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Benjamin Crane is a character role-played by OccamsSabre.

General Description

Benjamin Crane is a Senior Attorney for the Department of Justice.

Crane mainly files Collections Cases for Fast Loans, but he will occasionally represent for high-profile cases.

Case History

Fast Loans V. Dean Quincy

On September 28th, 2021, Benjamin Crane represented Fast Loans in a Copyright Lawsuit against Dean Quincy. Dean, while employed by Diamond Hand Credit, purchased the rights to the Domain Name "" from Lifeinvader owner Sayid Mitra. Crane successfully detailed that the Fast Loans Business was the first, and most consistent, user of the brand and title, and as Dean had no intentions for the website, he was essentially "squatting," hoping for payment to return it. As settlement, the rights to the web domain were given to Leah Strong at no cost, though Dean Quincy was not compelled to pay anything in addition.

Articles of Impeachment: Emma Gaine

On March 2nd, 2022, former Justice Ferst Temple filed Articles of Impeachment against Mayor Emma Gaine. Benjamin Crane officially joined the defense team on March 10th with his iconic sass, alongside Murphy Braun and Dr. Victoria Singh.

On March 18th, 2022, the Impeachment was heard by Senators Sean Davis and D W, alongside Judge Alan Crane. Early on into the case, the Senators set a hard limit on the number of objections allowed from each side. As such, there were only 19 objections throughout the case, far underperforming both Braun's and Crane's regular amounts. By the end of the trial, Braun was smashed, Singh was slightly drunk, and Crane was just tired. During the Defense's Closing, Braun gave the most eloquent speech he ever has, largely due to his inebriated state. After roughly 45 minutes of deliberation, the Court gave it's verdict. Mayor Gaine was found Not Guilty of all criminal charges, and was Not Guilty of any Articles of Impeachment.


  • In real life, OccamsSabre is a Bar-Certified attorney.
  • In terms of sexuality, Benjamin Crane is into corruption.

Played By: OccamsSabre
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