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Benny Harvey is a character role-played by Noir_PI.


Benny Harvey flew into Los Santos in February 2021 - he came to the city without any plans and quickly realised the mistake he had made. He always wanted to get away from his home city of Glasgow in Scotland as it wasn't somewhere he ever fit in - and he was told about Los Santos, the city of the free and opportunity for anyone - he gave up what little he had and moved into city. No plans, no job - not even a place to live. Benny has been living on the streets, saving up what money he can to make sure he can stay in a hotel every few nights.


Benny has gained somewhat of a reputation for the way he acts, he's awkward, can barely string sentences together and has often found himself stuttering. He's always scratching his head, fidgeting around and just never seen calm and collective. Constantly apologizing, it's rare for him to go five minutes without saying "I'm sorry." He's also very shy around women and has often stated he doesn't like the Vanilla Unicorn because strippers make him highly uncomfortable. Molly Minaj in particular has made him faint at the sight of her on multiple occasions. Once out of his shell around those he trusts, such as Anna Swallows or Garry Roche - Benny finds himself able to talk a lot more easily and with more confidence, but it's rare for people to get close enough to him to break his shell.

Meeting Molly Minaj

Benny's first days in the city were uneventful, he got himself a job as a delivery driver for 24/7 and mostly cycled around to try and find his way. One morning he encountered Eugene Zuckerberg outside of the hotel he was staying at, who thought Benny was a criminal trying to rob him when attempting to ask for directions - later on in Burger Shot, Benny tried to explain to Eugene that it was a misunderstanding and attempted to apologise, however this only poured gasoline on the fire as Eugene thought he was trying to rob Burger Shot.

That's when Molly Minaj overheard the commotion and came out equipped with a handgun - aiming it at Benny and terrifying him. After things had settled down, Benny followed Molly into a 24/7 to try and rectify the situation. Much like before, this only made things worse - Molly took him into the back room, and he made the mistake of asking who her manager was so he could speak with her. This resulted in him being stabbed, robbed of his belongings and taken to a slaughter house, where she attempted grind his body - however the machines had some issues which prevented her from going through with it.

Begging for his life almost the entire trip, Molly got tired of it and threw his body in the ocean -- but this didn't kill him. He had washed up in shore a few hours later, no memory of what had happened. He returned to Burger Shot after a good amount of time to order food, where he ran into Molly again - no recollection of her. She handed him back his ID and his phone - this made Benny infatuated by Molly. He spoke with some people at the Mirror Park Tavern who encouraged him to find Molly and get her number, but he wasn't so lucky.

A few days later, after buying himself a van, he drove up to Rooster's Rest to get tea for his shift at work, but as he got back in the van to leave he saw Molly tending to the door - spending a good amount of time collecting his thoughts, he got too anxious and drove off. However, returning to the restaurant later before closing time to get one last tea, Molly took the initiative and came out to the van herself - she wanted answers, but this only caused him to faint. She carried him into the restaurant as he begged for his life - surrounded by the employees of the Rest, he stumbled his way through explaining why he was there. She let him go when she realised he just wanted a drink, but he took the chance to ask for her number only to be verbally degraded.

The next time her met her was at her premier performances for her new single "Molly Bitch", she caused him to faint a few times - but it was after her final performance at the Rooster's Rest where she met with Benny, Garry Roche, Anna Swallows, Harry Phartz and Captain Moosebeard. Garry Roche, unknowingly to Benny, paid Molly to go on a date with Benny - Molly agreed to it, and after nearly having a panic attack, Benny accepted the date. Benny spent the time with Garry, Anna, Harry and Moosebeard arranging the perfect date. They got him a nice suit, hired a limousine, booked a cruise ship and scouted locations. Benny took her to the Del Perro Pier where she humiliated him - making her crawl at her feet, bark like a dog and oink like a pig - also making him carry her. He then took her to the cruise ship, where she told him to give her everything in his bank account - which he did so without question. The two shared a kiss at the front of the boat before Molly needed to go. Molly gave Benny his money back after he wrote a poem for her which he had read over the phone. Benny developed a lot more confidence after this date - deciding to keep the suit, he continued to feign his confidence, and still does so up until now.

Benny served his first prison sentence after he took a trip to Burger Shot and placed an order for a burger on its own - he was served by Sheldon Jones, who added $50 onto the price of the food - this frustrated Benny, he went to the parking lot and met with Willy McKenzie. Benny offered to pay him $200 to punch Sheldon in the face, unfortunately for Benny, Sheldon overheard this discussion and ran out to aim a gun at Benny - demanding he leave the parking lot. Benny didn't have enough time to leave as Kenneth Foreman showed up, witnessing the whole situation - the witness reports to the police landed Benny 5 months for conspiracy. Molly picked Benny up from prison, getting him the things he needed to be back to full health.

The next few meetings between the two of them were brief, but Benny began giving her "tributes" each day, usually through bank transfer - wiping his entire bank account for her each time. Molly also gave Benny a knife and a mask, giving him advice on what to do if anyone crosses him.. She returned the favor by feeding him, keeping him hydrated and making sure he remained healthy. She later took him on an "eyebrow date" as his lack of eyebrows reminded her of Sven Snusberg, who had been missing - she took him for a full make-over until he looked nothing like himself. This included a pig mask, giving him the look she wanted him to have to be her "pay pig".

Benny accompanied her throughout the day after this as she "showed him off" to several of her friends. Later, she took him to Burger Shot, listening to Sheldon Emberland's new song - dancing with a group. She tried to introduce Benny to them, but Benny's attitude completely changed - Sheldon told Molly about the conspiracy incident, and Molly got angry at Benny. She demanded he apologise to Sheldon, but for the first time, Benny refused, saying "Not to him". This resulted in Molly pulling out a hammer, hitting him in the back of the head repeatedly as he kept refusing. Benny collapsed and was taking to the hospital by the EMS - they asked him what happened, but he refused to give any information, simply saying "I fell."

The next few encounters between Benny and Molly were brief - he went out of his way to try and avoid her, afraid for his life. However, once gaining the courage to face his fears and arrange a meeting with Molly - he got himself body armor, Garry agreed to accompany him there in case anything went wrong and Troy Donahue gave him a gun. When Benny met Molly, she was clearly annoyed at him for not trusting her enough to come alone - telling him to get out of her life and even saying she wanted him to drive off of a cliff. Benny took this to heart and drove Garry up to Mount Chiliad with the doors locked - but Garry talked some sense into Benny after calling Molly because she told Garry she would "never tell him to do that". Garry and Willie the Scotsman gave Benny a make-over to get him back to his old self, giving him a hair implant, new outfit and shaving his mustache, making him look much more like his old self.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

After Benny realised that his relationship with Molly Minaj may be a lost cause - he done his best to move on from it all, doing work and making money to get by, spending time with his friends who have been in support of him from the beginning. That's when Brother Mehov found him, saying "we know about you, Benny" and offering him protection - saying that nobody will ever mess with him again and that he will have lots of new friends if he joins The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the two of them went fishing together, and after going over everything with Benny, Benny became convinced and agreed to join. Baptised that day, he became a member, putting himself a lot more at ease. This didn't change too much about Benny however as later that day, they attended the grand opening of Vultur Lé Culturé and Benny saw Molly Minaj again - the sight of her making him faint, showing he hasn't quite gotten over her.

It didn't take long before Benny fell back into Molly's web - she met with him outside of Burger Shot and he said that he had joined the Church - this didn't make her happy, she told him that he should be worshipping her instead - making him do what she told him and then telling him to say "Fuck the Mormon Church" - she yet again made him shave his head and grow his mustache back out, also dawning robes and a pig mask to become the first member of the "Cult of Mommy Molly". Benny realised this opportunity, apologizing to Sheldon Emberland and going back to doing whatever she says. Along with this, he beat Carmella Corset with a crowbar after she threatened Molly and sent her to the hospital. Doing what he did to Carmella not only angered the staff at Rooster's Rest - but also angered the Church due to Carmella's relationship with Brother Mehov, putting Benny's life at risk once again. The Cult of Mommy Molly began to grow not long after, as Molly met Sanjay Patel who felt an equal amount of admiration for Molly as Benny - dawning the robes and pig mask, he followed in her footsteps as the two of them spread the word and done whatever she asked. Benny kept the robes, continuing to raise his arm, stating "Glory to Mommy Molly!" regularly - people started to realise that he definitely needed help.

Benny kept going about his life, making a new friend in Linkle Jones who repeatedly told him to "stop white knighting", even showing concern for him in her own unique way - this didn't change much, as he defended his actions and stated "what makes mommy happy makes me happy". During one of their store deliveries that they did together, they were robbed by Chris Porter, who also shot Benny in the head - luckily the pig mask slowed the bullet enough to prevent an instant death, instead it hit him below his eye and caused some bleeding and bruising. This upset Benny - he claimed he was going to kill Porter the next time he saw him, and told Anna Swallows what had happened due to the series of robberies at Roosters Rest. Him, Anna and Mia Joy tried to trap him and catch or kill him - however this ended awfully as Benny and Anna both got shot by Chris, having to go to Pillbox. Benny fully armored up with a helmet, vest and bought a gun from Molly, prepared to take out Chris if he saw him again.

Benny continued to hunt Porter, stalking the streets and his typical spots he'd hit - Benny patrolled the areas between Rooster's Rest and Mirror Park Tavern as much as he could, but didn't seem to have much luck - he continued to maintain his social relationships. Making new friends, such as Moonflower Opalchild, Augusta Carlin, Whitley Booth and a few other people that joined the "Party Bus". Benny then developed some romantic feelings for Moonflower, as oblivious as she may have been to them - he became quickly aware of his crush, but it didn't stop him from treating her the same way he would anyone in this position, spending money on her, complimenting her and being there for her. Deep down, worried that Molly may find out about him having feelings for someone else, he avoided acting on these feelings. He continued to ask around about Chris Porter, hoping to gather more information on him, but didn't have much luck with it as most people hadn't heard of him.

On March 8th, Benny announced that he would be leaving the city on March 15th to "take care of some family business" - he planned to use the weeks notice to wrap up loose ends. He planned to kill Chris Porter and spend time with each of his friends - Brother Mehof also told Benny he had until the 15th to get his act together and part ways with Molly before the church came for him. Benny didn't get as much done as he wanted, but he built up enough courage to admit his feelings to Moonflower - saying he "likes her as more than a friend" and asked her on a date, however Moon did not feel the same way. Drowning in rejection, Benny accepted her decision and went to the airport. He took his flight out of the city back home, leaving people questioning whether or not he would ever return.

Returning to Los Santos

After over a week universal time being gone from the city, Benny flew back into Los Santos unannounced - admitting that he missed his friends and most of all, missed Molly Minaj - he decided that he would do things proper this time around, he made $5000 in his first day back from robberies with Garry Roche, Derek Bogart, Arthur Morgan & Whitley Booth and selling illegal pelts with Linkle Jones, who also helped with the robberies. Benny met with Molly his second day back and they done Oxycodone runs together, Molly taking Benny under her wing and helping him make some more money. Benny showed that his feelings for Molly hadn't changed, still calling her "mommy" and practically worshipping her like nothing had ever changed.


Garry Roche

Benny sees Garry as a mentor figure, he was one of the first friends Benny made in the city, and is his go-to guy when it comes to trying to get some money, as Garry has some knowledge when it comes to sources of income. Garry helped Benny through the entire Molly situation, showing nothing but support and care. To this point, Benny likely considers him his best friend, despite not having many to choose from. With Garry, the two of them have mutual allies such as Arthur Morgan, Anna Swallows and Harry Phartz.

Anna Swallows

Benny met Anna through Garry - and with that, he quickly found a "mother" figure in the traditional sense, she treats him like one of her boys and gives him valuable advice where and when he needs it. She helped Benny on numerous occasions with Molly, and always supports him when they meet, he considers her one of his closest friends and probably wouldn't be where he is today without her. She's stated several times that if anyone messes with Benny, she'll teach them a lesson - much like she would any of her boys.

Molly Minaj

It's unlikely that Molly looks at Benny as anything but a source of money or someone to use for her own gains - but her attitude around Benny along with the attention she has given him has caused him to develop unhealthy feelings for her. He sees the relationship as serious, and is willing to do anything for her - at one point giving her everything in his bank account to make her happy. Everyone around him knows that he's in over his head and will likely heavily regret it all in the long run, but he's blind to these problems and ignorant to the issues that may arise from his obsession.

Frank Fritugo

Frank was the first person in Los Santos that was "nice" to Benny - although Benny had a bad first impression of him due to his wreckless driving during a taxi ride, they later worked together on a store delivery run which gave them the chance to get to know each other a little bit more, which is when Benny found out that Frank was actually a kind man who he felt he could open up to. Frank also later made Benny aware of a mysterious man known simply as "The Boss", and made Benny aware of the potential less-legal income opportunity.

Chris Porter

Chris Porter is well known for robbing people and shooting them if they step out of line, which is a lesson Benny learned the hard way during a store delivery with Linkle Jones - Porter, hoping to rob Benny because he saw him at Rooster's Rest and realised he was an ally, tried to take his money and shoes - learning that he had neither. Benny didn't realise who he was dealing with and attempted to call Porter's bluff by telling him to "get a life" - this caused Benny to be shot in the head by Porter. Luckily for Benny, he was wearing his pig mask which slowed the bullet enough to stop it from being fatal. Since this encounter, Benny has vowed to kill Chris Porter and has been hunting him ever since - equipped with armor, knives and guns, Benny hunts Porter to this day.

Moonflower Opalchild

Benny met Moonflower through mutual friends, although both of them are odd in their own ways, Benny found himself relaxed around her within minutes, he loosened up and felt like he could be himself. This is the quickest Benny has ever opened up to somebody, and since then they'd become good friends. Benny has also developed a crush on her, which he used to do his best to cover up - however his actions make this fairly obvious, at one point even helping her buy her first vehicle with a loan down payment. Although Moonflower has already made him aware she sees him as a friend, maybe even a "best friend", she said she doesn't really do dating, ultimately rejecting Benny's feelings. Benny doesn't see her any differently and still cares about her as much as before, seeing her as an important friend.


  • Benny's name is a reference to Scottish Comedian Limmy's sketch "Benny Harvey RIP"


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