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Ben Watchen is a character role-played by Jayce.


Ben is a cameraman who films crazy things he sees around the city of Los Santos. Sometimes filming dumb antics called "Dumbass" which are home movies of people or himself doing dumb things that never end well and often gets him in a lot trouble or even attacked in some circumstances.

(May have been dropped on his head at some point during his childhood. This could explain his behavior although no one knows for certain. He also talks about his dad cutting him of financially because of his dumb behavior.)

"Every town has the village idiot." - d00d


  • "F*ckin say I won’t dood!"
  • "Pepega gang we out here dood!"
  • "This is dood news reporting dood!"


  • Believed to have Tourette's Syndrome and when he gets nervous he begins saying dood over and over again.
  • The type of person that walks into a situation and things get immediately awkward.
  • Sometimes films people who don't want to be filmed which can put him in danger.
  • Says he is studying photography at LSU but most people don't believe him.


Played By: Jayce
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