General Description Edit

BCSO along with LSPD and SASP is the executive branch of Los Santos, making sure that the law is upheld and enforced.

Chain of Command Edit

Travis Tribble is the Sheriff in charge, with John Dorian as the Undersheriff.

From there, ranks go, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Senior Deputy, Deputy and Cadet. Cadets with callsigns beginning with 6 (as in, 6xx) have been cleared for solo patrol.

Park Ranger has the same rank as a Deputy, with the exception of Clarkson being a "Senior Deputy".

Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Edit

There are currently six detectives a part of the BCSO. Detectives Tribble, Dorian, Hall, Colombo, Buggs and Keys.

K9 Unit Edit

  • Sheriff Scuffed Wolverine

Former Members Edit

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