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Benny Gomez is a character role-played by DanHawk1ns.


Benny Gomez originally hung around with the hobos under the bridge, whilst trying to find his footing. Benny previously worked at Harmony Repair. Now you would find Benny working at Burger Shot. But you can also find Benny racing, running his Cash Cab business (which he gives money to people who get the questions right) or pretending to be "Benny Bromez, the Lifeguard".

Background Information

Benny was born in Mexico, before his parents moved back to America to pursue better careers. His dad created Benny's Autocare. This is where Benny found his love of cars, at his fathers shop. Benny senior trained up a young Benny to become a mechanic at his shop.

When Benny arrived in Los Santos, he started off as a mechanic at Harmony Repairs, for a few weeks. This was where he met Leah Winthers and Raul Rodrigez.

Benny has been working at Burger Shot for around 6 months. Upon starting as a "Weed Grower" for Rob, he was locked in the Burger shot multiple times and forced to work. Eventually leading to him becoming a Part Time Employee until he was promoted after Ash sung his praises to Rob in May.

On Benny's first criminal job, robbery, he took part with Leah Winthers. They both left the property to walk out the door to Toretti and Wolf from BCSO. Whenever Benny worked on their cars, there was usually a passing comment about stealing things.

Benny's second criminal "job" was helping show someone the ways of the city. Upon entering a house, Don Duckerson called Benny to ask him to "look out" for him. Upon arriving Benny saw at least 4 cops about to enter the house. He advised Don of this and told him to run out the door. After hitting Don Duckerson with the car, the two fled and then Benny crashed 800 metres later.... Leading to his second arrest.

Benny is now hired at Diamond Hand Credit (Loans) and Otto's Autos as a mechanic. He regularly takes food down to Otto's after tsunami.



Leah Winthers
One of the first people Benny Gomez spoke with in Los Santos.
Arya Shah
Arya is a friend that Benny thinks very highly of. They're always seen trying to race around and get upto no good together, which usually ends up with one of them passing out.
Kyle Brovloski
The first friend Benny made in the city, back in 2020. Kyle originally introduced Benny as a hobo back in 2020. But when 3.0 arrived, there was no more Hobo Benny.
Tomathy Steampipe
Benny's long lost brother who also works at Burger shot. Tomathy see's Benny as a "big brother" which means Benny can also encourage Tomathy to do naughty things, that he normally wouldn't do.


Current vehicles

  • Lamborghini Murcielago ($1,2000,000)
  • Sentinel SG4 ($290,000)
  • Taxi ($35,000)
  • Tow truck ($7,000)

Previous vehicles

  • Dominator GTX Widebody "GOMEZ" ($450,000 from Tommy)
  • Sultan Classic ($180,000 from PDM)


  • None


  • "Welcome to Burgershot, home of the murder meal. I'm Benny Gomez, how can I be helping you today?"
  • "No, no, no, no, no... Yes"
  • "What the hell"
  • "Thank you for shopping at Burgershot. Have a great day and a pleasant tomorrow."
  • "Don't do Murder... Until you've eaten that Burger... Then do whatever the hell you like, as you'll be off our property"