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Boba Stone was a character role-played by Asteroba.


Boba Stone was a Paramedic FTO for the Emergency Medical Services with the call sign of Papa-2.

Boba was best friends with Jordan Steele, and acted as his right-hand man when he was a tow truck driver. He started out as Jordan's sidekick the "Parking Boy" and proved himself worthy then became the "Parking Demigod."

Career Dream

Boba liked being an EMS worker, but his real dream was to one day become a police officer for the Los Santos Police Department. He often worked at the front desk, and requested ride alongs. Boba became a fixture at MRPD, becoming friends with many of the officers and staff.

Chief Raven Incident(s)

Boba went on a date with chief of police Vladimir Raven's secretary, Juliet Thorne. The date did not go as planned, and there was an accident where Juliet got injured. Raven was informed that Boba took her to the south side of town, and they met Chef, leader of The Families gang. Raven was very upset, and told Boba that Juliet is very special to him. Raven also expressed that he thought that Boba just wanted to sleep with Juliet.

Boba denied the accusation, but Raven forced Boba to hold a matchstick above his head, while standing in a pool of gasoline. Boba was instructed to stand there until Raven left. Boba was actually innocent, but Raven was not willing to hear him out.

Later that day, Boba went to speak with Raven at MRPD to clear the air. Raven drove Boba to a bridge and threw him off of it without warning.

PD Decision

After getting treatment for his injuries at Pillbox Medical, Boba went back to MRPD; determined to get a response from a member of High Command about his application. Boba waited patiently until Trooper Tony Andrews was ready to speak to him. Unfortunately, Andrews informed him that they currently are "not taking anybody else" at this time. No further explanation was given, and Chief Raven abruptly left the room.

Recent Events

Off Duty

Boba decided to join his best friend Jordan Steele off duty for some fun. Jordan recently lost his job as a police officer, so they drove around the city. Jordan spoke about getting his parking lot business going and his Steele Security firm. They met up with GSF member James McAfee, he trusted them enough to give Jordan a GSF lowrider. They did cocaine and McAfee told them about GSF's drug smuggling operations. McAfee wanted Jordan to consider working for GSF's cover businesses. Boba listened intently and even purchased an automatic pistol from McAfee and joked about leaving EMS to do crime. They road around waving pistols out of the car and doing drugs.


Later that day Boba secretly went to MRPD and spoke to several officers including Sgt. Olivia Copper. Shockingly, he betrayed Jordan and McAfee by telling police everything they said to him during the events of the day. He mentioned the drug use, the AP pistol purchase, and the GSF drug smuggling operations. He also told about Jordan's plans to use Steele Security as a criminal operation. Police were able to start new investigations based off of Boba's information. Police advised Boba to leave the city for his own safety, so he secretly got on a plane and left.


Boba met Jordan Steele at garage T and admitted that he told cops everything and that gangs and cops wanted him. Jordan got angry and stabbed him: [Stabbing Clip] Boba was extremely injured from the attack and he was pronounced dead by Dr. Serge Cross on February 21, 2020. [Death Clip] It's rumored that Saab was the killer.



  • Hoped to someday become a police officer
  • Worked as the Assistant Manager at Steele Family Parking Lot at Garage Q.
  • Jordan Steele nicknamed him "Broba".
  • Loyal friend, and always tried to help others.
  • Chose to snitch to police about Jordan and GSF member James McAfee
  • The man who taught Yung Dab to Dab
  • Boba never had a girl's night with Brenda before his death


Played By: Asteroba
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