to get one piece from every cop.
  • Claims to be a multi-millionaire in cocoa butter stocks.
  • Helped indirectly start the dark web with Mr. Kebun


  • "WOO"
  • "Durr"
  • "Dummy"
  • "We got static?"
  • "Built Different"
  • "Scuse me?"
  • "Shawtty"
  • "I'm from the streets"
  • "Steep off bro"
  • "What are you saying"
  • "You know the vibes"
  • "cocoa butter"
  • "Remain your distance, CRACKHEAD!"


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Played By: Greenishmonkey
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