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Bianca Walters is a character role-played by Wolfabelle.


A self-declared chav benefits claimant who claims to be from London, as well as arriving in Los Santos on a one-way Easy Jet ticket.

She is an aspiring makeup artists who spends most of her time engaging in borderline-legal or illegal hijinks, with or without friends.

If you want to find her in the city, she'll be in Burger Shot ,but outside of working hours she's most likely to be "ass cleaning" (robbing houses), running oxy, driving stolen vehicles, jumping around the city on her bike, injured in the hospital, or doing time in prison.

Her weaknesses are:

  • Sitting on chairs (she often ends up punching someone or sitting on someone's lap).
  • Driving (even though she has worked as a taxi driver and entered illegal street races). Erin classes her driving as "worse than locals" - but she is improving the more time she spends in the city.
  • Reading the room.
  • Lemons.

Although she is known by a lot of people around the city, she did not seem to be able find a stable job to bring in a good income until recently. Every legal job she had managed to get prior to Burger Shot had only lasted one day, but she is now a passionate employee of the restaurant.

Even though she doesn't need it anymore, she somehow finds herself having money randomly given to her by rich men (charity work or a sugar daddy? who knows) and petty criminals. She used to struggle with money in the early days, but after having fewer run-ins with the law and avoiding the casino, she has begun to amass a small fortune.

Claiming to be from London

Her strong estuary/outer London accent that isn't typically seen in anything lower than Zone 6, along with the incorrect use of dated slang, has lead other London natives like Trooper Snow to dispute her ties to the city.

When directly asked which part of London she's from, she usually says South London, but in a taxi ride with British passengers (who are obviously better placed at identifying accents) she said East London when asked if she was from Essex.

While on a ridealong with Abdul and an unknown passenger from the shipping docks, she was unsure if taxis were yellow in the UK. Black hackney cabs are used exclusively in several major cities in the UK, most notably London.

In her first meeting with Mando Thompson, a discussion about London began but again, the references to areas of London largely focused on fictional places from Eastenders and Top Boy.

While it is hard to know if she is actually from the UK, she has on several occations with Abdul broken out into a flawless Santa Monican accent with the statement "Hey Y'all!" Along with calling petrol "gas", trousers "pants" and having discussions with Roland about fast food chains and snacks that don't exist in the UK. It is possible she is actually an American who has watched too many episodes of Eastenders.

Roland also has an alert on his phone which is a recording of her saying "Hey Y'all! I'm getting a Starbucks!" in her, likely native, American accent.

The implications of arriving in Los Santos on a one-way ticket as a Brit are also disputable, as Nino Chavez believes Los Santos is actually in America and Coyote Russell has been clear: No matter where Los Santos is, its federal laws are derived from US law - meaning an immigration route used by Bianca isn't possible if she really is a Brit. All indications lead to her official identification being fake, as Bianca's age according to dialogue does not match said identification, and she needs to check her phone to correctly spell her first name.

Allegations of "prostating" (prostitution)

Prostating is an incorrect verb conjugation coined by Ai Musori in place of prostituting, which she originally pinned to Erin Cox and is widely used throughout Los Santos. Although Bianca has never been prosecuted for or conducted in it, she is frequently accused of being a prostitute (especially by Officer Kyle Pred).

The loose associations comes from self incriminating banter and paid socialising/entrapment. She once attended the casino with Kyle as his number 2 for payment and informally reported this to the police, as she wasn't actually paid (which the police saw as legal escorting). She later played her part in an entrapment operation against former PD parking attendant (now BCSO cadet) Jaden Bane, for photos that Kyle plans to use against him later (the role of the attendant is to track car usage in PD).


She generally eats most food sold in the city, but she doesn't like the idea of the meat-free option in Burger Shot and orders her ramen without kiwi (Adam Nielsen made her aware of the fact ramen doesn't include kiwi).

Makeup Artist

Since her arrival in the city, she has stated her goal of becoming a makeup artist. Her signature style focuses on heavy use of contour and eye shadow, which she describes as "on fleek", and claims everyone looks this way in that UK.

Her contour technics are under-appreciated by most residents, notably Slim, Nino and Kyle. The exceptions are Molly Minaj and Tony Andrews who love it; Molly Minaj especially commends her eyebrow work whereas Tony Andrews is more generic in his praise.

Her approach to makeup styling has drawn comparisons with Disney antagonists from the 90s, with many residents referring to her as Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Roland makes frequent underhanded references citing the exploits of both Ursula, from The Little Mermaid, and Yzma, from The Emperor's New Groove, as though they were conducted by Bianca. Bianca rarely catches these references as they're being made.

Erin-Bianca AirX rule change

In her second skydive, this time with a parachute, all seemed to be going well until the final phase of the descent where she pivoted forward and accelerated towards the ground, getting seriously injured on the beach surrounding the military base.

The incident was escalated to Jackie Snow as it was the second major accident in recent days, the previous being with Erin Cox, who was sky diving with Kyle Pred and Ai Musori. Erin used her phone during the dive and her parachute never deployed.

The new rule change means "special candidates" will no longer be allowed to solo dive and will have to dive in tandem.

The Meeting of Octavio

While she has met many people in the city, the events leading up to her meeting Octavio cover a two-hour period of near misses that mirror fate. In the time before the exchange of numbers, they both had eventful meetings with a common villain which involved high speed chases, crashes and gangland shootings.

Things began when Bianca went to meet Kyle behind the apartments to buy lockpicks in bulk. Kyle was already talking to 3 masked individuals in a black Sultan, who he knew on a first name basis (and referred to them by name several times in front of Bianca). While checking for a warrant on one of the occupants, he left Bianca stood facing the car for 10 minutes at a distance of about 2 metres. He then came back and joked that one had a warrant and they sped off. While the names were mentioned in front of Bianca, she never remembered this event/meeting as the day progressed.

After Bianca attempted to sell her lockpicks over Twatter and the Yellow Pages with limited success, she got a robbery job in Vinewood. While she was working, Octovio was heading to the Fence to sell items. Once he finished, he headed out of the lowland area and passed the black Sultan with the 3 occupants. They immediately chased him in their much faster vehicle, but Octavio made use of the advantage he had from them making a U-turn. The pursuit lasted all the way back to the apartments, where the Sultan caught up and got within shooting distance. However, in the last minute they crashed and flipped their vehicle, allowing Octavio to escape.

Meanwhile, a second white Dominator that had been shadowing the black Sultan called them to let them know that a woman in a Bison (Bianca) had just headed in the direction of the Fence. They immediately gave up on Octavio and sped towards the fence in the hope that she was still there. Once they arrived, Bianca - who was still in her moving vehicle - drove away. However, unlike the previous chase, they were close enough to first shoot her tyre and then shoot her in the head. They then robbed her for all her possessions, including the lockpicks and items she was about to sell.

Bianca was then operated on at Pillbox and suffered severe short term memory loss.

Later in the day, both Octavio and Bianca returned to the Fence at the same time. Once they understand that they were not a threat to each other, they discussed the meeting with the black Sultan and agreed to work together in the future. Octavio also strongly hinted that he was a good getaway driver.

Growing Reputation as a Liability

Bianca uses oversharing as an approach to socialising, which is seen as quirky by some circles in the city, but it does play against her in others. Bianca declares her criminal exploits in front of people she barely knows, such as describing exploiting the welfare system, details of low-level crimes, or high-level declarations of being a criminal by prefixing most conversations with not being able get a loan because she's a criminal (which isn't true but she never directly asked the loan operators in the city herself).

Since arriving in the city, she has been known for a style of driving that draws attention. Her lack of awareness of the surroundings leads to frequent road collisions and traffic violations. She regularly draws the attention of the authorities, but also has crashed into the leader of the Ballers at less than 5mph, drove up to a private meeting of senior figures in Cleanbios, hit the primary vehicle in a police pursuit and 10-50'ed countless vehicles.

Bianca's lack of decorum and failure to read the room has become a talking point behind closed doors. While some of her associations are direct in their concerns - Kyle prescribes how to not be caught committing a crime, Yaeger says he wouldn't hire her at Rooster's Rest as she's a criminal (but accepted it wasn't his call but this wasn't true as he later unilaterally hired Ash, Cece and Oki) and Roland cites her lack of "reading the room" - the majority don't address the concern directly with her.

Erin has said in discussions with Frank Fritugo that while Bianca is fun, she's a risk. Molly initially fell out with Bianca over her not being subtle, but they later made up and Molly has accepted this as one of her quirks. Within the police force, Bianca is widely known by officers as a low level criminal and internally is described as an "easy jam".

This bubbled to the surface within Rooster's Rest, where her intention to work there was largely ignored due to this risk until Ray Romanov (who is highly respected there) put his reputation on the line to vouch for her. In internal discussions, an attempt was made to label her as a snitch (which is a red flag) by citing testimony from Granny Marigold about her telling the police the whereabouts of Noah Drake. Ray Romanov was not happy that Bianca was unable to defend herself against this rumour, and called her in to explain her side. While she was able to do this, Nino Chavez and Harry Brown said they would rather not have people with loose lips around (after accepting she wasn't a snitch) but the ultimate decision is down to Petunia Brookshire.

Petunia eventually got back to Bianca (on her birthday) to let her know she was not to be hired by Rooster's Rest. While in Bianca's mind she was quite optimistic about the role, it must be noted that every member of the main staff and the Nerds of the Rest were against or at most ambivalent to the hire despite what they said to her face. Her support was solely with Ray - who, leading up to this news, was on bad terms with the Nerds for putting their lives in danger based on Pegasus activities that came back to the restaurant (which was escalated to Buddha).

Since Bianca started breaking into houses, she has been warned by others (including in the gangs) to not do this within the south of the city. She generally ignores this and cites being "friends with Mando" (while ignoring the fact 2 other gangs operate in the south of the city) to convince others to come along with her.

On one occasion, Roland - well aware of the risk - advised against accepting a job there, yet rolled to go along. On arriving in Jamestown, they were immediately tailed by members of the Vagos. Roland let them know who he was. The Vagos advised the pair to leave the area, as it made no sense to be there at 1am. Some time ago, Bianca had cycled into their meth-dealing spot, where they sold her a lemon to cover up the illegal activities. In the present, she interrupted Roland and the Vagos to inquire about the lemon, which she believed had poisoned her and wanted to know if it had been laced with drugs. The Vagos were immediately angered by the implication and told them to leave the area, but somehow in the form of a yes/no question. Unfortunately, this meant Roland had to roll for his answer, and he rolled to stay in the area and refuse to leave. The Vagos stabbed him, took his shoes, and told Bianca to leave the area. Roland described this series of events as Bianca failing to read the room.

Burglary survivorship bias

While Bianca has had problems with gangs during burglaries, she has never been caught during a break-in by the authorities. She regularly describes this to other residents she meets, like Scottish and OG, who find this hard to believe since most people usually have some interaction with the police.

On one occasion, Bianca (with support of OG and 2 of his friends) was working a burglary in Vinewood at exactly the same time Erin was also doing the same in the same area. They both triggered a 911 notification, but fortunately all 3 responding vehicles came upon Erin, who attempted to evade, was apprehended and sent to jail.

Bianca left her job in her "inconspicuous" Sandking XL, none the wiser of what happened one road over from her and the team.

Bianca's return from prison

Bianca returned after a month outside the city and claimed that her disappearance was due to being deported and imprisoned back in the UK, for not following UK exit formalities. Originally she described entering the country on a one-way ticket, but she now describes this as entering the country in another passenger's luggage. It is not clear how she returned, or if she has done so legally.

Bianca spent most of the day catching up with friends. She ended the day doing a Burger Shot shift to avoid losing her job. Towards the end of the day, Lang and Tony came to buy food but were being rude to Steven, so Bianca threatened to shoot them. Tony pulled out a Diamondback pistol (that he just bought from Erin and was keen to test) and Bianca ran to the back of Burger Shot to hide while a customer attempted to protect her and was shot at the entrance.


Abdul's Taxi Service (Temp Job)

Cool Beans (ghosted after 1 day)

Burger Shot

  • Cassie reports sales to Shelly, and Bianca has the lowest amount of sales for a full-time member of staff.


She has a couple of friends that she regularly hangs out, as well as a number of associations where the relationship is transient.


  • Kelleh Inyit
    • Kelleh is a self proclaimed "chav" from the UK
  • OG (Zoog Volkov Martinez)
    • Zoog is easily Bianca's most reliable/trustworthy friend. They initially met doing delivery jobs early on.
    • They have had amazing back and forth banter since day 1, but his train ticket limits how often he's around.
  • Abdul AlRahim
    • They frequently interact, but usually in Abdul's capacity as a taxi driver.
    • Abdul helped Bianca during her amnesia arc.
    • He took her on some police chases for her birthday. It was with Bianca that Abdul made his first escape in his taxi.
    • Abdul seems to want to hook Bianca up with somebody, as many of their conversations frequently involve him asking her if she's [still] single.
  • Kyle Pred
    • It should be noted that despite Pred being the main reason Bianca ends up in jail as often as she does, they still have a good relationship.
    • Recently, Bianca frequently purchases her lockpicks from Kyle.
    • She also participated in a couple of covert operations, which have since been canceled by Kyle's superiors.
  • Molly Minaj
    • Bianca has made it clear in no uncertain terms that she wants to be more than friends with Molly. (Made official)
    • After a whirlwind couple of days, the relationship abruptly broke down when Bianca made an off-the-cuff remark about having dirt against Molly that she could use against her. Upon realising the hurt it caused, Biancaattempted to reiterate the sentiment. However, this was done in a more damaging manner. Molly was livid and left Bianca on the motorway outside Grapeseed several miles from home. The two made up the next day, both promising to treat the other better
  • Dawn Hearte
    • Unlike most of Bianca's other friends, Dawn and Bianca's friendship is based around doing legal activities such as delivery truck driving, fishing, and riding helicopters with a trained pilot.
    • Bianca is still able to manipulate Dawn into the occasional minor illegal activity.
  • Roland Nelson
    • Roland has a large amount of time for Bianca, and frequently helps her with her driving.
    • They also perform petty crimes together, which Bianca manipulates him into doing by telling him that he was going to do so (as opposed to asking if he wanted to and risking a refusal).


  • Ai Musori (Betch)
    • Ai is usually in the city at different times of the day and mainly in Rooster's Rest, which Bianca doesn't visit as often as Burger Shot (where they first met), or the casino (which Bianca hasn't been to as often after committing to saving money).
  • Four Tee
    • While their initial meeting went well (before the arrests), they are unlikely to meet as they are awake in the city at different times of the day.
    • 4T is, indirectly, the reason Bianca began her life of crime, as 4T is the cause of Bianca's first arrest.
  • Maia Berkeley
    • She largely DonoWalled Maia after 1 day at Cool Beans.
    • Bizarrely, after this, Bianca came into possession of Maia's stolen gun which was then confiscated by the police.
  • Tupac
    • She was part of Tupac's non-paying "Firm", but after a heated discussion about trust, the relationship broke down.
    • When recently asked if he was mad at her (aftering telling Dawn to tell Bianca he was going to shoot her on sight), Tupac responded "No comment" for Dawn to relay over the call. However, after the call, Dawn and Bryce asked if Tupac was really angry with Bianca, to which he said that it's a joke and he's just trying to keep her on a toes (implying they have a good relationship in his eyes).
  • Barnaby Harrington
    • They have gone on adventures together, but otherwise largely interact in passing.
  • Erin Cox
    • Erin was introduced to her by Kyle Pred, and initially they had a close platonic relationship. Things unfortunately cooled down quickly once Bianca declared she wanted to begin a life a crime. Erin, who is deeply embedded in this world, is very secretive about this line of work and is very skeptical of people she has just met talking about it.
  • Bryce Miller
    • Bryce has sponsored twol flights for Bianca, both ending in serious injury.
    • After the official skydiving incident, for which he was reprimanded by Jackie Snow, Bryce has become slightly more hands off.
  • Tony Andrews
    • They have only interacted through Tony's community policing.
  • Raymond Romanov
    • While they get on very well, Ray is massively committed to shenanigans through his association with Cleanbois and Pegasus, which leaves very little time for the low-level tasks that Bianca takes part in.
  • Octovio
  • Arliss Frost
    • A 21 year old who's self confident in every respect: He has "a lot of money" as he's "great at maths and statistics" - but ran out of money while with Bianca. A "great driver" (but frequently hits stationary objects) and great with guns (which hasn't really been tested).
    • He has a young-looking face as testament to his skin care routine (clean, moisturise and tone daily) for his normal oily skin.
    • He classifies himself as a "certified shrimp" primarily in the Molly Mummy Squad, but when Molly isn't around he focuses his loyalty on other women like Paris, Kylie, Mia Joy or Bianca. While he is polite with women, he is very aggressive to men.
    • While he had Bianca covered during an oxy run, he was out gunned and they were both shot and robbed.
  • Scottish (Billy Wright)
    • They first met in prison, but became closer as colleagues in Burger Shot. Scottish noticed Bianca was a criminal since she always opened her phone as the house job notifications came in.
    • Scottish is one of the most prolific and ruthless independent criminals in the city, who is excellent with firearms/driving and involved in everything from robberies to heists.
    • Along with Mickey S and Riley Carter, he is known for his repertoire of accents to hide his identity rather than using a more popular voice changer (with the exception of his London accent which is worse than Bianca's).
  • Valentina Hops
    • To pass the time, Bianca and Valentina openly smoke weed and crystal meth together on the Burger Shot tills.
  • Mia Joy
    • Mia (who Kyle calls Mia Joyride) is one of the triad of women Kyle accuses of prostituting (with Erin and Bianca). When explaining "easy jams" to Domenic Toretti, Kyle says that if you see Mia or Bianca they are easy to bust as they will always be in a stolen car or carrying boxes. Mia and Bianca mainly do low level crime together.
    • Mia and her friend Kylie Brentwood made an impromptu permanent exit from Southern San Andreas and will not be returning,
  • Yeaeger Demonblood
    • He is a member of the Nerds of the Rest.
    • Characterised by being largely dismissive and critical of every resident, with the exceptions of Jolene, Four Tee and Erin.
    • As a member of the Nerds of the Rest, he sees the world through the prism of D&D and cites Bianca as being a retribution paladin (an unimaginative character choice) as the reason she would struggle with basic tasks.
    • He works for Rooster's Rest at night and Burger Shot in the day (after being hired by Robert Spowylamywanowski).
  • Leonel Martinez
    • They met at the Fence, where he was going to rob Bianca (but decided not to).
    • Karl Johnny, Chino Gonzalez and Benji Ramos cite associating with non-Vagos like Bianca, Outto-Tune Tyrone, Mari Posa (after she left Vagos) etc. as a risk to his position in the Vagos, which is compounded by him challeging their authority earlier.


  • Tangerine jacket guy (Saqib Iqbal)
    • Saqib acted incredibly creepy towards Bianca, harrassing her for her number and a kiss.
    • While it can't be confirmed by the police (so far), Bianca allegedly threw him off the pier in retaliation.
  • Khan Di'Sendo
    • Bianca was one of close to 100 people who were antagonised by his taunts and sent him to hospital
  • Keith Adams
    • After seeing Bianca being struck by Kyle, Keith reached out to Bianca and offered to be a witness. The relationship started off well, with a trade of numbers and an implication that it was the start of a friendship. Bianca used this goodwill gesture as a springboard into selling Keith meth. Keith, who had no experience of the product, gave Bianca the cash up front and she ran away (on the advice of Kyle). Keith chased her down with a gun and conveyed disappointment that a "fellow Londoner" would try to scam him like that. Bianca attempted to apologise but Keith made it clear he wanted nothing to do with her.



  • "Don't be a wanka, ride with Bianca!"
  • "I'm Bianca from the block."
  • "Can I get money from that?"
  • "I'm a Bad Ass Bitch!"
  • "But I didn't even DO nuffin!"
  • "Can I drive?"
  • "Oopsies." (usually after a major accident)
  • "I'm good at driving / My driving is better!" (always immediately followed by a crash)
  • "I'm from South London."


  • "She's [Four Tee] alright, she's the first person who got me into prison!"
  • "I'm from East London!"
  • "I have a question" *raises hand*

Criminal Record

Prison Speedrun

  • On her first day of being hired by Abdul and his Taxi Service, Bianca was arrested. Abdul left her with Four Tee (who was wanted for a string of violent robberies conducted with Mike Block hours earlier) in her taxi. Once 4T revealed that she was wanted, Bianca wanted to know why, but 4T never answered. When 4T fled the vehicle after they got pulled over, Bianca followed her and the police to continually ask what 4T had done. Despite the police asking her to leave, Bianca stayed in the area, resulting in her being arrested for the Obstruction of Justice.

Listed Crimes

(12 points on license)

  • 1x Disobeying a police officer
  • 3x Reckless evading
  • 1x Evading
  • 2x Resisting arrest
  • 3x Joyriding
  • 1x Failure to obey traffic control devices
  • 1x Sale of drugs

Hospital visits

  • On her first day in the city, she got in a fight with a man at Burger Shot. While she and Abdul were fighting him, she got punched out, and her first pair of Ugg boots were stolen by Slim.
  • While on a helicopter ride with Bryce, Tessa, and Dawn, she jumped out of the helicopter as the "voices in her head told her to go into cinematic mode by flexing her F muscle".
  • In an effort to "scare her straight", she got held at gunpoint by criminals, who drove their car of a cliff. Although she survived this, she ironically died seconds later of hunger.
  • While feeding her car to the kraken in the ocean, she realised she didn't know how to swim, and drowned.
  • While driving (in a definitely not stolen car), she failed to put on her seat belt, meaning that when she hit another car, she went flying though the windscreen.
  • Bianca needed to dispose of a car, so attempted to feed it to the "mini kraken" (swimming pool). While she was getting out of the car, she somehow flew into the air and splatted on a roof.
  • While skydiving with Bryce and Dawn, Bianca successfully pulled her parachute, but leaned forward instead of backwards, thrusting her face-first into the ground.
  • While at the Fence to sell her oxy, Bianca was ambushed by some Vagos, who shot her in the head. After an operation at Pillbox, Bianca temporarily suffered severe memory loss, which she has since recovered from.

Robbery Victim

Her lack of powerful affiliations, preparedness and firearm/driving proficiency makes her an easy target for robberies. The low number of times she has been a victim largely boils down to her being around in the hours which are characterised by a strong police presence and little to no organised crime activity. When compared with Mia Joy and Oki Doki, who have a similar issue, they are robbed more often as they are also around in the earlier hours.

Known Robberies

  • Pocket wiped while doing a delivery run alone
    • Everything including ID
  • Shot, carjacked, and pocket wiped by the Vagos (Mari Posa, Santi, Flippy) and unknown female in a separate car while visiting the Fence alone. While the perpetrators were masked and Mari used a voice changer, they were all referred to by name when Bianca saw them with Kyle in the same get up earlier.
    • All cash, lock picks, rented Bison and its contents
  • Shot and pocket wiped by Eugene Zuckerberg, Curtis Swoleroid and Cousins while doing an oxy run with Frost. The group did not disguise themselves or their voice.
    • All cash (including dirty money), firearm and phone

Robbery Perpetrator

Bianca has said for a long time that she wants to rob people. While selling items at the Fence, she was jumped by Leonel Martinez, where he quickly realised that she was a member of staff at Burger Shot - whom the Vagos are paid to protect. Another lost seller came along,and they both robbed him, beginning her career of not just being the victim.

Known Robberies

Noteworthy 10-50s while driving


Stolen car

  • Bianca will ride her bicyle to a semi-discreet parking lot and lockpick a car, which she then uses to either drive around the city or for oxy runs/house robberies.

Cop car

  • On a professional level, Kyle Pred really has it out for Bianca.
  • However, Bianca will occasionally participate in Kyle's (sometimes failed) stealth operations, which partially involve him transporting her to the location.
  • More recently, Bianca has begun to go on ridealongs with Kyle.


  • You will often see her bouncing around the city on her bike, as it's the only consistent form of transportation that Bianca legally owns, and her most common form of transport.
  • For her birthday, Molly gave Bianca a new bike, which she then customized to her trademark pink.


  • Bianca gets hurt quite a lot.

"Borrowed" taxi

  • In her early days, Bianca would "borrow" a taxi and give free/low-rate taxi rides around the cities. This is how Bianca's slogan "Don't be a wanka, ride with Bianca" originated.


  • Bianca's signature Ugg boots get stolen at least once every few days.
  • Allegedly, one of her dream aspirations is to steal Kyle Pred's cop car and have a joyride in it.
  • She is allergic to kiwi.


Played By: Wolfabelle
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