Billy Sprinkle is a character role-played by BananaDuck.


Billy Sprinkle is a homeless man and criminal mastermind. His criminal repertoire includes robberies, mayhem, and arson. Despite his low IQ, he's quite eloquent and is known to handle risky situations by talking his way out of them. He's known for random acts of violence like smashing his head against walls and stabbing people. Billy has a charming character and only smells of a bin if one is downwind of him.

His birth was not an easy one. His mother was not aware of her pregnancy with Billy. She thought for months that she had gained weight and that this was the reason for her enormous belly. One day, he fell out of her straight into the toilet and was left there alone for a few days. During this time he built up an extreme tolerance to bleach thanks to his diet of toilet cleaner and cigarette butts.

While they have not been seen in the city, Billy has made some colorful claims in regard to his family tree. He had a mother, called Gilly Sprinkle, who worked as a prostitute in order to ensure her son could wear Nike Air Maxes in the 1990's. The last time he saw her, he allegedly left her in a taxi cab in the hot desert of Las Vegas. She couldn't open the doors with her arthritis and allegedly this is what caused her death. None of these allegations have so far been proven in a court of law. He has a grandfather called Wilbur Sprinkle who refers to him as a waste of biological material.


Billy prides himself in his ability to move throughout various groups in the city, as all could benefit from the company of their own resident hobo.

While not officially a member of GSF, Billy keeps his eyes on the streets out of respect and love for Dexx Martin. Dexx and Billy met in prison, and Dexx has vowed to one day play poo shoots with him. He has been nicknamed "GSF's pitbull" by Lavante Lamano, aka Lavante Lavantson. GSF is the only gang to ever take Billy under their wing which has inspired his loyalty as he does not fear they will leave for cigarettes and move to Mexico.

After months of searching, Billy has also found the company of fellow hobos under the bridge near the Vanilla Unicorn. He and Kyle adopted a young Goblin who then betrayed them for a life of honest work at Rooster's Rest, a betrayal that has broken Billy's heart. Billy has aided in growing the hobo family via administering top secret initiation trials, rumored to involve bridges and electrical transformers.

Billy's bestest friend is Arthur, an old chav from London who he met during a series of window cleaning/stealing heists.


  • Billy doesn't like to be called "Sprinkles", because he's not a collective.
  • He was a part of the Air Force, until he was kidnapped by the aliens.
  • Billy is a renowned musician. His song "Daddy Come Home" was inspired by his father who left to get cigarettes but never returned.
  • An entrepreneur, Billy will exchange the following services for cash: giving false alibis, fake testimonies, doctored witness statements, and stabbings.
  • Billy is the co-founder of BashABum LLC.
  • Billy is known to betray those whose trust he has gained by playing "Air Force One".
  • He doesn't want to own a property, because he wouldn't be homeless anymore. This wouldn't suit him, because he likes being homeless.
  • He has a fondness for alcohol, bleach, drugs, arson, and robding things (and pensioners).

Criminal Record

  • (1) Assasult With a Deadly Weapon
  • (3) Burglary
  • (1) Criminal Threats
  • (5) Criminal Possession of a Firearms [Class 1]
  • (1) Disturbing the Peace
  • (1) Disobeying a Peace Officer
  • (2) Driving While Intoxicated
  • (3) Evading
  • (3) Joyriding
  • (1) Operating a Motor Vehicle on a Suspended or Revoked License
  • (1) Operating a Motor Vechile without Proper Identification
  • (2) Petty Theft
  • (1) Possession of Stolen Goods
  • (1) Possession of a Stolen Identification
  • (1) Prostitution
  • (6) Resisting Arrest
  • (2) Reckless Evading
  • (1) Sale of Drugs
  • (1) Tampering with a Vehicle


  • "I didn't do nuffin'."
  • "I'll take you to chincity!"
  • "I want to sue for defecation of character."
  • "I'm ninety percent bowels, the rest of me just tags along."
  • "I was a gynecologist until they uhh...hired security."


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