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Bob Moss is a character role-played by illwac.


Bob maintains a calm air and mellow attitude. His tone rarely shifts from the calm and relaxed monotones. Reactions to his voice range from praise to suspicion. Bob has never used violence as a means of resolving conflict. The occasional muscle spasm has been remedied by taking an even more passive approach. His demeanor is perfectly displayed in his driving, as he follows all traffic laws.


Bob's early years were rather unremarkable. Having been bullied in school led to his skin thickening a bit. He joined the Army shortly after graduating and developed his ability to maintain a level head in all situations. His twenty years of service has given him a strong desire to help others. Bob went to the Cambridge State University in order to pursue a degree of "Doctor of Psychology" in Counseling Psychology. Certain events in his time in university have left him with some emotional trauma. Unable to really feel joy he wishes to help others feel happy in place of his own numbness.