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The Blaine County Sheriff's Office (BCSO), along with LSPD and SASP, is the executive branch of Los Santos, making sure that the law is upheld and enforced.

Chain of Command Edit

Travis Tribble is the Sheriff in charge, with Rocko Colombo as the department's Undersheriff.

From there, the rankings are Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Corporal, Senior Deputy, Deputy, and Cadet.

Cadet callsigns begin with 5 (as in, 5xx), while Cadets who have been cleared for solo patrol have callsigns that begin with 6 (as in, 6xx.)

Rankings Edit

Rank Insignia Responsibility
Sheriff Sheriff High Command
Undersheriff Undersheriff High Command
Captain CaptainBCSO Command
Lieutenant LieutenantBCSO Command
Sergeant Sergeant Shift Supervisors
Corporal Corporal Deputies in Charge (FTO Required & Eligible for K9)
Senior Deputy SeniorDeputyOfficer Tenured Deputies (Eligible for SWAT & FTO)
Deputy DeputyOfficer Sworn Deputies (Eligible for Air Certification)

Side NoteEdit

The title of Park Ranger holds equal ranking as Deputy, with the exception of Conan Clarkson, who holds the rank of Senior Deputy.

Certifications Edit

Certification Legend Rank Requirement
Air Certified
Air Cert
Field Training Officer
FTO Cert
Senior Deputy
SWAT Certified
Senior Deputy
Detective (Dissolved)
CID Cert
Senior Deputy
K9 Certified
K9 Cert
DOC Certified
Taskforce Cert
Deputy or Approved Civilian

Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Edit

There are currently six Detectives within the BCSO who work within the CID: Detectives Tribble, Dorian, Hall, Colombo, Buggs and Keys.

(While the CID has been dissolved, this information will not be deleted, as it helps people identify who prominent Detectives are.)

K9 Unit Edit

  • Sheriff Scuffed Wolverine - Travis Tribble

Former Members Edit

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