Bobby Brown is played by Greenishmonkey

Background Edit

He's a friend of Mr. Chang who rarely comes into the city, and when he does he love to troll and hustle people.

Apart of CG or Affiliate.

Trivia Edit

  • Bobby was once considered as to become a full member of the Chang Gang
  • Helped indirectly start the dark web with Chang
  • Bobby has a fetish for stealing dirty cop clothing, he wants to get one piece from every cop.
  • Claims to live in Guatemala when not in the city.

Bobby Gags Edit

Clips Edit

  1. Bobby's drippin'
  2. Chang and Bobby get close
  3. The day Bobby and Chang messed up bad!!
  4. lol
  5. Mr.Chang The Dark Web | NoPixel Rp | Twitter @LordKebun (bobby brown and chang clip)
  6. Bobby Brown and Mr. Chang sell a computer
  7. bobby brown the troll
  8. bobby the hustler
  9. bobby we have a job offer for you
  10. NoPixel | Randy Bullet #ChangGang | GTA V RP (about bobby's dirty cop clothes fetish)

Galley Edit

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