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Benjamin Crane is a character role-played by OccamsSabre.

General Description

Benjamin Crane is a Senior Attorney for the Department of Justice.

Case History

The People V. Jordan Steele (Boba Stone Case)

Benjamin represented Jordan Steele during his trial for the murder of government employee and former paramedic Boba Stone. Judges Katya Zamalodchikova and Coyote Russell presided over the case. Jordan pled not guilty. Crane said Jordan would never hurt his best friend Boba. EMS workers took the stand and claimed they saw Boba leave with Jordan prior to the murder and it looked like someone sliced his throat.  The DA's office wanted life without parole for Jordan. Judge Katya said the case lacks the weapon and the motive was not clearly explained and Jordan was found not guilty. Judge Coyote then explained that all evidence was circumstantial and no one even questioned Jordan. After the murder trial, Jordan was given bail until his appeal case for the murder of Kayden Dell'Anno mistrial.

The People V. Jordan Steele (Kayden Dell'Anno Case)

Benjamin Crane began representing Jordan Steele at the end of the initial trial on March 18th, 2020, when Jordan Steele's attorney, Murphy Braun, was held in contempt of court following an outburst toward Judge John Bailey's Ruling.

Summary: Crane filed an appeal on behalf of Steele, which was heard on March 23rd, 2020. The State, represented by Lawrence Splainer and Larry Hallow asserted that Braun intentionally threw the case for self-gain, while Crane asserted that the incompetency of representation arose from preexisting injuries suffered by Braun due to a prior head wound suffered in December 2019.

Verdict: Justice Wayne Ardson and Justice Coop Holliday determined that the appeal would be granted due to a denial of Steele's Sixth Amendment right to counsel. The underlying guilty verdict was overturned and the District Attorney's Office was provided seventy-two hours to refile the case.

Lang Buddha vs. The Los Santos Police Department & Officer Jack Ripley

On April 2nd, 2020, Crane represented Lang Buddha in his civil action against the Los Santos Police Department and Senior Officer Jack Ripley. Plaintiff Buddha contended that he had been stabbed three or more times by Ripley on March 18th, 2020, while handcuffed and committed to treatment at Pillbox Medical Center.

Crane argued that this was an atypical case against the LSPD and Ripley, as this was a case in which a uniformed police officer stabbing an otherwise defenseless man. District Attorney Lawrence Splainer asserted that there was more than one side to the story and that Ripley acted under the influence of surgery and pain medication and as a direct result of the alleged actions of Buddha and others an hour before in kidnapping, torturing, and shooting Ripley.

Senior Officer Jack Ripley, Sergeant Matt Rhodes, Plaintiff Lang Buddha, and Doctor Dougie Howzer were all called to testify.

Verdict: Judge/Justice Dennis LaBarre awarded Buddha $250,000.00 from the victim's relief fund in compensation for physical and psychological damage, finding that Ripley "knew exactly what he was doing" when he stabbed Buddha. LaBarre was not persuaded by claims by the Defense as to Ripley's mental state.

Eugene Zuckerberg v. The Los Santos Police Department and Officer Lance Malton

On April 20th, 2020, Eugene Zuckerberg's case against the Los Santos Police Department and Officer Lance Malton. In this case, Eugene alleged that he was shot down by Malton outside of The Courthouse while parked near Garage Q. Malton, believing that Eugene was assisting in the escape attempt of Tony Corleone from a bench trial. Eugene was shot by Malton after Tony was placed into his vehicle by Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez.

Verdict: After hearing the testimony of Eugene Zuckerberg, Lance Malton, Senior Officer Frank Williams, and Doctor Chapatin Corti, the Honorable Judge John Bailey ruled in favor of Plaintiff Eugene Zuckerberg, awarding him $242,042.0 in damages.

Jordan Steele vs. The Los Santos Police Department

On April 18th, 2020, Jordan Steele's case against the Los Santos Police Department and Officers Brian Knight and Vladimir Reznik was heard before Justice Dennis LaBarre. Steele alleged that his fourth amendment rights were violated when Knight or Reznik impounded his vehicle without cause after investigating a shootout that had occurred at Garage Q.

Verdict: Following the testimony of Steele, Wilhelmina Copperpot, and Reznik, Justice LaBarre determined that Jordan Steele's fourth amendment right against unreasonable seizures was violated, awarding him $3,200.00 in damages.

Following this trial, there was a city-wide send off for Justice LaBarre, as he had heard his last case and was traveling to Bora Bora to kick his feet up in the sand.


  • In real life, OccamsSabre is a Bar-certified practicing attorney.
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