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Blake Buckington is a character role-played by MG4R.


During Blake's early days in Los Santos Bryce would try and pawn Blake off to random people to try and get rid of him, though Blake would always find his way back. One day Bryce paid for a hit on Blake to try and get his voice "Fixed." It would be Uchiha Jones to accept the hit causing a Dark Demonic Creature to awaken inside Blake known as the Fuck-Master.

Gno-Mercy Records

His first hit Space SeX got him some notoriety from Bryce Miller who after some heavy deliberation with Eugene Zuckerberg signed to a very lucrative deal to Gno-Mercy Records under the moniker Lil' BB because the ladies call him Baby.

He recently won a contest through Gno-Mercy Records where he won $75,000 for his soon-to-be Platinum Hit "Summer in LS."


On July 22nd, 2020 Senior Officer Brian Knight signed official paperwork adopting everyone's favorite Dolphin.

Even though Tessa Lamb has yet to officially sign any paperwork, she is heavily considered to be Blake's Adoptive Mother.

Upon Brian officially adopting Blake for the next 363 Days, he gained two wonderful Grandparents, Granny Copper (Who would prefer highfives from 10 feet away instead of hugging her Grandson) and his and wonderful Grandpa McClane who shows his Grandson love and affection by tazing him.

Bryce Miller and Blake have become friends over time and have even talked about collaborating together on a track.